Assassination attempt in London


Get in here now.

Shots fired at Ukrainian ambassador in London.I will try to find out more. Any anons in zone 1?

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Go to twitter and archive everything, dont let anything get memory holed

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Around 10 am on Saturday 13 April, the official vehicle of the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Kingdom was deliberately rammed as it sat parked in front of the Embassy of Ukraine’s building.

The police were called immediately, and the suspect’s vehicle was blocked up. Nevertheless, despite the police actions, the attacker hit the Ambassador’s car again. In response, the police were forced to open fire on the perpetrator’s vehicle. The culprit was apprehended and taken to a police station.
No one of the Embassy staff were injured. The police are investigating the suspect’s identity and motive for the attack.


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A NEOCohen bites the dust. Can’t say I am not supportive of the killing of a fucking Bolshevik kike.

Drunk Ivan thinks it's a good idea to ram Ukrainian ambassador in his car. Bodyguards open fire. Bobbys arrest Ivan and now he's sobering up in a cell. Tomorrow he'll have a headache and a lot to explain.


Looks like the goyim needed another distraction from brexit betrayal

Sounds likely.

Don't forget that "Russians" have tried to assassinate on UK soil before. Don't forget the Novichok incident. They will try and spin this to somehow be pro-EU as our greatest allies in Brussels could have stopped this.

and blame Julian Assange

I bet that as more information comes up, the finger o' shame points to Russia and Lavrov shoots down the quite obvious accusations as 'propaganda'

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UK Doing HOT right now.

Feel bad for my unlucky neighbours ever since brexit DIDN'T happen.

Can't believe that went over my head. Yes, they'll throw in some Assange dirt as well. Then again, this is probably happening because the Assange arrest is getting too much publicity and too many bad goyim are speaking their minds.

More than likely THIS IS A UKRAINIAN NATIONAL they are not exactly happy living in the absolute HELL that kike Nuland arranged for them. FULL OPEN BOARDERS, RAMPANT DRUG USE, THE HIGHEST RISE OF STDs IN ALL OF EUROPE/EASTERN EUROPE, CHILD TRAFFICKING, SEX SLAVERY, SEX TRAFFICKING BY THE MILLIONS, FINANCIAL PLUNDER AND RAPE OF THE NATION….etc etc etc just the fucking khazARYAN TURKIC FILTH ‘doing its thing’ like it does in all Western nations.

NOPE someone from Ukraine simply recognized the fucking turkic khazARYAN bastard and tried to put a bullet in them.

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Reminder that the (((US))) replaced the legitamte Ukrainian government with one of their own hyper-judenified, and so anything against the Ukraine could just be a red pilled ukrainian wanting his country back.


Are you sure it isn't just a nigger firing randomly at people that is so common in London now?

Russian kgbniggers could be behind this.

False flag!
Didn't happen. No proof. Fake news.

Are you lost, Benjamin Kikeberg?

I imagine the suspect will be helped to be placed in a cell close to Assange.

Chinks or kikes, just like how they go fore real estate in big cities outside of they dirty fingers with graffiti.

What is the weight of one Ukranian to a kike, what is the weight of one Ukranian to a chink?

Not from their sense. No.

The spastikas and chingchong shitmess is about them bringing down property values. This is how little they care.

At least the mudlimes had the good grace to bomb their competitors.

100% kikes/MOSSAD trying to shoot him

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tfw you need to do another false flag but ran out of Novichok perfume and already banned fragrances & assault spoons.

Worst shoot. Reminder 8mania is coming up Sunday. If you show up, bully them for being a /liberty/ tier race mixing subhuman.

At least /bmn/ is a spaghetti wizard.

Why would they do it when Ukraine is a kike puppet?

Russian murders are always cruel.

Good. Kill them all.

Russia and Ukraine are 100% owned by Israel and the kikes. Have been since 1917. do your history.



You're great at saying things others didn't.

Don't be silly the people fighting in the Ukraine and Russia are European/Russian not KhazARYANS those people can't fight their way out of a paper bag.

There is an error in your logic.

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Wow…I feel for slavs man…this is terrible.

Stop calling things happening that are not happenings.
This is 4chan cancer tier.
Brenton Tarrant is a happening.
9/11 is a happening.
Sandy Hook is a happening.
Trump cucking on the wall is a happening.
This is not a happening.

I'm fairly impressed that they have internet in Mongolian Communist Haiti, Boris