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Aren't you associated with (((Faith Goldy)))?

No I'v never met nor talked to Faith Goldy

What are you gonna kill a jew with a 5 round magazine ya fag

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lmfao just stop.

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That is a ridiculous statement, we do not condone or advocate violence

Get a fucking proper email address. Is this just you and one guy you know online? Be honest.



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CNF Flyer

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CNF Flyers to print

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While I appreciate the effort. This shit is pathetic.

It's still more worth fighting for than US

Don't be a faggot join the Canadian Nationalist Party

All we need on the chans is an active Canadian Nationalism General where we can meme, share info, and escalate our cucked yellow vests into proper french yellow vests.


Frankly your posters look like they're from 2006 stormfront and made in MS paint.
Extremely low quality.

I used to make similar things when I was 16.
You need to back away for a couple years and read, learn, and evolve.
You're not ready to join any movement let alone start one of your own.


Another BASED honeypot that the moderation will gladly leave up!

I remember a few years ago this woman claimed to have started the Canadian National Socialist party.

Iv been in the movement 27 years, I'm a veteran activist.

Our organization has been active for 10 years

How many van your operation prepared?

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What's with all these odd childish terms? What does that even mean? Speak English please.

That hasn't happened to us in 10 years, no infiltration and no arrests, that doesn't happen anymore because we have security protocols

That has not happened since the 1990's, we've learnt from the past and now our movement is weakened because of being too paranoid. WE have nothing to hide and do not condone or advocate anything illegal.


Sorry we do not use National Socialist symbols, we are a Civic/Ethno-Nationalist organization.


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then you are not a threat and just a place for gays to meet up and fuck

It's crawling with RCMP academy cadets.

Lol not even close. Nice try though.

Funny how you don't know common memery and yet some how you knew to show up to both 4chan and Zig Forums Zig Forums looking to get people to expose their identities. Tell your handler to stop being a nigger.

I welcome any new nationalists
However we are here…everyday we grow stronger
We’re coming.

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Memes are a kids thing, I'm just here to educate, inspire and recruit Normies

Looking for quality members not quantity.

Get with the times, memes are as important as taking a submachine gun and dumping 32 rounds into a niggers chest before his carcass hits the ground. I'm not particularly fond of such things but dems the rules.

Ontario user reporting in. How do I join?

Nothing about deportations in here?

Btw I studied our border indepth. Aside from a few weak points mostly along Quebec, it's very secure, we just need an actual will to shoot the invaders that come across.

Yeah, yeah another (((honeypot))). Go along, nothing interesting to see here and there.

Guess how do I know you're not who you're pretending to be?
You really need to educate yourself on infiltration tactics, mr. Officer.

No genuine person would ever advertise their group here on Zig Forums because WE all know this place is under 24/7 surveillance.

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>Iv been in the movement 27 years, I'm a veteran (((activist))).

Yeah, yeah sure mr. Officer.

I am.very skeptical of the idea that you get absolutely no infiltration into your group, regardless of your “security procedures”. It is extremely unlikely that you have absolutely air tight organizational security…

Nonetheless, I must check and point out your ID - it starts with 88, followed by ad. Ad in numbers would be 14, and so your ID is 8814. Backwards 1488 is still pretty sweet, user.

They have no 'infiltration' in the group, because the (((group))) itself is one big honey pot, user. Do you really believe that any genuine organization would advertise here on Zig Forums knowing that this place is under 24/7 surveillance? Well, even if these retards were genuine they will be infiltrated in a minute notice because all law enforcement agencies in US/ Canada monitoring this place are now after them (which is extremely unlikely as they are in 99% a honeypot). That being said keep away from this mess, anons. Daily reminder to keep to 2 - 3 men cells with members being only the people you personally know, know their families and customs and can totally trust.

Just contact us and we will go from there

WE will deport anyone not born here as many as possible to their ethnic Turd world country of origin.

You better not, unless you want to have not quite enjoyable close encounter with Canadian law enforcement. Just look at their posters and message they are more than obvious honey pot.

