America is done. This invasion could easily be put down, but that ins't the (((plan)))...

America is done. This invasion could easily be put down, but that ins't the (((plan))). The plan as we all know is white genoicide. What can be done? Honestly without compromised communications… at this late date, I don't know. Only currently established groups with in-person communications can really do anything. I often think it was my grandfathers generation that should have seen through the BS of siding with the fucking SOVIET UNION and even the British Empire cucked by the Rothschilds in ww2. If the reich survived, even in a shrunken form, there would be hope.

I still think there is a chance of Aryan survival, but the government in a nuclear power has to be taken over by one of us. This chance is, perhaps only 8%, but it must be risked…

How on Earth could we have let it go this far. This is the last fucking chance. There is no Aryan nation on Earth that is pro-Aryan. Hell Mongolia is more pro-Aryan that any White founded nation. This is pathetic. This is a solutions thread. Specifically, we need to focus on unmonitored, secure, communications.

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Dont you faggots have your own animepol you can fuck off to?

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Change your mindset. This is not your nation, not your country, not your land, not your house, not your laws, not your money, not your freedom. It never was. If you want any of the above, you have to take it. If you want to survive, create freedom for yourself, stop following the doctrine of others, and do not show any mercy against people who try to take what's really yours…your blood, your race.

This, we live in a hostile territory, occupied by our mortal enemies. Become the spy, the infiltrator, the saboteur, be a predator.

Form a white enclave in Northern China. The truth is that China is incredibly accommodating to WHITE, atheist minorities. As long as you pledge allegiance to the chicoms they'll let you have an ethnic community of a few hundred thousand. This is the only way forward.

get out

That's nonsense. What do you gonna spy on? It's already all out in the open. Infiltrating what? Failing institutions? What do you want to sabotage when you're loosing entire cities by the week, and with the Midwest deliberately flooded? Predator? Going after 3rd world shitskins and niggers, while the jews have bred entire nations full of them, ready to be send everywhere? They are openly destroying countries around the globe to force migration movements.

What you have to do is either go in full defense mode, take over a fleck of land and start creating a defense militia or bring the fight to the jews by bringing 10k people for a pogrom. And don't even attempt the latter if you're not fully committed to see it through. If you start that march you need to go through any opposition without remorse and make them understand that you will not stop until there are heads on pikes. Whatever you do…get numbers, segregate, ditch capitalism, and become hostile against any threats. The time for arguments is over.

We have to defend and fight in the middle.
The price war during the Civil War is where 75% of the President left. 50% of people who can take the initial funds in Cambodia. COMD (treasonous) additional information that must be entered. Other purposes during the war. In addition, if the price of 25-50% or definitive was created by the U.S. government (FBI, NSA, ATC, flame, etc.).
It also assumes that 5% of the 50% score will be put into operation and the spoiler is also put into operation. 50% of people have information about the big risks facing the US government. At 10%, 1% of people will be able to provide this information by foreign enemies in the United States. The US government has declared war, and this is the second government we know no longer exists.

You have made me like Nazis more. Good work, faggot.

Archive it then m8
How about this one too.

This. The time for arguments was in the 1930's and then again in the 1970s-1990's. Now it is just demographic warfare. Total war.

Yes, this is the last resort. Begging China for the ability to a have a 'white town' like the west has allowed China towns for so long.

Fuck off Kushner 666 5th street NY shill

But remember (((Communist))) China is also heavily connected to the Jews.

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Yes but once the West falls China will kick out most of the jews but they wouldn't kick out a highly productive and creative minority white diaspora helping rural chinamen/women modernize.

I agree that china may be a place to flee for long-suffering white volk. But China does hide the reality that the Jade Emperor was a Tocharian Aryan with red hair and green eyes, remember this.

You are a fucking moron then. China only lets you work as a white man if you are a CEO or english teacher.

It is always possible to have Molotov cocktails were piled into an electrical generator units at the center of communication according to G4 transmitters.

Yes… can you speak English? Congratulations, you can be and English teacher.

What happens when everyone knows english retard?

Or better yet, why would chinese need to learn english if white people's countries are so fucked they are fleeing to china?

Heh, not happening anytime soon nigger. Japan has been Teaching English in schools since the occupation, and yet barely any Japanese can really speak English.

Governmental inertia.


I didn't say it was a good place nigger. I said it was a last resort…. and I am done trying to discuss with the real retard. Bye.

Living as a powerless minority in another nation is not a last resort, it is the last stage before racial death.

That's a lot of words you put in my mouth user. What I meant was any form of direct, radical action, doesn't matter what or how it is done, as long as it benefits our cause and weakens the ZOG.

I disagree, we are in enemy territory, the only valid defense is offense.

Have to disagree with that too, organizing explicitly in large numbers is extremely risky in the current situation, the moral compass of the masses of our own people is not pointing towards us.
Organizing in decentralized cell clusters is prefered. The first goal should be to make kikes, traitors and shitskins afraid of us.
Only when there's an environment where our enemy takes extreme measures out of fear and consequently shows its true colors to the normie, by taking every last right he has left, we'll have a moral backing to go full pogrom you describe.

Defensive militias are a silly idea. The very first rule of warfare is to not allow a superior force to pin you down in a small area. The "defensive militia" crowd plan to willingly get caught as a tiny force defending an indefensible small region.
That way the stupendous power of the US military can be brought down upon your tiny army and destroy it.

Do you feel that hot air raising up from the ground brothers? Do you feel the war coming? You should, be ready.

Exactly. Guerilla warfare; sabotage, assassination, infiltration is the way.

They're not really communist, the generals are just all the biggest gangsters. Think FARC in Colombia.

What about Mongolia? I've looked into mining there.

