Some IRL shitposting spotted in Dublin, Ireland. Outside the Central Bank on one of the city's main streets. Honk Honk

Some IRL shitposting spotted in Dublin, Ireland. Outside the Central Bank on one of the city's main streets. Honk Honk

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What a waste of time

Am inclined to agree with you. Those posters should have been IOTBW tier. Honkler is way too obscure for 99% of normies.

Would have been better to mix it with infographics.

The fact that it has a name is pretty gay, almost as gay as you using the word 'normies'.

Agreed, but not as gay as your not knowing how to greentext quote newfaggot

I guess we wait to see if there is any freak outs over it?
Guessing by OP's images, some one waited around all day for a freak out that never came.

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Honkler should be inconspicuously placed everywhere, then the true freakout would ensue once normies learn of what it means.

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As always, the Irish prove to be worthless potatoes


Fuck off shill. The jew fears the clown


where did all these 4cuck honkler refugees come from? Not to mention honkler originated on reddit of all places before becoming big on 4cuck

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If you find a meme that works, you use it, that is how its always been. Nothing wrong with being a meme puritan, and sticking to what you know, but you wouldn't know anything, if someone hadn't made use of it from scratch or some place else. Pepe for example.

I prefer old reich memes myself.

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They should have put up posters of St Brenton of Tarrant. The Graffiti campaign a few years ago with more straightforward messages was more effective.
The best ones were the "White Genocide" messages along the N7, of of the busiest motorway routes into Dublin, and the painting of "Population replacement factory" at the entrance to the National convention center in Dublin, the night before a "Citizenship ceremony". That's when the Irish government does a mass swearing in ceremony for new packs of invading barbarians. Those last two efforts got loads of exposure in the media, thus spreading the message around.
In fact, me and most people I know now refer to "citizenship ceremonies" as "citizen replacement ceremonies".
Direct clear messages are the best.

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This; meme take time to grow but look at pepe; Hillary was even babbling about pepe in her speeches. Hilarious.

Honky Honkler meme is still in its infancy. This public shitposting was impressive for a first time out. How did he print them up? That kind of colored poster size has got to be expensive.


This is an absolutely terrible forced meme, and no one who sees this shit will know what it means or what it stands for.
Absolutely worthless, simply writing "muslims suck lol" with a sharpie would have been more effective.

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Amazing reply, 11/10 really made me change my mind.
I'm sure Joe Sixpack who sees this shitty clown while commuting to work will start to realize that replacement migration is taking place in the EU.

They'll look up "cartoon frog clown" on google and learn what clown world means. If you write muslims suck lol, they'll forget it the next day.

No, they won't.

Why not do both?

seriously though. The media will do what it always does and say "EVIL NAZI IMAGES PLASTERED ALL OVER TOWN"
Anyone who actually saw the clown pepes will know immediately there is something wrong in the story.

The jews will kvetch. It's meant to be a sinister threat to them.
Yet it's innocuous. If you get caught putting up stickers saying "Jews did 911" or "the Holocaust is a lie" you can go to prison. What are they going to do if they catch you putting up a funny little clown frog?

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t. jew

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you need to quit this faggotry

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Agreed. Imagine how pissed - and nervous - the media would be if suddenly stickers or posters of Tarrant appeared everywhere in major cities. Anti-whites would wonder how much hidden support there is for him. Must be pretty obvious it's him though, most people wouldn't recognize his face, it would have to refer to his name and/or his manifesto as well. The only problem is it may be a little risky to put it up, depending on when and where you do it, so one would have to be careful.

Black Adder; pretty funny
Mr. Bean; deplorable retard level slapstick

I said cease the faggotry

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Missing the point. The idea is to get them to chimp out over stupid shit, like cartoon frogs.

Maybe this is a project that could be organized here, or elsewhere. I don't have the graphic design skills to create good stickers though…

Oh wow, this really makes me laugh. Oh, wait, it doesn't.

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The kikes are invading and trying to derail this thread, looks like we're on to something

Yeah no, you can fuck off with your forced shit

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What is wrong with these faggots? I hope they get caught due to massively dropping the ball.

The problem is they're all faggots, they think anyone in the real world gives a shit about any of this garbage. None of this stupid shit is going to change a damn thing

(You) Watching TV and talking about other people's shit taste.

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My oh my… it's beautiful!

That's the brilliance of this- Honkler is synonymous with EXPOSING the holohoax, 9/11, replacement migration… It all goes back to the fucking juden.

They still don't know about it, and it's just a silly clown frog, right? Now imagine learning that your entire city is plastered with white supremacist symbol of hate and anti-semitism. That your neighborhood is no longer safe, that right wing death squads could take you to concentration camp any day.

More productive than you shitposting on here

They should have had the word "honkler" underneath the images of him to give
the normies something to look up. This could've been the start of them digging further until
they find red pills and stuff. Like a rabbit hole. We need mysterious and intriguing
images with cryptic words underneath to start normies into digging into rabbit holes.

The obscurity of honk is not a weakness, but somewhat of its strength. Imagine (((news))) explaining that it stands for acceleration of everything they are promoting: so that white people would wake up by the shock of it. No more slow cooking! Get that fire burning, higher and higher.

Clown meme is cia-sponsored bullshit.

What is your problem? Will you spam us with Atkinson faces because why?

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To all those kvetching about this. At least it was something, which is more than most of you are doing.


Agreed. Anything that doesn't name the jew or otherwise educate or galvanize is useless.