New UK law: Up to 15 years jail for watching terrorist content

New UK law: Up to 15 years jail for watching terrorist content

First they lock up the guy exposing the criminals who run our governments (and threaten to extradite him to a US supermax gulag for life), and now they've passed a law where you will get 15 years in jail for viewing anything online (whether accidental or intentional) the UK government arbitrarily deems to be "terrorist material."

You can get jail time for jokes on social media. Does this surprise you?

It's not old news, this was just passed.

In the UK you'll get arrested just for having an opinion

The Streisand Effect

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So watching BBC now gets you jail time?

pol was a NatSoc board after the libertarians and trannypol left. It still is. Go back to plebbit.

My, my, you get around. Show me on this doll exactly where the nazi larper touched you

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based and red-pilled

How long until Zig Forums gets declared a terrorist organization in the UK?

Well lads time to stop watching and start doing in minecraft

Wow, thank god he British RAF bombed Germany into oblivion or else they'd be living in some kind of totalitarian nightmare right now :^)

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Is viewing Zig Forums now illegal in the UK?

Funny how the 'royal air force' uses the same acronym as the 'rote armee fraktion' terrorists.
both were a plague for Germany.


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Yep. You’re fucked m8. Police are on their way
What do?

So go spam lefty/pol/ or leftist British forums etc full of material thats illegal in the UK but perfectly legal in America.

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Free flow of information is the only safeguard against tyranny. Beware of he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart he dreams himself your master.

Double plus hilarious if you find out the mods are British somewhere and force them to recuse themselves.

It isn't already? How bizarre.

Hilarious user…that is a great idea

The eternal Anglo strikes again! This time himself.

oyyy veeeeeeyyy

I dare them to try

UK on a roll lately;Brexit, Assange, and the "attack" today to justify the "terrorist content" ban.
Soon the dissenter will be called the next IRA. It's going to be a sad state of affairs as it already was.

== F == for freedom once again

Time to show every Brit my sick terror compilation


Airstrip one lol

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I will press F for you need to fucking overthrow your terrorist tyrannical half nigger government…


Now that I think about it, this actually presents a pretty good opportunity to A C C E L E R A T E
we need to find our way into british social media circles, and share the Brenton Tarrant videos
once innocent people start getting arrested for this shit, the people will start rioting in the streets

An user with a projector needs to play the full video in a crowded public place at night. Everyone involved will be guilty!

It's not about watching stuff like the christchurch video. It's about video that explain how to make bombs and the like.
Here's the text of the amendment :

how naive are you?

So basically we need to share knife sharpening pdfs.


Check out this sweet terrorist content.

Aren't you gladio those days are over?

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cant we spam politicians emails with his manifesto

Oi m8 bevels’ll getcha twenty cold years old boy
Gonna need ta see ya loicense for that beveled edge

I support jailing people for purposely poisoning their minds and feeding on personality altering content.

A former member of the RAF (Christian Klar) is now working for a 'die linke' politician at the Bundestag.
sage for ot

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So schools are banning chemistry in the UK?
Or are they making everyone a criminal so they can arrest anyone at anytime?
Don't answer, I know already
Don't forget - these cucks in eurofag land classify memes as illegal "terrorist material" now too.

Like how to cook with a pressure pot or knowing the source of your clean water so you can ensure it remains thus for generations?

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Be sure to sub sub sub

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Also murderous. Murderous memes user that shit is dangrois

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These cucks don't care about the truth, they like to spread their paranoid delusions instead

lol, if they actually enforced this fully like 10-20% of the country would end up in jail!

They probably just put these laws in place so that it's easier to jail people they don't like at a later date. Selectively enforcing it, basically.

Ok and you are a goverment that benefits from making certon ideas about a real or fictional "religion" terrorism because of things like christchurch.. Makes the people scare and want to give up their guns rights etc..

pretty much this.
Remember bongs the guy in this photo with your queen is a pedo who was knighted and never prosecuted or jailed for raping kids for 30-40? years - but your government locks (& has locked some of) you up for spicy memes.

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Now you can get jail time for being told a joke.

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french or illiterate?

no shit

( ( ( selective enforcement) ) )

12 year old newfag tryhard.

February 13. Might as well be ancient history, faggot.

Illiterate Frenchman. You know
Not really man was going for the cucked brit ish sound of dange Er Ois. Dangrois

15 years for playing (((wrongthink))) vidya

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They killed a guy for putting bacon on a mosque. They must really need the muzzies help to defeat you know who.

I like the professor. he has a periodic table of the elements with a form of every element. It’s a thing of beauty

Britain should overthrow their traitorous government now. I believe in you bongs.


They're way too cucked to do that. They won a referendum that was rigged against them, their politicians have told them to fuck off and ignored their leaving date twice - and the cucks STILL talk about 'punishing the gov at the ballot box'!
How utterly cucked are you, when your politicians ignore your vote and you still say "oh I'll just vote to solve it"??


So if they write down “a terror video was seen today” boom fifteen in the cold slammer. Even better , if they scribble BT in the dirt it is technically making a “record of” a supposed terror incident.

