The "Temple Mount" is fake

Reminder that the "Wailing Wall" that all the jews and their shabbez goyim go to kiss and hump in Jerusalem is NOT and was never part of the Second Temple. It is the retaining wall of the Roman Fort Antonia, of the Legio X Fretensis.
The accounts of the historian Josephus support this claim.

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I wish you were right. Imagine how funny it would be for the world to find out that their entire religion is a lie.

The only temple worth mounting is the .iso of St. Davis's Holy TempleOS.

nothing legit "Jewish" existed prior to Alexander the Great conquered the region about 300BC. Romans about 200yrs later were first people to record any Jewish anything.
IMO, Jews were local low level criminals who presented themselves as "victims of Egypt" to Alex's admin, hoping they would be seen as likely allies against the large Egyptian nation Alex's people found themselves suddenly in charge of running.

All "Israeli archaeology" is obviously fake. None of the claimed artifacts from other cultures that supposedly confirm the existence of Jews prove what is claimed, and most are likely just fakes, which explains why they aren't allowed to be examined by skeptics.

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The Old Testament is about what a Jew could come up with if allowed on outside steps, but not inside, the Library of Alexandria. Names of major kings and locations of major towns more or less correct.
None of the great upheavals of great nations Jews claim to have caused are recorded in those nation's histories.
In other news, no record of Japan invading the British Isles when the BIs were under Roman rule exists, and IMO if it happened the Romans would've noted it.

Well, any in Jerusalem is since the Romans obliterated the city entirely (except for their own fort). Think about it, why would the Romans destroy all traces of their fort but leave the temple walls standing?

(((they))) are completely different and not related in any way to the people 2300 years ago that you are talking about.

stop giving them legitimacy because they have none

silence, boomer

>(((they))) are completely different and not related in any way to the people 2300 years ago that you are talking about.
It always fucking amazes me… since Jesus Christ is quoted multiple times in the Bible stating basically "anyone that says they're a jew is a liar that worships satan in their synagogue".

How can you read the Bible and have any questions about who the "jews" are and what is their true purpose?

Even if they were (and not Khazar steppe nomads) it wouldn't mean anything since the jews killed Jesus anyway.
If you're not Christ's, you're not Abraham's seed, and not heirs according to the promise.

Fuck off Tenda

Reminder that the exile and mass execution of jews was justified, as they conducted the first acts of terrorism in recorded history. They were known as the sicarii, and they would intentionally target greek and roman civilians, especially ones exiting temples dedicated to non jewish gods.

And Bagels, Bagels are Polish. Polish Bagels, ask for them by name.

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More like Jesus Antichrist

Let us now look at the story of Abraham himself: that great, great Patriarch with whom God was so terribly smitten that he
made all kinds of special concessions and sweetheart arrangements over and above all the other people; giving him all kinds of land that had already been settled by other tribes; and all kinds of promises that were extremely far-reaching. Evidently, he
must have been regarded as being something extra special, regarded by the Lord as being an extra ordinarily "good man."
Let's take a look at just how "good" Abraham was and what it was that he did that should earn him such a special preference in
the eyes of God. Again, we find a rather strange and a weird story in which the events certainly do not bear out the idea of the Lord choosing a reprobate like Abraham to warrant all these untold special favors and making him the Patriarch of the "Chosen Race." If all these things seem unusually bizarre and strange, not to say queer, we should remember that this is the story according to the
way the Jews tell it, and are really only the reflections of the innermost meanderings of the collective, perverted Jewish mind.
In Genesis 6:12, God was impelled (for reasons unknown) to make a special call on Abram. (He started out with the name of Abram.) The Lord makes some rather extravagant, magnanimous, and far-reaching promises to Abram. Why he should pick this fellow is hard to understand, but anyway, this is what the Jewish Bible tells us in Chapter 12, "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." And in the previous verse, "I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee and make thy name great; and thou shall be a blessing." When we look at some of the rather shady and immoral activities this character Abram carried off, we find it rather hard to believe that God, of all people, should choose this particular sleazy reprobate. However, we have to remember that this is the story the Jewish Bible tells us, written by the Jews, and for the benefit of the Jews. It evidently makes a good story for them. On the basis of this covenant they have formed the powerful society called the B'nai B'rith, which means "The Sons of the Covenant." If we are to believe this story, then the Jews are specially blessed and chosen by the Lord, and we are on the outside looking in. According to the Jews, they are the blessed ones and the rest of us are just plain Goyim, a bunch of cattle, who are there to be robbed and looted and exploited. Whereas this might be a good story for
the Jews, it is a little more than idiotic for the White Race to fall for this kind of trash, and be subjugated and subdued into such
submissive thinking.

Anyway, to look a little further into the story of what kind of a fellow Abraham was, we Find that Abram took Sarai (these were
their names before the Lord changed them) for his wife, and they and Lot and some more of that tribe moved on to Canaan. An
interesting side note is the fact that Sarah (or Sarai) was Abraham's (or Abram's) half-sister, being the daughter of his father.
Yet in Leviticus 20:17, the Lord lays down the law to Moses: "And if a man shall take his sister, his father's daughter, or his
mother's daughter, and see her nakedness; it is a wicked thing; and they shall be cut off in the sight of their people." That's the
law laid down by the Lord, and at the same time he picks this very kind of a pair to be the progenitors of his "Chosen People."
Some Jewish story!

