Multicultural Minnesota

Nigger Throws 5yo White Boy Off Balcony

Not even Fox News mentions the Black Death.


"A suspect" and "a boy"

The child survived thanks to his white power.

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In a sane society 5 niggers would be forced to subscribe to pewdiepie in retribution.

Nigger absolutely needs to be hog tied and burning crosses need to go in front of every family member's apt or sec. 8 house.

Why are we angry that race isn't mentioned unless the person is white. If they're not specifying the race of the person, you immediately know it's a nigger. This could straight up be memed.

Man *insert his crime*

"Looks like the niggers are at it again."

If race isn't mentioned, it's a nigger or sandnigger. This is straight up memeworthy shit the media is doing. It could be turned around on them with ease.

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40 years ago, that's exactly what would of happened down here. I know for a fact that in some areas here, the blacks still know that bad things will happen if they fuck around.

t. South

inb4 nazi faggots flip out over the hexagram

Can we turn "subscribed to pewdiepie" or "to subscribe to pewdiepie" into a saying?

you mean Coulter's Law?

Every single news outlet talking about man…. And boy…


Sometimes i stood there…

… Gradually I began to hate them.




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In this case the victim's parents where not dragged in front of cameras to show them grieving. Because it's a white kid killed by a nog for no reason

HOLY SHIT. Those are not even remotely normal heights for floors. That kid fell at least 35-40 feet.

Niggers attack a pregnant woman in Quincy mass

even FoxJews tries to interject into the news story.
Goys, people kill other people, even their wives, and themselves.
Niggers are not all bad, like Ben Carlson, or your nigger neighbors, or that nigger you see at McDonalds, or the next nigger at Mall of America

each floor in a retail mall is at least 17 feet, maybe 22 in a place like mall of america to allow for overhead lighting and duct work. closer to 70 feet, the kid is ruined for life, if not dead, but FoxJews even limits the potential for hyperbole, to sooth niggers like the jews they are

He fell two floors you nonmath shit, unless you're saying he fell into the basement

Just start saying it faggot.

In the Netherlands we always know its a sandnigger because the media suddenly talks about "A man from Amsterdam" or "The person lives in Rotterdam" - or my favourite: "A Dutch child" when talking about a 22 year old nigger from Eritrea - and never elaborates further on the suspects.
Everyone knows, everyone.

But how will the jew media spin this?

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Damn this looks like the nigger that is dating my grand daughter, should we be worried?



They all look the same…

I had no idea the kid was white until I saw this thread. If the races were reversed I'm sure this "oversight" would not have occurred.

A man after my own heart. Exactly what I was going to reply to the faggot.

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If the races were reversed it would be blaring from every radio station, news site, television and rooftop that this hate crime and act of white nationalist terrorism was an ongoing systemic problem and the fault of all white people. Whites would be politely asked to leave and then forcibly banned from shopping malls out of respect for the victims, and anyone who dared to shop while white would be called a racist.

I see nothing wrong with this.

You won't see anything at all after we pull the eyeballs out of your gorilla skull.

Should've picked your own cotton.

Kill niggers on sight, all the time, nonstop.

You would catch a fade within 5 seconds of entering my property, fuck nigga.

We don’t need to worry about rare crimes. There are professionals hard at work keeping society well-organized, and most people are peaceful because they have the strength and resilience for peaceful hearts.

Deer yanno, I zinc you’re axwally wrong about that this time?

I think you’re saying something that’s more often true than it should be, but this one’s pretty out there. I think the race got left off because only broken weak people like actual bigots would think it was race related in this instance, and it’d still be that way if the pig mints spilled the other way.

You don’t think it be like it is, but it do.

We’re all niggers. You’re just albino🔥

The boy's white privilege racially oppressed the black man. Only white people can be racist.


This is what a structural problem looks like. that is the brutal truth.
t. roastie Swedish mp

Someone should go to a hospital and stab nigger babies to death in the maternity ward. In mine craft of course.

I would be afraid that I would catch something sitting on that.

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OP insighting violence with fake news. Can’t even share a proper link to the story besides some 1996 picture of a Somali pirate😏fools

inb4 you read the profile name and throw yourself off a gorillion story balcony for falling for shitposts

what a shit show, spend 400 years building a country, niggers come along.

Trust the pan.

If you read that article the guy that killed himself and then his wife was irwin jacobs.
I for one have no problem with jews who off other jews and then off themselves, they are the only exception to the "no good jews" rule.

The race is always hidden if the perpetrators are non-white (((to avoid inflaming racial tensions)))
shaming language
using bigot unironically as if hating niggers was a bad thing
you really should't be on this site

When you inevitably kill yourself, I hope you fuck it up so you suffer intense pain and die slowly and horrifically.
Don't come back here.

