Actual Importance vs. Edginess

The amount of edgyposting since Tarrant has been excessive. It has been a month and there has been no “acceleration” no copycat killers, no revenge killings, nothing. Either there are a lot of internet tough guys on here, or a lot of shills trying to get more of the world to unite against right-wing sentiment. The entire case against Islamic “invaders” is that they are violent criminals with no respect for others. The genius sentiment of Tarrant is to become violent criminals with no respect for others (killing women/children etc.). The best way any western country can instantly “accelerate” race relations is to remove all social welfare and hiring quotas (affirmative action). A lone gunman accomplishes little if anything beyond becoming political fodder to be paraded about by the media. Tarrant is what (((they))) want, an isolated incident every six months to keep people afraid of the white boogeyman.

There are a lot of people here who have been silenced by this acceleration bullshit. The amount of shilling here is insane. This whole thing (especially naming 8ch) reeks of bullshit aimed at shitting up right wing white nationalist movements. Everyone is saying "HURR DURR LE BASED SAINT TARRANT IS GOING TO LEAD THE NEXT CRUSADE TO CONSTANTINOBLE" or whatever, when in the meantime, from a practical perspective, he killed 50 people. The muslim population of New Zealand is roughly 50k. He killed 0.001% of the muslim population and now New Zealand has lost its firearm rights, has solidified a platform of anti-white sentiment and driven any right-wing sentiment underground for the time being. Meanwhile, this whole shitstorm has completely distracted Zig Forums and everywhere else from the REAL movement that might actually have a political impact, that is to say the Yellow Vests in France. Imagine if this spread to other countries, people in the street disrupting the economy of major metropolitan areas, banks being targeted and the elites favorite restaurants burned. No, fuck that, let’s talk about killing 50 nobodies because he livestreamed it. Is everyone here really this stupid? Had he killed 1 politician he would have done more than had he even killed 200 civilians, it still would not be as effective or disruptive as the Yellow Vests.

Another extremely important aspect of this whole “happening” is that NZ gun owners have tried to keep their guns, and several have died. The important part of this is that they have not killed a single police officer while doing so. Most law-abiding gun owners simply do not wish to kill cops. The cops look like them, have families etc. The snek Gadsden parody of the come and take it next to the thin blue line sticker is totally true. Most gun owners are pro-cop and have never killed another human being, nor have they been trained to kill. They get into a standoff and then get shot by law enforcement who are trained to deal with such situations. There is no mass rising up, there is no organized revolt and there is no organization at all coming about as a result of this. In fact, Tarrant has undoubtedly increased the funding given to law enforcement to infiltrate right wing groups and spy upon its citizens. Are we trying to accelerate into full 1984 where, like the main character, you are being baited along the entire way until you are arrested with a fully documented case against you? Actions like this do nothing but increase the budget for law enforcement against “white nationalist terrorism.”

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Everyone on here is acting like so much has changed because a dude shot up a mosque. It is pathetic “That’s exactly what I would do too if I weren’t so busy fighting the jews online” living vicariously through others bullshit. Seriously, are we all just sitting around playing with ourselves while watching a dude shoot up a mosque? Isn’t that the exact sentiment of people using videogames/movies for escapism? Meme all you want about it, it’s nothing more than edgy bullshit and the only thing it has accomplished is a crackdown on white nationalism that has demonstrated that individually people can not effectively stand up against the state. Meanwhile it has totally distracted everyone from the actual effective Yellow Vests which do pose a threat to the people working against white interests. Muslims are a symptom, not the cause.

Finally, I think we all need to think about what the Chans in general are, and why they have begun to figure so prominently in the media/political environment. To me, they are content creation and distribution. They are the fount from which all flows. Instead of the chans being used to subvert the media blackout of the yellow vests, they are instead being used to meme a man who killed unarmed civilians. What message does this send? “White men are willing to adopt the tactics of ISIS” I am sure there are many more interpretations, but for the most part this is the message broadcast. Now, for a moment think about the Yellow Vests message when the chans were spreading that “People are standing up to their governments” “People are sick of being owned by the bank” etc. And who are the Yellow Vests? White French people. It didn’t need to brand itself as “white nationalism” but it was accomplishing the same thing.

Just remember, there is a media blackout of the yellow vests, there is no media blackout of Tarrant.

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French here. Sadly Whites aren't that numerous among the Yellow Vests anymore. See for yourself.

