We need more women like this. Fighting in the front lines and participating actively in the DOTR. My nipples get stiff when I watch

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Pic related: reminder that white women are our best allies.

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Wow. This thread got shit up really fast.
thank kek for filters.
nice video OP.
Made my morning.
have some 1488 qts

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I thought people who "used violence" wee subhuman niggers? This is why i hate these subhuman white nationalists, idiots ruining everything with their extreme stupidity.

The subhuman shitskin invader was vaporizing tobacco in the bathroom. Such disregard for rules should definitely result in punishment

I'll use violence on you, kike.

So violence is ok now?

was the feces long and hard or soft and amorphous?

Absolutely, violence was never not OK. I'm only mad at Whites who dont carry a gun with them at all times to defend themselves, and murder niggers back for every White victim of black crimes.

Niggers are wild animals, I'm not stupid enough as to think I can reason with them into ignoring their violent nature.

Based poo-poster.

you're not from round these parts faggot
go >>>/back/

That video does not depict actual violence.

8ch is a lost cause and waste of your time, unless the admin changes, friend. There are plenty of better options. Nothing will change until you leave.

based and brownpilled

Should have ripped the towel off of her

Shilling is strong jere too lmao

This. If you still think subhumans with AIDS angry insecure darkie syndrome haven't opened the floodgates to violence you need to wake up.

What do you mean by
Violence has always been a useful and acceptable tool among others.

No. This is a containment board. We are contained here. There is only four of us and we all ride horses.

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Yes, this sure is exactly what normal people will support.
When i wonder myself why so many retards support the left, you allways give a proper answer. You are even more retarded.

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Hijrah - jihad by the womb. Go live in the host nation. Out breed them. Take over when you are the majority.

You spend all of your time fighting shills and low IQ users. Why? You know there are better options out there. You're likely one of the good ones. Let the rest of the idiots wallow in filth. Anywhere you go more will eventually follow.

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Every native European who had to endure going to school with a certain percentage of muds (pretty much all generations after boomers) will enjoy watching because they know that usually the roles are reversed. And they know muds don't pick 1 on 1 fights. R