Interesting lecture: How the leftist mass manipulation works

To understand why there are lots of conflicts between groups of people in USA and Europe, you should definitely check out Yuri Bezmenov’s lecture and interview from early 1980s. Yuri was an KGB agent who deflected to Canada.

He explains the mass psychology manipulation and power usurping techniques used by the communists/Marxists. The idea is to subvert people’s ideology and cause conflicts between all groups of people. Social justice / weaponised compassion / rights of sexual and racial minorities / etc. are mentioned as being used as weapons to destabilise the country and to cause crisis. Then the new power can step in and take total control. Really scary stuff.

Interesting fact is that if you try to mention any of Yuri’s videos in the Youtube’s comments section, your comments will get censored immediately. You will see your own comments, but when you log out, you don’t see the comments anymore. Youtube tricks you into thinking people see your comments.

Here are the videos. Check them out for yourself and you’ll understand a whole lot more what’s happening right now in the world.

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Wow! This is the very first time anyone on 8/pol/ has ever heard of this.
Great job OP.

No one here is redpilled anymore, so we may as well repost the same shit every single day and never progress or grow in any way.

Given the state Zig Forumsis in atm many anons might not even have the basics required to understand Yuri.
I sometimes really wonder why I still come here.

He was just telling his handlers what they wanted to hear. Otherwise they would have just traded him back for an actual asset.

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The problem with Yuri is he fails to highlight that it was the CIA and the bankers that were subverting the west not the commies. I mean if you really want to push it you can argue that capitalism and communism are part of the same false dialectic and the whole east/west thing was manged.
Either way fuck the glow niggers

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Tell us new fags where the basics are then. If you're not still here to help the anons to the path then get out of here or stop posting. You're not helping user.

To cast pearls before swine.

Yeah you're right. Just had a moment of weakness and let the shill and tard shitpost spam get to me.

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If you want to do something about all this, you could start by making the recruiting process much harder for the communist/Marxists.

Yuri mentions these people as “useful idiots”. They are the people who think they matter a lot. If you give them wealth, power or make them famous, they’ll do almost anything needed to further the agenda. If the applauds end, they get devastated and go to great lengths to get their treat again.

Here’s one way how they are being recruited for the cause:

1. Recruiting person speaks casually about ideological things they are trying to push forward: “Too bad all those rivers will be polluted or dry soon…” or “Wouldn’t it be nice if you could start again, just like in the movie Fight Club?”.

2. If the person responds in a positive way and/or with interest, he’s a potential recruitable person.

3. The recuitable person will be shown all the symbolism in the pop culture, advertisements, magazines, movies, which are being used by this hidden power hungry conspiracy. He will be told that “those were made by our group of people” and “you can now be part of the select few / special people who have been chosen in this secluded group of people / to save the world / to make the world a better place / etc.”

4. Now it’s REALLY HARD to resist the temptation to join this group, since the recruitable person feels really special (even though he’s just a useful idiot).

5. The person joins similar cell like movement structure, like most underground movements have been in the history: fairly small groups of people know who the others are, but they don’t have direct contact to other similar cells of people. If one cell gets exposed, they can’t expose the rest.

Back 2 reddit faggot.

Its the (((Leftists)))

Posting yuri like everyone hasn't seen it 88 times. It is on YouTube suggestions for this particular demographics algorithmic echo chamber

Honestly I think not everyone saw complete interview and complete lecture. His interview actually has pretty interesting bits which never were posted there, one of very important was about journalism and leftists overall, ie that they never tried to give real information about soviet union no matter how hard he tried to leak information to them because journalists are tools, useful idiots.
My favorite part was about how he basically said that shills and leftists don't belong to the VIP circle which uses them as tools to get into power and when they serve they purpose the kikes will get rid of those tools because they know too much: either they kill them or make them their slaves. And you know, the funniest part is that shills with leftists don't realize that no matter who win they will suffer the most, there is no way shills can win.
In fact, I can tell you for certain that OP and the people who made this pic haven't seen the entire thing himself. The "left" never had any kind of power since it's just a tool to demoralize society. Bezmenov himself in that interview called them political prostitutes which should not be treated seriously.
Those videos should be mandatory to watch from the beginning to the very end for everyone who visit the site.

He didn't specifically named who was doing this in the west and he probably didn't have much knowledge about CIA or other agencies due to his position which barely has anything to do with foreign agencies. He actually mentioned them in the interview in regard of India, he said to CIA that India was used to destroy Pakistan and CIA said he was watching too much James Bond movies. Chances are he didn't have a lot of specific knowledge about how western countries and its agencies were working because he was in the USSR, that includes banks. Had he knew, he wouldn't try to leak information to journalists or hoped they would say the truth about USSR.

