There's outrage over trump suggesting that we dump illegals in sanctuary cities...

there's outrage over trump suggesting that we dump illegals in sanctuary cities, some would argue that's political targeting of opposition but the fact is liberals have been dumping refugees into conservative areas for decades.

Even if Obama didn't dump them in Minnesota, what are 70,000 Somalis doing in Minnesota in the first place? Why Minnesota of all the places?


Even if Obama didn't dump them in Minnesota, what are 70,000 Somalis doing in Minnesota in the first place? Why Minnesota of all the places?

I've also heard of a theory where higher ups move urban demographics that have crime problems into middle class neighborhoods. The crime causes property value to go through the floor. The properties are then bought up, then gentrification happens, and the higher ups make a mint off selling that property.

Food for thought.

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Other urls found in this thread: of somolis in the us–Saint_Paul

Lurk more.

(((higher ups)))

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wow, good point.

Without those Somalis, we wouldn't have Based Representative Omar calling out Jewish money and influence. I would rather have them than the Evangelicals or Jews, the first giving carte blanche to the second.


So out of of 85k Somalis, 70k of them are in Minnesota?

holy shit i didn't realize wa had so many goddamn somalis. no wonder that state has been so pozzed recently.

Trump is a Gross kosher cunt and this is a fucking ruse.

Ya, but now it's OK to talk about how the dems are dumping nonwhites into conservative areas.

This. And surprise, surprise!
(((Who))) is behind this..?

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It's merely surrending the capitols to the Jews for one more fucking milking their souls for all they can. Trump is sucking satan cock.

wait, lemme re upload

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That's Grump's consigliere. The shills all rallied to his defense the other day when Omar called him a Jew or something.

man still shite

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and then there's this

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I've lost it

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you're not even a shill, just a literal brown skinned subhuman

Nobody cares. It's obvious you're just trying to deflect from the zion don's recent remarks.


If Trump was a halfway decent president, he would march federal troops into the sanctuary cities, round up all of the illegals and bus them straight back to the other side of the wall (which would have been built by now), and have anyone who tried to stop him (including local officials) imprisoned or shot.
I can't believe I ever had faith in him back in 2016.

we're stuck with him for another 4 years because over half the country will never vote for a democrat again as long as they life

But the illegals in the sanctuary cities will just take advantage of their state's lax voter fraud laws, and produce a Democrat victory.
I blame Reagan, if he hadn't amnestied the spics California would still be red.

all sanctuary cities are democrat already

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Seems unlikely bro. Florida is gone to a Republican now, demographically. Texas close behind.
PA is off the table as well, speaking as someone living here - his support has vanished.

Trump will not win in 2020.
Cap this post.


I hate that faggot.

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Trump is the last republikike president. Cap THIS post.

This is probably accurate.

Trump is the last president of the US to finish the term.
Cap THIS post.

Just brainwash him into believing that the US is Israel. He'll have that wall built in 3 months.

Eh, maybe a bit far.

Fixed that for you.
wtf 6

Nothing lasts forever.

… But some things never die.

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Then that means he's the last white male president, Dems will never run a white male again. Which means people will realize there is no political solution. No more steam blow-off valves.

Swedes. They did it to themselves voluntarily.

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Groan so much trump nigger threads. I don’t give a shit what the fucking fat fuck Jew worshipper does. Everything he does is a carefully planned move by the Jews. Trump was put in office to pacify the white race into thinking they got their guy while the Jews scheme in the shadows, slow and insidiously advancing Jewish agenda.

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Question: Where are the Oath Keepers in all of this, since it's clearly a violation of the US Constitution?

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0,2% Somali
0,3% Somali
0,6% Somali
0,3% Somali

Heres a (you). Your post cut me deep. I didnt think i was asleep, but it woke me up.

బరాక్ ఒబామా యొక్క ట్రాన్స్జెండర్ పాయువు of somolis in the us

85,000 total in the country–Saint_Paul

80,000 in Minnesota.





Safe to say. He didn't even win the popular vote and he has done nothing but shot himself in the foot since 2017

Quad Checked!

DubDub Checked!

(checked) :)
The retardation of the fucking clowns never ends…of course the terrorists subhumans will 'stay right where trump puts them'…he is a fucking idiot in chief. I mean a child could work their way thought this scenario and see where it leads, but not our president. In between this and fuckfrancis waving his asshole in the air for a nigger to plumb you would think that European men spines had been utterly removed.

Can't you just wait until that fucking clown, his daughter who sets war and national policy by what she watches on youtube comes into the position of president. I mean they used to at least give us the pretense of 'intellectuals' as president, but now it is just a fucking sea of incompetent RETARDS wall to wall in all US government. I am not being allegorical, they are literally retard level thinkers and intellectuals.

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I have a question for any trump supporter. If Trump didn't give us Term Limits, balanced budget amendment or a secure border then why should you trust him to do so during his 2nd term , like you've been hoping that the GOP would for decades?

