Muslim SS Soilders

Since most of you are uneducated fucks larping as Nazis and repeating "14/88" like mindless robots let me educate your pathetic pea-brain on some history. The idea of National Socialisim was many people with their own way of life and traditions together but not mixed, against Zionism. It wasn't abut Hitler creating his 100% Ayran empire world and killing all non-whites.

You people just pretend to think you are above the whole Hollywood jew propaganda but you are not. White supremacy is just a Zionist meme that divides everyone away from the true enemy. That retard Tarrant did nothing good as he tried to divert us away from the real enemy. The Nazis were not all 180 cm tall blue eyed blond hair master races. They consisted of Muslims from Bosnia, Turkey and Uzbekistan. There were Japanese and Korean soldiers serving in the SS as well.

Muslim SS Solders praying in Slovakia 1944:

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Opposing white genocide is not white supremacy, you dumb fuck. We have a right to exist.

Yeah, I get it, we aren't against jews, just zionists am I rite?

You sign your own death warrant when you migrate to Europe instead of fighting the jews.

Oh well, that's the plan now. Suck it up. The clue is in the 'neo' bit

sage and reported for moralfaggotry

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That was before shitskins started invading and replacing our populations.


Are you a fucking tool or what? Did you not understand what I just said? Who do you think is the one pushing white genocide? Neo-Nazism is another Zionist way of deluding whites from the truth. I sense this post was made form Tel Aviv

Muslim actively participate in white genocide.

Hey GOY, incorporate your mortal enemies into your fighting units…nothing could go wrong with that…why don't you just suggest we fight alongside kikes as well FAGGOT?

Christianity is a weak religion that was too tolerant on Jewish Teachings, that is why Hitler wanted Muslims in his army

I'm surprised and dissapointed this practice was not even more widespread.

Actually it wasn't Islam has been attacking Europe for the last 1400 years since it was concieved. We simply have a better idea of what is happening now than we did back then.

The suggestion that a multiculti paradise is what we should be aiming for IS FUCKING ABUSRD.


We know faggot.

That is the globalist agenda user. Do you really want to live in the NWO?

We already are.

I can get A LOT WORSE user.

The ONLY future on this planet it ETHNOGLOBE.

And the United States were allied with Marxist Russia.(there were a lot of Russians fighting for Germany as well BTW)
Different times bring different alliances and enemies.
If Muslims had tried to invade the Reich Hitler would have fought them.

I simply ride the tiger.

If muslims are the enemies of the jews, why are they coming to white countries and attacking white people instead of going to Israel or attacking jews?

Hitler allowed extremely small numbers of nonwhites to fight in the SS. A vast majority of them never saw actual combat. The muslims in your OP were Balkan Muslims, not sandniggers.
Fuck off.

I doubt it…this is one of the largest problems with 'National Socialism' is that at its CORE, its most fundamental it is a turkic (or khazARYAN and ashkeNAZI) ideology and that it is fundamentally antithetical to our people unless it is understood as a non-semitic ideology. I would have guess that Hitler would have been delighted to welcome his real masters into Germany had they presented themselves. Hitlers love and adoration of muzzy goat fuckers is just one more example of the khazARYAN influence in our nations…also the khazARYANS are the same people as the Bolshevik jews…so it is more of the same, {yawn} the semites slaughtering us from bother sides…

It really is all so tiresome.

If you understand symbolism you will understand the khazARYAN symbol of the eagle killing the sheep.

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*both not bother

Lol, ya din’t read OP, doesn’t matter either way tho. Ya both buggos. Believing in white supremacy is white genocide and believing in white genocide is white dupremacy. Supremacists are the only kind of people anyone sensible really wants rid of. Live yer own life, collectivist pondscum.

This implies muslims would ever want to fight alongside us. This is such a JIDF tactic

Nah fuck off. Whites need no allies. We are superior in every facet.

Hey, friendo

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it got old 3 years ago on cuckchan schlomo

mfw you don't realize that both muzzies and kikes are semites. They want nothing more than to infiltrate our military and nations so that they can play traitor from the inside.

Aye they'd sooner side with one another than us pale faced pagans.

Yeah well it is all part of their thing…people never ask themselves the deeper questions like WHY were all (not one or two) BUT ALL of the Alt-Kikes homsexual ashkeNAZI or khazARYANS…these people have no genetic relationship to us or our people, in fact they have declared themselves over and over to be our mortal enemies.

