Nordic Versus Mediterranean Cultures

Whites in the mediterranean parts of Europe were in multi-ethnic situations where whites had to have solidarity and community love to survive in competition against outsider ethnic groups. Nordic whites tended to be isolated from non-european tribes, and so nordic whites focused their competition primarily amongst each other.

This is why NORDIC WHITE CULTURE IS SELF-CANNIBALIZING. Nordic whites tended to competed amongst each other for resources, and this habit is reflected in the American white left destroying normal right wing whites, yet from a Mediterranean perspective this behavior is CLOWNISH because ITS INSANE TO ATTACK YOUR KINDRED IN A MULTI-ETHNIC ENVIRONMENT.

But nords did not evolve in multi-ethnic environments, they evolved in environments surrounded by only eacho ther, so they have a habit of attacking each other. This is why nordic whites are known to destroy other whites, its their habit. But from a mediterranean and latin perspective this behavior is insane, and this behavior is insane considering the current American multi-ethnic situation.

NORDS NEED TO ADAPT OR PERSIH. This isn't old scandinavia where whites are just surrounded by other whites, whites do not have the luxury of being able to destroy one another. The mediterranean habits make more sense now. Community, solidarity, and love of kindred. The ancient nordic habit of destroying kindred is retarded in a multi-ethnic world, it is clownish.

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KYS d&c kike.

That ain't exactly correct if you go back enough. Romans pretty much forged and heavily tempered their army to the greatness known to all by constantly fighting local Italics and even Latins themselves, local Sabines and Albanes at the time of the foundation, to Etruscans, to Samnites, to cisalpine Gauls during their expansion in Italy, then Illirians, Greeks, etc…

Then again they didn't see war all that bad as we see it today.
One of Romance peoples main problem is heavy corruption, and this corruption is hardly the result of heavy social trust, but rather the opposite.

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reminds of a certain (((world war))) your tribe funded

Southern Europeans have developed distaste of shitskins as a genetic memory, after countless centuries of fighting off their invasions. Nordics did not have as much contact with them, which makes them more prone to accept them in their societies, as well as fascination with their stone age cultures.

Of course, the history of Europe was the one of constant warfare and butchering each other, but there was not much foreign threat present, except in the south. Which is why south Europeans make for the best kebab removers today.

Reminder that anyone posting the honk shit is a kike.

Such organic and totally not at all reactionary responses from brave, valiant Zig Forumstroons.

Too late, we are in Honk Kong now.

let me just destroy your argument real fast so you dont actually sucker anyone in:
mediteranians prefer their way of life/culture. nordics prefer their way of life/culture.

we dont have to mix. only a kike would suggest we have to.

nords vacation in the mediteranian, have fun, then return home and are happy theyre home. mediteranians vacation in nordic places, have fun, then return home and are happy theyre home.

This is true, sadly.
Most northern-European nationalists are more interested in fighting each other than the jew who are literally trying to exterminate all of us.

It's insane. It's absolutely insane.
What the hell is wrong with us?

The only reason why would anyone from Mediterranean ever move to live in the north is economic situation (caused mostly by kikes ruining their economies), no one sane would prefer cold and rainy places with barely edible food to sunny, warm places full of high culture, amazing food and cozy beaches.

I'll play along.
Europeans live in a resource rich environment. Since there is enough for all there is no need for competition. Northern Europeans have harsh winters and short periods in which they can gather resources to survive the winter. This makes them stick together even more. Working together is a necessity to survive for them. But the same can generally be observed all over Europe.

Semites on the other hand come from a region where resources are scarce. Working together does not make sense as there isn't enough for all. Thus they will rob and kill everyone outside their ingroup.

Now guess what happens if Semites enter resource rich places?

And before I forget: if anything it's Zig Forumsacks you heeb untermensch.

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nice try, kike. nordic countries are beautiful.

Snow Huts vs the Roman Empire
I have to go with meds being superior.

Explain Sweden.

Learn to read nigger.

double fuck off retard

Subversion. And swedes believing that foreign races socialize the same way as them.

