Blackpilled predictions for the future of America

I'd like to take a swing at how I think a Right-Wing 'revolt' would play out in America. Please try to excuse me, as my thoughts on this are somewhat disorganized, and I am trying to tie things together.

I predict that there will be an inflection point of great economic instability and possible collapse sometime within the next 5-15 years. The signs of this have been in the tea leaves for quite a while now, but I cannot say for certain what specifically will precipitate this collapse. One likely possibility is a move by China and/or Russia to replace the U.S. Dollar on the global market, but this really is unimportant.

Preceding this I predict that racial tensions and inter-racial violence will accelerate over the same time period, with racial antagonism against whites making up the bulk of this increase. Knowledge of this will be suppressed if possible by the media and the public/private axis, and obfuscated and minimized where it cannot be ignored. People will still be able to learn of this, though non-approved methods of communication and information will be increasingly shut down, largely justified as fighting 'hate.'

Laws predilected on combating white supremacy will be instituted, likely only on the national level, but starting in Liberal states, as well as left-leaning cities and municipalities. Even where these laws are not instituted their strictures will be willingly enforced by non-state actors out of conformity to social norms or fear of sanction. Attempts to combat these laws on 1st amendment grounds will ultimately fail. Minor gun control legislation will be introduced along similar lines, expect national-level employers to start asking if you are a gun owner at interviews.

All of this will result in an increasing anxiety among whites, though the urban shitlib and soy-fed suburbanite type will deny reality throughout this period. Genuine right-wing types will be dismayed, terrified and subject to increasing scrutiny by the state. As always, any attempt to organize that is discovered will be subverted or suppressed. The government will compile great lists based on web traffic and surveilled communications.

When the economy begins collapsing the racial violence will explode, alongside other forms of chaos such as mass layoffs, bank runs etc… PoC and blacks will have largely become accustomed to being lightly policed, and will quickly become uncontrollable. Shitlibs and deracinated suburban whites, terrified and bewildered, will beg the government to restore order. This chaos will be used by the state to justify martial law, the public sector will acquiesce to all demands.

Any right-winger that is identified as a provocateur will be SWATed. All attempts by right-wingers to organize will be shut down electronically, with the disorganized remnants getting tracked down by the authorities. There will be much talk though approved channels about the terror of right-wing white violence, even as Blacks and other diversity tear cities and towns apart. All people will be allowed to hear about is violent rednecks and neo-nazi terror cells being exposed, the few scattered instances of real armed resistance will be overwhelmed and used as propaganda for further crackdowns. Urban shitlibs will smirk in satisfaction within their green-zones, suburban whites will be dismayed but will have no recourse, being too terrified to offer anything more than mild complaints.

There will be no intervention by the military. Any soldiers or officers to resist will be quickly and publicly outed as crypto-fascists and made to serve as examples, and in any case the government will largely be relying on domestic agencies and police forces for groundwork. Agents of ZOG will gleefully round up white's, this is what they've been waiting for. There will be significant resistance by local police departments after the scale of this operation become apparent, but the state will swiftly punish those who refuse, and have enough manpower to shuffle personnel across the country quickly enough to get the job done.

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At this point all pre-existing centers of resistance will have been destroyed. There will be no remaining infrastructure for right-wingers to communicate and organize through (what remains will serve as a honey trap) and all institutions will be fully on board with the fight against 'white nationalism.' The whites that remain - disarmed, unorganized, generally liberal and at this point below 50% of the population - will be thoroughly subdued and reliant both physically and psychologically on state protection from the PoC hordes. Said hordes will be bribed off from the greenzones, Those who cannot afford to live in these greenzones - gentrified city centers, upscale neighborhoods - will largely be left in the cold. Conditions for whites will degrade to the status of South Africa. Any significant resistance to this process will result in loss of employment, loss of access to private institutions including financial services, loss of state protection and possible incarceration; this will be more than enough to keep your average middle-of-the-road white quiet and obedient.

At this point the economy may or may not stabilize, but it will hardly matter. The authority and power of the state over whites will be uncontestable, and the trajectory beyond this time will proceed in an ever-more dystopic fashion. In the future I may speculate on what may happen beyond this point.