I will give you a rather long version of why OP is a faggot and bit of history spergout. Führer's politics were shaped by the time He lived in, by contemporary challenges. There were many, most of them tied with the subversion done by international Jewry of that time. There were no 50 millions of Muslims in Europe back then, there were very little radical Islamism and dreams about Islam conquering the Europe were just that - dreams. Of course it was rational to try to gang up with them against the Jew. However from historic standpoint, it was:
also most importantly:

Now to the most interesting part - those 1300 years of constant warfare, destruction, slavery and violence between Muslim world and our white European one. Those things are well-known to most here and even though you are intentionally omitting it, I don't really see a reason to review it. However, there is also a Jewish question. What was the role of kikes in those 1300 years? Muslims hate them too, right? Well, it is not really true. Conflict with Muslims had three main events that shaped the whole shared history - first caliphate raids to Spain and south of Europe, European retaliation (reconquista and the crusades), and later Ottoman raids to the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

Let's look at caliphate raids first. Jews were persecuted by Europeans as they rightly should be. When the word that caliph is coming with a invasion army spread, Jews welcomed it and helped Muslims on many occasions, but directly and indirectly. Success of caliphate raids and establishing Muslim rule over Iberia then heralded the "the golden age of Jewish culture in Spain", which, I quote wikipedia now: "coincided with the Middle Ages in Europe, is a period of Muslim rule in much of the Iberian Peninsula during which, intermittently, Jews were generally accepted in society and Jewish religious, cultural, and economic life flourished." The Jews were the ones who made solid dosh by dealing with white European slaves - most of them females to Arabic harems, mind you. Later, during reconquista, the Jews were naturally driven out. You can take a wild guess where they run away and who welcomed them.

Crusades came as retaliation to Muslim aggression. The Jews were abundant in Saracen lands, enjoying good social status, very little suppression and usually held higher offices and once again, were prime players in slave trade of Europeans and others. Sure, they usually paid extra taxes as non-muslims, but that was it. When Crusaders first hit Holy land, the Jews actually physically defended Muslim strategic locations and high value targets. As rare as this is, it happened - the Jews actually risked their filthy lives and fought and died for their Muslim bros. And as before, when Muslims were defeated, kikes were killed as well.

cont. 1/2

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Hasbara 1

>Hitler was a Jew, Aryans were not our ancestors, REAL JEWS were. MUH TRIBES, MUH SEED OF (((ABRAHAM)))

Hasbara 2

Notice how these two kike rats always come in tandem, or it could be the same one posting under two different VPN's

Third part is Ottoman empire. Massive Turkish Muslim empire sprawling millions, who raided Europe for centuries. What kikes were doing there and how they lived? Well, you can guess - they enjoyed pretty comfy life, usually held high offices tied with treasury or later ministry of finance and of course, bossed around the slave trade. Now Ottoman slave trade was a massive business (of course, full of European slaves as well - especially blonde women were sought after, not even memeing) and Jews grow very rich. There were some sultans who decided they are getting too much powerful, but they were very rare and the worst what happened to kikes were one-time ban which forbid them to live near the mosques and very short lasting ban on them owning slaves. Generally historians show Jew-Muslim relations in Ottoman empire as exemplary multicultural coexistence. It was again the Jew who profited from raids to Europe, from enslaving of Europeans and the same Jew who helped it.

From those three short examples you can see that the Jew and the Muslim were always very comfy together. They have after all same goal - to destroy Europe. They only differ in approach and means deployed. And contrary to popular belief, this is still the same. There are three noteworthy honorary exception - Assad's Syria, Iran and of course Palestine (by some strange (((coincidence))) those three are also the most hated by western media). Rest of the Arabic governments suck Israel's dick directly or indirectly. Old Europeans knew this very well, that no Jew or Saracen is to be trusted and that they are both one side of one filthy shekel. After all, solid portion of them share genetic lineage. They both must go and quickly.

tl;dr You talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded.

Actually, some people have to be reminded of that

What about a
temporary alliance against a common enemy in the face of total destruction by asian bolshevism
don't you understand you fucking faggot? A 100% Aryan empire is still the ideal we strive towards, and in fact the only way we can get our asses off this fucking planet before the sun exploses. Off yourself.

