Israel NUKED? Assange Insurance Files

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Sounds like a fucking YEEHAA to me kiddo

I fuckin wish.

Would be amazing

Fairly obvious that actually nuking Israel and blaming it on Iran would be a possible route they would take.

That would explain the anti-semitism csar and all those laws protecting the holohoax storyline.

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Attached: Screenshot_20190413-055858_PocketBook.jpg (1440x2007, 842.73K) is a weird site, it doesn't exist anymore and the 2017 version on wayback machine has been scrubbed

Though the 2008 version is still on wayback machine.

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The about us page from:

translating the page using Google Translate gives

"For decades, Israel has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. For decades, this has been done outside of Israeli democracy, in the dark, while deceiving the public. For decades, the project's leaders used dictatorial methods to prevent the public from knowing what was happening in the field. Methods of intimidation, censorship, concealment, threats, arrests, lawsuits and lies. None of this can be called or considered democratic, especially by the government. None of this is consistent with liberal values ​​in whose name Israeli society is proud.

While in the wider world, in the West, as in the neighboring countries - the media, academia, and even the intelligence branches - openly discuss what is happening in Israel in the production of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, Israeli public opinion is in total darkness. Decades of anomaly. Many are involved in concealment and fraud - from academia, through the legislator and the justice system to the media. The reason for this is simple: everyone supports weapons of mass destruction in Israel's possession, but fear of open discussion, lest the general public reach the opposite conclusion.

We, a group of Israeli journalists, writers, thinkers and activists living in Israel who oppose weapons of mass destruction, have decided that this anomaly should be put to an end. Years of attempts at advertising in this area in the mainstream media were first and foremost avoided by journalists and editors themselves, who worked hand in hand with the establishment behind the back of the public, and prevented open public debate as required by the function of the press in a democratic regime. To this end, the military censor, the MALMAB and the courts, which prevented us (and others) from using anti-democratic methods to write freely about this and to bring to the public the information as well as our position.

Dozens of years of silence have now come to an end with the advent of the Internet. This website contains information in Hebrew only on the basis of material already published in English and Hebrew in countless sites, articles, books and TV articles on Israel's non-conventional weapons. Through a site hosted far away from the long censorship, we purport to bring to a democratic discussion what has been avoided for Israelis for almost 60 years. We do not deal with espionage, and all the information that appears on the site is available to everyone in the world, including all the intelligence agencies in the world. It is our duty as journalists to publish any information we have. Every journalist who does not do so, defies his journalistic role and makes a lie with his readers.

State security is no less precious to us than anyone who has spent his entire life hiding the information. Please, the readers will read the information on this site and will judge for themselves if they want to use weapons of mass destruction. Support without knowing the details and without understanding the price - can not be considered a free democratic choice. The approach of "those who need to know - know" must not be continued, which has often proved disastrous.

Like every other person we also have a position on the subject: We oppose all weapons of mass destruction from a moral point of view. Weapons of mass destruction are no longer weapons that will overwhelm an army on the battlefield. Weapons of mass destruction are aimed at civilians, and aim to harm hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent human beings, including children and the elderly. All its purpose is to kill them or to leave them disabled and disabled for the rest of their lives. This weapon can bring an end to humanity and even destroy the ball. We object to this and do everything in the democratic framework to convince us that this weapon is a disaster and that its use, production and maintenance should be prohibited."

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I said this before. They could easily sacrifice israel, using the Samson option and blame it on whites to gain eternal victim status. Why? Because the khazarians are not bound by land. israel is nothing but a meeting place for terrorists and a symbol that acts as a front for organized crime.

So wtf is actually going on with this?

flat earthers btfo

I hate this planet. I hate playing this fucking game with these disgusting jewish demons. I hate to live in same planet with niggers and muslims and dog eating chinks. When Poo in Loo are third best race on earth, you know it is bad. Just nuke it already.

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there are more jews in usa than israel
just nuke usa while your at it

Checking your timestamp

this thread reminds me of when a dumb nigger gets uppity and thinks he gonna be smart but in reality he's talkin a whole lot of jibberish that not even his fellow niggers can understand.

Only a currynigger would say something like that.

They love being victims and they've already profited greatly from hitting Jew York.

it's time to move away from the cities!

this is the only way to fix shit

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IF Jew HQ is gonna get nuked, you can bet the puppeteers have already booked flights, all this is gonna do is provoke iran to nuke shitrael, kill tons of "innocent" "people" and fuck the rest of the world with radioactive particles. I think this indeed is going to be the ETERNAL holocaust meme, "oy vey goy remember the (((satellite))) images of those poor jews being bombed" "Don't you remember the nuke shadows in tel aviv at the wall OY GEVALT THE HORROR" "Why are we persecuted so? What illegal occupation, what constant harrasement of neighbours, what self-planted nuke, what mossad inside job, oy vey goy you must be one of those tinfoiler schizos (jew term)

The real question becomes: Where are they going? USA? Europe? Russia (lel); all places that soon will be run over. They've fucked themselves out of most habitable places so where is the kabal going? I doubt asia since they already are familiar with the chineses (jews) and korea is just a social experiment (that will be implemented on us).

Underground mole-race kikes when?

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(((asspain))) negated

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nice trips


After looking at strategy games (stellaris in particular) I'm fairly convinced that kikes are just impotent alien invaders going the "castration" route of genocide against the only race on this planet who can fight back so they can then either eat or enslave the rest (not that they aren't doing that to everyone already anyways).