Man, I'm so glad we have mods here to get rid of cuckchan sliding threads like this which serve no purpose here

Man, I am so glad that we have criticism and refutation based disagreement on here and not cuckchan tier smug dismissal with no real substance.

Wow. Used to think Tarrant was probably a Psy-Op. But now, as I see Morty Goldbloom kvetching endlessly…. I realize I may be mistaken.

I don't really support the saint tarramt thing ethier…But you moralist kike shills are only exacerbating the tension you wish to avoid.

Wow, I really used to support trump but I just can't let him get the nuclear codes guys! I'm a cruzmissile now! I don't really support him because he is the zodiac killer, but you losers can't seriously want to be led by a reality tv star!

I'm surprised it didn't happen day 1. Frog propensity to riot can't even hold a candle to the nigs natural born instinct to riot.

In the future, a response such as

Or some shit like that, actually have a fucking opinion you mouthbreathing retards.

I realy didn't see that many non-whites in that. I skipped around and the person being interviewed always was a white French national.

Poor bait mate. Watched it and understood it: majority are sandniggers or tanned "europeans" and the few Whites are all commies.

You say that while spamming the fucking board with new threads every 5 fucking minutes meanwhile we already have threads up to discuss this shit you unbelievable faggots

thats valid in alot of places. many police organizations are proponents of gun rights and even opencarry.
not everyone lives in commiefornia.
i live in NY and plenty of our police (not in the cities) openly refuse to enforce gun laws. many sherrifs openly have refusal to enforce gun laws as part of their campaign promises.

Is this your first time using an imageboard OP? We have memes here.

Here, since you rely on building consensus to keep people from actually examining evidence. I can do the second half of the video too if you would like.


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Middle top is literally struggling to speak French and show his Algerian journal.
Top right is also North African.

Also, top left is a faggot as you can see.
I didn't say there were no Whites anymore (I still wear a Yellow Vest), I said it wasn't overwhelmingly White.

Listen OP

Gun owners who don't resist being disarmed just because of ONE event which is completely unrelated to them are even worse because they give into slavery voluntary.

Tarrant McVeigh and Breivik have proven that a dedicated single white man can inflict way more damage on the enemy than whole networks of subhumans on us.
The message from those 3 heroes is that fighting back is not futile.

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I agree completely, once you leave densely populated areas, cops are pretty cool and support gun rights. I think one of the most important points to consider is that Accelerationism, generally speaking, is only really relevant in major population centers where clownworld is in full swing. I think the most important political battle right now is rural vs urban. Rural places are almost always great, racially and culturally homogeneous areas with low crime. The only problem these places have ever encountered is when people from cities start getting involved. They buy up the businesses or build a walmart or close the factory and move it to mexico. I really think cities are the problem and power needs to be taken from them.

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So their actions have led to what improvement specifically speaking? My argument is organization is essential to actually accomplishing anything. Lone wolves are media fodder.

Doesn’t know what accelerationism is.

Civnat thinks that the problem is that they are just big meanies.

Thinks its just about gibs.

You aren’t one of us, faggot.


This whole thing (especially naming 8ch) reeks of bullshit aimed at shitting up right wing white nationalist movements.
But you’re a civnat not a Racial Nationalist, why pretend?

Still doesn’t get it.

So close yet still so much of a faggot.

Good for them, we can multi task you know?

But how did it start in the first place? Stress+polarisation

Go right ahead.

Exactly, and this must change. It is changing.

Exactly once again.

Non of these things are required. At least not atm.

Good. let them creep and snitch.
Let the system burn its bridges with the people who just don’t want to be replaced by shitskins.
Many good men will be caught but the better ones will emerge stronger and hardened by their experiences.
The system has a dirty little secret: the application of force it wields is a very blunt tool that only works with enough low level collaboration from the general population

Action-stress-polarisation-reaction-repeat and Subscribe to pewdiepie.

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You're either a kike or just a moron.
Brenton planned his partisan action, that's why it was so effective. As for 'no acceleration', you should read the manifesto and then pay attention to what has actually been happening post BT.

This post sounds like something straight out of some soy based reddit sub.

I really do not think most people here even watch the jewish glowing rectangle anymore, much less patronize HBO.

Kikes are going all out.

A few gun owners have been killed, no cops have been killed, government crackdown, no civilian response, one truck attack seemingly unrelated. Wew we sure are accelerating!