If your illiterate ass knew how to read you would underatand. I stated that they were Bosnian Muslims for the first pic and the last picture was a division filled with Uzbeks and Turks. LEARN TO READ

Excellent posts. Thanks user.

Oh I also forgot to add - Ottoman empire was the place where all kikes banished from Europe went. And Ottomans accepted them.

Fuck off dumbshit semite. You guys never have anything of value to say…just strawman fallacies but no refutation of any argument.

Much of the actual history of the region is hidden even from the semites (they are more effective propagandists if they are ignorant) however I agree 100% with your assessment and much of this knowledge has led me to the understanding that both kikes and turks are the same people, a completely different people than we are and that they are, indeed the main problem on the planet. Niggers are a problem but they are basically retarded and incapable of planning. We know from the history of khazARYANs that they are deceptive slaughters and should have been killed by the tzar when he had the chance…look how many Russian and European lives he could have saved if he had NO COMPASSION on men woman and child when he conquered khazaria. Compassion is nothing but weakness. Mercy is nothing but weakness. It is time for us to STOP BEING WEAK BEFORE WE ARE DEAD.

Different times - it was a STRONG ideology which united different peoples to fight a common enemy.

Muslims have been imported in huge numbers, so they become the natural adversaries they, in parts, have always been. You can't unite with someone who's actively fighting you on your own turf.

While you were busy typing that, those kike rats have probably made another thread like this one, and will stop posting here as soon as someone debunks them, trying to slide the thread to the bottom. It takes much more effort to debunk a lie than to make it, shill tactics 101

Better have some copypasta and inforgraphics prepared.

Ottoman model is how they have shaped their later (((empires))), especially USA. But who let the Ottomans conquer parts of Europe? The same old Vatican that was the right hand of international Jewry for countless centuries.

Sorry to burst your bubble but I am not some kike rat who goes around the internet spreading fake lies by opening different threads. However with the recent exposure by the retard Tarrant im sure there are actual kike rats doing this to 8/pol/ so please kindly stop wasting your time fantasing about some "le ebil joo brainwashing shill thread"

This is the main reason why I screencap my own shit…I am not typing all that over again.

They FUCKING SECOND you tell the truth the entire fucking thread slides to the bottom of the catalog and off Zig Forums…this has happened HUNDREDS OF TIME on Zig Forums to me. Hundreds…tell the truth, all the kikes go silent and thread drops off the catalog.

Fuck off.

boohooooo, ISLAM IS CREATED BY THE JEWS, NOW WE CANT ERADICATE IT LIKE ???THEY??? CAN US FROM WORLD POWER bohooooooo, ghosts lol bohoooooo, defend yourself vs kikes

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Though just to know, in your essay, you didn't precised why Muslim hated jews too…

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I know all religions are fake but I talked in general because Zig Forums focuses more on religion rather than individual nationality


You have some actual arguments after you've been btfo'd by about twenty anons in a row? Or you are now just trying to shit on St. Tarrant like a little faggot. Come on nigger, you have nothing and repeating same cretinous talking points will only show what retard/shill you are.

>Ottoman model is how they have shaped their later (((empires))), especially USA
This is a great point and my thought as well. Everything from control of finances to making money of wars done by that country fits like a glove.

Exactly. That decision is here and everyone must make it rather fucking quickly.

And where the fuck in his manifesto did it show instructions on how to rid of "mud shits"? He just kept on going on about his Constantinople power fantasy and explains WHY he shot the place up not HOW to get rid of them.

The mass migration of nonwhites into white countries is white genocide. The National Socialists did not accept French colonization of Rheinland with niggers. Neither should we accept nonwhites colonizing our countries.

Fuck Trump, fuck Yang
Stop with these fucking gay worthless memes,

Start making shit about this guy

THIS IS FUCKING /ourguy/, he's the only politician I've seen naming (((them))) so far.

Yeah go after a bunch of literally whos and not the people bringing them or the Zionists pushing their agenda. And what did that do? They are still coming into white countries and New Zeland itself turned into New Zelandistan.

I have been trying to get Zig Forums warmed up to the REALITY of war on your home territory. It is going slowly…but at LEAST they no longer sperg out and talk about raping their enemies and long drawn out torture sessions. Bullet to the head and MOVE ON, there are MILLIONS of them and more than likely we would have a hard time getting through them all without chemical and biochemical assistance.

