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Joseph Gomez
Joseph Gomez

Parenting is a stage in life all non-neets go through. 4chan/Zig Forums have been around for nearly 20 years, many anons here either have children, have a pregnant partner, planning to have children, or about to adopt a child. With the world outside becoming more insane, anti-white, and wanting to corrupt family values and your children to grow up into the perfect Goy/Marxist, it's our duty as parents to our children to combat this and raise our children to grow up to be free-thinking adults under our guidance away from the Judaeo-Marxist influence. Rather you want to raise your child religiously, secular, or atheist doesn't matter. As long as you as you raise them to be proud in their race, their people, have a good understanding of the world around them and the dangers that plague it, the evils of Marxism/Communism/Jewry/Islam/Socialism/Capitalism/Liberalism etc., have grand ambitions for themselves far beyond even you could comprehend and to ensure your relationship with your children are healthy and non-antagonistic.
I've found some decent videos on how to achieve this:
How to home school your children:
Due to the increasingly Marxist control over the educational system, it might be best to home school your children or find less liberal schools to send them:
Infographic's Compare and Contrasting Normal School vs Home School

Bedtime Stories and Folk/Fairytale Stories:
Anything from the Brother's Grimm
Adolf Hitler himself praised the Grimm Fairy Tales because they showed children with sound racial instincts seeking racially pure marriage partners and the Nazis encouraged every household to have at least one copy of the Grimm brothers' stories.
Other stories:
Sleeping Beauty
The Three Little Pigs
A Christmas Carol
Here's a full list of fairy tales around the world:

It's important for you children to learn how to fire a gun and learn how to develop life skills. It's helps them get over timidness and build confidence and learn responsibility.

Nutrition and exercise:
Obesity is a rising problem in the United States, (((fast food))) places explicitly manipulate children to buy their products for toys and corporations push the (((food pyramid))) and unhealthy, fating products into school cafeterias. To combat this, try giving your children a healthy, balanced diet that's appropriate to them. Try to explain to your children that fast food is bad for their health and avoid bread, carbs, soda, or anything of the like. If you wouldn't eat it, your children shouldn't either. It's alright to give a child sweets but make sure it's sparse.
For exercise, it's a good idea to play sports with your children like football, baseball, basketball, soccer or anything that's good at burning calories. Don't exhaust them, as they grow up start to challenge them gradually so they can build up strength and teaches them to strategize more effectively.


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Bentley Davis
Bentley Davis


I'm sure you're aching to introduce your favorite vidya to your child but don't forget board games can help stimulate their brains and thought process. The rules for exercise above should help but instead of physical challenge, board games should be a mental challenge:
<Helps develop strategy
<Helps them spell and discover new words
<Helps develop careful analysis involving mystery solving and detective work
<Helps them with motor skills
<Learn the importance of long term strategy and investment
As they grow up, introduce them to tabletop games, post popular and the ones I recommend READ: Grew up with are Dungeons and Dragons and WarHammer 40k.

This might just come down from what you like, especially from what you liked in your childhood and what you know doesn't exhibit Marxist/Jewish influence. Films with a heavy fantasy/hero's journey elements like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are good picks. Coming of age films like Old Yeller can teach kids the difficulties of life and aging, other films and tv I recommend are the Walt Disney Era films from 1937 to 1967, Educational programming that help kids with life lessons like Mr Rodger's Neighborhood and some cartoons you remember watching with your father like Loony Toons, Hanna-Barbera, Tom and Jerry, or Early Disney. If you'd like your kids to watch 80s cartoons like Transformers, He-Man, Thundercats, 90s cartoons like Batman, Animanics, X-Men, Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, the Simpsons or 2000s cartoons like Spongebob, Ed Edd n Eddy, Avatar or whatever you grew up with, you must remember that shows throughout these decades leading up to now began exhibiting heavy Marxist/Jewish influence and it might be best to re-watch them and decide if it's something you'd like to show your kids. You don't necessarily have to exempt modern shows, movies or television, though. Just be more cautious with them.

If you have any disagreements, tips, alternatives sources or better ideas on anything said or posted in the thread, feel free to post your thoughts and own links down below.

