How do we turn the devotion and regional triballism working class whites have about teams of african footballers into...

How do we turn the devotion and regional triballism working class whites have about teams of african footballers into something more useful?

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Always proving they are not human.

Football is masonic sport, designed to neutralize the tribal instinct in white people. We should promote sports that are predominantly white.

The anti-racism that infected the upper classes moved into the lower classes, both now search for approval in their belief system of anti-racism. Sadly, I fear one nation will have to completely fall into disarray, terror and the genocide of Whites before we'll have enough documentation to show Whites within our own lands simply, "See, this is what happened, these White people who look like you, had the same policies as you and these are the videos/images of what happened to them some years after implementing that".

Sadly there is no logical system I know or have found that convinces the normalfag, this doesn't mean one shouldn't still try in the hope of finding something to prevent White genocide for Whites in a logical manner. But given the failures of so many decades in the past its unlikely if they didn't find a way to success, then under the same systems now, its unlikely we will.

Also forcing the acceleration won't work, like an accelerationist of a century ago might think "I'll show women suffrage is wrong by explaining how it'll lead to Civil RIghts a few decades from now", to which all the Whites a century ago would laugh at him, even if this guy who knew what would happen, did a lot of Graffiti or shot up a Suffragist meeting, it'd do little to convince anyone of the future he sees. The only way to convince Whites is to show them or, of course, for them to experience the downturn themselves. You can't have Hitler's Germany without Wiemar Germany, it doesn't seem possible.

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didn't all that bent knee shit lose life time egghand fans?

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We need another war. Only this time there won't be the racial and cultural homogeneity which bound nations together so the jew could make white men kill their brothers. At the first sign of crises the (((multicultural society))) will split into competing tribal factions, the signs of which we can already see, and he ZOG will lose control. Only from such chaos can anything new arise.
The first world war began with a single shot.

Changing a normalfag's opinion would first require him to have an opinion.

They lost the "a nigger can fuck my daughter as long as he follows the LAWS" type whites

Care to elaborate, that's a strange thing to say.

That doesn't go far enough.
Football was predominated White for decades.

Your type will typically follow with something like "ok so masons created it, so what? What could they possibly gain from it? it's just a game. Stop being paranoid and schizo (emoticon)".
Lurk 2 years and don't post again until you have.

Just needed the link, not your worthless surrounding commentary. Cheers!

Why would you act like such an insufferable faggot lmao

Masonry was not always anti white. It used to be a place where civilized British gentlemen socialized, it isn't surprising that rules for that game and many other things were drawn up there.

Mouth breathers like you just see shout "MASON!!!" without being capable of appreciating the context. I don't expect you to agree with me, in fact I doubt you're capable of the understanding, but back then, the freemasons hall was the equivalent of Zig Forums for us.


That is so pitiful.

I dont even know what folder to save those images in. Any suggestions?


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anglos have really let themselves go huh?

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Anglos are the peak human specemin

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You aren't white kike.

The future britain deserves, they earned this, fought for it, killed millions of europeans and delivered half the continent to the most bloodthirsty sect of anti-white jews history has ever known

You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.

Oh user, you poor poor soul. You have no idea what most of us are talking about.

Accelerationism convinces the normal faggot. That is the purpose of accelerating. You have to show the normal faggot that the current system is no longer able to keep him safe and happy. When he sees that he will rebel.

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