Where the fuck have you been. You've missed the accelerated changes in laws proposed for censorship of the net, anonymity, free speech and gun ownership as well as the spiraling frenzy of condemnation of 'white supremacists'.
I used to laugh at it, but we really are legion and can only get bigger. Nobody goes from right to left.

You said it yourself; muslims want to kill our women and our children.
Do you really believe that the solution to our problem does not involve unpleasant things?

Which is simply amazing.

Did Tarrant prevent or hinder in any way the very good movement in France? Nothing prevents us from talking about the Yellow Vests. Want to talk about them? Okay. Let's do so. I love it.

Maybe if they ban us there will be nothing left but the only option that we know will work. Maybe if they stop us being cowards and whining online, we'll create our own Yellow-Vest revolt.

I'll wager a majority of people here watch GoT. You can bitch and complain about it being plebbit tier, but the fact is they are projecting 1+ billion watching tonight. That's slightly significant.

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Heh if I didn't face jail time I wouldn't hesitate to slaughter Islamic shits. I know in my country the jails are very cozy lol, but still I have a great career and its stupid to ruin it by killing a bunch of garbage humans and ruin my own life, accomplishing nothing. I think many on here have the same sentiment. Anyhow, yeah high value targets are infinitely better, but the type that usually goes on these shootings has no clue who exactly to target among the higher ups. It aren't solely politicians (ones buying them for this insane anti white agenda).

The sentiment of people versus banks will really kick off exponentially when next crisis will hit. It will probably be within the next 2-3 years, maybe faster if I'm looking at how the Eurozone is performing. It'll not be a comfy crisis and some European countries will emerge as winners and some as big losers. It'll lead to a lot of civil unrest that's one sure thing but I'm not sure if it will be enough to turn around anti white propaganda. Because the white population is blindly following the dumb myth that everyone is equal.

Nah its mostly white but it kind of got high jacked by commies and leftists. And no true leftist movement can work anymore. They'll get hijacked by social democrats, liberals, multiculturalists and they have no platform left since the socdems liberals and other groups stole it all from them leaving not really much for them at all. Socdems / liberals are enemies of any white European populations.

At the current state organizing opens individuals up to a lot of risks. People generally aren't angry enough and lack commitment. Let alone the danger of treachery and communication leaks.
lone wolves serve as a proof of concept for those who want to change the status quo, a warning to those who should protect us and intimidation to the enemy.
the state reacting in the opposite way than it should by putting foreigners first and taking means of defence from the people will anger more people and create more violent responses. As the cycle continues resistance grows until the situation is changed or no one willingto fight it left.

My sentiments exactly, user. Don't get me wrong - I live amongst other White people, and I don't ever want that to change….- but Whites in cities who suckle the teat of beast, rather than live in the country and not shirk from the actual REAL work of growing non-gmo food for their children, educating them properly, and resisting the kike world order? The whites in cities are 99% of the time total cucks and bluepilled faggots.
Any of you reading this, get the fuck out of the jewtown and come up north where the people are still Whites who know that being White is good, but not enough. You also have to be strong, independent, and smart - otherwise you're just a bleached nigger.

If WHITE had their way, there would be no cities, ruining the earth and providing sanctuary for shitskins to congregate and suck up our hard work in welfare. So what does that say about you Lazy fucks sitting in your apartment using 5g?

Its gonna be rural vs city, anons….the Npc zombies vs true Whites with all the strength and discipline we have been developing and actually living, day to day in the country, while you fucks in the city get massacred when the gibs run out.

dont forget how the US government since the 60s likes to seek out and find peaceful rural areas and bus in niggers from inner-cities to "give them a chance"

meanwhile the dilapidated inner city they came from was peaceful and nice until the government bused in a bunch of niggers at our expense from rural areas to "give them a chance"

ever notice why the most architecturally/historically beautiful cities in america are usually run down ghettos? just look at literally any "ghetto" they complain about living in. it was nice once…
dont believe me? "just look up" the trimming on the buildings tell a tale.

dont get me started on how many neighborhoods i've seen destroyed in my lifetime…

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Without gibs and mandatory hiring quotas they have no money and must resort to violence to sustain their existence. Nobody will voluntarily hire a cultural backwater with a room temperature IQ who doesn't speak the language.