White globe or bust. Pro tip there is no bust. We will achieve an all white earth

>only politician I've seen naming (((them)))
And soon he will die from an accident or drug overdose. Just like any other public figure droping bombs about the Freemasons and the R's

Oh so you are this kind of moron. There were already threads about your ilk:

This is what needs to happen user. ETHNOGLOBE is the only solution. Think how many threads have been thrown up on Zig Forums lately with the subhuman shits murdering our people. They are ALL against us, attacking us. We are going to have to exterminate ALL OF THEM to gain peace because the kikes will never stop throwing them at us until they are all dead or we are all dead.

Protip: They need to fucking die…all of them.

That's why we got to make this guy famous, it'll protect him in a way if many people know him.

He is just trying to stay alive user…he knows what happens when we make up our minds to free the planet from slavery and make it a White ETHNOGLOBE. There has never been anything that we set our minds to that we didn't achieve…now it is time to set our minds to exterminating the subhuman filth. WE WILL NO LONGER BE WILLING SLAVES FOR SEMITIC TRASH.

Fame doesn't last forever. Even if it takes 1 or 10 years they can erase him from existance just as they are going to do with Assanage once the fire burns out

Only you don't have that much time left on the planet. Sucks to be you.

Checked. Couldn’t agree more mini Satan. In fact I agree with this so much that this will be the THE one time I don’t bust your balls over. Your. Terrrible. Space. Bar. Molestation kek
In all seriousness though brother the stakes couldn’t be higher. We can use all methods to achieve this. Bio chem water food genetic atmospheric gasses kebab removal etc. it’s gonna be a wild ride

Okay and how is this freedom going to happen? We all know which family owns the central banks, we know which one owns the oil and we know which runs the drug ring of the world. These people have been around since the 1800's and have long since left their mark on the world. Everything is run by them as they see fit and no matter how many people you try and wake up there will always be sheep and the rest will die off. There is nothing that can be done as we already live in the NWO

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It will be absolutely terrible but we will accomplish our goal. I was listening to a lecture on Nietzsche the other day and it is time for us to wean off the semitic tit and learn to create our own morality based on our own European values as well as a strategy for keeping our people alive. The longer I looked at semitic 'morality' the more I came to know that it was nothing but lies and abject evil in most cases. You are right it is going to be a wild ride. Every aspect and weapon of our culture needs to be deployed against them. Every understanding our ancestors achieved needs to be turned into a weapon against our enemies.
If a warrior dies without killing 50 subhumans it will be considered a terrible waste of life for or people.


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b-b-but we're built on judeo-christian values s-s-senpai

Escalate, accelerate, destabilize. Once someone will start attacking not only soft targets like sandniggers, but also an infrastructure in minecraft, it will be quicker most can imagine. "Western" (as it is not much really western anymore, but more Jewish) civilization now basically stands on cowardice, corruption and whole lot of duct tape. One guy with a cutting tools and quick legs can easily shut down the electricity to the whole city, drive away and do another in under hour. Cutting away internet is even easier. Anyone with .22 can fuck up electricity to the whole blocks at a time. Ask some electrician or cable worker how those things work. And I'm not even writing down the best stuff now, just very basic things that anyone with simple knowledge can do. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to go study it, the fragility of our civilization is one of the greatest redpills out there.

This is something that was pointed out by different user in one of the earliest Tarrant threads, I think even the same day the attack happened. I regret I didn't screencapped it, but it was put nicely - that this whole thing is deep down just a numbers game. Killing one is like raising one. That any white man should have a hard thought in certain age about having kids. If he can't (or won't) for some reason add to our numbers, taking away from theirs is only logical choice. And this is very true especially because it is not a white way to overbreed the enemy, it never was, we are not niggers. Not to mention it would put a horrible strain on our already fucked up nature. Whites always pushed quality over quantity, K-strategy was dictated even by our environment. We created our civilization on struggle, intellect, steel, fire and resolve, not by sprawling our surroundings with low-quality shitters.

Saved, thank you user.

Did you just learn this now op? Only the low iq nazis doesn't know this shit lmao.

It seems that Hitler haunts you Zionist kikes (Jewish or white shabbos goys, no difference really) to this very day. You Protestant philosemites are such lying, thieving, scum, with zero self-reflection whatsoever, that you might actually beat the kikes in who gets to be the "Chosen" of the devil, and the "True Jew" (It's more like a title for the most abhorrent creature in existence, and you are a very good contestant for that). You will get treated the same either way, and the genes which you stole from us will not save you from that.