I will admit to being quite blackpilled lately, so if you feel I am being overly pessemistic in my above predictions I am open to honest critique. Thanks, faggots.

The transgender phenomena is entirely fueled by kikes and konsumerism. It's the modern-day clown phenomena, it's the (((people))) at the very top of the system laughing and delighting in the suffering and transformation of their loyal slave pets into sexually confused cyber-whore roboclitoris negroid workforce. I say, to those completely infected with ZOG, live your life as you wish, because there's nothing but darkness and pain in your future.

This thread must be enshrined on this board and this site for generations. You are absolutely correct.
It matters not what we do anymore. This will always and forever be the end outcome. Thereis no reason to fight back anymore, as jews will always win.

Get with the times kid.

Sage and just unrealistic.

You forgot your "Asses and Elbows" signature, sweetie

At this point we have accepted that there is nothing we can do anymore. Much of Zig Forums is already writing suicide pacts and surrender notes as (((those on top))) reach God status.

It's fucking truth. Optimism is cowardice. Resistance is futile. Kikes are God.

Go fuck yourself with a cactus, boomer.

Not your blog.

Any faggot whose posts asks to be excused or includes apologies is 4cuck faggot tier garbage.

>Much of Zig Forums is already writing suicide pacts and surrender notes as (((those on top))) reach God status.
lmfao. You havin' a wank over there, rabbi?

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Get out (((whitepillers))). Anyone should know that the only plan of action for us now is surrender.

If you've ever read a book written before the 1960s, you'd know what those commie pukes do to people who surrender to them. How about you go be a faggot somewhere else.

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Surrendering is gay.

Oy vey

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I believe in a Tale of Two Cities.

"I see Barsad, and Cly, Defarge, The Vengeance, the Juryman, the
Judge, long ranks of the new oppressors who have risen on the
destruction of the old, perishing by this retributive instrument,
before it shall cease out of its present use. I see a beautiful city
and a brilliant people rising from this abyss, and, in their struggles
to be truly free, in their triumphs and defeats, through long years
to come, I see the evil of this time and of the previous time of
which this is the natural birth, gradually making expiation for
itself and wearing out.

"I see the lives for which I lay down my life, peaceful, useful,
prosperous and happy, in that England which I shall see no more.
I see Her with a child upon her bosom, who bears my name. I see her
father, aged and bent, but otherwise restored, and faithful to all
men in his healing office, and at peace. I see the good old man, so
long their friend, in ten years' time enriching them with all he has,
and passing tranquilly to his reward.

"I see that I hold a sanctuary in their hearts, and in the hearts of
their descendants, generations hence. I see her, an old woman,
weeping for me on the anniversary of this day. I see her and her
husband, their course done, lying side by side in their last earthly
bed, and I know that each was not more honoured and held sacred in
the other's soul, than I was in the souls of both.

"I see that child who lay upon her bosom and who bore my name, a man
winning his way up in that path of life which once was mine. I see
him winning it so well, that my name is made illustrious there by the
light of his. I see the blots I threw upon it, faded away. I see
him, fore-most of just judges and honoured men, bringing a boy of my
name, with a forehead that I know and golden hair, to this place–
then fair to look upon, with not a trace of this day's disfigurement
–and I hear him tell the child my story, with a tender and a faltering

"It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done;
it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known."

its not hard to understand. it will be like a microcosm of the worst parts of the world, fighting turf wars across strip malls, under under facial recognition hyper-surveillance that will only be used by brown cops to hunt the last remaining Whites who fight back in self-defense.

the non-violent restraint that enables commerce on a day-to-day basis will swiftly disappear as nigger motorcycle gangs disrupt your daily routine, as do Muslim bombings and Guatemalan kidnappings. there will be no one to call, but if you have enough on your SNAP card maybe you can hire bubba and his multi-cultural 3% pirate squad to maybe talk shit to a rival for you.

amidst all this shit, when you finally get home and bunker down with your GMO cornbread and can of soup, an armed IRS agent will show up to arrest you for not paying triple the standard amount of taxes, for immigrants and reparations and shit.