Don't worry, Trump's got this. /s

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It's actually pretty impressive.

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I get the message…but I challenge you brothers who chose militancy…do NOT mass…do NOT attack stregth….Do LEARN from the wars in the ME…learn how they dealt with ISIS….learn how & when ISIS countered effectively….they lost becuz of martyrdom end tomes beliefs and the idiocy of holding ground and massing against a fore w/ air power and 24/7/365 surveillance from space/air along with full spectrum dominance in cyberspace… you must think asymmetrically and use your non criminal middle class whiteness to the ultimate stealthy advantage while you can….. they do not know who you are …and cannot defend from your attack .Period.

violence of action
rapid dispersal
no centralized leadership to decapitate
cell compartmentalization—no mass cell roll ups on compromise
commms using their established open networks—comms never compromised or denied
no electronic signature emitted that is not maintained as genuine prosaic ordinary cover
ONE TIME use only burner phones. NEVER voice only text
always acting as if you are being under video are. easy to hide majority of FACE always
height, weight, and GAIT are intrinsic bio-metric identifiers of video evidence
know the prescribed emergency & police POLICIES to certain events that are available online and with social engineering— plan accordingly as an Ubermensch professional would…

be CREATIVE…as this is by nature NOT anticipated or planned for ….savvy/

violence of action trumps all.

Actually I was the one to make that argument initially. What separates white minorities in China is quite obviously their skin color and creativity. Chinese for over 2,000 years have placed social importance on skin color just as various other East Asian countries have. This is the opposite of the "whiteness as the original sin" concept present in most post-colonial societies, meaning white minorities will have an advantage in that they're desired by the host population. As China turns inwards on the first sign of Western collapse, how will they deal with the loss of their primary theft channels for intellectual property? Where will they find the creative entrepreneurs and inventors to drive any form of technological growth in their country? Well, if they have a sizable proportion of Europeans/European Americans in their country then they can look inward. In fact, contrary to your statement above that "only english teachers and CEOs are wanted in China" you can see that most tech positions are sought after in China. I know personally three system admins that were offered competitive salaries to work in China. I hear electricians and other tradesman are also increasingly getting offers from Chinese companies.

The only problem with the exodus to China method emerges if China does close her borders and xenophobia levels increase dramatically. This would result in many of the minority factions facing increasing discrimination and violence in lower IQ countries. But China isn't a low IQ nation. They're actually the fourth smartest country in the world based on recent studies. So what would a nation of engineers without any entrepreneurs or high quality blue collar workers do to a white ethnic minority? I'd say they'll accept them and let them have limited self governance as long as they pledge allegiance to China. Of course this is a gamble as you will be placing your hope on a persistent cultural affinity towards white people while strong internal processes seek to exterminate or expel minorities.

Better than living under a spic-jew President though I'd say :^).

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Defensive militias are the perfect place for boomers.

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No, you’re just retarded.

This is the best way to use a leading group fighting board to find that the government in the United States is becoming a part of the search that might cause trees and C and every evil cordoning. Similar to those used to checkpoints and traps, delaying the inevitable onslaught of the United States.
It's the only way to luck to win in the second half of the field journey the year discovered.
You can't succeed without them.

Oh good, it's been a while since the jews rolled out the kikebush spam.

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You know, you're right. Better not do anything ever, then. Here's hoping shitposting on Zig Forums can save the west.

I've thought about this too. I look at videos of ghost city clones of Paris in China and think that whites would be happy to live there. Happier than living in the real Paris. Also, having been in China, I don't think most whites would be unhappy with the way the government is run. Post-Deng Xiaoping China is fascist rather than the collectivist communism of Maoist China. It's pro-business, anti-drug, anti-degeneracy, and has sensible rules that prevent subversion.

I agree with you that whites could create a niche for themselves in China as a creative class. The problem for whites is the problem that we have always had: we are not organized in a politically meaningful way and are unable to lobby their government to let us in.

only one solution
the final solution

The interesting thing is that European power came from the fusion of Jews and Europeans: Jewish international connections, finance skills, and business skills. Add to that European productivity and ingenuity and you've got a mixture that can conquer half the world.

I think if you took European creativity, ingenuity, curiosity and added that to Chinese business skills, Chinese stem smarts, and Chinese stability - you would have an absolutely unstoppable juggernaut.

I think many Chinese people understand instinctively that without the white mind they aren't going to innovate much by themselves. They are at heart a merchant people that have a mind the lusts more towards money than knowledge. They are a merchant race like Jews and we are a Faustian race. When you put a merchant race and a Faustian race together they become stronger than either would be independently.

yeah, but one of white peoples claim to fame was traveling the world to all the different cultures of the world and taking the best of their ideas and using it for our own, there's no further need to tolerate the Jews nor the Chinese. bye bye kike bye.

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That's quite a leap you made from "We shouldn't all move to China" to "Let's give up and die"

No u

>>This invasion could easily be put down, but that ins't the (((plan))). The plan as we all know is white genoicide
>but that isn't the (((plan)))
How could it easily be put down? Especially if you know the plan and exactly what it entails? I dont get how you can be so oblivious to your own statements. You claim the solution is easy, while in the same sentence begging for a solution.

Yeah, the only hope I have is that as the country deteriorates ethnic consciousness will build back up in whites and at least a hundred thousand or so get out.

our population is shrinking rapidly from drug use, suicide, and miscegenation. We need to figure out how to organize ourself ASAP.

Yeah but remember some MIGA nigger keeps spamming his retarded shill macro full of fabricated bullshit and disinfo and muh China man shaking hands with American Jew 70 years ago ! but its not 5D chesslike! everyday Trump sucks off a Jew or every other President since JFK, so let's just stick our heads into the sand and trust the plan, fellow goyim.