Nathaniel Thomas
Nathaniel Thomas

get your kids involved in sports and/or music, don't take them to movies, don't let them have personal tech until they're past a certain age, don't let them browse the internet unsupervised (keep the family computer in a main area), get them reading at an early age

and for the love of god don't buy a fucking television/cable/netflix

Jaxon Scott
Jaxon Scott

What is with this normalfag shit?

Nathaniel Ortiz
Nathaniel Ortiz

Agree with this but what kind of music should kids get into or what you should introduce to them? Classical music? How how about music from the 40s-50s?

Kayden Ramirez
Kayden Ramirez

Fuck off moshe.

Samuel Foster
Samuel Foster

Spam used to keep important shit from being seen.

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Joseph White
Joseph White

- teach your kids about the history of their race and the adversarial relationship between jews and gentiles
- have your kids tutored in math in highschooll so they can get jobs in stem fields.
- become financially literate and teach your kids about the importance of entrepreneurship
- become connected with other white families and set up group childcare services for your community.

Camden Williams
Camden Williams

implying that the future is won by us and not our children
The single best investment into saving the future of your race is to take part in making and shaping the next generation. Take what you've learned on Zig Forums and apply it to your life, and give to your sons and daughters that which was held from you for so long. Slide thread my ass.

James Young
James Young

What are you sliding this time Mordechai?

Liam Gutierrez
Liam Gutierrez

Didn't Hitler also draw some disney too?

Charles Young
Charles Young

Hell yeah he was, Disney at that time was something Hitler actively admired. It's a shame the US forced Walt to make anti-Nazi propaganda. Sorry for the lowres pic though.
Don't engage with them, they're shills trying to 404 the thread. Apparently trying to help other anons raise their kids and discuss good parenting techniques is just sliding and jewry.

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Nolan Taylor
Nolan Taylor

Hitler was one of the first drawfags
despite this, Zig Forums is notoriously low on them - especially good quality ones that aren't 'le ironic shitpost' tier
Führer would cry.

Christopher Gomez
Christopher Gomez


Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor

Disney's movies are mostly anti-family where the kid is raised by the village…think the Clintons wrote a book on it.

There are several alternatives we like.
1. Pureflix- wholesome without the agenda. Christian based. ok, not going to be box office block busters, but you aren't getting those on cable anyway.
2. embassymedia.com/ - This cost, but great Christian teaching videos.
3. Character Sketches Books-These are amazing! Learning extends to nature and the bible. worth every dime! store.iblp.org/character-sketches-three-volume-set.html

Finally, teach your kids to be team members, not tyrants. the world has enough of those and none of them are worth their weight in sand.

Owen Moore
Owen Moore

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Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz

At least the dog's race survived.

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Oliver Taylor
Oliver Taylor

OP is ethier a virgin faggot larping as a family man or a shill. Who would come here for parenting advice?

I'm sure you're aching to introduce your favorite vidya to your child but don't forget board games can help stimulate their brains and thought process


Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall

Let it be known this is the first ever Anti IllumiNEETi propaganda post. They see now that we are legion. They want you to focus your energy into raising more debt cattle instead of overthrowing them first. They know you are young and ready to take out their regime. Once you have the family it is too late to secure your families freedom. You will only end up raising more debt cattle. Fractional reserve banking will end when the IllumiNEETi rise from the shadows and abolish all governments and religions…. Restoring natural law.

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Jace Hernandez
Jace Hernandez

My sons 10 and 4 helped me remove some aspen trees from the south end of my dads property today. It was good hard work too. It took us about fifteen trips of cutting down stands and chaining them up and dragging them down to the gulch and clearing them off to the side to dry so we can burn them in a single fire this fall or summer when dry. It was such a good day today what a great day

Noah Gonzalez
Noah Gonzalez

dont do sports for physical activity do chess until 10 for baby's first game theory, martial arts for skill building, woods activities and wargaming. sports is good ONLY for teaching a child to fight back against bigger men, cultivating a virile F I G H T instinct. . . martial arts and wargaming will teach sufficient killstrikes

Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith

Are you a massive faggot? Where else would you go for advice on parenting besides Zig Forums? Board games were fun growing up. We learned how to play euchre as kids too, and even in high school guy's night was playing more cards and monopoly than vidya. Vidya are for plebs, like yourself. Go find a pier, and jump in head first. Don't come back out.