television will never stop, candy bars will never stop, and insane street drugs like flakka and jenkem will be laughed at by all new concoctions that chemically castrate you while giving you an out of body experience and turning your skin green. its the only body mod you could afford, as cosmetic amputation, even at Wal-Mart's clinic are getting to be just too damn expensive, and you need money for your "headache pills" so you can survive the new 7G towers peppering your neighborhood.

the rich will be so plugged in to VR pedo-sex fantasies they will have little awareness of the outside world, and with drones to bring them their lattes, they will never need to leave the gated communities. of course the gate wont much matter because affirmative action hired tyrone to watch their once lily-white neighborhood, that lost its homogeneity after HUD moved a busload of somalian/honduran welfare queens next to the day spa.

smiles wont fade though. even through the scent of roasting neighborhood poodles, there will be some sunny ass cracker "looking on the bright side" never mind the heart palpitations from doubling down on effexor/zoloft+ he will always "carry on!"

the sun will always rise casting the shadow of a 6 pointed star over us all. the construction of a satellite fed hologram that tracks in realtime so as to always be positioned in front of the sun, was the endgame of 2035's annual taxes. it's boldness was only matched by the galaxies first moon-based holocaust museum that everyone now pays to send brown people to for their school trips.

we took comfort in the fact that we never gave in to those evil basement dwelling nazis from 4chan, and died with our dignity intact. there was a rumor of a peculiar people "who dwell apart" that made the world the way it is, but no one seemed to have time to take action with all of the porno to watch, and chicken wings to gobble. ahhhh, nevermind.

namaste my fellow humans.

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My electrician did work on a house owned by a Pentagon person. The Pentagon person said the civil war was going to happen.

that must be what the FEMA "fusion centers" are for.

I'd like to take a swing at your neck.

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My dad works for nintendo and he said that Halflife 3 was coming out as a switch exclusive.

You don't need government clearance to know that. We could have told you that.

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This is prophetic user. Though I think you are wrong about the odds of success of a revolution.

The military, even being ZOGbots will not stand for the removal of the amendment rights. A majority of it is right-wing as well. Furthermore, communications across the country are very fragile and could be easily cut by those who know what they're doing.

The bigger threat I think, is them using AI robots as weapons. People think AI will lead to flying cars and virtual worlds, how fucking foolish. Once AI becomes too advanced it won't be Skynet, but it will be a weapon. They will be mass produced to fight war. That is what we must truly fear.

That is why accelerationism is so fucking important.

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do you and the jews ITT actually expect anyone to buy this garbage?

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They're terrified BECAUSE we aren't trying.

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Yes, yes he does.
Likely desperate.

Its probable that we don't know how bad things really are, for the .govs.


Fuck this demoralization thread and every shill in it. Sure, things are gonna get bad, REAL BAD, but a new world will be born out from the ashes of the old one. Keep your chin up niggers, because the ride is only starting up.
You're absolutely right, expect UGVs to be deployed during the civil war.

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Nah, they're terrified we will and hence they send OP here. You too by the look of it.


My electrician is not ho-de-hum beer drinking bumbler, he is based ex-IRA Irish militant who is Zig Forums. This wasn't oh "it's going to happen" discussion, it was "the civil war is imminent but we live far enough north from the nearest major urban center that we will be safe from the devastation thanks to our 95% white community."

There are two scenarios:

A. This is a war, just as all others, that can be won and lost, all depending on the people involved and logistics.

B. This is something set in stone. A prophecy. The Book of Revelations speaks very often of these events and what will come to pass. Unfortunately we are nearly meeting all of the prophecies, some which have not been possible before recently. In this scenario we cannot win, and will all die, save for God's direct intervention.

What's interesting to ponder is the psychology of the Jew. He seeks to destroy and exploit, blaspheming the nature of God at every turn. Profane, vulgar, and covetous beyond reason. They have no inherent virtues, and only have one trait that puts them above all else.

Cunning. Of all the peoples on Earth the Jew is by far the most cunning. Where others win wars by force and tactics, the Jew wins war by subversion and betrayal. The Jew makes sure that he can win the war by manipulating the opponents before it even begins.

