Disney boss says Hitler ‘would have loved social media’



Is he talking about the magapedes?


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He was talking about when (((marketers))) were in charge of tone policing social media, not (((their bosses))).

What's that yid talking about?
I've been on twitter since 1933.

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If you like social media than your a nazi.

But it has a place in a tolerant, diverse society. We ARE a tolerant and diverse society right my fellow jewish people?

The fuck? It is literally everyone and everything. They TRY to control what others say and do but they are pissed because they cannot.

So when do we get a MyReich, or StasiBook?

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kek, but you are aware that's commie right?

I was told narrow views and I expect narrow views.

Would the question is will the furher love Zig Forums and 8/pol/
One may be fand of hitler the other the biggest fucking fanboys on the planet.

Hitler would instantly hate them.
But would he like 4cucks and Zig Forums?


Do you have the other one too, where its just the bird + floating hands?

No, 4chan and Zig Forums is a reaction to the corruption of society, he might've understood the intent of Zig Forums, but by all unbiased accounts, Hitler was a gentleman who would frown upon the maliciousness that commonly goes hand-in-hand with chan culture.

There's many layers to why (((IGER))) is saying what he is saying, and none of it benefits us.

Hitler was too pure for us.

Daily reminder Walt Disney hated kikes

Walt was just jealous. The foundations of what Yidsney eventually became were all well & firmly laid by Walt himself. He was the one who built the worker towns surrounding the parks so he could have local voting majority for whatever he needed. His whole mentality was kiked as all fuck.

He was too pure for anything. I fully believe God let the allies murder him when they did to spare him from the loss of his vision to the kikes.

That would make hitler deeply depressed better dead than see what germany became.


Hello, are you searching for an true ACTIVE discord server to hang out and make friends?
Where the mods aren't power hungry?
Look no more!

We have MEMES, tons of LEWDS, a selfie channel, comfy channel, lots of E-Girls (Traps/Femboys too!).

Your getting the bog.

1488 fellow nazi!
[quote] lots of E-Girls (Traps/Femboys too!).[/quote]
This is highly relevant to my interests, I believe that the LGBT will be our allies in this awful struggle against the muslims and blacks.
do you do local meetups/chapters?
It's time for aryans to stop being pussies who hide behind a screen. get your doc martens and bomber jacket on and go out to make a difference.
smash in some nigger heads! it is the jew way to cower and connive, whites must be visible and know one another or we will never overcome our masters :).

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Fuck off degenerate.

Terrible feeling.

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That is if goebbels does live long enough to see it

Proof or gtfo

Iger is a jew and either the first or second biggest CEO in American media. They own over 30% of all media outlets in America and you have consumed a bunch of anti white Disney shit that you never knew was Disney owned.
Take notes of who owns the media and all their subsidiaries before it becomes illegal to do so.
The definition of Antisemitism that the US officially adopted this year in a house ruling states that implying that Jews are in control of the media, among other things, is Antisemitic. In Flordia a recent bill was unanimously accepted to utilize this definition against children in schools, meaning that a student who says that Jews own the media or even mocks Jewish stereotypes can be punished by his respective school board.
The people responsible for our enslavement have names. Learn them before it's too late.

Not news, but another evidence that Jews honestly think that free speech is tightly controlled censorious totalitarianism.

That's a funny way of describing leftism.


Because kikes hate when free speech mentions their schemes.

Fear of the fuhrer is the best way to spot a jew


Social media is heavily controlled. The comment section is the place to post.

Hitler would dislike the degeneracy.

A lot of social media sites are owned by kikes

An imposter.

Name one that ISN'T.

even when i bought everything i was told i always found it interesting how hitler is portrayed as a magic man and mein kampf as a magic book that will turn you instantly into a naziā€¦

the absolute irony