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Hi Zig Forums. I spent some of my childhood sheltered in a extremely religious culture that had held on to the past. Both the good and the bad. They had kept alive social technology that had evolved over hundreds of years. It kept their families together. It kept their communities together. It kept them spiritually healthy. They understood what the degenerating mainstream culture was losing because they hadn't lost it yet. But they didn't hang on to their culture because they understood this. They hung on to it because they were scared. Once you get old enough you need a culture as much as it needs you. If values change - if roles change - who will you be, what will you do? The elders led the community and the fear of this existential threat lead them. They understood what their culture did for them because they experienced it - in a way that couldn't be put fully into words. But they understood this because they kept themselves sheltered. There was a lot they didn't understand. When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back. They kept a healthy distance. There was a lot they didn't understand.

That was the first part of my childhood. The next, I had very little oversight or direction. I found worldly friends I wanted to be like. I experienced drugs, girls, the chans, porn. I converted to progressivism. I hated religion. I thought it was used to control people. I knew what it was like to be free. I wasn't going back.

In college I started to fall away from orthodox progressivism. I started to see it more like a religion. I started reading blogs and forums that were outside the Overton Window on the left and the right. I kept reading the New York Times but didn't take its opinions seriously - didn't take any opinions seriously. I would argue the right's side on leftist blogs and the left's side on rightist blogs. I would occasionally comment on a mainstream article but people who let themselves think are much more interesting to talk to. I like interesting Ideas not 'interesting' expressions of the party line.


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So Zig Forums. Do you let yourselves think or have you become idealogues?

I think you are wrong about the future. Ethnostates were the past. Lost traditions and heritage are the past. They are not coming back - not really.

In the past whole races have gone extinct or mixed - whole species have gone extinct - again and again and again: Neanderthals Denisovans, Archaic Western European Hunter Gatherers, Archaic Eastern European Hunter Gatherers, Early Anatolian Farmers. The white race is not the future. The only consistent progress in the story of Homo Sapiens is the progress of technology. The rest is history repeating itself. Leftist singularities collapse societies in predictable ways. They rebuild in predictable ways. Dysgenics then eugenics. Decadent degeneracy and indulgence then discipline. The strong conqueror the weak or Nature - god - has his way with them. The current progressive Party Line is that there is a moral arch to history with people becoming more empathetic. There is a piece of truth to this. Empathy is enjoyable like sex is enjoyable. We like connecting with people. People were not less empathetic in the past because they were bad but because nature forced them to be harder. It also forced them to have a more disciplined sexuality that supported the social structures that aloud them survive hard times. The only consistent progress in the story of Homo Sapiens is the progress of technology. As technology progresses and shelters people from the worst of nature they have been able to become more indulgent and softer. We are always more moral than our parents so of course we have called this moral progress.

If the current leftist singularity collapses Western Civilization before the technological singularity comes, we may see a short period where Zig Forums was right. Things would balkanize (in many places along racial lines) people would have to become harder and less degenerate. Old social technologies would have to return. We've seen this before. But things would rebuild. Technology would progress again. The technological singularity is not far off now. This is the future. It is obvious. Zig Forums doesn't like to think about it for the same reason the religious elders in my early church clung to their ideology so ferociously. It's an existential threat.


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Brenton Tarrant shot a bunch of confused Muslim ideologues trying to experience community and hold on to their traditions. He, and many of you, want to accelerate the leftist singularity and societal collapse. Why? Delay the inevitable for 100 years? 200 years? At what cost. You have no idea what a collapse would really look like. You don't really want that. You might think you're hard but your not. Look at Tarrant's face in the court room. He's overwhelmed - in over his head. When his LARP became a reality he realized he was in over his head. Don't make the same mistake. Embrace the real future. Let go of your archaic ideology and help work against the most extreme elements of the left.

inb4 kill yourself kike.

Change my mind.



I'm here in case someone here understands something I don't. But I think it is unlikely. I'm open to changing my mind unlike you.