It's funny how they consider people like Brenton Tarrant "extremist".
These are the same people re-engineering entire countries and moving around millions of immigrants on an industrial scale.
"Extremist" is turning London into a majority muslim city within a few years.
In comparison, gunning down 50 muslims is not.
Compared to what they do, it's hardly even a misdemeanor.

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Fifteen years for this
Brentan Tarrant. B T

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Well chaps, how are we going to fight this?

15 years imprisonment for viewing footage once is more than many terrorists have got for their crimes.

We Anglos are royally fucked, if censorship can bring about such stringent punishments.

What do we do? I like the knife sharpening videos idea, but we need something memetic.

I can't draw for shit, but maybe some drawfag could help out.

One idea I have is a three panel meme, with blanks to be edited appropriately.
Panel 1 is Anglo-Pepe looking his computer screen, we can see what is on the screen. This can be edited to be whatever we want. Brenton, Pokemon, Pornhub. Whatever.
Panel 2 is Pepe's thatched cottage surrounded by armed British police constables, with police cars and flashing blue sirens in the scene.
Panel 3 is Pepe behind bars, surrounded by many a fellow Pepe. We could clown world them, if you are that way inclined. Captions might be nice, but I haven't a clue what.

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haha. the fucking uk, pathetic as always.

B is for BRENTAN t is for Tarrant. The English alphabet will need to have these raycisss letters removed permanently.

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Checked. Anyone any Brit who has seen BTTV is guilty according to this ( ( (law) ) )

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In fact , the name Brent (short for Brentan) will need to be outlawed. Anyone with the name of Brent or even having the letter B in their names is guilty of terrorist activities and will need to report to the nearest police station as soon as possible. It’s for national security as you well know

Don't forget Chris Tarrant, either.

Chris Tarrant arrested under suspicion of mosque attack, states it was his final answer.

Any white man with the name of Chris or Brent or Tarrant or having any combination of letters or even single letters of a,b,c,e,h,I,r, or s is guilty of promoting terroristic ideas and is guilty. Guilty guilty guilty

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What the hell am i looking at here?

Why not facebook/twitter/youtube/reddit/the-normalfag-zones?

It's not much better for you lads. The tyrants are trying to kill us all. Just look how you get arrested for defending yourself from leftists in the US

This guy gets it. New laws the world over are worded as vaguely as possible so that they can be used to justify anything. Anything concerning 'hate' or 'offensive behaviour' can be used to arrest someone for just about anything, and equally can be argued to defend a (((chosen))) from just about anything.

It shouldn't be surprising. Law is a concept only truly understood by those of Noble Blood; when we see the subhumans emulate it, they always do so with an eye to exert control over their fellow man whilst finding ways around the laws themselves; just look at muslims with their extreme laws for the masses, yet they all drink/fornicate/gamble/etc as soon as they are out of the public view. The jews have their strict laws for all things; but they then write the 'talmud' which is a gigantic collection of loopholes that can be used to subvert the law. I don't think an effort needs to be made to explain how blacks, indians and chinamen are lawless; they are the most corrupt people on the planet. Honorourary Aryans seem to understand the concept of law though, seeing as they kill themselves for dishonour even when other people have not viewed their crimes.

Max Kek.

Time to flood UK with propoganda and get everyone thrown in prison:
1. Get a local chat app
2. Get a gps spoofer app
3. Set GPA location to UK
4. Start shitposting
5. Hundreds of britcucks get the bong-a-long

Checked. Love user , you’re looking at kosher love

Let's find the politicians who voted for this and flood their emails with Tarrant and ISIS videos. Then we report them to the bobbies.


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Isn't that a place in Londonistan too?

You can thank White Nationalists for this

White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

Millions of Whites in America are dying from poverty, lack of health care, violence and homelessness because they have no voice


Degeneracy, country style.

Will be cool. People will just do anything knowing they could be arrested at anytime anyway!

Those with nothing left to lose have nothing to fear.


Thank you veterinary user

White nationalists didn't do this you fucking tornigger. Why do you even spread this shit? You're basically telling people to forsake their own because defending your race is somehow the source of all world ills. You not only are pushing the kikes agenda, but you're making it fucking clear you aren't in favor of any solution except making whites everywhere lay down and die.

Oh how much joy it’d be to shoot out the queens knees and as she is screaming and begging for mercy on the floor, finish her off with a shot right between her eyes.

amazing how feds can commit wrongthink crimes that would be jail for others while lying to themselves that they are the "good guys".

So no-one can watch the news now.
As all media basically is terrorist propaganda.
Wed all just get the fuck along IF their was no gvt ran media.

Jews always project their crimes onto the white man. We live In clown word and in clown world only things that benefit whites is considered extreme, racists and backwards. Anything else that is anti-white and only helps Jews is considered progressive, humanitarian, and great.

All jews want every white dead to be replaced with easier to program goyim. The Jews are the sole,reason why whites have the lowest population out of all ethnicities. They have been at war with us since the beginning.

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And another thread showcasing the compounded subversive oppression of the ruling class to it's subjugates for the sole purpose of pacifying the subjugates with a social venue of rhetorical ventillation and complacent acceptance. Gg OP, these faggots deserve everything they're gonna get and some.

White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

Millons of Whites in America are dying from poverty, lack of health care, violence and homelessness because they have no voice

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