I'd take it you are some mudslime or a SJW then? Not much difference. In truth, NS Germany was anti-abrahamist, equally opposed to Jews, Muslims and Christians, who are all serving the same god. He did however, show some respect to nations other than his, as long as they accept his ideals (which involved massive reduction of non-whites globally). Who would want to be born as a nigger or a mud anyway? Stop lying to yourselves.

Don't forget the Janissaries. USA did the same by taking scientists and talented people from other countries, especially NS Germany after WW2. Ottoman Empire was in fact, not Turkish. Just like British Empire was not English. It's the same system of control where kikes take a certain host and organize it as a center for their activities.

For the sons and tribes of (((Abraham))) of course :>)

>Keeps preaching retarded christcuck ideas about white Israelites, semitic god favoring his tribes and (((Choseness)))


There are many many ignorant people out there without any knowledge on this topic

No shit, I have fuckng africans tell me, you very lucky here! Like our civilization fell out of the sky, I say to them everytime "its like this because WE MAKE IT THAT WAY!". They are fucking stupid, women and niggers have much in common.

You're still getting the rope, Moohammud.

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OP is right. Everybody can be NS as long as they stay within their national borders.

Islam is just as much as a cancer as Judaism, and Hitler would of realized it in due time. They've shown us their true colors, they didn't show him, that or he was historically illiterate or wasn't right on everything. Policies change. Nigger.
Read Myth of the 20th century.

Exactly im not saying we should let muslims or anyone else settle in and have 10 babies nor should we do the same to their countries

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Africa/China staying within their national borders is not preventing them from poisoning the ocean, aquifers and the atmosphere. Even if we achieved our own ethnostate, we'd still be at risk of total war waged against us by chinks, niggers and arabs, because their child like brains make them prone to knee jerk reactions and fearful overreaching decisions to beat up what they think is better than them subconsciously or consciously.

Having our own ethnostate would still leave us at risk of total ecological collapse because monkeys pretending to be human are waging war against nature.

Having our own ethnostate doesn't prevent a single arab from unleashing biological or chemical weapons against Europe for the sake of their demon god.

Personally, I believe world wide nationalism with properly segregated borders is a wonderful future to look forward to, but for the sake of argument, it is not hard to see the point that ethnoglobalists are trying to make. It's the same argument jews like Kalergi make when they fantasize about conquering the globe, and making every non-jew a mongrelized retard slave. Eliminate all threats so that your children won't make mistakes that put your race at risk.

However, I also believe that the natural order, fate itself would prevent us from wiping out every other race. It is a doomed philosophy simply because it is unnatural in my perspective. There is beauty in variety, there is strength to be found in the struggle for supremacy and harmony, but it must be properly maintained, with each segment in its proper place, like a garden.

Who knows what path is correct. What I do know, is that the ethnoglobalist solution is impossible at this point in time, simply because we lack the necessary segregation and self sufficiency to wage a total war.

They are already here you moron. Whole 50 million of them and that is a rather optimistic estimate. They are breeding in tremendous numbers as we are speaking. Late Qaddafi's sentiment about Islam conquering Europe without a single shot fired, but just with a wombs of their women is rather common with Arabs in Europe too, they are vocally our loud enemies, they admit they goals very often. They are historically - as you've been proven itt - our enemy as Jews are. There can be no debate you are trying to have here until there are this sizeable population in white world. When there are no sandniggers in Europe, then we can have a talk how to gang up with them against the Jew.

Fuck off, faggot. While the Far Eastern races are not much of a problem (expect the Chinese who are increasingly proving themselves to be a problem) and some can often be pretty decent, the Levantine and Negro races (along with the various mongrel versions of these races) have proven themselves to be nothing more than worthless, destructive, and filthy subhumans that the world could do without.

We know but it should have been.

Unachievable and set up for failure. But whatever.

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Defeatism is the self expression of a bugman. kys.