బరాక్ ఒబామా యొక్క ట్రాన్స్జెండర్ బత్థోల్

bump because why in the fuck isn't every White man on earth raging rightt now!

these fucking niggers need to be exterminated

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5? fuck that. Minneapolis is LOOOONG overdue for a rampage

When you show a lack of understanding between race and IQ, the rest of us feel ashamed you are here on Zig Forums.

White man has enough to be comfortable and is mal-adapted to mass media. Our trust is being used against us.

All these incidents add up to a collective rage which the jew cannot begin to understand. They keep prodding a sleeping giant, fancying that he is impotent because he doesn't respond. But what when the giant awakes?

Other way around: headline:white man throws 5 year old black child off of balcony.

Reality: headline: man throws 5 year old off of balcony……

Unfortunately Minnesotans are some of the cuckiest people in America.

There won't be any burning crosses, based posters being hung up, or niggers being dragged behind trucks, NOTHING.

Minnesotans won't do jack shit. They are the Sweden of America.

Can't believe the cops didn't execute him on the spot.

The only solution

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minnesota is the highest concentration of blonde hair and blue eyes in the states. they never had issues with black people to build up defenses and now the cabal is wholesale importing fucking Somalians into minnesota. Its a cruel joke on both groups and for some reason they perfer somali muslims obviously. Somalia'saverage IQ is like what 67 i think? or what medical professionals call "mentally retarded" well actually a little below that. I'm over in michigan in the middle of nowhere thankfully heavy lake effect snow keeps out minorities and bascially people over here. I hear they are being "culturrally enriched" with somalians in maine too. The mind control is so strong they somehow got people to think importing pirates is a good idea. Lastly mall of america is ruined by burka wearing muslims. besides piracy they also like to do the standard rape anything that with legs including the furniture so sexual assualt is common along with knife wielding jihad. I'm honestly suprised it made national news. Pic related its the last dude i remember sharing his religion of peace with the locals….

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truly nothing lost here user, northern MA is all boomers and opioid addicts

The police department is heavily "Diversified" and calling them is basically asking pirates to show up with hand guns and pistols and kevlar….

Not really necessary to do anything besides cut off their EBT and subsidised housing anytime between september and april….natrual selection will restore order.

I came to pol today specifically to see if I could find a thread about this because I knew I would find out the race of the boy here. I read through ~15 articles about this story and not one mentioned the boy's race or had a picture of him or his relatives. At that point I pretty much knew the kid was white but I wanted confirmation. It's so disgusting how the media goes out of their way to hide black on white violence even when it's against a child. Time to start throwing nigger children of rooftops.

Assuming this isn't a larping shitpost, get your ebin ghost costume and give him a real SPOOK! :—-D

shut the fuck up thats not even remotely true. even out in the farthest sticks nigger culture is worshipped thanks to the internet.

you dont do anything

Because ZOGbots will kill/arrest them for being racist and because "just doin muh job". They are willing grunts for incarnate materialized evil.

The white boy called the black kid a nigger. Talk shit get hit!

How and why did the Somalians get there? Could it be because the farmers wanted cheap labor?


this is what current year hicks think is cool.


The state is the U.S.'s largest producer of sugar beets, sweet corn, and green peas for processing, and farm-raised turkeys. Minnesota is also a large producer of corn and soybeans.[88] Minnesota has the most food cooperatives per capita in the United States.

Why would they, dumbass? Kill yourself.

First, there are thousands of Somalis in Minnesota and I am sure most of them have different reasons why they came to live here. For me it was to see a familiar face. My plane (not a bus or a boat) landed in Cincinnati, Ohio. I lived in Kentucky, then Atlanta, Georgia, then Columbus, Ohio. This traveling around took about a year. For that year, I was a little bit lost and was searching for a home and to be with people I knew from Somalia. There was nothing wrong with those states but the people I stayed with were people I met in America. So when I found a relative of mine who used to live with us in Kenya, I packed up and left Ohio for Minnesota.

Another reason why Somalis came to live in Minnesota is that Somali-Minnesotans are good advertisers. While I was traveling around, I used to get calls from people in Minnesota, telling me how wonderful it was. Some of them I didn’t know, but they heard I was new to the country and was thinking about moving to Minnesota. They would say this was the reason they were calling. It is, I think, part of our culture to give unwanted advice.

Some of the things I was told about Minnesota and why I should move here were that jobs were plentiful, that I could go to school if I wanted, and that I would always find cheap housing. And there were many non-profit organizations and other Somalis who would help me with any other issues.