Swedes are very friendly, I hate seeing it get exploited like that.


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What's with the rotten fish the Nords eat?

Spaniards and Austrians are the only White people
First of all, Slavs are not White. That's a fact. They're subhuman and should be exterminated asap
This fact alone proves that everything from Russia to Serbia is not White.
Greeks are turkic rape babies and Albanians are Albanian rape babies.
Romanians are basically Slavic rape babies and turkic rape babies and are also mostly gypsies as well.
That leaves Italians, Germans, Austrians, French, Anglos, Scots, Germans, Danes, Scandies, Fins, Waloons, Bretons, Welsh, Balts, Spaniards, Portuguese, Basques, and Dutch
First off, Italians and Irish are not White. Never have been, never will be.
Fins and Hungarians do not even speak an Indo-European language and are thus not White. They're just (((huns.)))
Basques are pre-Indo European savages who are not human.
Germans and Balts are all Slavic rape babies and are thus mongrelized mutts. Not White
The (((Dutch))) are part jewish and so are the French. The French (and Waloons) are also very Africanized due to their long exposure to African soldiers. Indeed, ALL (((Belgians))) are French, (((Anglo))), and German rape babies.
Anglos are also mutts. They're also part jewish. Anglos are behind all misery and wars.
Portuguese… well, look at the stats lads. They're moors. Spaniards chased the moors back into Africa and also into Portugal.
Scotts and Welsh are basically Irish. Savage losers and uncivilized barbarians.
The same is true with Bretons.
Frisians are White though.

Catalans are also not White.

I forgot to mention Scandies. Danes are German (ergo Slavic) rape babies. However, Swedes and Norwegians are White.

Surely everyone here can acknowledge Europeans have fought way to many wars against each other. All of the cognitive dissonance in the world can't justify the buddyfuckery of fratricidal wars. Warring with your ethnic brethren just causes undo suffering and weakens the race as a whole.

Dane here. Sweden is fucked, but Norway and Denmark are still strong homogenous and nationalistic countries. If you actually want to help our cause, then please drink a nice cold cup of bleach.

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Adding to this, it is only a matter of time before the Nordic people unite under one banner because of our vast cultural similarities. When that time comes, we'll be ranked in top 5 of world GDP and we'll make the viking raids on Britain look like a fucking cultural exchange trip for students. Jerusalem will burn once more, Schlomo.

This is a triumph of autism.
It reads like parody.

The truth, as I understand it, is that all European and "White" peoples are different.
Different languages, cultures, traditions and gene pools.
What you're doing here is poisoning the well by throwing an entire ethnicity out just because some part of it is compromised.
For example, the Greeks and the Italians are closely related, they have parts of their gene pool that were pretty much raped into shitskinhood by the Ottoman empire, however that does not mean that true Greeks don't exist anymore.
You even shill the retarded meme often seen in (((MSM))) that Frogs are niggers.
I would call you a shill, but you're really too bad at it for anyone to be paying you.

Not for long

There is a lot of ranting and raving from the left-wing intellectuals about how racist our immigration policies in Denmark are, but the fact is that a majority of Danes are fed up with the problems caused by immigrants from the Middle East (and their descendents), which constitutes around 8-9% of our population. If you ask me, this land will continue to grow even more hostile to certain groups of foreigners, both socially and law-wise.

I am nordic decent. We all moved to Minnesota after ww2.
We left the Cucks behind.

LOL so what about the somalians in Minnesota?

Scandinavian Americans are Americans of Nordic, or part-Nordic ancestry, defined in this … Minnesota, 1,603,124 /// 32.%

Depends on what part of the state you are in,

low-tier d/c thread distracting from important matters.

Both are un-American trash.

NIgger detected.

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Kys horribly nigger lover

The point being is that northern Europeans have high trust towards other humans because they didn't evolve to fight them. The evolved to band together against natural force. This is why their empathy is being used against them.

Nice shitpost, kike.

Please, continue.