All the races I listed besides Denisovans contributed very small parts to European genetics. They were all distinct races - more distinct than contemporary East Asians and Europeans. Contemporary Europeans are a mix of them and the Yamnaya. Then another 5000 years of evolution. Look to the past to understand the future. The "white" race is not the future. If you really thought about it you would agree.


Not your blog. Go fuck yourself elsewhere. You shills love coming out at the stroke of midnight every weekend like clockwork. Your stupid 90's convert schpiel about finding your way back is cringy as fuck nerd.

Extremely compelling story you kike, it almosts makes me want to renounce all my beliefs and kill myself.

Losing your identity is not dying. I'm questing your ideology. I acknowledged this would feel like an existential threat but it's not. not really

Look what happened to the Wiemar republic.

It will happen again. The pendulum always swings the other way.

Get a load of this fag here.

Or work towards a more realistic future. Is anyone here gonna give a real argument or is it just the predictable 'kill yourself kike'

Tarrant knew what he had to do and did it. He knew the consequences of his actions. You are a filthy kike for slandering him

I thought the 12 year olds were all on 4chan.

I told the truth and you know it. Look at his face in the courtroom. Give me a real argument so I can give a real response.

You made the mistake of assuming we think of ourselves as good guys. I am not a good man. I am a mean fuck who would delight in your suffering and laugh in your face as you plead for mercy.

Take your moralizing bullshit and fuck your loose asshole with it. I am sure you are very familiar with it.

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Kill yourself, kike. Not even worth your (You)

based /thread

Sasuga Zig Forums

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Most whites think much more like me than you. I'm not Jewish. The reason I gave my backstory is so you could understand how I came to my positions. It's almost schizophrenic how you label everyone who disagrees with you a kike. Kinda sad. Maybe I overestimated this place.


Go blogpost somewhere else

The jews have already admitted to wanting to kill everyone. If the technological singularity comes it won't benefit us now will it… It will benefit the same people that can afford it. I wonder how many gentiles that are not corrupted are billionaires. Probably zero.

Why am i bumping this. I know you are a jew. Just let this thread die.

Argumentum ad populum. In argumentation theory, an argumentum ad populum is a fallacious argument that concludes that a proposition must be true because many or most people believe it.

I did not say that.

You have made no argument against my statement.

Jim already told you that science and technology have essentially stopped for social reasons. We need another round in the carousel before your society-changing singularity comes, if it ever does. HLI's ideas are probably the only ones that floated on Zig Forums that agree with you.

I meant it as a reply to the post that did.

no I was establishing a base rate for the odds im a 'kike'. Agree with me because of my arguments not other people. Most people are idiots.

Reminder to sage and filter, don't make it easier on OP, let the kike bump his own shitty thread.


Civalizations collapse in leftist singularities or when cultures collapse because people are civilizational cogs holding up society. As dyslectics and decaying social technology makes these cogs less functional things start to break down. As technology replaces people could have extremely free or degenerate cultures and still be controlled by technology.

It's not at all clear to me that this technology would be centralized in just a few hands. If you are worried about that support Peter Thiel and Open AI.

Then don’t tell me that.

That has nothing to do with my statement that:

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The same necessity which secures the rights of person and property against the malignity or folly of the magistrate, determines the form and methods of governing, which are proper to each nation, and to its habit of thought, and nowise transferable to other states of society. In this country, we are very vain of our political institutions, which are singular in this, that they sprung, within the memory of living men, from the character and condition of the people, which they still express with sufficient fidelity, — and we ostentatiously prefer them to any other in history. They are not better, but only fitter for us. We may be wise in asserting the advantage in modern times of the democratic form, but to other states of society, in which religion consecrated the monarchical, that and not this was expedient. Democracy is better for us, because the religious sentiment of the present time accords better with it. Born democrats, we are nowise qualified to judge of monarchy, which, to our fathers living in the monarchical idea, was also relatively right. But our institutions, though in coincidence with the spirit of the age, have not any exemption from the practical defects which have discredited other forms. Every actual State is corrupt. Good men must not obey the laws too well. What satire on government can equal the severity of censure conveyed in the word politic, which now for ages has signified cunning, intimating that the State is a trick?