You are an idiot, but you are allowed to believe what you want.

ctrl+f "yellow vests" 4 instances
ctrl+f "tarrant" 64 instances
Apparently not.

Okay, primarily financial stress though right? People could not deal with the 8euro/liter price on fuel, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Right now, gun owners as a community are not organized and they are the ones the government will crack down on because of these "accelerationist" actions. As long as LE goes after people one at a time e.g.

I wrote this a while ago, it is all made up bullshit but it is how I see this happening.

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Just because people are creative with making goofy Tarrant memes doesn’t mean a single one of us has lost sight of Jews being the main enemy. The whole idea is to polarize the races through violence, since that’s the most effective method to incite racial tensions. There’s always a breaking point and Tarrant helped us move just a bit closer to that point.

Okay, this is the most important point I can try to make. Haven't jews been behind escalating racial tensions between blacks and whites to reduce whites focus on them? Racial tension is the jews oldest trick to getting people to forget they are the cause of all of their problems.

Well, the only people who have lost focus on Jews are retards who shouldn’t even be part of the movement. When racial tensions finally snap and widespread conflict arises, you will see people like us take advantage of the situation and go after the main targets.

WTF media are you watching? I see and hear them being mentioned on a regular basis.

anything in the US

Divide and rule

Optics cuck. He removed 50 mudslimes, more than you've ever done.

Wtf are you talking about. There has never been a candidate with the balls to campaign on any of this. There is no discourse there is no dialogue - accelerationism, which CAN and MUST take MULTIPLE forms simultaneously is the last untried gambits. "Political conservatism" is a barrel to be shot at like fish. They will never let a REAL third positionist party take stage - because voting ISN'T REAL. It is circus. They will forever keep the public trapped in the Liberal vs Conservative dialectic where each end serves their status quo. The only thing that could unshackle us to this system you are talking aboht dismantling (wellfare, affirmative action, blatant double standards being put into law) is by literally crashing the economy and destroying the society which gives these ideas credence and gives power to the parasitical politicians. Nothing else has ever worked and nothing else will.

Precisely, that is, from my perspective, the whole point of the immigration/refugee initiatives the white world has been experiencing since the last big recession. The jews (bankers) were seeing how the goyim were once again waking up to their bullshit and more people were starting to question the bullshit knows as the holocaust. So they brought in muslims because they had just run around and destabilized an entire region in the name of ensuring israel was the only regional power. Just like with blacks and the civil rights movement in america, the jews needed to enfranchise a minority group in europe to keep people from looking at them as the cause of problems. Now, do you remember what was all the rage prior to Tarrant? Ilhan Omar (or whatever the muslim congresswomans name is) calling out jews (AIPAC) for their incredible control over congress. There was a media shitstorm over that and the jew was pretty much being named in mainstream media in the US. We were on the verge of a real political awakening and now all we can do is talk about how cool some guy is for shooting up a mosque.

It seems like we traded the general US population's awareness of the jewish/israeli lobby for 50 dead muslims and a video.

Sure thing kiddo.

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OWS was the closest we ever came to that, but it was subverted like all other movements and became about lgbtbbqwtf rather than reforming the bullshit financial system. If we had a yellow vests style movement shutting down wall street, we could disrupt the economy in a meaningful way. The problem is we need enough unemployed people who have nothing to do/lose to get there.

Since the event, optics cuck shilling has skyrocketed, almost always with this same gay effortpost shit you just did.

Its almost like…

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Wrong this was the plan since before the end of the war. It's called the Kalergi and Houton plan and they have been salivating of a nigger filled Europe for decades. Explicitly to replace the native population and breed their greatest adversary out of existence. Anything else is incidental. You are putting the cart before the horse.
What you are discussing is the culmination of the Jewish destruction of the West. Look at what you are saying - a Westernman mowed down 50 invaders and you are complaining because it distracts from the campaign of some Somali nigger bitch? Jesus christ. No we were not gaining ground through that - you are just fucking retarded. She posed 0 threat to the Israel lobby and by pure stint of being a somali nigger bitch made even more basic bitch Conservatives side with the Israel lobby. You must be pretty desperate to have to spin these events together - especially considering that drama IS still ongoing.

There's a concerted effort behind it.

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You're not wrong. However I think that if it were not for Tarrant, it'd be something else. I presume you've been here long enough to be familiar with 8/pol/'s short attention span.
This is a problem everywhere where children are raised with the TV and internet and instant gratification.