Htiler was a multikulti toleramus larpers are the worst
No it wasnt against zionism you cowardly retard, it was against jewry and its corrosive influences in Europe. Hitler helped jews get to palestine because thats how annoying and pestulent he found them. It also definately wasn't about people living alongside one another.
it was about creating a nation as Aryan as possible, and one whic would be powerful enough to hold its own against zog nations and other enemies
You'er not going to build a rainbow coalition to fight zionists dimwitt! These non-whites find white pockets much more appealing than something which does not touch them in the slightest, like zionism.
Basically, there were some white muslims that fought for the ss and you take this as evidence that Hitler was some ''coexist' faggot?!

Muslims who wish to stay in their own homelands aren't a problem - as they did, when not fighting in the Waffen SS. Like all non-Whites, they only really become an issue when jews (not only "zionists") ship them into White lands. Unfortunately, most aut-righters don't understand this, and for some reason think that if you support the Palestinian fight against the jews to stay in Palestine, that means you actually want them to come to the US.

Otto-Ernst Remer's interview with Al-Shaab is essential reading.

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Thank you, not often I get complements from anons.
No, they loved Germanicism and wished to work with the Church. They also wished to work with muslims against the USSR and Britain. Islam as practiced in Persia, some pashtun, and by the Baathist precursors was at least not as gay as globohomostianity. They're both golems, but the Church has totally betrayed their flock of sheeple to foreigners, money, and the kiddie-diddling kike.


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I like everyone except jews

Does anyone ever believe this shit, JIDFaggot?

Okay Peterstein.

And you can fuck right of too Jakov. Many people know nothing of natsoc, but there are those that feel it by heart. The idea of outdated separatism working, like Mosley advocated, is just that, outdated. Its been shown that it doesnt work, some races are not adding to the wonderful diversity of human development but instead a setback to it. Lets have some educating here: shills cant spell the most mundane words properly, this is by design. Ignore kikeshills.
Calling other people dumb and uneducated seems to be projection. Wonder if it comes from malice or lack of confidence.

If they don't understand it Europeans are going to die painfully and slowly watching the brown horde murder their families and loved ones in front of their face.

It is not a bad starting plan but anything less that ETHNOGLOBE means that you are subjecting future generations to deal with your mess. Also, since the jews/turks inhabit every nation in the power structure at this point you're basically giving them carte blanche to plot and scheme against your offspring from a distance. I know that you haven't considered it, but how do you think they will FEEL about your offspring if you took away their power and wealth and forced them to WORK FOR A FUCKING LIVING….macht frei albrecht but FOREVER…do you think they would stop scheming (after 6,000+ years of this) and suddenly decide to become a productive part of the human race? You are setting your offspring up for a disastrous and terrifying future if you let a single jew/turk live. Since they are fully integrated in all the positions of power of the subhuman masses the only way to ensure that none of them continue is to exterminate all subhumans.

This is not even remotely true at this point. Remember that we are the MASTERS of science and technology. Remember that we are the only innovators on the planet. Remember that technology is advancing so quickly that ANYONE, literally anyone is going to be able to create an advanced killer virus or something worse. Remember that the kikes actually want to put a chip in your brain that changes your mood and can be remotely activated at any time. Remember all the other tech that they want to deploy against our people. Remember that other races while they cannot invent this same technology that we do on earth will have no problem deploying it against us either…the jew/turks did well (from their perspective) of ensuring that technology that the subhumans couldn't have ever invented or understood was liberally spread around the planet so that we could no longer dominate or be a hegemony. The future is going to be a battle of ideas that can wipe out entire nations in the blink of an eye. You can refuse ETHNOGLOBE but that only means that YOUR PEOPLE WILL NOT SURVIVE…so take a good look at whoever you LOVE with all your heart and then picture them being tortured to death in front of your eyes…because when you live with jew/turks that is the only future that the planet has.

Of the two of us, one is clearly not understanding the situation at all…survival of your race is not evil user. It is only evil in your eyes that Europeans survive and thrive in a unified, quiet, prosperous global community of FREE PEOPLE.

I would like to know what it is that you THINK is so special about subhumans that you are this eager to sacrifice your own people's lives and the entire planet for them. It seems you might be taking this idea personally in which case I could really give a fuck about what your thoughts on the matter are given that you are not European (HUMAN) or pure blooded European and are consigned to the garbage bin of history. No one is going to miss subhumans user.

You can be against white genocide without larping as a NatSoc.

Eco Naturism with National Socialism. It ain’t a larp pal
One hundred million total pop worldwide all whites. Period