Your right I read Jim and many other people. But Jim is old and wrong. His blog used to be better. Anyways he's not trying to collapse society like the accelerationist here. That's why he supports Trump. These people are insane.

that's why Tarrant did what he did and thats why its going to continue to happen. we don't want this
thats exactly why we're confident in our ability to win.
you're right. and the cycle doesn't need to be broken. only halted long enough for certain races and ideologies to be suppressed.
again you're right. thats what makes accelerating hard times desirable. we would rather deal with the hard times rather than future generations and our daughters being raped and our sons fighting an oppressive majority force.
imagine how much further we'd be if we weren't baby sitting niggers mexicans muslims and fighting wars for zog
is that not whats been happening for literally hundreds of years? since the first crusades?

kys kike

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So you came after being exposed to red pills.
It won´t end.
You will be here forever.

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So, you came here to shill basic bitch humanism? You understand that it's this exact way of thinking that brought us into the set of circumstances we find ourselves in today?

So you're a jew? Perfect

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My point is that your white identity politics is not the future. Neither is black identity politics. Mixing and technological progress are the future, like always. With the current levels of contentedness, the only thing that will prevent mixing is collapse and you'd be insane to want that. It's a larp.

fuck off

Tarrant was a glory hound and was great entertainment at best. But if you whites want to actually change your societies with violence you should start with liberal whites, sjw whites, heck even trump… Killing muzzies doesnt solve or inspire shit. Clean up your own ranks first and build up leaders that are not blockheads or e celeb tier, you know like pierce


I'm not a humanist I'm a realist. I don't have a sentimental attachment to the way things are but I accept it. That put's god on my side. God wants change. Look to the past.

wow, you convinced me

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Jim is old, exactly. He had his run at life. Many young-ish males here have had nothing they wanted so far, including meaning. Their natural answer is to shake things up, and I don't blame them: what kind of moron has loyalty for a society that has no place for him.

Jim is however right. Technology has slowed down considerably. Without it your argument doesn't work.

The reasons are obvious and inexorable. If not, explain.

Are you too afraid to click on the spoilers?

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Nah, mostly dysgenics.

Imagine hating deracinated Jewish bullshit forced on whites 2000 years ago. Really, why would anyone hate that?
It is used to push racemixing on conservative whites.

no my argument is delayed.

but it is still progressing in the only place it needs to.
We should attack the insanity that is invading computer science. Elon Musk disagrees with Jim a lot of people do.

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are you essentially arguing for something like the kalergi plan where the races of the world mix together, but with the overlords also having fused with advanced AI and robotic systems or something? is that the future you're proposing we should embrace?
it's well and good criticising people advocating a collapse where you're only vaguely mentioning the alternative as a technological singularity, as if you have any idea what that means.

really? thats your point? if so why not just put that instead of 3 separate post? whats makes your post even worthy of its own thread?
but i'll bite
choose one

To the past; you mean the multiple signs of cataclysms and resets of mankind?

This is a cycle in history. Decadent late stage civilizations are almost always dysgenic. After the collapse natural selection returns.

We are not idealogues. We have seen both sides of the aisle and many of us once believed the same nihilistic 110IQ college freshman humanism that you do.
I was raised in an agnostic household and came to these conclusions. Religion was never part of my life. Maybe because of your upbringing you have a warped view that the logical conclusions we come to are somehow just ideological dogma.

Technology has stagnated, human development and creation has declined.
We're not witnessing a great singularity, we are witnessing a great mediocrity.
There will be nobody to maintain the west or it's legacy, and nobody to pioneer new technology for the future.

Pic related, indian villagers destroying solar panels. That is your 'inevitable future'. Not some space age egalitarianism. Just decline and far lower living standards.
If whites are gone, the same social diseases if not stopped will affect the next most advanced civilizations such as the chinese and they will eventually be convinced to brazilify resulting in an 88 IQ corrupt hellhole.