Well hello Sherlock, good to see you're still wasting several hours in mspaint


You mean that weak protest movement which has accomplished nothing at all?

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Come again?
By all means, tell me more about how organic this shilling is m8.

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I remember the pages upon pages of these screencaps you posted in the meta thread thinking you were some sort of autistic investigator, despite calling everyone that disagreed with you a mod and not knowing how IP hopping worked. I thought the disabling of names in the board log stopped you, but I guess not.

A critical essay that is well thought out and orderly in the light of LOGIC.
I shall add my critical comments to this important thread/thesis.

1) 2ho the fuck made you the arbiter of the amount of posts on any given topic herein, much less Mr.Tarrants MARTYRDOM which was a 'Black Swan" in my estimation, and we have yet to see the ramification of said event transpire.CONTRIBUTION to this STRUGGLE.

1)YOU do not speak for the global ZIONIST cabal( if you do please enlighten us).

2)You seem especially resentful and bitter that Mr.Tarrant has ascended to such acclaim and following of his actions and Manifesto.

3)The Yellow Vest have accomplished exactly what of their stated goals, or anything of substance?

4)You do know that supporters of LEO's are manifesting a greater desire which is a lawful orderly society, that logically would support the removal of individuals and groups that undermine their chief desire for a lawful & orderly society?

4)The "50 nobodies" he VIOLENTLY destroyed has produced a TECTONIC shift ( the suppression of his FB video stream of SLAUGHTER of ISLAMIC'S was unlike anything seen WORLDWIDE to date. Thought experiment Google ISIS videos of slaughter & brutality-they are manifold. WHY? Think NIGGER!) in the perception of the mass acceptance of Islam and demographic replacement of whites globally.

5) **Accelerationism***is the REVOLUTIONARY and ASYMMETRICAL strategy that will NOT FAIL in its MISSION statement.

5) Shock & Awe effected by kinetic actions delivered to the SM & MSM globally is the FINAL SOLUTION of our STRUGGLE.


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I'm not sure what you're on about, but you sure seem upset and obsessed with some guy you had an argument with once.
And you sure aren't talking about the material in front of you.

Okay, so because a nigger does something against the interests of the people importing and enfranchising niggers, we should condemn her. The jews golems are working against them and in the perfect form to turn politically minded good goyim against their globalist overlords. Don't let your ideology get in the way of a tactical victory.

I addressed these claims in the OP. People have stood up to being disarmed and they have died. They did not kill any cops. Civilians are usually at a disadvantage when organized police are at their door. Mass disarmament would be chaotic which is precisely why it will be "one at a time" with no warning.

Yes, because there's several people on this board that use purple highlights and autistically detail things he finds problematic with 8000x8000 mspaint images full of screengrabs.

Oh wait, nevermind, just one person does that and it's you, Sherlock.

How many? Cite sources.

How many guns have been taken in NZ, as a percentage of the total.

And why do you still think I care about the immediate well-being of those who will not defend themselves? Its like you didn't even read the pic.

It's very likely that media will portray yellow vests in the worst image possible. Meaning as white nazis to the general public - in so far as they are allowed to talk about it - and as negroes to (white) nationalists.

[*avoidance of material before him coupled with descent into clinical insanity intensifies*]

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And there it is. See you in the meta thread

Why would I be in the meta thread? We're talking about the concentrated shilling which this thread is a demonstration of…

You're so mad he spotted you. Are you that embarrassed about your meta thread autism?

You seem strangely obsessed with this person too… I wish I could meet them.
Must have really rustled you.

Try to stay on topic.
This thread is an effortpost, reminiscent of a series of such posts in recent days, about how we should decry Tarrant because its been a month and nothing has happened after an event two years in the making, and why we should instead focus on the Yellow Vests which are months deep with minimal outcome or even awareness on those outside France.

[spoiler]Also, do you know what 'purple highlights' are? Is that a reference to the default Firefox search highlight? I'd ask that other guy, but he seems a bit schizo.[/spoiler}

Except there is no tactical victory. The Golem are NOT turning against their masters in any meaningful way. Nothing you are saying has come to fruition - all we have now is a Somali headress wearing Nigger in office. (She hasn't created some meaningful opposition to AIPAC.) Just because a vocal minority of Communist Extremists agree with each other. The one thing you Civic cucks DID understand seems entirely lost on you - when a Communist extremist screeches - THAT is a form of accelerationism. These groups are both our enemies and you aren't going to win an "optics war" you will just be slow boiled. Tarrant mowing down 50 invaders and inspiring others to take up the torch IS a tactical victory.

