420chan.org/b/ NEEDS YOUR HELP

So, basically the last several months of my life has been absolutely terrible. At the end of August, coming hot off of getting married, there was an electrical fire at our old townhouse that completely destroyed three of our neighbouring units and left us without running water for nearly two weeks, making us have to rent an Airbnb just to bathe. Our property management company forced all remaining tenants over the next few months to vacate our houses, I was already getting pretty low on savings because I had our honeymoon vacation all booked and paid for, but it was still mostly manageable. After our honeymoon, we managed to quickly find a new place to move to in December and I spent the majority of my remaining savings on the move. So far so good, all things considered.

Then my job started getting later and later with payroll, eventually no longer being able to pay any employees! And the owner is over $700,000 in debt for unpaid business taxes, and an audit was incoming. So we were just forced to move to a new place, shortly after a bunch of major life events, am now basically flat broke, and suddenly I'm not getting my paycheques. Amazing!

The moment the first payroll had any issues, I immediately started sending out my CV because I'm not stupid. The boss's lackey had been spying on me in 420chan IRC monitoring my job hunt and reporting back and I discovered him about a month into the bullshit and he immediately stopped. I've had some interviews but these things take time and the market is extremely competitive, and 3 months without any sight of getting pay I told them to kiss my ass, and both of the junior developers I was managing quit alongside me.

I'm currently suing them for $18,000 in unpaid wages plus damages. My credit lines are exhausted. I've been selling all my shit on Craigslist/eBay/Kijiji for the last 3 months to survive. I'm at the end of my rope.

420chan is currently running off a fiber line in my basement because I have no funds to get a new server I purchased last year set up in a datacenter properly. I've been doing everything I can possibly attempt to try and get income as quickly as possible because I'm fucking terrified. Covering every inch of the site in ad space and turning my beloved community into something that makes me fucking cringe in a last ditch effort to try and stem the tide and I hate it so fucking much.

I'm about to lose my home, my car, everything I own, and everything that I've worked the last decade to accomplish in my life.

This community is in jeopardy. My whole life is in jeopardy.

Over the years I grew to actively hate asking for donations, to the point where I paid for 420chan completely out of pocket for the last 3 years. Doing anything along those lines again makes me beyond embarrassed, but I guess I really have no choice now.

I've set up a Patreon at patreon.com/420chan - anyone that wants to make a private contribution otherwise via PayPal can email me at [email protected], if you're Canadian you can send an Interac e-Transfer, whatever method works for you.

There's Discord rewards set up for the Patreon right now but fuck I'll figure out whatever the hell rewards for the boards, tube, whatever the fuck. Chip in enough and I'll do a dance and chant your fucking name like you're an elder god on stream. I need help so fucking badly I've spent the last 3 hours writing this post through a mist of tears and baring all my life problems for you to see. No matter what happens, I love you all so much. I met my fucking wife because of this community. It gave me a development career and more friends than I can count. 2/3 of the god damn wedding guests were users and staff.

Thank you.

For everything.

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this is serious, my wife needs to be able to smoke weed
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Dude. When my life was fucked up, i didn't beg for money. When you are down you will find nobody give a fuck about you. I never visited 420chan.

I wish you get your life together. If this is not LARP. Life here on planet Earth is torture. Sorry. Blame God.

the absolute state of Zig Forums threads

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it's a very close knit community
unfortunately many of our users have finacial problems

and good luck in getting out of this situation. everyone hits a rough patch in life. it is part of the life. just take one step at the time and keep going.

give me money so I can give it back to you

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you would have to post link first. i don't smoke weed anymore. i love taking care of plants much more than rolling joints.

i lost house, career, future and lot of money. best i tried to build, save family. i can imagine your feelings. but universe don't care. god have no mercy. do your best and maybe you will start new life if this one collapse.

You post that image and whine about 'muh weed' and expect anyone here to help you?

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This isn't GoFundMe, faggot! Make your wife have sex on-camera and sell that shit on ManyVids if you need the money that bad.

and you did good. do not get fagots on board get to you. they are just playing tough. people who know how life can get complicated will appreciate your efforts and your determination. have a cookie and milk. you will fell better. life is like that some times. important thing is to always get up and do one more step.

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Prepare for nothing but bully

Tell her to get a doctors note so pharmacare can pay, stoner. Sage.

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I'd buy you out but you deleted /bdsm/ years back and I never really got over it.
Sorry Kirt.
Welcome to h8chan.

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I like 420chan and do drugs (mostly psychedelic).
I like a oldfag board.

But you really phrased this wrong; mostly instead of begging for drug money (why do drugs if you don't have money???) just ask to save a community (would look alot better) literally just say anything instead of this cringe.

Good effort. and try cuckchan also.
Hang on.

sage for off-topic (and me being a degenerate)

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On second thought if you can get Smiley involved this could have potential.

checked for that righteous oldfag board. Many good memories on 420

you poor thing, how much money will it take to kill yourself?

for you kids playing tough guys. this man had a dream. and he made it into reality. maybe he will lose it all but was able to create something that he envisioned. it is a great thing to accomplish. and whatever happens for his whole life he will now that he was able to created something that he wanted. not all people in world can created something that they envision. you should all try it…it is one of the best feelings in the world.

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ok Kirtaner

The people seem to be very rude here.
Actually the whole place is like this.
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yes. that is why white race is doomed. best people we have are giant assholes.

The REALITY is it isn't.

This is why you'll get no sympathy here you giant poorfag. snide little faggot remarks and insults will just get you shit on more, and you deserve everything that's happened to you. Die in a fire.

why the fuck would you pay for datacenter out of pocket?

you could literally host that shit on a few laptops on your own home bandwidth, 420chan isn't fucking amazon. how much load do you have there anyway?

ffs. i feel for you, time are tough. but cant you host it at home?

as for your life situation, im afraid you are a grown man. this is what happens to grown men these days who aren't prepared for the storm.

Nah this is what happens to grown men who don't watch anime

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that makes no sense.

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I lost interest when you clearly didn't have insurance on the place you lived.

It's not supposed to make sense. Just like how OP place this >>>/b/ tier thread here.

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Sorry you're in a bad spot Kirtaner but if you come to us being basically like "Fuck you give me money" what do you expect?

We all will. That is best part.

He expects us to give him pictures of the money he'll never have

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We’re not gonna give your shitty board any money. Give me one reason why I should care about the fate of your horrendous website.

OP, I…

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Cause it's the most High-tech Federal Honeypot we've had in years!!
< t. glownigger

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