Hunter Lewis
Hunter Lewis

It was his mention of "vidya" that was humorous you fucking faggot. The buzzword signal trademark of shillery…. Oooo sooo radical. Paying taxes to Jews and bitching about them on a message board while you trade parenting advice hahaha. I think you are much closer to jumping in that pier then me. LOL. The IllumiNEETi is here buddy we are just in the shadows practicing occult masturbation rituals to gain power.

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David Wood
David Wood

not /fatherland/

You had one job OP.

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Nicholas King
Nicholas King

Don't engage them, it's just the same faggots who shit up /sig/ or any general by taking the thread off topic and sabotaging any attempts to have an actual discussion about improving ourselves and thinking about our future. Stay on topic and converse with each other, mate, until they fuck off to some other thread.

Lucas Nelson
Lucas Nelson

Correct sir
Do fifty pushups per day
Do running per day
Work with your hands every day
Smile on the inside just a little more
Learn a new hobby

Dylan Cooper
Dylan Cooper

OP, how would one go about identifying a Brothers Grimm volume that wasn't pozz'd? Revisionists have had 100 years to work away at all classic literature, having to read everything my children will consume seems inefficient.

Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker

Not OP but I was able to track down this section of Wikipedia that lists the archives of volumes 1 and 2 of Household Tales with PDFs of their original 1884 publication:

Angel Howard
Angel Howard

do running per day

Not sure you know what "per day" means. Think you should hold off on giving advice and take an IQ test.

Blake Hughes
Blake Hughes

Thanks user

Robert Perez
Robert Perez

With regard to games I think that a quality over quantity approach is best since you don’t want them to become NEETS but some vidya have important lessons to teach.

Dark Souls
Nietzschean values
self sacrifice
struggle for accomplishment
instills extremely low-time preference for politics
implicitly nationalist
value the struggle of your ancestors
Hearts of Iron
same as chess but a lot more complicated

Anyone got any other suggestions? I would say Doom but it’s just fun without any real values

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Easton Allen
Easton Allen




































Jaxon Thompson
Jaxon Thompson

I would say Doom but it’s just fun without any real values
It does teach the importance of surviving when knee deep in the dead.

Carson Nguyen
Carson Nguyen

This, also recommend the original Fallouts

Josiah Davis
Josiah Davis

Skyrim's civil war story line was definately a reference to Jews controlling both sides

John Cox
John Cox

I have just remembered a good book series for your middle school to high school son to read. It’s called The Percy Jackson series. It is essentially Greek myths set in the modern day. It could be a good way to get your sons interested in their cultural heritage. Although the sequel series is blue pilled, not that the series was redpilled to begin with.

Charles Morales
Charles Morales

It's an onion link but here is a total homeschool curriculum based on European heritage and values. lqqadfdmjakoeoln.onion/

Josiah Ramirez
Josiah Ramirez

Never teach your children fear.

Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Brown

journos who refuse to learn to code, come here in droves to datamine talking points for their articles

Noah Roberts
Noah Roberts

I've never noticed this YouTube channel, are they any goood?

Tyler Ortiz
Tyler Ortiz

Should bilingualism be a priority? kids who learn multiple languages tend to be smarter in life

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown

Only if the language is German or from the Nordic countries.

Jayden Bailey
Jayden Bailey

a kid being raised by his extended family altogether isnt an alien concept and was the norm up until the whole suburban housing boom in the 60s.

Camden Cook
Camden Cook

another retard that thinks war is some giant close combat street, most of it is just walking from one place to another in teams and then eventually meeting troops of the enemy , often from a distance

Zachary Russell
Zachary Russell

Having your child learn another language via special charter school is a waste of time unless you are willing to speak it around the home. I've seen many parents bring there child to expensive schooling but don't learn the language itself.

Christian Wright
Christian Wright

If your child isn't eating at all, it could be too much juice in their body. Juice is sugary poison.

Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler

Dominoes are easy to learn to play and helps them recognize number patterns

Mason Collins
Mason Collins

Math is the most useful language user. Children should start to be able to rationally approach college level geometry and algebra by about 12-14, it's really not that hard. If you teach them from a young age that it's simply something that needs to be learnt, they'll bite. I'll bet you can teach your 16 year old calculus.