Attached: 9j06ux.png (507x446 702.87 KB, 262.16K)

Oh man, he still hasn't learned


But, as the result of NZ, the US gov is having hearings on White Nationalism wherein Jewish Nationalists declare White Nationalism to be a euphemism for white supremacy, while declaring anti-Jewish Nationalism to be anti-Semitism.

I am not the arbiter of anything, just an observer who likes to argue and occasionally try to challenge the current trend the collective seems to be following. The amount of shilling since the dethroning of kampfy has been noticeably increased (not defending him, it's nice to criticize zion don, but we could use a lot more banning around here).
Nope, part of my suspicion with respect to Tarrant is how he seems to be distracting from our focus on (((them))) by our focus on who (((they))) are importing. Symptom vs cause argument essentially.
Not at all, he has done a great deal to spread awareness about "the great replacement" which is a fantastic outcome. Also, something about "Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed" comes to mind.
Until France put their army on the streets they completely disrupted the weekend economy of Paris, have burned several banks, vandalized a large number of police cameras, burned a favorite restaurant of the elite, and kept their politicians off the streets. I want the yellow vests to /accelerate/ not lone wolves.
Or supporters of LEO's are people who follow the law and are more likely to call police than to have the police called upon them. Many of us see them as nigger control, and rural police are really cool (at least in america).
People are already accustomed to censorship for far more benign speech on twitter. England imprisons people for "inciting racial hatred" how many people really would be shocked that murdering muslims wouldn't be censored? How is this a big deal when people say "kill all whites" every day and that's okay but "We need to stop all immigration" is a bannable offense? I feel this is a far more important example than "Tarrant vs. ISIS videos" most of which will never be sought or seen by the masses.
>5) Accelerationism*is the REVOLUTIONARY and ASYMMETRICAL strategy that will NOT FAIL in its MISSION statement.
Accelerationism is disorganized and just like Islamic terror accomplishes nothing politically other than to create boogeymen and media fodder.
Do you mean kill reporters? That would probably work better than killing randoms.

It's green, not purple/pink like you use, faggot


With that said, it is obvious that the shill attacks have started in earnest on Zig Forums. I'll remind every honest user here that accelerationism was never the goal of starting racewars - it was the goal of redpilling the public so that they can push in unison to repel the invaders (both mudslime and kike). "Repelling" in this case can also mean political and social repelling. Shills are instigating violence so they can tighten the grip if someone actually follows through, this is true, it is also done to discredit this board as general hatemongers and to gaslight anons about reality. It is a fact that we can win. We are gaining ground and have done so monumentally for a month now by redpilling the public while using (((their))) tightening grip as ammunition back at them. We are successful, we're acknowledged by the left, and it frightens them which also makes us a target.


I'm sure the majority of anons already know this, but I'll make it clear for all; white violence is used by (((them))) to justify raking in more power. Hitler and his party tried to use violence, but failed miserably because they did not have the support of the people and THEY GAINED THE SUPPORT OF THE PEOPLE BY PEACEFULLY SHOWING WHO THE TYRANTS WERE. (((They))) know this is the most powerful weapon against them, because (((they))) are puppeteers and not an actual legitimate power of their host countries. (((They))) rule with blind ideology, not with rationality and true and tested virtues. When the people around the world see their true colors, what they've done, then they will immediately be powerless. VIOLENCE HAS THE OPPOSITE EFFECT, BECAUSE IT ONLY REINFORCES THE INDOCTRINATED NAZI CARICATURE THE PUBLIC HAS OF US - WHICH ULTIMATELY WEAKENS OUR CREDIBILITY.

Go out to the lion's den, into mainstream social media and drop truthes to the public. Pinkpill them slowly but surely, because this is a WAR which can only be won by taking every foot of ground, and every advantage we can get. NPCs proudly proclaim that "they stand on the right of history", yet you and I know this is not true. HITLER STOOD ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY - IT WAS DONE BEFORE AND IT CAN BE DONE AGAIN. Accelerationism is to accelerate the dissonance between reality and (((the illusion))). Every person they jail on absurd charges, every show of (((power))) that has seemingly no merit, every act of censorship, power taken from the people, every politician who lies through their (((filthy teeth))) - all of these accelerate the realization of the public of (((TYRANNY))). That is the true goal of accelerationism.




