What do we do about women

As we all know women are the root of all evil. A women cursed the whole of humanity to live in this horrible clown world.

They're running mens lives every day with their slutty behavior and inability to love.
I've never read of any society in history that collapsed because it oppressed it's women too much. Am I wrong?

What are your thoughts Zig Forums, what should we do about them?

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you should stop watching porn


Kill not all,but hou now,Kill MUCH women.you bring all women of the City to a field,and let THEN they make their grave and shoot on then.
Kill specialy MUCH negro women and Mongolide women.
then they can not any more make children of koe races.
Kill women and negro's.
then you can think about another things,like peace.

Sieg heil!

This guy should be USA president.

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Another (1) and done jew.

He'll be back here again and again and again. He's sanctioned by the mods. His thread deletions are just to give plausible deniability.

Don't heap too much blame on women.
Women are just sheep who follow what they've been told. In the old days they would follow their husbands. Nowadays though they follow the jews media and degenerate society.
The jews behind the degeneration are the root of all evil, not women.

*replace the word women with Jews op

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This post is a strawman. Meant to be taken down. You guys must really be idiots falling for more Anti-IllumiNEETi propaganda. Luckily us illumined ones have taken a break from the occultic practice of jerking off to traps to bring light into your world of shadows

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hurrdurr wamans

go make white children you fuck

Lucky for you, nobody is buying his gay shit here.

Is that Crowley?

>look at this (((porn))) goy
Women by nature are different than men. What man that loves his race, his children, would hate 50% of that race. You are an idiot and this D&C between men and women is ridiculously kosher.
Women by nature are loving, nurturing, and have a different natural baseline than men. They seek protection for themselves and their offspring. This can show itself in being downright hostile to secure that safety. Women are easily influenced, women follow men. If women grow up in a world not kiked beyond belief, not falling victim to carefully designed traps to ensnare them in a jewish hell, they are your best ally. Your only ally.

You can fuck right of Jakov. Gas yourself.

Good EYE you got there bud

Your cringe only increases my power user. Only increases OUR power. The IllumiNEETi is real. Some would say it's a new religion disguised as a joke.


Woah is this the real Andrew Yang?

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If only this were true, most people here would rather do anything other than blame women for things though. They say you have to focus on the Jews. You tell them that the vast majority of feminists are Jews, then they tell you that you're a goatfucker. You tell them that western patriarchies are far more civilized than goatfucker patriarchies, they say that you want to destroy the bond between white men and women. You point out that couples having sex went way down after women got the vote, they shriek and cry and wail. Waaaaahhh what will I do if I don't get sloppy second rate roastie pussy?


Fuck off (((user))).
Women are only a problem if they are allowed to be a problem.
If the women in your life are progressive, degenerate, sluts then you're likely allowing them to be through your numale, beta-faggotry.

We literally starve and cast them to the fucking cold. begging for Tradition. they are existentially incapable of accomplishing anything independently. they cling to the pinnacle of strength like a fucking diseased magnet. and not just the facade of strength, either (((Gov))) But actual grounded self awareness and pragmatic intellect and unscathed dedication. This they're attracted to. and with frame and charm they are incapable of neglecting you. they will be conditioned and pretend that you are gravel and (((Gov))) is all they need. but this (((Gov))) they are not attracted to. It is their babysitter. They are no slaves to permanence. No Biological Nurture. But pacification exploitative coddling. once women's entire atmosphere of biological nurture is compromised by infectious (((Gov))) they flock to the very dependency their nature demands. Red Pilled Men

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Women are not naturally evil they are just products of their environment. Women are biologically programmed to conform to the ideals of whatever is the most dominant force in their life, which is most of the time Jewish propganda due to there being no strong men in their life. Social cohesion is a survival instinct that they have as they need to be a part of a group to survive. Naturally they conform to what they perceive as the strongest group.

It’s our fault they conform to jew bullshit. If we want our women to be racially conscious, trad house wife’s that have lots of children then we need to regain power of our countries and force these ideals upon the masses and ostracize or exile those who do not conform to our ideals. This is exactly what the Jews do to us. They literally take advantage of genetically ingrained human survival instinct for the need of social cohesion to get us to subscribe to degenerate bullshit or else suffer being an outcasted pariah.

Everything I said also applies to beta males. Beta males are literally women in the sense they need to conform to a group to survive.


I thought so too but then I learned how to get girls to want you

Go MGTOW monk and wait for our society to collapse. After the collapse, traditional values will be restored and it'll be safe to marry women again.

Yep. user is allowing it. Its deff not an elaborate social engineering agenda. Nothing to see here folks lol.

No need to fear, IllumiNEETi is here.
Our power is growing tremendously as we prepare to remove the black veil from your eyes. We have just been too busy practicing Hentai Sex Magick… But that time is done. Now its time to remove the cheetos from our chest and rescue you faggots from the Jew menace, and your narrow reality tunnel.

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Jews who serve satan are the root of all evil, women are just a tool.

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OP it's obvious that you are a virgin. Watch some videos and how to pick up chicks and start going to the gym. When you are an alpha male you have choices on the kind of women you can fuck so you can actually hook up with good ones. That or be keep being a virgin and jerking off to anime. Also not all women are fucking degenerate. Women are like parking spots. The good one's are taken. The others are handicapped.

Feminism and glamour magazines have corrupted our women. But keep in mind that you can't have heterosexual sex without them. Use your superior male brain to trick them into redpilling themselves about traditional values.

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Daily reminder that every degenerate in our society is caused by piece of shit Jews.

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Daily reminder that blaming others for your own degenerate behavior doesn't make them responsible for your degenerate behavior.

Do you think normies know all those jews? Yes, our society is degenerate because Herbert Marcuse told them to be and they found a good idea. Now, they are all reading Frankfurt School.



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Gross, filtered.

excuse you?

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6 year old fag

No excuses to post porn. Some of us want a clean wholesome board.

DID YOU SAGE AND REPORT? Thankfully OP was banned so we don't have to endure another 751 post thread of OP screaming about all the different ways he is going to murder European women.

It is ultimately our people’s fault for the current state of society. If we were strong we’d never have allowed Jews to take over our countries and subvert our women. (Pic related)

What we need to do is take back our countries and become strong men again. Do what is necessary for the prosperity and evolution of our people.

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Remember these type of threads are spammed by bots or kosher shills hundred of times every day for the past few years on cuckchan. The faggot of a OP is just testing out if moderation has gone to shit.

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Women are just very prone to groupthink. Its an evolutionary thing and they will simply parrot the prevailing trends and subsist on virtue signalling. They're a barometer for the worst in society, not the cause.

They also think purely with their emotions, hence muh feels based BS