Congratulations, Brenton Tarrant

This is what you've created. The rebirth of European people.


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Nice. He’s not wrong. Have a white bump


Generally speaking they're not a problem. The chinks are the only real issue but being bugs they tend to confirm to their host hive. Japs and Koreans are productive enough and actually innovate things.

And he says nothing about kikes. Reminder: if a connection to ZOG isnt made, it isnt on our side. That's why Tarrant was obviously Mossad, to encourage this sort of kosher nationalism.



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BASED azn brother
maybe he will let me marry his sister and we can have HAPA babies

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False. Massive 3rd world depopulation is what I want.
This is a good step though.

Chinks are based, white girl starts calling planned parenthood to get an abortion

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Eco Naturism. One hundred million total population world wide , all whites. Period



what fucking shame

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Checking that ID and adding that leaving niggers to their own devices means exactly that.

Fraser was this way beforehand.

Generally speaking, false.

US mutt talks about deporting subhumans.

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We don’t want to deport them we want them dead you stupid mudshit
One hundred million total population world wide. One hundred percent white. Eco Naturism and you’re fucked kiddo

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Is the only way to be removed from the Australian senate death or outright crime? Because they are going to go after him hard for this despite senate seats in commomwealth being lifetime appointments.

Have a downvote jew, back to reddit with you.

listen here faggot, don't you ever talk to me or my son like that again. Just because I married a trad wife (asian) doesn't make my son a mudshit.

They're not Australian and they're essentially colonizing Australia. They're a huge problem, faggot.

Your mudshit kin is first. You’ll get to watch as they’re driven into the sea. Can your mudshit kind swim? kek

I do wonder how low africa's population would go without 1st world aid

Interesting how, when a good thing happens, Zig Forums needs to fight of kikes all the time.
You can smell (((them))) sweating through your screen.

Point isn't missed, it's rejected.

shut the fuck up. are you actually implying there is anything wrong with asians? go fuck yourself. go marry some crackhead white whore that cheats on you for meth.

my point stands. It has nothing to do with Europe.

It would drop to pre-60's levels in less than a year. The Sahara could turn green with the size of that compost heap.

Fuck off, ironic shitposting is still shitposting. Filtered.

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It would cut down by almost a third, maybe even half, those fuckers wouldn't survive with how many niglets they keep popping out.

And as for the person in OP, that fucker is gonna get suicided soon I bet, especially if he tries to implement anything, he's saying ALL the things kikes don't want.

Is it not possible for Zig Forums to fuck off with the infighting and accept that this is a good thing?

Try it outside Zig Forums sometimes. You will see how fast they will fucked up your life.

Reminder to filter and report all chicom paid shills

I agree, but it's a step in the right direction relative to what we have now. It would be nice if we could hang white race traitors and homos too, but these baby steps are a good sign in a shifting overton window.

This is why our cause is hopeless. No matter what happens, the jews will always find people on our own side who they can use against us.


Guess it's time to move to straya to create the ethnostate then

Why would jews want to push that angle, that's fucking ridiculous, I suppose it's jews saying jews did 9/11 too. Jews want goyim to fight the muslims they have imported so people stop noticing they run fucking everything. It's pretty obvious. It has been quite useful for identifying a whole batch of jew disinformation agents on the various media though.

Otherwise good tweet

Thats your logic behind Tarrant being mossad. Neck yourself. If a kike wants you to breathe air, do you stop? Faggot.

Fraser Anning is a homosexual and controlled opposition. He never directly mentions (((them))) either, so you know he’s fake. Same with Pauline Hanson.

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The left has no idea how to meme. They only know how to regurgitate pop culture. Memes are based on truth and they live in a world of lies.

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when you have a bunch of africans and spics running around, asians seem as harmless as whites.
once the niggers and spics are gone though, asians are fair game and will stick out like sore thumbs.

Patrick Little is quite literally a federal asset and Paul Nehlen is married to a goblina spic.

Eggman knew how to meme Anning into sperging out like a boomer faggot. It took several guys to take him down.

Not an argument.
We denounce our own men of action.
Imagine if every time the blacks of Rhodesia blew away some White people, the blacks on their own side screamed "That was Mossad! It was a hoax! Mugabe is a Mossad agent! The war against the Boers is a hoax! Didn't happen!"
They'd lose.

That's us right now.

Let's hope this guy has dedicated guardian angels.

No, we don't. The genetic waste we know of as leftists do.

Retarded sociakist sack of shit. Capitalism is survival of the fittest. If youre failing its because you suck.

no. fuck koreans they're half actual niggers now. the only Asians worth a shit are the light skinned caste in India, and the Japanese.

Pat must be really triggering you and your tribesmen. And Nehlen never claimed to be one of us or tried to co-opt us. Nice try muddying the water, sadly nobody cares about your feeble shrieking, you sickly little kikelet.

