NYT Admits White Genocide

NYT Admits White Genocide

Trump Says the U.S. Is ‘Full.’ Much of the Nation Has the Opposite Problem.
An aging population and a declining birthrate among the native-born population mean a shrinking work force in many areas.

President Trump has adopted a blunt new message in recent days for migrants seeking refuge in the United States: “Our country is full.” To the degree the president is addressing something broader than the recent strains on the asylum-seeking process, the line suggests the nation can’t accommodate higher immigration levels because it is already bursting at the seams. But it runs counter to the consensus among demographers and economists. They see ample evidence of a country that is not remotely “full” — but one where an aging population and declining birthrates among the native-born population are creating underpopulated cities and towns, vacant housing and troubled public finances. Local officials in many of those places view a shrinking population and work force as an existential problem with few obvious solutions.

“I believe our biggest threat is our declining labor force,” said Gov. Phil Scott of Vermont, a Republican, in his annual budget address this year. “It’s the root of every problem we face.

“This makes it incredibly difficult for businesses to recruit new employees and expand, harder for communities to grow and leaves fewer of us to cover the cost of state government.”



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They have been openly saying this kind of thing for years
, you know.

Its just good to save (((respectable sources))) saying what we have been saying.

So what are you going to do about it? Nothing. What are normalfags going to do about it? Nothing.

Daily reminder to kill republicans.

Two weeks since Tarrant and you kikes are already back to this blackpill shit? Give it a fucking rest.

He passed gun control in a state that been blue since forever and had the best gun laws in the country.

Literally a traitor.

Genocide the jews first. Then, we will genocide all non-white races later.

Republicans always want the guns because they want to turn you into a permanent consumer. They only pretend to support firearms for two reasons; corporate graft from the firearms industry and a belief that middle America was so brainwashed they'd die to defend capital forever.

Fake news. Declining cheap labor force, maybe.

Reported for spam.

You lost, roach.

we need to get this country off the stock market model. (((wall street))) is the source of all global degeneracy.

They really didn't. Population is discussed, but race is not.
Slide thread I suspect.


Well there it is. The last majority white states are about to fall. Give it 10 years and they'll be minority white given the fertility rates of the somalis and hispanics they're importing. I guess there's still Montana but given the exodus from California that's currently happening even that won't last. We've got nowhere to run to lads. "White flight" I guess just means eating a bullet or overdosing on opioids nowadays.

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No, capitalists. They treat everyone as a resource to exploit and throw away.

This is a shill post.
"White flight" is going to be replaced with "white fight".

Republicans are red
Democrats are blue
Neither one of them
Gives a fuck about you

They don't mention race explicitly anywhere in these articles. The main highlights and tl;dr are as follows
1.) Less adults are working then previous generations
2.) fertility rates are dropping across the board

And the article is 100 percent fucking true. You want to fight this shit? Get a job and start pimping out children again

Get back to yiddit, because youre obviously a few steps behind.

I quite frankly don't see any real objection to that statement either. They mention immigration but they don't even explicitly mention from where. All birth rates in America are down, niggers, whites, even Mexicans. Start having kids and seize this opportunity user

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This is the "we need mexicans to clean toilets" fallacy, thinking they only want to do that. Nobody who goes through all the paperwork of getting a legal visa will do that to be in fucking pieces of shit like baltimore, they are gonna want to move to somewhere that isn't just like the third world countries they were leaving. Also they are openly saying they would let them in just to milk them with taxes so that tyrone and cletus can keep their checks coming, why the fuck do that instead of entering illegally? after all sanctuary cities are also the richest places in the country, better just walk right in and go to LA and make money while dodging taxes because you don't exist on paper.

What is the logic for this? why would any country want to imitate something even the chinese themselves hate?

This fucking retard….

You truly have the autismo

Why, when we can manipulate Dems into doing it for us? They can barely hold back their hotheads now. Just wait until the next election cycle gets rolling; we'll have them throwing Molotovs at Trump rallies. That's when the real fun begins.

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Just a friendly reminder that Times is only one letter short of being Semite spelled backwards.

pic related is from the 1940s… yet it's the spittin' image of people and things today.

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Worst part about this is that Americans actually want to have more kids but can't afford to.



Easier for the (((ruling class))) to just import new people. That kills two birds with one stone: getting rid of white people and "stabilizing" a dying system.

This is one of the most disgusting injustices of our time.

49 year record low unemployment but the business cucks can't stop crying, "muh shekels!"


In a market economy, the prices would go down. In Judeo-Capitalism, you bring in drug dealers.

You have to show a symptom is indeed a symptom before you can prove there's a disease behind it.

"It was and is the Jews who bring the negro to the Rhine,

always with the same concealed thought and the clear goal of destroying, by the bastardization which would necessarily set in, the white race which they hate, to throw it down from its cultural and political height and in turn to rise personally to the position of master.

For a racially pure people, conscious of its blood, can never be enslaved by the Jew. It will forever only be the master of bastards in this world."

(Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler)

Oh wait, you need to be an adult to get it.


Underrated post. He may be a torpedo but the words are true and confirmed by triples

left 9/10 would bang
right 2/10 would not bang


Take the NEETpill, ya fuckin cuck.

Nice cope!

>>“Growth cities need immigrants to continue their growth,” said (((Joel Kotkin))), executive director of the Houston-based Center for Opportunity Urbanism
Color me surprised.

muh tax revenue

You have one fucking job, cunt.



He's not wrong user. I know that you want to add on to that statement because it's true, whites are having less kids because of debt based economy, kike propaganda, etc. but it doesn't change the fact that fertility is in fact down across the board as a result of modernity. Even in Europe before mass migration birth rates were down because kike propaganda and modernity/rising costs. You cannot discard one correct statement that on its own is correct. Yes, birth rates are down, the why however is a different story.

whites becoming a minority while minority rights are being put in to place. Food for thought.

Lolbergs are not our friends. It always comes down to muh GDP and infinite growth to these turbokikes.

Dubs confirm, will start pimping children out immediately.

t. john podesta

The fact that other people can telekinetically shatter your ass by fucking each other around the world without inviting you makes you a wimpy failure of a man. Learn to be less broken, ass-shattered losers.


Print new organs and quit pouring death into life. Rejuvenate the talents and the failures alike. We don’t need new people; we need to quit acting like it’s still 1990 and start taking on new technologies of substance again.

America is definitely full. I didn't want my formally rural state of Texas to become a polluted urbanized hell like California. Anyway, have at least 4 white kids.

Things are so boring right now, but once that election starts rolling around, things will start heating up again.

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B-b-but we have guns!!!

Financial crisis is engineered to cause our genocide, what they call austerity is really a new holodomor.

Wtf is Jewish theater you retard? You fuck off you weird sperg.

im going to kill you

I live in NKY and I'm seeing more muslims and spics walk around than just 5 years ago. Its pretty fucking disgusting where America is headed but I'm not going anywhere. It's pretty sad because now I don't even want to bother birthing white children. I don't want to bring more victims into this world than there already is unless a new Hitler pops up. If these faggots want to kill my ass they can go ahead and try

What fucking planet are you living on? Whites will never be treated fairly in a jew owned system and once we become minorities we'll be physically assaulted in the streets while the cops gun grab instead of stopping the violence.

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The kikes will explicitly write NO RIGHTS FOR WHITES on every page and it will get worse than Jim Crow laws, which we already basically live under.

Shut the fuck up faggot.

Rejuvinating failures is the entire M.O. of kikes.