Here have this

Kayden Rodriguez
Kayden Rodriguez

The word (((partner))) is literally faggot propaganda. Also, the two-party system is shit. Other than that, I pretty much agree.
NatSocs will become normalfags, but only if we win.

Adrian Foster
Adrian Foster

My brother taught his three sons Chinese, and now they all have Chinese wives.

Kevin Adams
Kevin Adams

/SIG/user here. Love the posts.

Grayson Rogers
Grayson Rogers

surely any classical instrument is good to learn
It develops discipline, because it is required
It develops the brain
It is in line with our cultural heritage

James White
James White

adversarial relationship between jews and gentiles
You we'll never get that in a public school, that is why I intend to homeschool

Christopher Peterson
Christopher Peterson


It's the greatest work of raising children in modern degeneracy, written by a dentist/doctor user that got deleted off the internet for being too redpilled I've shared this before and hope you will to it's an interesting read!

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Zachary Morales
Zachary Morales

Here is the first few paragraphs:


Optimizing human development using environmental factors.
When I first set out to write a practical guide to viriculture, I wanted to create a manual for the
mother of my own children. However, after nearly a decade of meditation on the subject, I have
come to realize that it is not so much the mother, but the father who will best be able to make use of
this work. Fathers are a neglected class in the modern West, portrayed as fat baffoons by the media,
and skewered by our laws. The breakdown of gender boundaries in the last century has warped
practical male education as well. While he has been encouraged to change diapers and warm up
bottles, modern man completely lacks direction in the strategic, structural, and architectural aspects
of child-rearing. These are the areas in which the masculine nature can best contribute to child
rearing, as opposed to the cyclical minute-to-minute needs of an infant, for which man is
biologically unsuited.
However, while it may be difficult to perform viriculture without a father, it is impossible without a
mother. Children are literally made out of their mother’s body, especially during the earliest years.
The choices she makes before, during, and after gestation determine, as we shall see, to an almost
unbelievable degree, major life outcomes for the child. A mother who feels the importance of, and
devotes herself to viriculture performs the loftiest and most noble role for her children, her family,
and her community.
Once upon a time viriculture occurred spontaneously, but our culture is very different today. Culture
as an entity exists between our primitive animal instincts and our deliberate philosophizing. It is the
default way of life within a society. In varying degrees, culture arises spontaneously in all humans
groups, long before sophisticated scholarship or even means of intergenerational transmission exist.
This essay is about the loss of culture – especially that of Western civilization – and the hope to
regain humanity on Earth.
Say first, for Heav’n hides nothing from thy view
Nor the deep Tract of Hell, say first what cause
Mov’d our Grand Parents in that happy State,
Favour’d of Heav’n so highly, to fall off
Paradise Lost, Milton, 1667