OP here:
I have watched the lecture twice and the interview once. I intend to watch them many times more while trying to figure out ways to inform greater public about these things. I also try to figure out how to hinder the recruiting process of these people.


If user would find a way to explain to greater public the basics of the techniques/tactics in these videos, it would start to turn the tide against the leftist/Marxist people. It would make their job a lot harder…

As he said, it would take 50 years to change demoralization course and that was in 80s peacefully and he's absolutely not wrong, the only way to change things peacefully is to create new generation raised on patriotism, culture or family values. By that time we probably go extinct. The only way to bring change faster is to create crisis situation so that people would lose their comfort and realize that the society is destroyed, because he was absolutely right that not even giving an actual evidence to brainwashed idiot would change his mind. Though there are people who aren't completely fucked in their head.

You are right. But there are still lots of people who have enough morals that they can make a difference / turn the tide / almost stop the progress of this situation, if they get educated on this topic. It could help if online sites, such as humour sites, would be polluted with interesting factual information about Sun Tau's Art of War (the basics of what Yuri talks about). This makes a lot of people notice it applies 100% to the situation of the world today.

This is kind of what I said in my last part and I never thought otherwise for many reasons, though I think there are countries which cannot be redeemed.
The real problem is that the jew has too much power and can assassinate you politically at any time if you try to go against them, something he also covered in his interview and he wasn't the first to point that out. This creates the situation we have now which is a much bigger problem compared to clueless idiots: people are simply scared to act and make a difference. Actually Zig Forums is no different in that aspect except people here have much more information or knowledge about the enemy and most people think that they're in minority unlike those who are ignorant to everything. People are still afraid to lose everything which makes it risky to go against the jew, the lack of knowledge about the enemy makes the situation even worse since many people would have to fight blindly without understating whom they have to fight exactly.
Remember experiment where Swedish were saying how much they love illegals and that they would totally allow them to live in their home and how then they refused to accept an actual refugee? All of them also acted quite uncomfortable when interview was asking those people how they felt about refugees, you could see that even if you don't know body language well. That's because those people know that if they try to be honest they would get at best mocked and at worst their lives would be completely destroyed.
The fear and false feeling of lonesomeness created by jew should be destroyed completely as a first step, only then people start fighting for their countries and no traitor would be able to stop the people.

A must watch video featuring some of this interview by resident badass, Marang Bad.

Morals will find you dead when you fight an enemy that has none. So die with your ethics and morals. Your enemies will laugh while they rape and murder your wife and fuck over your failed and useless life slave.

Yuri Bezmenov is a lying piece of shit who probably defected to that thing called "Canada" because he thought it would let him get a chance to fuck niggers. Worthless shill for the ZOG deserved to be shot.
In one of this videos, he literally says the Soviet economy was powered by prison labor, with more than 30 million people (more than the entire population of "Canada") in penal colonies. This myth was finally put down in the late 80s, but you still hear it from time to time from faggots like this user who suck ZOG-cock.
Worthless hunky trash.

How is any of that shilling for ZOG??

For one, the stupid fucking hunky liar is defecting to the ZOG and telling them what they want to hear, no matter how stupid it is (30 million people in prison in the USSR!).
Did the USSR force integration with niggers on the White Nation? Why doesn't he talk about how the White Nation had integration with niggers forced on them? Oh right, that would offend his new ZOG masters he is trying to please, by spreading lies about Eastern Europe.

Cmon OP Bezmenov's lecture is something everybody should have watched before. It's a classic.

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Well, back when this dude came over here, USSR was a well-known shithole. Our government wasn't nearly as obviously ZOG infested. We only see the infiltration because we've seen the fruit of policies, some of which, were only being implemented when he defected.

That's how ZOG-faggots think: would it benefit me personally to live in Eastern Europe?
Of course it was a shithole compared to the "Western" capitalist countries. They didn't have vast colonies to extract surplus value from, like the ZOG does (gotta keep them welfare benefits flowing to the niggers).
This is a fucking lie. By the time that hunky liar came to "Canada," forced integration with niggers had been the order of the day for more than 20 years. He no doubt thought it was a good thing: look how noble the ZOG is, they forced integration with niggers on the whites!
The Cold War was a purity spiral between the "West" and the USSR, and it was ended because the "West" proved how 'pure' it was by how "America" treated its niggers.
And this wasn't lost on this hunky faggot Yuri Bezmenov. His entire screed is a rant to the rulers of the ZOG how their System might come apart, how someone might rile up the niggers, spicks, etc, and subvert their multi-culty paradise. They you can't understand either shows you're stupid beyond belief, or you're a ZOG-faggot yourself.

