Politically incorrect greetings from

Politically incorrect greetings from spacechan.xyz/b/
We need new Astronauts so come and (shit)post, fren

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Im not going im scared of new things and youll fagots probably glow inna dark or sumethin.

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Zig Forums is a honeypot


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Gas the kikes

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Yeah, but so is everything else!

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kys for spamming every single /b/ thread with this shite


…this is as faggy as a "golf themed" apartment complex. "Hey goyim, do ya like space? well what more do ya need, come hang out in this space-themed place. Ah, you're a happier goy now wit all dees space tings around aren't you? You're my little astronaut goyim! Yea just look at them space tings, that pleases you doesn't it goyim? I'm glad you're happy."

get the fuck out kike

Okay, sounds cool
Fix this.

This. Needs ability to create boards like we have before it becomes another bunker imageboard.

The way I see it lad.
If any circumstance that we migrated to spacechan instead of the others we can spam hitler and Zig Forums memes till Zig Forums is made as a containment.

This comment isn't directed towards OP, though he surely is a faggot, rather towards Ron. Ron, Remember when faggots continuously tried to shill all of the Zig Forumsacks here to get on an unknown IRC, Telegram or Discord server and their threads were taken down and rightfully labeled spam? It's because they were. Ron you faggot, get off your ass and let other mods be a part of this board you piece of shit.

no nigger

lmao, never change Zig Forums


Lmao at least it's an image board

Your shit site doesn't even have a Zig Forums. Reported.