Minnesota is a great state. A lot of Somalis were brought here by Lutheran Social Service back in the 90s. And a lot of Somalis brought here to America due to the civil war of 1991 and moved to Minnesota from other states for jobs. Almost every Somali in Minnesota who came here between 1991 and 1998 worked at the chicken factories in Faribault and Marshall.

If we look at it as a whole, why Somalis settled in some states and not others can be traced back to how we lived in Somalia. Most Somali people were nomads back home since the beginning of time. How nomadic society works is that people move around in groups and basically follow the weather. They move to where it rains. And instead of moving a large group of settlers, they will send a person to see how the water is (the place where it rained), and if it is worthy of moving to. They try to figure out how long can they live there, for example, until the water runs out and the other resources are depleted.

Although most Somalis in America are city people, the old ways of nomadic life, I think, still live inside of us. In my opinion, most Somalis would move to a place where they know someone, or where there are Somalis in general, whether they knew them personally or not.

Coulter's Law strikes again. Thought the same thing yesterday. No name, no race in article, must be a nigger.


Kill yourself nigger

If this boy recovers, he will be ready for the coming racewar. When reality is so fucked that you cannot take your white child to a mall without having to worry about niggers harming him, then you know that there is no peace.


Every time I see a fucking nigger
I think to myself
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Every where I would find myself having to pay for my way I would see another nigger getting another free ride
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Probably just a leftypol fag LARPing. But on the off chance you're not:
And you see no problem with this?

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very insightful with great formatting you should head over the nigger hate thread its more your speed. also try spending all your time in dc and atlanta not those soft ass cities youre talking about. you sound weak and scared. the worst thing youre bitching about is begging niggers getting libs to buy them stuff? how dumb are you?

If I was Somalia, I would feel bad if I leave my homeland for a better life. I would feel guilty to my next generation, that will have no better circumstances to live in because I ran from the problem. No one with pride will ever trust you.

Jews have no culture, that doesnt mean your culture is worthless to maintain and worship.

I just made that shit up my nigger

crops are picked with equipment. with corn and beets being one semiconductor away from totally autonomous carcinogen food. some tried to work in meat packing but were replaced by mexicans . with IQ 67 its kinda hard to fit them in anywhere so they get welfare.Remember at IQ 85 your officially to stupid for the US army to use your body as a human shield or as sniper bait.

he's gonna be lucky if he survives, most adults can't survive a 30 foot fall let alone a child

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then he'll be a martyr.

Little white boy had on cool Jordans
And he heard him call another black boy a nigger
So the throwing off the 3rd floor is justified…

Did no one bother to try and catch the kid? Did no one bother to try and stop the nigger?

Benefits, welfare, social programs. Everything is rigged in their favor for the "poor, poor, immigrant." Minnesotans are taught utmost pragmatism, to mind their own business and such. But I can tell you, no one here likes the Somalis. Not the Blacks, not the Hmong, not the Vietnamese, not the Chinese, not the Hispanics, no one. Whites dislike them too, but they bend over backwards performing mental gymnastics to try and justify or make excuses how "they came here for a better life" without once thinking at the same time it's making their life worse. They crack once you start explaining how Somalis are killing their own way of life.

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Every time I see a fucking god damn worthless piece of shit monkey ass no good bitch of a nigger

I think to myself

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Babies n kids can survive falls adults cant, their bones are more spongy and far more resilient.

It already is. Pay attention.

With the help of Lutheran organizations.

try catching someone 30 feet per second or 20 miles an hour


Waiting with avidity the time when we could put ropes on niggers and decorate our streets with those flifthy shit colored errors.

..i swear to fucking god we need a daily curb stomp thread, a thread of that highlights a nigger of the day that needs to be curb stomped, i nominate this fucking piece of shit for the first award.

gets called a nigger, acts like a nigger, why is the world surprised by people hating niggers again?

Why don't you be nomadic again, take your 10 children and your 10 child sex slaves and GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY STATE

If it happened in a mall, there's video footage. We need that footage niggers

"It's Okay to be a Nigger"
I think you just invented the new meme campaign.
The "Black on White Crime" thread, printed up on "It's Okay to be a Nigger" tag.
What'dya think?

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Leave my homeland you filthy nigger

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Will be immediately denounced as yet more evidence of da ebil raciss. IOTBW worked because it was innocuous and the tards still flipped out.

Try more subtle, like a rainbow with:
"Diverse cultures standing side by side. E pluribus unum."

This is how locusts work. Why would any nation want roving packs of Somalis who swarm until everything's destroyed and then move to the next prosperous place?