We went from looking hopefully at the final frontier of space to babysitting self-destructive hordes.

Nothing you're saying is profound or deep. Don't pretend that it is. You will not give any genuine responses.

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First off, nice messiah complex. It's clear from your egotistic blogpost, and your ultra-religious childhood in a non disclosed religion, that you're Jewish. You're an ex-orthodox Jew with a messiah complex. How original.
Second, people here don't share all the same opinions. There are also lots of edgy 12 year olds, and people like you, who come here just to stir things up. So don't grill the average user about some disgusting post you saw here, they likely don't share the sentiment.
Third, before people like you showed up, people came here to learn and share information. You're here to spread some bullshit about "mixing and technology is the future">>13127684


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[Citations needed]
Where are your sources

Both are true dumbass.

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Don't take blogposting retards seriously. See how much of his own personality he's injecting into this, and the dearth of actual information? Don't waste your time.

All of Africa was in the stone age for the duration of civilizational development. A lot of dumb people does not mean no civilization. With more automation smaller groups of functional people will be able to maintain better living standards - at least for themselves.

You mean the one lead by (((Sam Altman)))?

Is what the chinese did to the tibetans good?
I don't think it was moral, right, or necessary for them to deliberately attempt to completely destroy a culture which had stood for over a millenium because of modern politics. The cultural revolution was a trend which lasted a couple decades but destroyed thousands of years of chinese and tibetan heritage alike.

I don't want a world (regardless of how successful you think it is), where all races are a melted hodgepodge of confused individuals who lack any roots or story to their heritage. Maybe this is something you can't comprehend because you lack a rooted identity of your own so you seek to strip it from others.

So you're talking about Brazil where you have walled in small neighborhoods of people living in fear of the outside while a large bulk of the society is living in squalor
Those people who separate themselves in smaller groups will remain racially homogenous as in the case of brazil. There is no incentive to mix.

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He's a techie and a nerd before a Jew. Hell, he's a liberal before a Jew. Jewish Identity outside of Israel is declining. Look at the marriage rates. I don't disagree with a lot of people here Jewish identity has caused problems and can be annoying.

Are you really going to pretend you aren't Jewish?

I'm disgusted with your style. I've read thousands of pastas and this one has ' I WANNA BE INTELECTUAL' all over it. Your way of explaining gave me physical disgust.

As to your points, let's summarize them.

Change is neither good nor bad. Every culture changes in time, some change for better, others for worse. Each fallen empire tells story of a change that was bad. What you call Zig Forums basically thinks that the changes we witness nowadays are similar to ones that ended empires of past, we call it degeneracy.

I couldn't care less about humanity, I care most about well being of my children, I also understand that I can't protect them on my own against all dangers,therefore I care about well being of my nation. Since hunt on whites has begun I formed white identity for when whites go down,so will my children. White identity will help us survive,therefore it's good.

You don't care about well being of your children, I do.


Again it's such a fucking pain to go through this pseudo intellectual bullshit, I don't know you but I feel repulsed by your existance.

You don't know shit kid,that's for certain so I will simply ignore all points of I KNOW BETTER

My great grandfather fought against commies
My grandfather fought in WW II
My father fought against commies

They loved me without knowing whom I will become, I sure as fucking hell won't become a failure that can't perform a simple task of ensuring well being of my children.
They fought for me, I will fight for my children. That's what differs man from a boy, virtue from sin, chad from soyboy

Kill yourself kike.

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You're also acting under the presupposition that anyone who believes in preservation of tradition at all is some sort of neo-luddite who's just afraid of robots and change. It's a very neoliberal way to view things.

And after the collapse we have the god given worldview of national socialism, shaming everyone who dares to race mix until mankind has reached its goal.

