How can one academic be so engaging and personable?

How can one academic be so engaging and personable?

Why can he reach these kids so well?

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Because his philosophy is straight out of grade school.

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Truly an earth-shattering new worldview.

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He fills the role a father figure for those who didn't, or feel like they didn't, have one during their formative years.

I'd like to take advantage of this post to put forward a motion to ban all Peterson threads, ignoramus self-help guru #whatever-America-is-at-now shouldn't be receiving a fraction of a fraction as much of the attention as he's getting.

Because he's the only person allowed to call out the pseudointellectual fraud that is PoMo, which is very attractive to a generation drowning in PoMo bullshit.

Unfortunately, he himself capitalizes on the very PoMo sophistry he rose to fame fighting to soak up adbux from the biggest possible audience he can, ranging from nuAtheist fedoras to durk enlightenment neoTradCons.

Peterson and his ilk won't go away until the left conducts a root-and-branch purge of PoMo within itself, ruthlessly debunking and ostracizing all PoMo bullshitters.

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The people he reaches are all idiots who feel smart because they 'get' what Peterson is saying. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see JBP for what he is.

How is he personable? I find his passive-aggressive teary-eyed creakiness unbearable. He even seems sinister.

But maybe it indeed is this. The left has dropped the ball and the right takes advantage of it.

This is true for pretty much all rightist stuff out there, it's all dumb "common sense" being regurgitated and people feel smart for agreeing with what they see and listen.
The bad news is that this crap is immensely popular and sheds a light on the real reason why socialism/communism will never be a thing and it's not because capitalism and porkies (although they help a lot) but simply because people are fucking stupid. I've said it before, nobody will ever be able to implement real socialism anywhere for as long as the majority of people remains stupid and I don't know what the solution to this problem might be because it isn't like just a lack of knowledge which can be fixed with education it's a lack of brains.

If you like bans and deletions then fuck off to reddit/leftypol.

Allowed by who?

PoMos and their sponsors who choose to "respond to" or otherwise acknowledge their "critics", selecting the weakest strawman against whom to characterize all of their opponents.

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She's an old /b/tard. It is worrying to recognize just what we are all doing these days. There are people who actually take us old shitposting memers seriously. Just think: twelve years ago she was spamming furry servers on Second Life with Mario blocks and sending black faxes to Fox News.

All of those memes are obviously fake, but her actual invective against PoMos is nearly as incendiary. Also, she's more of a '90s person as a popculture phenomenon.

People aren't born stupid. In fact, people are actually quite intelligent and capable of deep understanding. The problem is that people get brainwashed and literally programmed through education and media. In school people are told being creative is bad and that there is one right way of doing things, or one right answer, and the teacher/authority figure is the one who knows it. That's why a lot of people think agreeing with authority makes them smart and 'well adjusted'. Media, including news and movies, paint a picture of a black and white world, of goodies and baddies, of right and wrong. Now sprinkle some inherent human tendencies like confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance (of which the media and 'powers that be' are aware and exploit) and you have a recipe for a 'stupid' population.

Communism is determined to be the big bad, there are books, movies, stories all being pumped into the collective consciousness ad nauseam. One of the funniest and most ridiculous examples of this is that movie 'The Way Back' or something like that, with Ed Harris, where they escape the gulag. In it, 'communism' is this abstract concept given form because they say they're running away from communism. At one point they want to go to Mongolia, but think twice because "there's communism there", not communists, but communism. As if it were a spirit that inhabits places.

Is he actually "engaging and personable?" My impression was that he is only liked because he can be used to give "credibility" to the beliefs his fans already hold.

Once again, we use the young as a strawman audience for a meme ideology they dont know nor care about.

I will say this until Im blue in the face:
The alt-right and the New Right fanbase are NOT zoomers. At least not by majority. They are Xennials: any white boy born in the 1970s and 80s. These are the armchair historians, the doomers and r9k folk of 4chan and Zig Forums. They are the biggest opposing advocates of the Millennials and zoomers. They are the right-wingers the left has been clashing with this past decade, the Boomers have been overrepresented.

Another thing is, not all alt right/ new right agree with him. /pol sees Peterson as a gatekeeping shill. Even Alex Jones sees him as a fluke but that maybe because Jones wants the spotlight for himself.

Only in this post-modern age could people be so obsessed with such a nebulous and impervious specter as is PoMo.