Thank you shlomo, very cool

The fuck are you talking about, it's the exact fucking opposite.

Oh shit, yeah, that was a mistake. DotR in Russia too.

Okay schlomo

genuine mistake





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Kill yourself.

Oh, so they can just fuck it up even more?

Nigger, the yellow is neutron bombs
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Parasites cannot survive without a host user.

How do you 'fuck up' a huge sheet of ice and penguins? Are the kikes going to sell debt to the alpha penguins?

by existing
why not just neck and oven them?

That's the point user
literally, pick one.

Probably because it's impossible to do so.

I assume that these insurance files have been properly signed with his PGP key… r-right guys?

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sure, but it's possible to deport them all?

This. But they're going to be removed from existence just to be safe.

I like you

Probably not. But people will never fully accept a mass genocide, however deserved. The program will never finish due to sabotage. Mass deportation is a much more palatable solution, and saves ammo

Wonder what all the insurance files contain. However, if they arreseted Assange, means they have seen those files and dont give a shit or Assange was bluffing. Who Knows?

He had everything on him? I thought the files were kept by people he trusted outside the embassy. Quick rundown? I haven't kept up with Assange at all for years.

Probably some heavy shit

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they make no difference to anything. the authorities can simply ignore it.

first Jericho then Mecca.

Bump for Israel’s destruction

How about we don't do that? #savethepenguins

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What do you have against Antarctica?


Get out, yid.


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Can’t wait until you bomb your own “Homeland”. That’s going to be hilarious.

Considering Isreal hates the fact that they've poisoned themselves with their kikery and now aids, faggotry and race mixing is propagating out of tel aviv, the gayest city on earth it makes sense that thy would nuke tel-aviv and blame it on Iran

OP, I wish you gave more context.
and hid that you're from /cuckchan/ better.

way to waste trips by proving you don't understand how any of this works.

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I believe New Zealand is the current plan.

Had did you get cuckchan out of that user's post?

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*How, not Had - because spelling is hard


If you're going to ride a slide, at least make it a fun one right?

Lurk more, faggot.

Scared of the cold, nigger?

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See I can come up with even more palatable methods to achieve our goals. But I don't know if we have time.

Firstly make all genital mutilation of children illegal, including ritual male circumcision. Anyone who does it or allows to to be carried out get's slapped with severe child sexual abuse charges. They loose custody of their children, and cant have contact with children. The kikes will either not observe the mutilation ritual, loose there children (who go to a family that will not teach them to be kikes) or more likely most will simply self deport.

The big problem is that we can never do this while APAC controls our politicians and we get our media from the Jews themselves.

Now if I think we have such a hard path ahead of us just to do something so peaceful imagine how much harder it's going to be to get something like a federal jew gassing operation up and running.

But I don't want to be too blackpilled, after all Hitler rose to power in the middle of the Weimar Republic; situations can change quickly given the proper catalysts. If we say, got refutable proof that MOSAD played a substantial part in conducting the 9/11 attacks, or a big political jew run CP blackmail ring was exposed we may get somewhere interesting fast.

Honk Honk
I just don't give a fuck anymore

Nuclear weapons are a jewish fable.


WikiLeaks Twitter has posted the Whistleblower song again. Unsure if any significance or relation to Facebook allegedly being down.
They also livestreamed this song for an hour (or thereabouts) on their Facebook page about a month after Assange went missing in Oct 2016.

Good thing to note is that holocaust is a parasitic meme. Right now it looks like it favors the jew - but it doesn't. They are filled with anger and vengeance over things that didn't occur. They are biting the hand that feeds them.

There are no survivors from this 'holocaust'; mass entry to hell (on Earth, and beyond), with vampire kikes and their thralls marching onwards.
You may think that kikes will do well in a world of niggers. You are wrong. Nobody does well in a world of niggers. The rich oligarchs and nigger kings buy quality products from Asians (immune to jews) and Whites (jew contaminated race). Same goes for sandniggers. They'll vote themselves (thanks USA) to communism and starve. Climate change and toxins - not the memes, the phenomena - will mean it's impossible for subhumans to grow crops. They starve.
The jew will finally have to realize; they were stubborn parasites. A race of mosquitoes that exterminated their food in their vanity.

Poland. They've been setting it up for the last half century.

This. They will go to Eastern Europe and Italy. Those places are "right wing" but "anti-nazi".
All their governments go out of their way to support Israel at every turn. If this nuke happens I'm learning russian and moving to Siberia.

Yup. Their judeo-bolschevik PPR skeleton crew is still going strong. Poles should've hanged all of these fuckers instead of believing (((walesa))) was their grassroots person of hope and change

Bumping for wishful thinking, wake me up when there's a CNN livestream of smouldering kike korpses

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Spam thread still up.

Butthurt still fresh.

You know who the (((mafia))) really are, right?

It is the alternative to Greater Israel plan, which is already failing.
Here we call it "plan Andinia"

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leave the P.I., and the Thai in DOTR

sage bumped


Its a Dream and it will stay a Dream.


Is kikebook confirmed down?

Lol good point. All they do is punish the people that supposedly saved them. This is why I don't believe in the possibility of being allies with the jews, they don't know how to behave as an ally, and can't help but backstab EVERYONE.

Bump for death of judea.

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Mass deportation would only work if it was combined with mass sterilization so they couldn't come back in a few generations.

You will never be white glownigger.