And, then due to the good nature of the white Gentile races, they can pose to be of the same nature, and very easily exploit them. Now when you couple this with the bond of deserved persecution, they become an army. Insular and inclusive.

Truly, there has never been an enemy on Earth before like the Jews. Where other races may ponder how to advance in life, the Jews ponder how to stop others from advancing in life. Where the Gentile thinks about his family and legacy, the Jew thinks of how to prevent others from enjoying such.

And so, I warn, if the Jew is powerful enough to conquer this whole world, we must then recognize that we are facing a force beyond our grasp, and as prophesied, only God may save us.

Everything they have been doing lately, from the "Tarrant was Mossad" rubbish to that farcical hearing last week, is the kind of blundering you only see from people in a state of panic. They had no plan for this scenario, and went with the first thing their little inbred turkic brains shat out.

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There is no 'god', the are GODS.

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You are literally too stupid to be here.

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Im smarter than you.

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Clearly not.

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I'm hoping surrender is code for ACCELERATE.

The sheer fact that shit tier kike written threads like this are still up is proof that rp user was right and codemonkey is working for the Jewish intelligence community to demoralize the anons

Checked for nice self portrait.

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Black Hole sez: "You have exactly 4564 minutes to live. Enjoy!"

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At least you can admit the truth.

Ask the mods about the WHITE NATIONALISM IS JEWISH spammer.
It really annoys them.

Kill yourself.

I saw the filename, (You) made a post with (your) image attached, whats not to get?
Here's your grandpappy.

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There is no way I am surrendering to (((them))) and I'm not even that right wing in comparison to most of the people here but I most certainly will be when the time comes that they make me choose between neolib bourgeoisie banking cults and heavily armed eco werewolf squads.

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stupid fucking retard

Outs himself as a shill in quite literally the very first word he typed into the subject line. Clever.

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There's only the blue one and the red one, and when you start talking about "blackpills" and "whitepills" you sound like you took the blue one.

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So the Nigger, Kikes and Hitler was right isn't working? No shit.

It's actually a euphemism for nigger nuts.

The Soviets were not saved by the KGB or the East Germans by the Stazi, the ZOG America will not be saved with the FBI and CIA.

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This, they're fucking scattered. Shill operations running 24/7 to protect the status quo.
Even on April Fools the bots on 4chan were running whole threads autonomously, seemingly oblivious to the update the site received.
I never encountered an anti-tarrant poster who showed their score, and I was posting nearly the entire day.
If I have one message for you, it is this.
He is their one shot to reverse all of this. The antithesis of Trump, he would pacify the public with gibs and put off the collapse long enough to secure our loss. Yang is the ONLY decelerationist candidate, and we cannot allow him to win. You might think that it would be impossible for them to field him, but they will if they feel desperate, and he would snatch up lots of states that went red in 2016.
We must make a stand here. Push democratic candidates that will actually accelerate things, at least if Bernie wins we can point to the top and say jew.
Yang would probably actually slow the flow at the border, but the demographics have already sealed our fate. It must accelerate, and to do that we must see a neocon/neolib candidate win 2020. Allow them no outs when it comes to the path that has been chosen. Call Yang a white nationalist candidate, call him a far right extremist, but only in response to his supporters. Don't call undue attention to him.
Above all, stay informed, and stay safe out there.

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I agree with regards to your economic prediction. Retail is collapsing at a stead rate thanks to Amazon and other e-commerce businesses. Corporate bonds are on the verge of tanking. At the very least, it looks like we'll be seeing a repeat of what went down with the housing market back in '06 if shit doesn't change for the better.

This is by far the most intelligent post in this thread so far.

Sage for not being american. And ruminating on what ifs. Who cares how it goes down, IT'S GONNA HAPPEN SO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Blackpill isn't about going "everythings shit" it's realizing everything is shit and moving on and try to do your best anyways.

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spoiler alert: it doesn't. nothing will ever change, just less whites and more non-whites every day 'til there are no whites left. this is the blackpill

Out of all the hysteria, spam, and general faggotry on Zig Forums, this is one of the last few legitimate and rational posts.