Iv been across Canada and you can walk across the border in most of the provinces on the border, I walked into the USA from a border crossing at 5am when I was in BC. It is not secure at all

Lol I remember that cartoon from my WAR skin days

We do not care about anything under surveillance, that is just assumed, we have nothing to hide and are legal so why would we hide?

Obviously not, us older folk are not as computer savvy as you millennials

Oh look, a blatant honeypot and it's leaf this time.

Do you really think, mr Officer, that we are that stupid? It doesn't matter whether you're legal or illegal, as long as you spread pro white message which is extremal harmful to the (((system))) it is more than obvious that you will be in the immediate circle of interest of political police…, sorry law enforcement. Canada is only slightly less cucked than UK, where you can go to prison for misgendering…
Do you really, really think that law enforcement agencies who spent about 1/4 of their annual budget on combating 'hate criminals' and other wrong thinkers would go mad about dealing with people who misgender tranny freaks and totally disregard genuine pro white organizations which are by default not so politically correct? You really meed free time, officer. Your wife and children are waiting for you and you're doing what? Trying to trick innocent whites into this honey[ot and then destroy their young lives?

Not quite, I'd rather say that the department you're working for is heavily understaffed and/or under qualified. Nothing extraordinary because it is common knowledge that (((Canadian government))) is really pushing hard to hire minorities into law enforcement which are not quite as bright and competent as white people are, you're an astonishing example, mr. officer.

You mean Day of the Rope, idiot.

Mr. officer, you really need a break.

This is Kevin Goudreau.
Cops don't have these tattoos, enough with these childish comments. Know who your dealing with before you speak.

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can we just send canucks back to china where they belong? i'd be suprised if any white people are still there in canada

Officer, I want to remind you that we can actually see the names of the files, you upload. Filename 'nazi' means to things:
1) it is either fake photo download from internet, used to build trust for your not so successful honey pot attempt.
2) Photo from your intel of some skin guy. If this is the case it seems that you guys don't really like right wing folks because word 'nazi' has kind of negative meaning and no real white nationalist would ever name his photo like that.
I can now say with 100% certainty that you're not /ourguy/ know white nationalist would call a photo like that. It is either officers or leftist cucks who use this term extenisvely, mainly as a file name.
Officer, it seems like your department is heavily understaffed and not very competent.

Yeah you can walk across but can you do it without being filmed and detected?

Does that mean their anchor babies get to stay?

Okay. You may email me at [email protected] or [email protected]

Canada is still 75% White but declining quickly.

You fucked up your honeypot operation pretty badly mister officer. Seems like you really need to start from scratch with new honeypot. Posting a photo from internet from known 'meme nazi' LE collaborator is pretty lame, don't you think?


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No they get repatriated as well

You fucked up pretty badly if they can link your email to you. The photo he attached is known to circulate on Internet and shows a known skin celebrity LE operative, It is obvious that it is either some Antifa doxxing or real LE.

its worse than america in terms of whiteness, china is colonising you at a steady pace

Yes the most of Turd worlders come from China and the Asia minor, middle east then Africa

If I were an out of touch boomer leaf cop, this is exactly the kind of picture I would use to convince people this wasn't a honey pot.

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You ain't fooling me CSISnigger/RCMPnigger

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Already been visited by CSIS. I think they are /ourguys/ dragging their feet. If you don't know what I mean by that, they have to do their job of protecting the national security.

I'm familiar with the history of COINTELPRO and every spook subject you can think of. Check this out btw it's a good resource someone's been putting together recently:

I believe we need to make our presence felt in Canada and that posters, marching, and such is a good way to start. We need the general public to know we exist, we're around, and for every white person who sympathizes with us to know they aren't alone.

I don't really care that there is going to be spooks in any public group. Even spooks can have their hearts and minds changed. I will look into their souls and know what I am dealing with.

Anyways I am under some heavy spiritual protection. Worst case scenario will easily turn into best case scenario for the simple fact that my heart is pure. I have nothing to fear for I walk in the light.