Kill yourself you disgusting jew

Fuck off already.

you're a fucking retard, world governments meddle in everything, including finance, there is no 'muh free market', it doesn't exist

god that is some low rent nigger bullshit.

not that i disagree with much or any of what patrick little says, i cant help but get the feeling like im being talked to by a salesman when he's talking.
not that i think he's being disingenuous, but it feels like it.
do you know what his trade was? was he an actual salesman and just cant turn it off?

Patrick Little always pissed off kikes and kike shills, they lose their minds every time there's a thread about him or whenever he's mentioned. It's pretty entertaining honestly.

Lel, where do you think you are, jude?

fucking kikes and jews
everything is a lie

The first priority of any government is the safety and security of its people. It is remarkable how people have been so completely manipulated that they sacrifice their well-being, in the face of overwhelming evidence, for vapid, state-sponsored, virtue signaling.

Do you have more pics like that for other races?

Acceleration, the only way.

It's just his polite nature, his "professional" demeanor and clothing style. Which I think are a big plus, it's really hard to paint him as a lunatic or unreasonable hate-monger, etc.
He's an IT guy. He was a network professional in the marines and then moved into the same field after he left the military.

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I've never seen any evidence that was real and conclusive that Paddy is a Fed.

I get the feeling he could be one, but he could also be a poor besotted wreck of man doing all he can.

That's about as close to the 14 you're gonna get from a politician. Woop woop.

as an IT guy, all you really had to say was this tbh…

he reminds me of the "contractor" IT guys that get overpaid and make up for it by acting like high-skill professionals when all theyre doing is dropping cables. its a good strategy to help stupid people feel like theyre getting more for their money.

its like if you called an exterminator, and he shows up wearing a high tech suit, with all sorts of fancy equipment, talking in technical terms and telling you about the species and their behaviors. "i have it under control sir" then lays some glue traps from home depot.

No that's the logic behind the people saying he was mossad not being jews. I didn't say what I think he is. I'm saying what the people saying mossad obviously aren't and that's jews. Whereas your language, your anger, your pathetic baiting all stink of race baiting jew.

The snowball has started to roll down the hill. (((They))) willl fight tooth and nail to prevent the impending avalanche

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Wow… Thats all I can say. Someone get this guy to the front and center stage of politics ASAP, Not just of NZ but for global politics as a whole.

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Shut the fuck up nigger

He’s a waste of sperm

He doesn't need to. They will out themselves when he starts talking about deporting niggers. Read "the prince", not everything needs to be overt.

Also, like it or not, ZOG is entrenched, you can't attack it head on, you need to find an indirect means and hit it in a blind spot.

Holy fuck which country is this guy? I must pledge allegiance and a willingness to serve unto death to this man.

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Oh it's Australia. Fug.

Good luck Australia! If you need a Canadian volunteer for the great RaHoWa starting in Australia I will pledge myself as a volunteer soldier the first chance I get, unless something starts up here where I get a chance to fight for my own nation.

Spoken like someone that doesn't live in the infestation. t. reporting in from a city that was predominately German just 3 decades ago and now is mostly chink and there are very few white faces left around.


Is this ironic or what? I kind of want to be a rulecuck and report you to the mods for race treason.

He actually said "we will ensure a future for our children"

Niggers are based, white girl starts calling planned parenthood to get an abortion

Jews are based, white girl starts calling planned parenthood to get an abortion

Arabs are based, white girl starts calling planned parenthood to get an abortion

Chimps are based, white girl starts calling planned parenthood to get an abortion

Mad jew is mad that the manifesto couldn't be used for the eternal victim narrative and yet still called them out for all the evil they do.

Close? Isn't it literally spot on. I don't think it falls short of the mark, I think the message literally is apex. APEX Zig ForumsITICIAN.

We don't have mods. If we did, those posts would have been removed instantly. Mods would instantly recognize those posts as derail attempts by shills.

and tail, these hallelujah rats and inshallah lizards think man is nothing more than a monkey without a tail, and so they will use theirs, which reaches down into hell, to whip us, though they must raise hell itself, and destroy us all, unless we awake, arise, and swear by the nine gods that we should suffer wrong no more.

Dude seems based.

Does Senator have the same title in Kangarooland as it does in America?

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We have mods, but they are only in it for to keep this honey pot going.

They delete threads suggesting other chans, and they delete threads with no traction but bumps by the author or TOR.

I wonder if anyone gets shadowbanned here, that's what I wonder, we need screen recordings of live shadowbanning to put the nails in the coffin of this place.

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What's wrong with Chinee food, as long as it's a white-run operation? Kinda like that German-britisher that runs a Thai restaurant in Portland with better food than the actual Thai make, given his perfective sperging over absolutely fresh ingredients, Pok Pok?
Whites make even foreigner cuisine better than actual foreigners

Hail Brenton
Hail Victory

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I get you but I don't know if I like your comparison because Pat is doing much more that laying glue traps. You might not like his style/approach because of personal preference, but it does appeal to a lot of people.

Fuck Anning

Quit bumping this thread you Nazi cocksuckers

Sages: negated.
Cringe comp: updated.

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you must not be from australia dude