Do you feel dumb for regurgitating this commonsensical line that has been regurgitated over and over again by Peterson's detractors?

This he just makes them feel smart can be used to explain the popularity of any intellectual figurehead, it's a partisan dig that in its interchangeability, explains precisely nothing.
That might just be it, with even the most high Autism Level aspie overlords like lenin and the rest unable to come to a consensus of what real socialism is and how it should be made, how can the rest of us tinybrained, low-iq, sub-saharan idiots ever even come close to grasping its fringes? Socialism didn't fail the people, the people failed socialism; so lets implement true democracy and elected another.

He is somewhat of a rasputin, and it's that sinister quality that seems to be very thing that draws people to him, a quality that either attracts or repulses, but does not leave unaffected. Otherwise, he does seem genuinely personable in his interactions and anecdotes, having the implicit understanding of other people without which psycho-analysis is psychological terror. He's completely unlike that other figure in his sphere, the malignant narcissist Stefan Molyneux.

are mostly authoritarian sociopaths

On the contrary, such shallow sophistry is pretty easy to characterize.

Those kids have been looking for a leader for a long time now, and just where will they take them? Clean rooms are good, being responsible is good, having good relationships are good. And when all that is achieved look out, cleaning up society usually means taking out all those who have been subverting it. Hopefully, it will just be the professors who have been indoctrinating and the post modernists– and not a race of people. Or maybe he takes all the money and becomes the new Deepak Chopra or Tony Robbins– but what good is money to a married 'intellectual' who only eats steak and salt? Legacy. It might be a good time to start distancing yourself from radicalism, especially if you live in democracies. It is not going to work out well for you, especially as you age and become less idealistic and believe in your fellow humans to not fuck you over in any way given the opportunity. The safe bet is on machine acceleration mixed with UBI and having no overlorads from China.

Ted K is always preferable

Whats wrong with being an authoritarian sociopath?

Being authoritarian and being a sociopath.

When is this chickenshit gonna debate Papa Wolff?

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It explains pretty well why all those rightist channels that goes after low hanging sjw/pomo shit have hundreds of thousands of millions views while any leftist channel which require people to know theory and stuff will be lucky if any of its videos get 100 views.

Yep. Alot of rightists don't read much political books. They base their knowledge off of "redpilled" movies, conspiracy theories (which are half-true), etc. Conservatives will read books. Reactionaries won't.

Yeah, but the books that conservatives read are sci-fi novels and self-help books.


Literally who, where, and why? The entire format of opinionstube (droning into a camera pointed at your face for an hour) is antithetical to dense, sophisticated prose, when you could just as easily type it into a webpage or post it as audio-only.

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go to Zig Forums and /r9k/ to find out

It also explains pretty well while you look down on people who watch SJW cringe videos and instead prefer hour long situationist-luxemburgist-anti-revisionist criticisms of anarcho-maoist-enviromentalism. What it does not explain is why people prefer one way of feeling smart over another way of feeling smart, and therefor explains nothing when it comes to ideological attraction.

At least muslims and christians fetishize one book, for many leftists, any old used up cum ragged book will do.

Classic 4chan/Zig Forums response.

One idea is that he's popular because he splits things up into dichotomies.
Peterson certainly does seem excessively tidy minded.
I was going to crib a bit from a book on Dante's Inferno (which I haven't read) on how Dante's vision is satisfying because it doesn't seem very ordered. Why aren't the circles of Hell in a logical order? Why is being indifferent punished more than what seem like worse Sins? But I can't find the book, I've found my unread copy of Dante's Inferno, but not the book of commentary ., my rooms too much of a mess, it's in here somewhere.

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Nothing wrong with that unless you're a bitch

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Butthurt much? Too much anal sex on the receiving end?

Also I don't even like Jordan and had a strong father figure, so believe whatever you want

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because he tells them what they want they want to ear in an intellectual and masculine way without conflicting with their conservative views, which makes them feel represented by an academic thus making their unfounded views that more legitimate

okay kid go back to fortnite now

here comes the postmodernist scribe which has even read some shit in wikipedia and watched some school of life videos to give an example of an intellectual critique to such a heterogeneous school of thought.
There is an entire library in youtube of videos describing how that lobster boy doesnt know shit about nothing he criticizes about, here's one about how he doesnt understand PoMo by this lovely channel.

big win for left wing youtube

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when a scumbag of this proportion is being nominated most important intellectual alive by the NY times and being such a popular figure in the internet, it becomes something that the internet left has to deal with.

here's how i explain to you how jordan peterson just says things that sound smart for money, just all like all other leftubers already explained to you. don't forget to like, subscribe and donate to my patreon account.