Only if you act like a fucking dumbass and circlejerk in misery instead of realizing the things you can do to change the world.
Are you familiar with the art of war?
Act like you are strong when you are weak, and act like you are weak when you are strong.
Right now the enemy is parading around with a facade of strength.
There is no blackpill.
I meet fellows in real life by chance, every one of them like myself.
You hold no power.

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I have a few plans that could potentially make a big difference in the world. The problem is that they require capital I don't have, and the only way to get the capital is to bend the knee to the investment kikes. They'll just corrupt the solutions and make them ineffective all while maximizing their profit. I haven't been able to work out a solution that is feasible at this point. And honestly, I'm so fucking tired of working to solve problems. I figure the maximum damage I can inflict upon the world is to simply do nothing. I'll keep my solutions to myself and wait for the happening.

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It's preying on the weak. There always have been and always will be out-of-tune humans. Our bodies aren't perfect, almost everybody has something which does not work. First and foremost accumulating environmental toxins will whack a ever bigger part of men into labile blobs. Soy is our least problem, just don't eat it. Culture would correct them by signaling into the body either everything is alright and they'd just fake it till they make it or specific changes via the nervous-hormonal system. But now that culture is in the gutter those inputs knock one after the other out of its centered, good life and the confusing inputs… well, confuse them.
I am not speaking about those who are two, learn to speak and say to their mother they are something different. Those might be - horrific, admitted - but still just fuckups of nature.

what's his point really

Stop decelerationism.
Instead of doing nothing, do everything you can to further anti-white agendas while bankrupting their bread and circuses.
Pressure escapist bugman hobbies to go full globohomo.
Let no stone remain unturned.
Thrust their crimes into the light, you nigger.
Be a beacon unto the world, knowing they may never know your face.
Accelerate the discourse, but be careful regarding two things - gun control and immigration.
Those are the two factors that actually matter in a collapse scenario.
Guns and bodies must be cheap and plentiful.
Force them to reveal their obvious mental sicknesses and derangement in public as often as possible.
We win when they field their worst candidates yet find that they are the ones who cannot push forwards laws as fast as they wish.

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Oh look it's another voting still matters faggot. In case you weren't paying attention, this is a black pill thread.

Guns - check.
Immigration - irrelevant, they are third world trash with low IQs, whites will easily conquer them in a post-happening scenario.

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Is op wrong tho?See much evidence to the contrary? Or is he just negative fee-fees?

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The collapse / crisis of the USA has to be accelerated, so that it arrives before we hit the point of no return with the white population.

Yang is just a politician puppet. His policies benefit us because they will destabilize the (((USA))).

Nobody here is a votecuck, they win no matter what candidate runs for office, as long you play the game you lose.

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>His policies benefit us because they will destabilize the (((USA))).
Policies don't destabilize, faggot. People do, with guns.

Could be 1 reason our race is going extinct.
That was from a Heimywood movie.

Yes they do. You can have atrocious economic policy that destroys the economy and thus destabilizes the country.

Actually such centers are the secondary fob centers for the family of 'officials' and the personnel whom are going to try and keep authority. Our illustrious leadership actually think fob hopping like they did in vietnam and those two little middle east wars is going to work when shit goes tits up. They are right on one front, they cannot defend the sheer scale of what they will need to defend in order to retain their power, but they are wrong that such islands of focused defense are going to be anything but an graveyard for their own.

Don't worry, you can keep worrying about camps after you are willingly rounded up or something. Its not like the history of the yid and those they command don't simply march you to the nearest pit, the last thing cowards worrying about being sent to fema camps are going to see is their females hauled off to be raped to death, and that drop into the ditch you are going to spend eternity in. You get to choose long before then, either stand and support those like us, or accept that is your end boomer.

Times up in this minecraft server. Time to honk or get honked.

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Amazon pays 0$ in taxes.
The problem with Yang is that his policies make too much sense for ordinary folk.
Even if the ubi only ends up at 500/month or less, the novelty of every 18 year old's newfound monopoly money will keep them pacified. Yang's promises on border security are actually a 'better deal' than anything Trump has actually accomplished and appear very fair.
18 year path to full citizenship for illegals who participate, same as anyone born here.