No one believes a word you say.

Okay so? It has been an illegal opinion in public for decades - like my earlier post said, no one has campaigned on anything even close to that. Now you have admitted they never will. Congratulations you now understand why the political solution is a rat trap and in your own words too.

Checked for, of whom? I don't disagree, mind you, but please: Detail what sort of 'shilling' you've seen, if you will.

>Nope, part of my suspicion with respect to Tarrant is how he seems to be distracting from our focus on (((them))) by our focus on who (((they))) are importing
He talks about this in the manifesto.
Juxtapose Tarrant VS Bowers.

How badly?
Who cares? Not the elite, I'm sure.
Who told you this, other than the MSM?

I see a lot of talk about things like this, I always wonder as to the actual scale of effect/impact.
Can't trust the media, after all.

You are not a clever fellow.

And you are obsessive.

So? Its a big step.
Campaigned on what? White nationalism? What are you even talking about?

Wait, do you actually think there's a political solution to this mess? You must be simple minded.

Fuck off mordecai

You do realize that its green, but turns purple, by default, when you use the find feature to switch through the selected factors, yes? I don't know what you're on about, just thought I'd let you know.

Except he's right. Pic related.
Says the guy that was BTFO out of the board months ago but continues to come back thinking he's the savior of us all with his mspaint edits.

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Already exposed.

Post another image of exactly that with a ? In the search field.
Anyway, you sure are off topic. Better report.

No it doesn't

[spoiler]And be sure to click 'highlight all'.(/spoiler]

Honestly, everything. I think there are kushnerbots galore, I think there is far more D&C bullshit (e.g. whiter than you, generally unproductive inflamatory posting), a lot more (1)s and one liners which are usually insults or baseless accusations, the yang thing was also annoying as fuck and came off as a forced meme, basically the whole place has been shitted up to the max and I don't even know who is shilling who anymore. I have also lost pretty much all faith in any mode of action because it seems like we are on this constant downward spiral to hell with or without accelerationism and I would really like to have a whitepill.
Badly enough that they boarded up multiple businesses. I don't have access to financial data to do a meaningful analysis for you.
I think it impacts them more than some dead muslims.
Who told you this, other than the MSM?
The first few weeks Macron didn't even go back to france.

You have to be able to sift through the shit to get at the information.

Global report.

I'm getting hungry. You guys feeling hungry? For kike brains?

Don't eat brains they have prions which will kill you.

user, the spiral is the white pill. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you like this.
Beyond that, I agree with your assessment.

Meaning we have little data on actual impact on that front.
And now? Also: Who told you that?
I know, I'm trying to discern what you've concluded is the real info, and how you did so.

S'truth. Cannibalism = prions = transmissible spongiform encephalopathy.

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Go back to cuckchan. Reported.

Reported for what?
If pic related draws no action, I think I'm safe.

Reported. Go back.

Nah. Its terrible.

Reported for admitting you're a cuckchan nigger


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Great responses.
This is spirit WE all would love to witness on and ongoing basis glowniggers and kibbutz teens aside.

4) (((they))) are TERRIFIED of this catalytic and probable chain reaction adoption tactic to Mr. Tarrants of widely disseminating the slaughter of Islamic's in a peaceful setting (flipping the script nigger! Now the POC and their PERCEPTIONS, are not safe in the GLOBES safest environs…Savvy?)
5) Accelerationism is VERY disorganized by definition,silly. It is uncoordinated, non centralized and fully globally distributed strategy that builds momentum upon each successive event. We (3 % of Pop. that is militant) are a non centralized and distributed struggle that is a highly adaptive, recursively learning VIRUS like movement. The actors are WHITE able to move about TRANSPARENTLY , NON criminal and the best of them do NOT affiliate or share their innermost pland/goals as this is a decentralized 'LONE WOLF' movement.The bigger non violent and centralized political movements can provide tacit support while maintaining a credible distance.This strategy has ultimately no defense that can be mounted by the Globalist, other than what the PRC is doing to the Uighur's in China.

You aren't allowed to use both boards? Thats not in the rules.
But repeatedly posting off topic is…


The rules are made by a BO that hates this board. They do not matter. You are not welcome here regardless. Go back. Reported.