Brandon Cruz
Brandon Cruz

Lamentation for what we once had – but have since lost – echoes through the history of Western Art
– with “the Golden Age” the Pagan and “Eden” the Christian reference point. Today these cries are
rarely heard, drowned out by ceaseless noise from TV and radio advertisement and propaganda
about modern “Progress.” Worse still, the prerequisite budding realization itself is trampled during
the our modern fast-paced bargain-priced high-throughput tourist tours of the Acropolis, or
Coliseum, or the Duomo of Milan, or the Great Houses of England, or the peasant cottages of
England, or the old city of Vienna, or the Paris Garnier, or Boston’s Old North Church. The key
realization that people, many people, normal people, indeed whole societies lived, everyday and for
hundreds of years in places that are to us idyllic once-in-a-lifetime vacation destinations. If Hesiod
opined his own as an Age of Iron, ours is further degenerated still – an Age of Plastic, or of Asphalt,
or of Garbage.
Architecture and urban design represent only the most visible of the long list of ways in which we,
in the last century, have become completely unglued from the great traditions of the West, and have,
at the time of writing, genuinely fallen into a Dark Age, which in the US may date from around the
1960s. Indeed any aspect of culture – sculpture, painting, poetry, music, gardening, farming, food,
artisan craftsmanship, clothing, education, physical fitness, moral virtue, etiquette, and
connoisseurship – essentially all have fallen into an unaesthetic, insincere morass – having been
hijacked by “Harvard-Soviet” experts at the expense of human flourishing.
We have, by now, lost so much of our culture that my essay that aims at a practical solution to
developing children into excellent adults cannot be made – as nearly all modern books on child
rearing are – out of isolated recommendations on how to find the best obstetrician or pediatrician, a
“good” school, day care, and after school activities for little Johnny, and how to get him to eat his
vegetables and sleep straight through the night without waking Mommy who is tired and has work
in the morning. Indeed, most modern parenting books, being purchased primarily by Mommy, cater
to her – not so much the health of the baby. They are light, feel-good, pat-yourself on the back
romps – soft, gentle, inoffensive – in other words feminized to the extreme – to suit the
predominately female audience of expectant and new mothers. Were a book to contain harsh and
strict recommendations, contrary or even offensive to what the average modern mother already
presupposes she will find in such a book, we cannot expect that she would choose to buy it. Of
course, it would be unfair to expect that the average mother is naturally an intrepid defender of
Truth, Beauty and Virtue, the savior of civilization, a connoisseur of culture, or an expert on child
development. But luckily for our purposes she does not need to be. It is enough that she be sensitive
and compassionate, of reasonable intelligence and art, who above all desires her son or daughter to
be the best.

Eli Perry
Eli Perry

These prescription on viriculture would hardly be at home in the “baby section” of a bookstore. The
interested parent will find here a long approach and a further steep climb up a rough path with many
forks, thorny vines and fallen trees. If he does not end the journey at the peak of some lofty
intellectual mountain, at least we can hope to rise above to the clouds. For our discussion of
viriculture is intended, not to oppose, offend, or humiliate, but to conduct the reader through the
modern jungle of philosophy, physical anthropology, and statistical biology, so that by journey’s end
he can appreciate the truth of this path. On the way, let us be relaxed, familiar, and avoid any
pretense to excessive knowledge.
Our cultural decline has become so severe that our sons and daughters are physically, mentally, and
emotionally deformed. This deformity is not a poetic metaphor, but rather is literally true – many,
perhaps most, people you meet are deformed. We explore the stigmata of these deformities at length
– and you may begin to see them in your family, friends, and possibly yourself.
The average person can never develop a safe and effective culture from scratch, but rather must rely
on traditional practice. Only the very pretentious would attempt to “improve” on tradition – and
these people generally cause more harm them good. How then can I profess to improve on current
child-rearing practice? Because our traditional culture has degenerated so completely there is no
longer much to disturb. Furthermore, attempting to restore effective traditions is different than topdown
imposing newly invented culture and claiming it will be “good for us.”
I have been forced to perceive that here, once more, we have one of those not infrequent
cases where an ancient and stubbornly retained popular belief seems to have come
nearer to the truth of the matter than the opinion of modern science.
The Interpretation of Dreams, (((Freud))), 1899
Culture is a way of life and has a pervasive influence in how the average member of society goes
about making her life decisions. The culture can therefore be said to have a sort of “wisdom,” in
that it guides people to do the right thing whether or not they know why – what Plato calls “right
opinion.” The loss of the embodied wisdom of culture is sad when it happens to traditional peoples,
and it is especially sad in the case of the culture of the West, which was nurtured by the Greek
heroes, expanded by the Roman patricians, and reborn among the Renaissance and Enlightenment

Liam Adams
Liam Adams

skipped to a few pages to next chapter:

I’d rather not have to cut your face bones with
the reciprocating saw and screw them into the
right place – but I will if you sign this consent
Posted on adminPosted in Book
Physical beauty especially of the face has been a goal of mankind from time
The Art of Alloplastic Facial Contouring, Terino, 2000
Summertime is a busy season for jaw surgeons. During school recess and especially in the months
before freshman year of college, 17, 18, and 19 year olds across the country prepare to have their
faces fixed. Among maxillofacial surgeons, ugliness is a disease, which we politely euphamize as
“dentofacial deformity,” “hypoplasia,” “hyperplasia, “asymmetry,” and various other cold clinical
diagnoses. Just as surgeons are trained to identify these stigmata of dentofacial deformity, we are
trained to correct them. With an arsenal of chisels, saws, drills, and titanium hardware, we crack
(it’s really more of a crunch) the bones of our patient’s face and fix them into a more beautiful
position – thus defying nature and the will of the gods.
Let’s explore a typical jaw surgery, one called “bimaxillary advancement with genio.” Maxilla is
Latin for jaw, which we use to mean the tooth-bearing segments of the face. Geneion is Greek for
chin, genio here is short for genioplasty. The suffix -plasty means to mold or shape. Advancement
implies a movement anteriorly, or in the direction of one’s gaze when looking straight ahead. The
bi- in bimaxillary refers to both the upper and lower jaw. This type of surgery is known as
orthognathic, from the Greek orthos, straight or correct, and gnathos, jaw. In plain English, we are
moving both of the jaws forward, and reshaping the chin, to create a correct facial profile.
Maxillofacial surgeons have gotten very good at this orthognathic surgery, however most of them
have little understanding of the ultimate origins and ontology of the disease they treat. Indeed, we
don’t really need to know the cause of facial deformity to provide a satisfactory surgical treatment.
If we asked an experienced surgeon “why does our patient have this facial deformity to begin
with?” the answers might include:
“Maladaptive oral-functional habits”
“Some combination of genetic and environmental influences.”
“A genetic predisposition.”
Or if the surgeon is being honest:
“Who knows”
“It doesn’t matter”
“We have no way of knowing.”
This type of answer is not insolence on the part of a busy surgeon – when it comes to dentofacial
abnormalities requiring surgery and orthodontics, our standard textbooks state that the vast majority
of cases are without a known cause. And besides, face surgeons and orthodontists are concerned
with How can I fix this? – a question which they are experts at answering.

Jordan Phillips
Jordan Phillips

In maxillofacial surgery, patients ask us to change their face to make them beautiful. But I don’t
really want to have to cut your children’s facial bones, move them around and screw them into a
new location to make them beautiful. It would be better for everyone for children to be beautiful
“naturally.” I want to address the question How could we have prevented this problem in the first
place? This is a question suited not for surgeons, but for parents. As we will see, the solution does
not rely on medical interventions of any kind, but rather on parenting practices. This work must
therefore make prescriptions for the readers. Through my research I myself have been convinced to
follow these prescriptions, and I invite the reader to learn why he ought to follow them as well.
The reader will learn why unaesthetic and maladaptive conditions, such as crooked teeth and facial
deformities are so common. He will then learn how best to avoid these problems – without doctors
or dentists. But our discussion of dentofacial conditions is only scratching the surface of our ability
to control the outcomes of human development. Myopia, adult height, IQ, asthma, allergies and
many other physical conditions are at least in part influenced by environmental factors – and
therefore can be shaped by proper parenting. And of course, the control parents have over education
and the development of children’s valuable skills and abilities is tremendous. This work is therefore
really about optimizing the development of our children.
Luckily, my prescriptions are not risky. Mainly it amounts to tried-and-true practices in education,
diet, child care practices, adjusting the thermostat, and maybe a little change to our exercise
routines. No surgeries, no medications, no medical treatments. Relative to an American hospital bill,
my recommendation to optimize child physical development are cheap. Furthermore, my
recommendations may also prevent chronic diseases of adulthood, and slow our mental and
physical decline. If I’m wrong, you may suffer a minor inconvenience, but if I’m right, your
children will reap major benefits for a lifetime.
For some readers, this may be a sad and painful story – as from it we learn the details of how our
bodies and minds have been irreparably damaged by the ignorance of others. But despite our own
developmental shortcomings, the selfless and far-sighted reader will see this as a story of hope – as
once we have learned the principles of Viriculture, we will not repeat the same mistakes in the next