Also god doesn't like change, god likes purity as you can observe in every living creature

cool fake graphs kike but theres no Professor Girswald that has ever been employed by Hartford uni.

glad to see you called in the kike reinforcements nigger

It's also a reflection of a certain biologically ingrained mindset of a specific ethnicity we tend not to be fond of.

They won't and aren't. The mixing is just slower. Still only happens in one direction.

I think in the slightly more distant future people might choose to make their designer babies match a particular race. I don't see a future for the extinct cultures Zig Forums larps about coming back.

"good guy" is a meme. Are you 11?

the good guys are the ones who wrote the history book


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That’s because those two images are from different places. I never stated they were from the same source.

You haven’t disproven them.


I know a progressive writer for a major newspaper that privately has expressed he things the identity politics of past 'oppressed races' is a cathartic part of the healing process. He doesn't want it to last forever, and it won't. Like I said mixing is the future just as it was the past. I disagree with him about a lot but he doesn't want civil war. Neither do I and neither should you.

There's no historical precedent for that necessarily.
If the entire US racemixed the result would be whiter than you expected considering that the average black is only 70-74% african and the average white is 98%+ white.

I also don't think you're browsed Zig Forums for any particular amount of time to think it worships dead cultures.
You're just embracing base-level consumerism at this point. 'Every culture goes extinct and dies, the only thing you can truly define yourself by are the brands you like and the media you watch just enjoy the decline'

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where is that photo?

You can repeat something as many times as you like, it won't make it true.
If you're not a Jew, then you're doing a great Jew impression.

So you're a drug addicted degenerate? Give me your address. Now. I'll come end your suffering.

is this like a weekend job for you or..?

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Why are you so seemingly obsessed with miscegenation? It's intriguing that it seems to be your focal point. That's why I don't take your arguments seriously.

The threat is birthrates. A population is far more likely to minimise itself and die out homogeneous than it is to be mixed into another population.
That's why pol talks about birthrates and don't obsess about racemixing. Miscegenation is merely a product of modernity and never has been and never will be an existential threat to any given civilization.
It's barely even discussed on Zig Forums outside of thread derailing.

This seems to be a baby-boomer mentality. My dad has this attitude… it's almost like he's demoralized and he doesn't dare hope for anything better. It's defeatist, in my opinion. Why should the least intelligent, least worthy races get to smother out the ones who built the world?

I don't do drugs anymore. Least nothing hard or regularly

How is technology going to advance if IQ continues to drop due to racemixing? Racemixing does not increase intelligence, it decreases it. The advances needed for a singularity-level event will require both genius-level thinkers to get past current technological limits and a large pool of intelligent workers to maintain and spread any newly developed technology. Humanity is not in any way guaranteed to succeed at this; if we spend all our time and effort on self-destructive empathy, we will fail, and once the resources necessary to develop new technology run out, we will never recover.

Right now we are giving away important scientific positions to incompetent people as political tokens of goodwill. Advancement has slowed and may even stop at this rate. Your future may or may not be inevitable after the singularity, but it is definitely not guaranteed before it, so how about you focus on getting there before you spout your claims?

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Nice response,full of answers and intelligence.

First off I don't care who he is and what he does, I also barely care what he 'things'.

Literal bullshit pulled straight out progressive class. Future is whatever we make it to be and there is no logical reason to mix.

case closed boys wrap it up

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It's daytime in Tel Aviv

You can define yourself by your ability, religion. Lot's of things. Where did I say brands.

Tarrant is merely a product of atomization. He's neither a hero or a villain.

People in ancient times reacted to threats much the same way Tarrant did recently.
It seems brutal but pales in comparison to what people believed when texts like the Old Testament were written where every firstborn egyptian was killed by 'god' for the crimes of one pharoah.

I agree.
This is merely an attempted intellectual rationalization of boomer selfishness.

This forum is obsessed with it which is why I'm addressing it.

We're better than jews, muslims, and any other 3rd world species. So yea, literally by default we're the "good" guys.

The average person is dumber now than 20 years ago. Magnus Carlson is the best chess player in history. Everyone doesn't have to be smarter. There are more people.