A New Fatherland?

Are there any decent white nationalist groups located in the US that are worth participating in? I'm sick of the internet faggottry… we need to start pulling our resources and start laying the groundwork for our own nation state… i'm more convinced than ever that this country wont last through my lifetime… I had ancestors fight and die in almost ever major war since the revolution and its sad to think their sacrifices were for nothing. Thinking of visiting Iceland and Norway this summer… they seemed like the last two white nations left that have their shit together.

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I guess you could try the American Identity Movement or Patriot Front.

do they have any online presence?

There is a strong part of me that says all this bullshit is too little, too late…. and I need to cash out my savings for a summer home in Iceland

Organized groups want well adjusted and active players. You could also try living in Europe for a few years, which sounds interesting. Too bad no richfag goyish Adelson or Saban wants to fund 'crosscultural postgraduate studies' between Orania, Rio del Plata, Idaho and Austria…

In America, beauty is naught, no one has roots and nothing lasts. What is Switzerland like for American expats?

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Iceland really appeals to me because it is an island. Its defensible and the population is still small(~340,000) and pure northern europeans. The rest of europe has already been infiltrated. The Swiss have a bunch of Albanians building minarets! Even Norway has its problems as brother Breivik exposed.

I think our best chance now is go to Mars.

It would be nice, wouldn't it? Instead Buffet and Gates want to give away 95% of their money to "charity" and fuel the collapse. Fortunately I have some money laying around and have the luxury of GTFOing and hoping to weather the fallout of western civilization… i will allow you some of you chaps refugee status… we'll need a powerful coast guard


I agree with this.

Speaking as an American, I think groups here tend to attract complete fuckwads (think skinhead neo-nazis, metal listeners), and less of anyone worth the dogshit on your boot. There are no people of Hitler's quality, nor do I believe there can be, yet.

Only the super intelligent can be trusted in such a group, and even if not subverted, the enemy has every means to spy on us, making our movements completely impossible unless EVERYONE knows EXACTLY what to do to avoid it.

There won't be another Hitler until the shit hits the fans and the Government loses control. Simple as that.

Iceland is like a civilized episode of Survivor. It's an island of passive-aggressive hicks.

Avoid AIM they're a cheap knockoff.

Patriot front is good if you like IRL activism and live in texas or the midwest.

The Hamish.

The ultimate frontier non-contaminated with muslims would be Antarctica, the last fortress for the white man.

I just read the Patriot Front's manifesto and it really hits all the right notes….. thanks for passing on the info

"Islam in Iceland is a minority religion. The Pew Research Center estimated that the number of Muslims in Iceland was below its 10,000 minimum threshold, and official statistics put the figure at under 1,000, or approximately 0.3% of the total population."


Only 250 jews as of 2018… but it looks like they are in the initial stages of infiltration

Do you think the V4 countries are worth moving to? Poland and Hungary at least both seem like decent comfy places that resist the clownworld and have stronk policies on immigration

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The movement is a fucking joke dude. The best course of action in 'Murica is to wait for the second civil war that's on its way.

White International only. But hurry, soon the Internet will not be the same.

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There are no independent states in the European Union. For Poland and Hungary another role is assigned, maybe worse. Live shield, war provocations, something else.

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Yeah, unless there is a strong movement to leave the EU like the UK with brexit I dont see how they can ever become bastion against the globalists, the zionists, and the Muzzies(Iceland/Norway are not in the EU)

Well, there is the Aryan Resistance Party organization. Remember the blackouts that happened in NYC that caused several billion dollars in economic damages? That was them. They took out several powerlines in retaliation for the government's assassination of Dr. William Pierce.
Eventually things got so bad that the Zionists needed to negotiate a peace settlement with them.

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theawakening.org and the Northwest Front should be good

Are you willing to learn German and our local dialect(s). How about our culture and traditions that predate the USA by hundreds of years? Do you agree to leave your own culture and traditions behind? After all this you will still be viewed as a foreigner. Perhaps your children's children might be viewed as being non foreigners. If this sounds good then by all means.

Is there any confirmation that they aren't already compromised by feds?
Honestly I can't imagine they would just take that.

That middle picture, that's Prague castle. See those com-blocks in the mist behind? That's where I live.

The Patriot Front is another White Nationalist scam pretending to be American Nationalist. Same old endless Storm faggotry over and over.

I had a great grandfather from Minnesota with Swiss ancestry and I am at least half German. The other half is mostly Scotch-Irish/English. I remember a story my grandfather used to tell of his mothers family, they immigrated from Germany and spoke German… but they wouldnt teach their children German bcs they wanted them to learn English and assimilate into America. This was the turn of the last century around WW1. So yes, i completely agree with the idea that if a country is gracious enough to accept you, that you owe them the respect and courtesy of assimilating into their culture….. I doubt the Albanians and Turks are so thoughful…..


That’s pretty cool. Looks like a really beautiful area, user. As an amerimutt I can’t help but be a little jealous of the rich architecture and history you guys have across the pond

do it, it's least fucked white country (for now)

That's changing fast.

Sadly, just think a year ago or so all the major political parties were against circumcision and wanted to ban the practice but with a few articles the jews were able to get everyone to cuck out, especially the religious Christians. And now more Synagogues are being founded and more jews are immigrating to Iceland, with them bringing Muslims.

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Join either, or neither. As long as you move here you’re contributing. We’re going to build racially based communities and eventually an ethnostate. Read the sites for the details.

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