They still haven't secured the border since raygun's amnesty and you expect it to happen during trump's 1st term?

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The death cult…when it saw that the slave religion was no longer under its control it decided to import people who can still be controlled and exterminate those who won't be controlled. They don't care that this would plunge all humanity back into the mud age as long as they can sit as Efendi and 'eat' they are fine with destroying billions…they have already murdered more than a billion people on this planet. I am ok with them killing the subhumans, but they want to murder what they can no longer control and that is no 'ok' with me. Fucking parasites have destroyed this earth over and over and over…with the help of their subhuman fucking hordes.

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It's called blockbusting or panic peddling, and it's a widespread kike practice. Settle niggers/spics in a White area, buy property from fleeing Whites for a penny, sell property to gentrificators at a 10x margin. They have been doing it since the fifties.

, instead of .

MNfag here. I'll explain first why you're wrong about Obama, and then I'll explain the "why MN":

First, it was Bill Clinton's bullshit in 1994 that started bringing Somalians to MN about a year or after the "blackhawk down" shit in Mogadishu. Don't forget that NAFTA was started by George H. W. Bush, though.

Second, the reason why is because at the time Minnesota was the whitest state in the Union at ~96%. Since NAFTA the spic/somali population exploded and has cut our demographics down to ~85% white Europeans (mostly German, Swedish, and Norweigian).

European genocide/replacement in real time.

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Nice get. I see your point even though I don't entirely agree. Hitler did say he almost wished Germany's religion was Islam rather than christcuckery because of how retarded and feeble it was compared to Islam. Unlike christcuckery which is universal and pro-Israel, Muslims actually hate Jews and Christians because Muhammad told them to. Only problem is that Islam is still shitty and retarded, and most of it is bullshit and scientifically wrong. Also Muhammad was a pedophile. Most Muslims nowadays are inbred goatfuckers, but at the very least they're useful to us because of their hatred for Israel. Really, it just leaves us between a rock and a hard place, either choosing between insane sand niggers who name the Jew or cuckold christards who cave to Jews constantly. But I think it would be best to ally ourselves with Islamic nations in the middle east and let them destroy Israel (although the eventual eradication of all Abrahamic religions is one of our ultimate aims). On the other hand, we also want them out of our countries. Something to think about.

It's like a death for a lot of Christians. I seen cucks import knowing that the imported will want to kill the, it's like they want to feel persecuted.

the /Victim/Persecuted game doesn't work if you don't have any persecutor. so you need to find some persecutor or, failing that, make them.

Still not tried of winning

1600 Minnesotans would have to get 50 subscribers each.

Of what? Siege? Atomwaffen? Some other federally infiltrated D&C outfit? We have to unite the white race against the Jews, Christian or not. If you oppose that then you are the enemy.

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Just move the White House to Tel Aviv already.

I think they moved it to jerusalem user.

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He is a fucking khazARYAN turk user…we are going to protect the only religion worth saving (European paganism; basically Christianity in a nutshell)…the khazARYAN turkic people are atheists which is why 'israel' is 90% atheist and the people of 'israel' have no connection to the people of the bible…it is a FUCKING JOKE user…

Or do you think the Shepherd/Slaughter/Satan keeps the same rules in his house for his own family as he does for the sheep in the pasture?

The only way to overcome these fucking turkic 'ARYAN' scumbags is to raise up shepherds who are CAPABLE of seeing the slaughters works and STILL protecting the sheep.

Look at their FACES, they are all the same nation of people.

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ANOTHER epic failure from Team Trump. I'm so angry I can barely type.
Woulda, Coulda and Shouda. "was brought up briefly then dropped without further discussion". The only good idea in 30 months is "dropped" like a hot potato, typical.

They coulda given the Caravan bus tickets to SF on 100 chartered Greyhounds and Nat Guard and even School Buses (SB are private firms now). Setup tents and FEMA trailers on the streets of most expensive Limo-Liberal streets under FED authority. Send 200 Guats into a high class restaurant with a Snivel Right lawyer from Justice Dept AND a US Marshall daring anyone to refuse service or treat them any diff "obviously due to Nat Origin". Have them order $300 bottles of wine and not pay. Not paying is a issue for local cops. LOL.
Don't forget the COLLEGES, especially housing provided to Communist professors. :)
Occupy Wall Street, for reals, with Guats with FEMA trailers.
Invoke using exact same order as Ike used to flood White schools with Niggers, and use exact same US Army Airborne and even give them M-14s and 1955 steel helmets etc to make them look same.

If there have to be places to jail them, may as well put them smack in the middle of those cities, appropriate the land for government usage, and have anything the government pays them to count as their allotment of aid.

Good idea. He should call it the Trump experiment. New York and LA should become at least 95 percent brown. We want to see the results.

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