To continue the story — evidently the pickings weren't too good in Canaan and they were faced with famine. Abram and his
wife then went to Egypt, where evidently the pickings looked better. He had a little scheme up his sleeve. It says that his wife
was a real good looking woman and he was going to cash in on this fact. He planned to palm off his wife (and sister) as a
whore to the Egyptian Pharaoh for profit. Normally, this would make him a pimp and her a whore.
He, therefore, told his wife that when they got to Egypt they were to pretend that they are not man and wife, but that she was
his sister. When they arrived in Egypt, the Egyptians agreed with him that she was a pretty good looker. The Princes of
Pharaoh saw her and recommended her to the Pharaoh himself. She was forthwith taken to the Pharaoh and he evidently fell
for her. It next says. Genesis 12:16, "And he entreated Abram well for her sake: and he had sheep, and oxen, and he asses,
and menservants, and maidservants, and camels."

So we see that Abraham with his sleazy act of passing off his good-looking wife to the Pharaoh was cashing in pretty
handsomely and had conned the Pharaoh out of wealth and property. In ordinary language, this would be called pimping or
pandering. Now a strange thing happens. Our just and righteous God, who had the sweetheart arrangement with Abraham, instead of
chastising him for pulling such a depraved and deceitful con game on the Pharaoh, on the contrary, heaped upon the Pharaoh
and his house all kinds of nasty plagues. Evidently in all his righteousness this was supposed tobe a lesson to the Pharaoh not
to play around with Abram's wife, when in fact, Abram had deceitfully offered her to him as a sister. Anyway, it seems that the
Pharaoh found out it was his wife and rebuked Abram for deceiving him. He sent both of them on their way, Abram evidently
taking all his ill-begotten loot with him, for it says at the beginning of Genesis 13, "And Abram went up out of Egypt, he, and his
wife, and all that he had, and Lot with him into the south. And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold."

Here we have a typical Jewish trick, Abram stoops to pawn off his wife like a prostitute to the Pharaoh, deceiving him that she
was only his sister. He cashes in with a lot of loot and then he and his Jewish God blame the Pharaoh for being the villain . As
usual, the Jews get driven out, but they take with them all the loot that they have swindled from the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh,
according to this Jewish story, is cursed and our tricky little hero, Abram, is blessed. It further says that "Lot also went with
Abram and had flocks and herds and tents." Remember they went to Egypt starving and strictly empty handed and here they
leave after their skullduggery, trickery and deceit with all kinds of gold and silver, flocks and herds and tents, having executed a
successful pimping operation.

Abram had no sooner left Egypt, but he built an altar to the Lord and called upon the name of the Lord. Having done that, as
usually happens among thieves, there was a falling out between Lot and his herdsmen and Abram and his herdsmen. Having
escaped with their ill-begotten loot, they decided to split up and part company.

what the fuck is that thing

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This is what a female Jew looks like, not those eastern European prostitutes that pose in IDF uniforms.

The crybaby wall was given over to the jews to shut them the fuck up for all the good that did. They then made up a history about it and used the fact it was given to them afterwards as evidence of always owning it. Fuck you yid.

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What? I need to hear more of this. lol

Remember that 45% of the cases that the public prosecutors office in Jerusalem deals with involve child sex abuse by orthodox jews.

אני מקיא

Touch the face of god

Just everything about jews is fake. Even that fucking wailing wall…

The Pharisees killed Jesus. Almost every modern day "jew" has no connection to these Pharisees, yet they worship the same gods the Pharisees did. They choose the devil.

Babylonians told of jewery in clay, moshe.


nothing legit "Jewish" existed prior to Alexander the Great's arrival in the region.

Romans, about 200yrs later, were the first people to document any Jews.

None of the Jewish bible tales about ancient Israel, or their many roles in great empires, are real.

Jews were created to claim false victimhood to Alex's people, who didn't know any better, being uneducated soldiers of humble backgrounds.

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IIRC that amounts to one mention of someone with what is today considered a Jewish name, possibly from the general region. Given that Jews didn't have last names in Europe until they were forced to take them a couple hundred years ago, and given 100s of the top Communists in USSR had gone through at least one name change, the fact that today or in 100BC that Jews had adopted common names from other cultures is hardly surprising.

Real cultures leave behind vast piles of distinctive broken pottery, so much that its not even valuable today. Today in Israel, Jews import generic broken fragments and claim "I just found proof of Ancient Israel".

Such fraud has no doubt been a cottage industry in the region from about 50yrs after the Great Pyramid was built 5000yrs ago, and thus is the oldest continuous "business district" on Earth.

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Every nation that ever had an encounter with jews, regardless of the idea that the name jew didn't exist at the time we all know we're talking about the same ancient fucking evil, hated them and kicked them out. And we keep finding even more older evidence of it being a trend going further and further back. We'll eventually come across atlantis and it will speak of you fucking jews and the great flood and freezes that somehow, you caused.

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I would love to take credit for it but Atlantis is only twelve thousand years old.
Caves. Germany. Forty five thousand years.

The tower of babel fell because of jew sabotage. Old Neb was doing just fine until the jews sabotaged the build for their demon god. It's in the clay. The jews being jews blamed Yaldabaoth's (((righteous indignation))).

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It's the kikel of life.