Ok, so now as we now you're actually a law enforcement officer, could you answer just a few questions?
1) Are you white? If so is the money worth destroying lives of your fellow white brothers?
2) Are you male or female? Canadian police is so cucked with females that you never know and I need to know how to refer to you, MR or MRs. I know misgendering is a criminal offense in Canada so I'd prefer not to…
I think your superiors really should rethink the whole concept of quota and diversity hires system because it makes you guys seem a bit retarded.

He should get a protonmail.

(Skype)kevingoudreau my skype account if you have the balls to see it is me

So tell me, do you people actually use that Taj Mahal HQ building? I know DND won't go near that Chinese-bug infested place.

How are you dealing with the funding crisis now that weed is legal? Pot growers used to be the biggest fucking CSIS rats back in the day.

how about [email protected] instead?

OK, nice to see you again mr. officer. I guess you went to your it department to get some tips, didn't you? They are not so bright guys either it seems. You know, if you want to seem at least partly credible you should really use some anonimity based software, certainly not skype… Ehhh, officer you're really not the brightest out there it seems or maybe you're a female? They are quite that retarded, especially female police.

(Skype)kevingoudreau my skype account if you have the balls to see it is me, if you people do not Skype me then stop with the ridiculous accusations

woo lad

The Brits think they're facilitating Chinese money laundering FWIW.

What about some anonymity based software, mr officer? I guess nah, because your infiltration wouldn't go so well and you couldn't really prepare any raids after anons here…

They went all out on this op. Logo and everything.

You're the cop, ask your sarge.

I await your Skype requests Keyboard commandos.

you mean your hobby, its obviously organization

I've been in the movement 11 years and remember AWyattMann comics being en vogue.

You still need better material for posters and I and others can help with that.

Silence. Is. Better.

Reinforcements have arrived, huh? You're really not so bright out there in your local department, officers.

Maybe, you would be a bit more credible with your allegations if your colleague didn't post so compromising photo from INTERNET of known LE collaborator. Tell your superiors that he certainly isn't illegible for promotion!

Mr, officer it seems that you ignored my request for anonymity based communications Skype is almost the furthest from anonymity. Who could have fucking guessed that you would ignore my request? After all you're not going to waste tax p[ayers money when you can't really arrest anybody, don't you?

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We have T-shirts and mugs still available.

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Civic nationalism is cucked unless you mean we aren't deporting the Native Americans which I'm on board with, we just need to ban miscegenation and encourage them to live on their reserves and have their own language and culture and be separate from us.

You can't be ethno-nationalist and civic nationalist.

Btw check out this attempt at a manifesto I made awhile ago:

Yes that is what I meant, we accept natives as citizens

Normies don't exist here so you're looking in the wrong place if you want to recruit normies. Only the most hardcore of white nationalists are to be found on Zig Forums.

Ok, officer. You're really starring to play on my nerves/ Did you idiot know that it is possible to 'image search' and thus i can check and checked that ALL your images come from internet? You're not a genuine persona given the fact that you upload no 0!!! unique images that cannot be found on the internet.

Guess how do i know that you're a cop!?

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…or antifa doxxer to be specific

WAR (White Aryan Resistance) is the right way to do violence at this stage. Any group activities should be peaceful at this time. Anyone who strikes a blow against ZOG must do entirely on his own without group support and ideally should leave any groups months beforehand as to not get any groups in trouble.

Nothing wrong with advertising on Zig Forums. The only thing that is concerning is this guy really needs to up his Zig Forums game.

And it wouldn't really matter even if you were a genuine Kevin Goudreau. because this hole joke of an organization you're advertising here is more than obviously a honeypot. You are a real life embodiment of jewish 'evil nazi' meme and as history shows us 99% of time such organizations are created and run by LE. So even if you're this 1% and genuine I'm not taking any chances!

Yes because there is literally nothing wrong with forming a group to advocate for white interests.

…or if you want to go down that route just be a one man cell although it would be inspiring to see 2 or 3 men working together to achieve great things.

Really it doesn't matter where they get dumped as long as they just aren't here. Israel could take them and I wouldn't be opposed to that, heh. Would be funny to troll Israel by suggesting to them they can take them. They could all go to India or Liberia or some other shithole even if they don't actually belong there. Just anywhere but here.