Inmate stabbed 33 times in Auckland Prison shanking attack

It seems things are getting pretty out of hand at Paremoremo

I heard there is a close eye on Brandon Tarrrent
Will keep you up to date if I hear any news
I hope he has access to some lube

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Trust the pan.

Sweet. Hope BT got some good stabs in. Bless this sweet man and keep him safe Kek

Why all shitskins looks same? South Americans, Arabs, Native Americas, Indians and these fuckers. It is like niggers are generation 1. shitskins generation 2. Chinks and aryans generation 3.

BT will definitely get some stabs in
Right in his ass

you have to go back

I know i should care but i find it very hard to when i see no white people involved. Tarrant is not in general pop. Polite sage.

Nah mudshit , you’re wrong
Madlad had this planned out for years. Also as a bonus , you will never ever be white mudshit

The Maori are a strange people.
I never believed in demon possession until I saw Maoris doing their strange ritual dances while doing making their wirrd demonic faces…

Their tattoos, their rituals, everything is off-putting about them.

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This is just reality in a prison for violent thugs
Brandon got where he belongs

Who is the Brandon you refer to?

they are honorary niggers
looks like aboriginals mixed with asians

Why are you kikes so obsessed with shit and sodomy? It's no surprise Israel's the gayest country on earth. It also explains why your women are so ugly - oral becomes like anal

I'll let you know when he takes his first reamer up the caboose! Have a nice day


Why are you obsessed with sodomy? Are you a hebrew?

←- Can you just imagine this fucker walking up to you and sticking his tongue out?

No wonder why the Europeans shot so many of them.

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Made me smile torpedo, have a (you)

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They obviously didn’t shoot enough of them user

I'm sitting here laughing, drinking my coffee, while looking at pics of these Maoris…WTF is wrong with these people?

How does stupid shit like tattooing your face and making stupid faces while sticking your tongue out become an ingrained part of one's culture?

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Look up r-selection and k-selection, it takes several generations of adequate nutrition and selection for intelligence in breeding before the physiology adapts.

We ARE animals, after all. We adapt to what we encounter the most.

This is your shitstain peoples fate. Young ANGRY White militants will butcher you where you think you are safe…living among us….look around shitskin….

Your not at home boy……there is a reason why white folks have POWER ….we are BRUTAL.

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LOKI hates braggarts.,……nut admires strength & will to power.

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a fkn symbolism everywhere… stfu.

It's weird how every kike post is over the top in its homo or fecal imagery. Almost like projection something.

is he going to be ok?