Jaxson Butler
Jaxson Butler

Cultivating Excellence in Our Children
Posted on adminPosted in Book
Few readers ask themselves how these men grew up, and how the far seeing wisdom of
their parents and instructors guided them from boyhood towards their mighty deeds and
heroic maturity.
Paideia: The Ideals of Greek Culture, Werner Jaeger, 1944
How to develop children into the best men and women possible, is what I call viriculture. It is what
I wish my parents had known before I was born, and a guide for the mother of my own children.
Viriculture is not about knowing how best to develop children, but rather about doubting the
superiority of modern interventions as compared to the practices of traditional peoples.
It was remarked by a man of genius that “ignorance lies at the two ends of knowledge.”
Democracy in America, De Tocqueville, 1835
This is my main point; the rest of the text is my biased narrative explanation. I hope you find the
story interesting. My conclusions, expressed in “viriculture prescriptions” in chapters fifteen and
sixteen are my humble attempt to grasp at the sorts of interventions that are most consequential to
viriculture. In forming these prescriptions, I have borrowed from others smarter and more dedicated
than myself, adding a little original thought here and there. Ultimately, this book is a synthesis of
others’ ideas, to which I provide commentary.
In my casual presentation of the ideas contained in this book both to professionals and lay people, I
have been met with a general disbelief. Most people these days simply do not care much about
viriculture – or don’t believe it would work. I do, however, hope to affect the decision-making of
some of my readers. I expect that most have never thought much about human development, and
this book will explain why this topic is so consequential, and what we ought to do about it. This
work is not at all for academic or theoretical use, but rather a practical guide for use in real life.
Of course to me the development of children into the best men and women possible seems like the
most important topic of parenting. And yet this discussion has been neglected in our contemporary
world. The academic discipline of “Child Development” is concerned with observing the stages and
changes associated with human growth. I was excited when I spotted a book titled Cross Cultural
Child Development, hoping to learn something of practical value. Instead, it was a timeline of
patterns of emotional development.

Charles Clark
Charles Clark

Outside of psychology, the discipline of “development” addresses topics of organismal growth and
morphogenesis. For example, a great amount of information is known about the microscopic
flatworm C. elegans. This worm is studied as a model organism of development. Many things about
human development can be inferred from this little creature. Today, the story of each of the female
worm’s 959 body cells can be traced from “birth” to death. Similarly, academics have meticulously
documented every step of human development, timed the periods of growth, and even elucidated
the underlying cellular and molecular pathways. But they have not provided useful practical advice
for how best to develop our children. The observations of academics studying human development
are interesting, but they are not our primary concern in this book. I want to discuss how we can
influence our children’s development into the best men and women possible.
Now the days of the Giukings bloomed fair, and chiefly because of those children, so far
before the sons of men.
Volsung Saga, circa AD 1200
The Viriculture notion of maximizing human “value” is a classical one. Throughout the Western
canon, we see frequent references to quality human mental and physical development being
reckoned in gold equivalents:
Make your mind easy on this score. Those who took me from my father, and who
always intended, sooner or later, to sell me again to my original proprietor, as they have
now done, calculated that, in order to make the most of their bargain, it would be politic
to leave me in possession of all my personal and hereditary worth, and even to increase
the value, if possible. I have, therefore, received a very good education, and have been
treated by these kidnappers very much as the slaves were treated in Asia Minor, whose
masters made them grammarians, doctors, and philosophers, in order that they might
fetch a higher price in the Roman market.
The Count of Monte Cristo, Dumas, 1844
The idea of “hereditary value” or “noble blood” was commonly understood, but so too was the
viriculture idea of increasing human value regardless of the genetic starting point – through
conscious child care and education.
Naturally, “best” is a matter of opinion. Personal preference and cultural norms affect our view of
what exactly is an “optimal” man or woman. In many ways this diversity of opinion is a desirable
quality in our societies. That said, there are human traits which are overwhelmingly preferred.
Let us account as good the persons usually considered so.
On Friendship, Cicero, 44 BC