Bullshit doesn't go away when it gets BFTO'd

That statue of Macchiavelli, it looks like…
Its slipped my mind.

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why is gaining money from that considered bad, even if patreon is the less capitalist way to gain money as a youtuber.
And also why is gaining money from teaching at uni or writing books not considered bad to you, completely illogical.

if you think donating people copypasting LOBSTER MAN BAD is value for money, go ahead and donate. i'm just saying its disingenuous for such people of accusing peterson of saying stuff people want to hear for donations.

Case in point

idk famalam you look pretty buttblasted to me

Dogs who got hit bark.
And that reaction of yours is a typical reaction when something hit home way too close.

that's a yikes from me dawg
you better take your anal cream

He's such a boring last minute 5th grade substitute teacher, how did he get this popular. Oh, right being promoted in the mainstream media while whining about being silenced.

Don't forget to get your merch and support the pod.

What's your take on Thomas Aquinas definition of prophecy as reminding us of that which we already knew?

What even is postmodernism? What's so idiotic about Lacan, Derrida, Lyotard, Vattimo, Deleuze and Foucault? Seems to me that despite being difficult reads, what they have to say is more relevant than ever.

Lyotard tells us the media keeps us in a simulated reality, Foucault talks about panopticons and the world as a prison, Vattimo about weak thought in a mechanized world, Deleuze about the ubermensch as someone who is more interested in patterns than people.

You're terribly misrepresenting the arguments against him. He's been criticised for many things. People keep finding something new to criticise about him all the time.

Indeed. I don't like the way Peterson squishes the gods into a soup of Jungian archetypes.
But skeptics have their own good reasons for not liking him either:
(This has got to be philosophy tubes' best one yet.)

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Why didn't Foucault just deconstruct the biopower relations of the HIV colonising his colon?

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He's reaching young males because he's going against 3rd wave feminism. Leftists are so spooked they've completely internalized the underlying eugenic assumptions underlying modern feminism that some rank charlatan that couldn't philosophize his way out of a paper bag can capture national attention by simply stating "uh… no I don't think men are disposable" while practically every other leftist languishes in obscurity.

The left needs to recognize the importance of Jungian theory, and incorporate it into its analysis. Otherwise people like Peterson will continue making headway.

Peterson boils myth down to Order vs. Chaos soup , without ref: to anthropological evidence.
And he does it to suit a conservative political agenda.
Other accounts of myth, which take into account anthropological evidence, get different results:

Girard, like Peterson, finds an unconscious ur-narrative in a wide range of stories: the narrative of scapegoating as the origin of social order. But he at least has some anthropological evidence to support his ascription. The unconscious meaning is, he can say, embodied in the many blood-sacrifice rituals practiced alongside these narratives. Peterson could not follow Girard, however, because Girard’s reading makes the development of social order something deeply morally troubling. The birth of any culture depends on the sacrifice of an arbitrary victim. Peterson, of course, wants a clear-cut narrative of good versus evil that he can sell to flag-wagging patriots who want to know they’re on the right side of history

I've found the book. But I can't find the quotation. But this bit is pretty good, too,
"Benedict also informs Dante that the only in the final sphere of Heaven, to which Jacob's Ladder once led, will he reach full understanding. That final sphere is also described in nearly Lovecraftian terms, as if it exceeded even the strangest constructions of non-Euclidian geometry :
That sphere is not in space and has no poles;
our ladder reaches up to it, and that
is why it is now hidden from your sight (XXII 67-69)
-Graham Harman, Dante's Broken Hammer

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Do you have any book recommendations for this line of thought? I'd like to read more into it and things like it.

+ignoring the anthropological evidence has also been the modus operandi of people much further to the right of Peterson:
"Evola was not troubled by the controversies of the scholars concerning the location of the Aryan Race's home, because his Aryans all originated at the North Pole, migrating southward in every direction" - Joscelyn Godwin, "The Thule Society", in Arktos:The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism, and Nazi Survival.

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