How does it feel?

How does it feel vainly supporting the dying ideology that is nationalism while the rest of the world abandons us and our ideas?
How does it feel knowing that all your efforts will amount to nothing and no matter what you do you will always end up in a prison while your wife divorces you and is married to niggers and spics and your kids end up in the custody of pedos that will fully submerge them in degeneracy?
How does it feel knowing that your voice is going to be drowned out forever and that everyone in the planet except us will be celebrating the death of freedom?

We fucking lost anons.

Without a struggle it wouldn't be fun.
You sound like a pussy.

It's kinda fun actually ride the tiger.

Get a load of this kike running demoralisation. He can't even consistently pretend to be "us" for one whole paragraph.

Furry detected.

Jewish nationalism is stronger than ever. It never changes, people are always divided in groups and compete with each other.


Report and sage (((slide))) threads

Why has the shilling gotten so pathetic after Tarrant did his thing?
Jesus fuck, put some effort into it.

Kill yourself kike. We know you're scared as fuck.

What a kike, lel. Now check my dubs.


feels bad, man.

hey buddy, you got the wrong door
cuckchan is 4 blocks down

lost? stfu kike. we haven't even actually fought yet. it's all been meme shit, wait till shit gets real then tell me if we lost you fucking hebe rat.


Only a losing position needs to try to demoralize as only an uplifted people can be demoralized.
Whoever you're shilling for: you're losing.

I don't support Nationalism, I am merely against Jewish scams and plots.
Read the Protocols.


Meant to reply to OP?

Wow, that demoralized me. I think I will give up memeing and hide in a corner since there is no way out.
Let's just give up. Your post has convinced me to stop trying.
You win.
HONK HONK, You fucking honky.

The (((juden))) beg for gassing through their very existence.
All the (((juden, negative, evil, rotshschilds, soros, illuminati, trilateral commission, bildelberg club, negative entities, etc.))) are dead.
We are Free.
The proof of this is that this (((slide))) thread was only shat up by one additional (((kike))) post, while the rest are (((jew)))gasser anons and Whites.
The shilling is so low quality, I bet that you can only get 0.0000000000000001 shekel per post because the (((juden))) coffers dried up a long time ago after wasting all of the money in promoting (((diversity))), etc. (which failed).
We are Free.

The battle hasn't even begun yet, nigger.

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sage negated