It doesn't matter if voting matters, what matters is the COLLECTIVE PUBLIC CONSCIOUSNESS you fucking morons. That's the only thing keeping this shithole together.
You shill niggers posing as blackpilled do-nothing Zig Forumsacks can go jump off a bridge.

Never give up, never surrender. Their tactics of manipulation are to make you feel most isolated and alone when they are at their weakest.

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Me thinks that is just an accurate assessment of current events & what has been for decades.

Fucks sake Moishe, did your account expire again?

Was Nassim really a tranny? Saw vids in tight clothing,hormone/ implanted tds& good tuck job?

Nasim is a male name, like Ilhan (Omar). But 8chaim wants you to believe everything is real, that's why anyone questioning Christchurch is attacked.

What the fuck do you think the red pill even represents?

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Attached: nottranny.jpg (1024x714 88.73 KB, 114.63K)

Or I could just remove the fucking politicians. You can take your politicians and shove them up your ass.

It's almost like you're not from here or something.

Attached: TumbleendorsesbeingaTooltoo.png (540x225, 10.02K)

I was never an elite spook or official, but my uncle,God bless his soul,was a typewriter repairman.

I always enjoy these thought experiments but I don't see how it can ever become reality. There will always be some faggot who fucks it up. One traitor who is a thirsty faggot who dates a non white. And the only way to prevent this is to have rules. If it's an unwritten rule no one will know how to react when eventually some thirsty cuck breaks it. So it has to be a written rule. And this written rule will obviously get outted and acted that all members are racist bla bla.

This is a good lay out of what ZOG & Co. would like to implement and the fashion in which they would like to do so. That is, with minimal resistance and most unquestioningly going along with the program like obedient sheep.

It should be the work of every user & namefag nationalist alike, to devise, perpetuate &/or participate in any viable campaign, operation or action that upsets, interferes or (preferably) derails their overall agenda, or aspects thereof.

Without some form of unity, we'll just be picked off, one by one, one nation at a time.

Do it then. Stop larping as tough guy in the internet and go shoot a politician.
Don't post about your plans here before doing them if you don't want to get vanned, though.

Is that why Whites don't date Neanderthals and Olmecs? Rules? Are you sure you've thought this all the way through?

based and underrated

I don't need to do anything faggot. You need to get the fuck out if you want to shill politicians.

I'm saying that for even a small community. let's say an apartment complex that for the sake of argument is already only white families. One of those families will have either a girl who dates a black man or a man who dates an Asian. There doesn't seem to be a viable solution to prevent this happening.

The last thing we want is white men pacified.

And trusting democrats promises on the border is about as fucking dumb as can be.

A vote for the DNC is vote for accelerationism is the wrong direction.

If you presume that Trump has any chance in 2020, even still it is better that someone like Sanders or Biden go up against him than Yang.


There will always be outliers. What matters is that 90+% don't.

You severely overestimate the power of the government. They're fucking numbskulls all the way up and down. The only reason they get away with what they get away with is because the public and stupid and wants to believe in them.

Once a civil war actually breaks out, the government is not gonna be able to do shit. You know how fucked American infrastructure is? Not to mention how ill prepared the government for a nation wide crisis. Shit ain't getting done. For fucks sake all you gotta do is take out the cell phone towers and the government is at a serious loss in communication. I fully expect the government to pull stupid shit like firing on their own allies when shit hits the fan.

You severely overestimate the power of the government. They're fucking numbskulls all the way up and down. The only reason they get away with what they get away with is because the public and stupid and wants to believe in them.

Once a civil war actually breaks out, the government is not gonna be able to do shit. You know how fucked American infrastructure is? Not to mention how ill prepared the government for a nation wide crisis. Shit ain't getting done. For fucks sake all you gotta do is take out the cell phone towers and the government is at a serious loss in communication. I fully expect the government to pull stupid shit like firing on their own allies when shit hits the fan.

It'll be fun times though!

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