Why not decentralize?

"The peaceful cohabitation of neighbors and of people in regular direct contact with each other on some territory requires also a commonality of culture: of language, religion, custom and convention. There can be peaceful co-existence of different cultures on distant, physically separated territories, but multi-culturalism, cultural heterogeneity, cannot exist in one and the same place and territory without leading to diminishing social trust, increased conflict, and ultimately the destruction of anything resembling a libertarian social order." H-H.H.

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Because big tribes overwhelm small tribes, and atomization is a problem among whites that is exploited by kikes. There is nothing wrong with collectivism, we do it better than other races and we benefit the most from it so long as we don't lose sight of race.

Because the states lost a power grab war to the federal government, funded by jews on all sides, that left more white people dead than any conflict ever in the history of the American continent after committing the biggest election fraud in history and getting Lincoln elected with 38% of the vote. It proves that organized nefarious actors will claim any existing power structures from within and then use them to slaughter all who resist their rule. A centralized force of resistance is needed to prevent this.

Because jews wouldn't like that. We must all be forced to live on top of one another like cattle.

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Not necessarily. Now-days asymmetric war is one of the most concerned military fields of study, and since it's begin it seems that the inferior belligerent is in advantage. "Atomization"? I don't even understand this because we are social animals. I'm just saying that for example that Germany was better before the union, and every unionist/expansionist movement in Europe lead to what is happening now. We can run our lives economically and military separated but still have our race-bind. Several kings fought against muslim occupation in the Iberia and France.

All state laws are the perversion of law. A fucking judge can with a pen rule such thing.
This is the finest of positivism.

But wasn't a centralized force what elected Lincoln?

Democracy is just a code-word for tyranny of judges.

Because (((they))) hate national sovereignty and independence, and need their central EU authority to carry out their destructive Kalergi Plan.

For being a giant thorn in the side of your enemy, yes, for conquest, perhaps less so. In the context of peaceful separate coexistence, divisions by culture are valuable, but it's worth noting that in medieval years, juden convinced kings to decentralize their power to include regional lords, which were then picked off and subverted one by one, so overatomization is certainly an issue to consider

Salvini said it best "Europe united, not unified", it needs to break up into the tiniest of ethnic groups and all united like early USA into nothing more than a trade union and a common military. However no system works with kikes, and even bad systems tend to do okay without them, they're obviously the biggest problem.

First post best post.

Lets be frank, the "inferior" belligerent in modern wars conducted by the west against third worlders only has his advantage so long as the west isn't willing to employ total war and annihilate the shitskins if necessary.

The kind of war that Zionist governments and hostile non-whites would wage against a tiny European microstate would be no less than total. They would not hesitate to shoot civilians, resort to terror bombings and use weapons that are currently banned in "civilized" warfare. The notion of a thousand tiny Lichensteins standing up to the United States military or even Turkey is laughable at best.

Too late

Why they don't do it now? Because of giant states? Bullshit. Too much fair tale to me to respond you. You have to revision history if you think that the Germans stood up against the Romans because of the landscape. Unless you terrorize and slave your population as Russia did, you will never get the amount of incentive to protect your Lichtenstein size homeland by a great percentage of population than in any nowadays European country. And to get a recent event, see the Six-Day War. Oh yes, the sandniggers war.

Says who and with what authority?

Decentralization takes power away from the few already in power, there are far too many cases in history where people in power never give it up willingly and will hamstring their own civilization to maintain power.
Just look at what is happening with the US today, Iran has had part of it's military designated as a terrorist group which pretty much destroys all political relations between the two countries and we're going to go to war. Syria, Iran, and Sudan are all being targeted by the US specifically to drive oil prices up to profit off shale oil, stop China and Russia's advance, and give Israel an absolute hegemony in the middle east.

But they're failing badly sure the CIA is depriving Syria and Iran of food but Russia has completed testing on their S-500's and are going to go ahead with production for 2020 which will basically crush the current standards for MAD, all the countries (including the EU) are distancing themselves from the US and opening themselves up to Russia and China. Israel is getting more power but they're ungrateful pricks anyways and their original means of strong arming everyone disappears once the S-500's are everywhere.

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You guys should start running for office and infiltrating, the same way the kikes did. Its getting late to start decentralizing and the kikes wont allow anyone to secede. You should at least try to stop immigration because proximity = war.

Israel had the full technological and financial backing of the United States and won the 6 day war because it was supplied and trained by a superior power. What you see in the 6 day war is not the might of a "Lichenstein sized ethnostate" but the power the United States military industrial complex manipulated by global jewery.

And to answer your question the reason why the greater powers don't wage war against small European states is because they already hold power over them via the European Union, NATO and Jewish global finance. Britain, France, and Germany are already Zionist vassals so theres no need to invade them until they actually rebel.

Gentiles created a context for infiltration and parasitism because their evolutionary niche is of surviving nature and producing out of the earth. Jews' evolutionary niche is surviving off of gentiles. Trying to "out-jew" jews is like trying to sustain oneself off of leeches living off of your own blood. The net calories would be ultimately negative and you would die. Vampires cannot live off vampires, as the saying goes.

Except that there are only so many beaches to go around and too many people on the planet. In this world there is room only for so many countries like Liechtenstein or Singapore. If everyone was trying to jew other people, there would be no people left who got jewed, and the whole kikery would fall apart.

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d-decentralization shill! jewish shill!! the jews don't want us to all be on one site, yeah that's it, the jews! now, how about we talk about aliens for a bit moreā€¦ oh, don't forget to ignore the federal reserve - we have MUCH more important things to talk about, LIKE KILLING THE JEWS! that's the ONLY way user, the ONLY way!!

But seriously, decentralization is the way to go if you want to start forming communities. If you collect in one giant area and ONLY one area, you're either going to turn into an impotent shill-hole as "allowed opposition", or you're going to get shut down all at once.