Yea, right. It's not like the Soviets ever jacked an entire nation of its domestically produced food supply only to leave them starving by the millions over the winter.

Yea, dem Soviets dindu nuffin.

The USSR experienced famines periodically all over the place because it was a backwards, underdeveloped country, and that's what happens in them. Russia had 600 famines in the last 1,000 years of its history. There was no 'Ukrainian' famine, there was a famine all over the USSR.
They didn't force integration with niggers on the White Nation. That was that thing called "America."
You'd be hard-pressed to find a nigger that understood anything about the world outside of their immediate context.
Hunky is what the White Nation used to call Eastern European immigrants, dumbass ZOG-faggot.
Who cares? ZOG-faggots like yourself, who love that thing called "America." Revolutionary White Nationalists want "America" to die. The sooner "America" dies, the better off the White Nation will be.


Bezmenov seems to be rather quite naive and lacked knowledge about western countries which isn't surprising since he was from USSR, left the country in 70s and wasn't working in foreign intelligence. Many people were ignorant to western problems during those times, especially in USSR because information wasn't as freely available as it is now. He even naively suggested the kikes which ran USA at that time to stop sponsoring communism and start promoting patriotism and he believed that western countries have a bright future, the same way he thought about USSR, though he obviously was doubtful in the interview in case of America. I bet by the end of his life he realized how fucked up western world was because he's clearly not an idiot and saw what was coming for America.
However his views are irrelevant in the end, the important thing about Bezmenov is that he did share valuable information about propaganda effectiveness and on that he can be trusted because that was his job.

You want America to die?


I get being against the foreign influence we exhibit. But that power vacuum won't dissappear with America.

And given the current cucked state of the West, it's curious why any white would want the one nation with wide access to guns & free speech would want America to die. In fact, I only ever seem to encounter people with that mindset on the one forum that has to be one of the biggest targets for glow-in-the-dark subversion and demonization in existence.

I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you keep tripping my, fluore-sence, if you will.

America is a puppet state. It's like saying that death of India would kill UK back in 19 century. Israel will continue to exist and all the US kikes will leave to their mainlands. Elimination of Israeli puppet state would damage their influence and infrastructure, but won't eliminate the enemy and thus parasite will continue to destroy its hosts.

"America" is what is oppressing the masses of the White Nation. "America" died in 1865. "America" is a walking corpse, feeding on the brains of the children of the White Nation. Either "America" will die so the White Nation can live, or the White Nation will die to continue feeding that walking corpse.
This stupid ZOG-faggot thinks you have freeze peach in "America." Does it not occur to him that you can't post anything on the internet against the ZOG without it being immediately censored nearly everywhere? Does it not occur to him you have to tell the government you have guns?
Who cares what you think, ZOG-faggot? Does your fag fluoresence go off when you read the Turner Diaries too?

Can you guess the 1 term that just completely gave you away?

As soon as the forces fighting for the National Liberation of the White Nation get their hands on the nukes, Israel will turn into glass.
The only chance Kikes have to say themselves is to change their names, leave to other Nations, and never tell anyone they are a Kike. The White Nation Liberation War is going to wipe Kikes off the planet, and their only hope is to destroy their identity now, because we're not going to show them any mercy after the war has already begun.

When people say that America should die they mean that it should be killed as jewish state, as in the kikes infesting America should be eliminated forever. And America isn't free, I'm not sure it ever was. The purpose for America was always to be a base of operation for jew, this very concept is against anything free. And what's the point for your guns if you can't and don't use them? When you raise against the kikes and use those guns then I'll change my mind.

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Even the Magapedes wants to see the traitors ousted & executed. But that is the very opposite of being America's death. Our death is what will be what happens if the traitors win.

Some of us still like our country even as we fight & in spite of those who run it.

Those who you're fighting for are the very people who are responsible for destruction of your country, this is very opposite of loving something. If you fight for the kikes you're a traitor and should be charged with treason. If anything, even having dual citizenship should be considered a treason.

Given the influx of newfags lately it's good to have some 101 material sitting around. Reminder that Bezmenov videos mandatory viewing.

No, I mean we love our country, our society, our customs, traditions, cultures, values & liberties, even as we fight against the people who currently run our country.

