Shooting or Stabbing up the Tulsa Mosque soon

Dear gamers, I have decided to rise up against my suicidal boom boom "people" in my state. On Monday, 4-16-19, I will most likely stab and decapitate muslims. I might rape some if I have enough time. Watch it live on my YT channel, 46th State Division.

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But Zig Forums is a board of peace!

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what if i said

i maybe wont maybe will

honestly no one fucking knows

I know you're just trying to be edgy but you might get into big shit if someone in real life over heard you and stop being a nazbol.

Forgot to note, I might set the mosque on fire.

or its some BS not actually his channel. Also Monday is the 15th dipshit.

I bet you fucking won't.
t. Australian

Dont say youre going to do it, just do it.

gay and fake

Also please stream. I had much fun last time.

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I obviously will.

OP is a faggot. Zig Forums is the board of peace. Mods please delet this thread.

fishing for subs so hard or just fake, not their own channel.

Whatever you say, nigger

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Posting your youtube channel here while saying such things is a very poor choice OP! Did you sign up to YT using a fake phone number? Do you access your channel with your regular internet? This is how people get DOXED mate.

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If you're using a blade make sure you're ready to take on multiple targets, it's not like the movies people don't just drop dead after one stab. I doubt this is real because now the feds are onto you.

I lived in Tulsa for awhile…. I know shit's pretty depressing right now my friend but we need to organize and plan for the future. The US we all grew up in has been infiltrated and destroyed by faggots and jews. But random killings is not going to help the cause. We need to stockpile arms, land, and currency like a white nationalist illuminati. I hope you dont go through with this bcs you will not be helping the cause…. only making things worse…..

Please don't disappoint.

Looks like the channel is gone. Unless I'm being retarded again.

Feds and CIA niggers got to him.

Another brave soul lost.

Yup OP might be trying to fuck with someone, OP if this is real upload a video or write something in the discussion part of your channel. Other wise OP is homsex.

Its still up for me


do a flip faggot


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You don fucked up

Which board is this?

Zig Forums newfag


The board isn't here to keep the shills out, but us in. Breaking our containment into meatspace is their worst nightmare.

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OP, also please stab a brown child in the face. I want to know how much power i have here in this world.

basically this

You wont do anything LARPnigger


I hope OP gets a visit from the party brigade just for being a faggot

It really is amazing how delusional you idiots are.

this thread is for larping fags


My sides

Good luck m8

might want to set up some redundancy in stream options in case of zucc. maybe set up an autoupload to some .onion file hoster or something idk how to do this stuff.

this is a honeypot thread, feds working with YT to grab IPs of anyone who goes to that channel


You wont do shit nigger.

And then what.

same op, except mine is millennialwoes


this is an irony joke btw

Wow it's a determined e-larp, OP really does own the channel.

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Basically make a thread right before the event not days before

Pussy. You posted that and shat yourself for two minutes.

You too much a faggot to doing anything.

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Hey mossad, no matter what you do you never gonna get your foreskin back.

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