Nathan Collins
Nathan Collins

skipped a few again last posts
Status without Anxiety
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An important aspect of human excellence is social status. I do not believe that social status is,
philosophically speaking, a “good trait,” but rather it is a component of human excellence only
when we take a broad, interdisciplinary view
Social status refers to interpersonal rank or hierarchy within a group. Status is context dependent,
but it is undoubtedly real and consequential in human life. In fact, given the primacy of human
interactions in our lives, social status is one of the most important determinants of our happiness
and health – mental and physical. Although status is fluid and situational, there are certain traits,
skills, and behaviors that tend to be associated with high status. The quest to communicate high
status to others is a major impetus for human effort in societies where the basic necessities for life
are met. However, because of the objective inability for the majority of individuals to outrank
others, and the increasingly strict comparisons we subject ourselves to as our status increases, the
pursuit of social status in the modern context is fraught with anxiety and a lack of satisfaction.
Modern consumption is not for survival or comfort but is rather a status seeking endeavor, mediated
by the supposed signaling power of what we buy. Goods and services are marketed with the
subliminal message that the buyer will win social favor because the product conveys or augments
certain socially desirable qualities, such as beauty, intelligence, charisma, muscularity, height, etc.
This marketing trick never actually works the way we hope, and most thoughtful people recognize
the futility of trying to purchase social power with consumer goods. Besides from wealthy bigspenders,
conspicuous consumption cannot meaningfully help us in our quest for status. However,
with the right strategy, social status can certainly be developed. Independent of brands, products,
and marketing, ancestral humans established social hierarchies on the basis of nothing more than
their neighbors’ naked bodies and minds. The natural human traits displayed by our minds and
bodies, such as beauty, intelligence, charisma, muscularity, height, etc. are the real deal. They are
the traits that our mind have been selected for over millennia to care deeply about, which makes
them much better signals than any product.
Without consumables as a proxy, we evolved important social preferences. These socially important
traits are partially heritable (tall parents have tall children), and they are also much less plastic by
adulthood (you don’t grow taller after you’re 20).
But when my youth was spent, my hope was vain.
Jerusalem Delivered, Tasso, 1581

Aaron Bennett
Aaron Bennett

Any reader of this book has already been dealt her developmental hand. But for our young or
unborn children the story is very different. Socially valuable traits are, of course, dependent on both
genetic and environment factors. But the large degree to which these important characteristics can
be influenced in the course of development is a neglected discussion. Although the variance of any
one socially valuable human trait is only partly due to environmental factors (~30% for height), the
aggregate impact of environment on these traits as a whole is immense. The reality is that as parents
we can influence the outcome of unborn children’s critical traits so dramatically that we can
predictably control their adult social status.
Although many human traits are helpful in establishing social status, ultimately status is
communicated to others through waste. This waste can be either in time – through conspicuous
leisure, or though money, with conspicuous consumption. Both essentially tell others the same story
– that the individual in question is powerful enough to not concern himself with the drudgery of
industrious tasks. The greater the waste, the greater the status. While the physical manifestations of
conspicuous consumption are easy to understand, the manifestations of conspicuous leisure are
somewhat more subtle. These include “polite” etiquette, erudition, connoisseurship, artistic skill,
skill at sports, religious devotion, scholarship, wit, etc. These traits communicate the status of the
bearer, just as much as an expensive suit or car. As the size of a society increases, and the
proportion of strangers we interact with daily increases (like in a city), the relative weight of
conspicuous consumption vs conspicuous leisure increases, as consumable goods (clothes, shoes,
haircuts, jewelry, makeup, cars etc.) are more useful for communicating status instantly to people
we have never met.
If we are to be philosophical about status, we can see that it is not such a worthy goal to quest for –
as it requires waste in time or money to achieve. These resources could be put to a much better use,
in terms of ending suffering, or working towards universal goals of human achievement. Some
authors suggest an approach of using religious or personal narratives to ignore status and instead
focus on introspection, self-actualization, nurturing relationships, and generally being a good
person. I agree with this approach, and I do think that deep down there are more important things in
life than social status. However, the majority of people we interact with will care about status. This
is unavoidable; the reality is the quest for status has been and will be an important aspect of life for
most humans – especially in societies which claim to allow social mobility. There is no doubt that
status seeking today it has been corrupted into the painfully unaesthetic consumer culture of
showing off branded crap. But the deeper drive to improve social standing in a group is an animal
instinct. So while we should see the quest for status for what it is, vulgar, unaesthetic, and
unphilosophical, we must also recognize that status truly is an important part of a happy and
comfortable human existence.

Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson

Any pro natsoc nature people story for the children?

Oliver Sanders
Oliver Sanders

I recommend classical European folklore. I'm slowly developing a theory about how modern children's literature is kiked by liberals. I plan to make videos on the subject.

Carson Collins
Carson Collins

For parents.

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