I don't think you're a plant like that other stooge, and I get this is the one safe place we can still say nigger, but where do I go to find the folks looking to develop and implement new & increasing methods of conveying what we know to those who don't already know what we know, and haven't yet already had their cores' hollowed out and replaced with pressurized rage?

Because that's where the fight is. It's not beating civ-nats over the head until they become racist enough for everyone's liking. That comes naturally. But first they have to be a Nationalist.

Being racist is easy. It's natural. Instilling within people the knowledge & conviction necessary for whites to start acting in their racial defence is the real challenge.

I have no doubt America has underground groups which are acting careful and preparing their attack, but you won't find them on the Internet and they're not very easy to find overall I guess. But you could always try to sabotage the kikes, though if you want to hit them hard it might take time to establish yourself in good and meaningful position. And I surely hope you don't pay taxes too.

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There's a lot of things that get you shadowbanned on kiketube, but yeah, I got shadowbanned on one account shortly after mentioning Based Yuri, so you're probably right. You also get shadowbanned for most common memes.

It's kind of humorous how kikes have to build a big virtual wall to keep out undesirables.


Fortify your key figures against assassination. Don't let such a thing be quiet. Make it the biggest bloodbath in a century if someone is stupid enough to attack you. That is how you solve this problem.

Murder is not legal. The answer to faggot niggers who go around murdering and think they can cover it up is to make them pay dearly for trying their stupid shit near you.

Where the fuck you been ike

Bumping for a good thread.


What about kikes.
I am pretty sure they are getting prepared.

I prefer a Yuri thread over a "all Chrisitians are christcucks and jews" thread anyday.

Yet they hope to exert greater influence through said platforms, while isolating an ever increasing portion of people they would have to aim to manipulate the most. Once it reaches a certain threshold then these platforms become worthless to exert real influence and end up serving as ideological holding cells.

Yuri makes it clear that corporations cooperate with the subversion to make more money.


I don't see that being sustainable long term because if people grow tired of the ideological nonsense saturating marketing or content, then the ads/content may as well cause the opposite effect. Then they're the risk of causing permanent association of a brand to a particular controversy or political statement shutting out particular demographics. The irony is, the same fear of being denied certain demographics because of accused 'isms, results in strategies that cause displacement instead of expansion. But since their own marketing and PR divisions are so convinced by their own propaganda, they fail to diagnose or care about the actual problem, and eventually the corporation takes a permanent hit for it.

The issue becomes more serious when you consider that corporations are trying to appeal to a highly volatile ideology where opinions change based on a specific agenda at the time. That means content they create now can and will be used against them years from now by their own ideological pets (a big problem when their pets misinterpret said agenda). Doesn't sounds like a good long-term position to be in, even if they think they're in control for now.

HONK HONK I will do nothing HONK HONK I will just sit and wait for the coming of my messiah HONK HONK my saviour, Adolf Hitler, will return and save the white race HONK HONK Tarrant, Breivik and Dylon were MOSSAD agents HONK HONK only by waiting for the coming of my nazi messiah we will have a solution HONK HONK


> (((Canada)))
OP is a boomer tool. Everything that comes out of a CIA puppets mouth is from (((their))) buttholes.

Doesn't change the fact he has a point

It's called shadow banning.

In order to enslave someone, convince them that they are acting in simple accurate reciprocity.

Yuri is good but that particular video fails to give many specific examples of HOW the demoralization works. In another video he gives the example of gays going to doing their shit behind closed doors to then wanting to to have 'rights' and parading around. The same with blacks, and any other division in society that can be used to further shift the current from traditional institutions.

The Fabian Elite and Their Not So Secret Agenda

This one is better, explains more about Subversion .

Common Purpose: Exposing the Real Traitors Brian Gerrish

Illuminati Banker Interview: Ronald Bernard

You forgot to tell us to disavow him, shareblue.

Disavow who? him?

"CIA nigger said…"

The Day of the Cars is coming. Score for the good guys!

He doesn't, he was a (((CIA))) puppet blaming the Soviet-Union for everything (((they))) do. A deliberate deceiver, just lik Jordan Peterson.

< Remember Hit… Uh, Stalin! The 1930s one!
Terry's car is gonna get you, CIA nigger.

That user is clearly a boomer and a CIA nigger.

Bumping good thread.

8/pol/ is much better than the other one. Problem is anons don’t lurk for 2 years before posting.

Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov known by the alias Tomas David Schuman, was a Soviet journalist for RIA Novosti and a former PGU KGB informant
Cuckchan post found.

The Goat is in Zig Forums because we are eternal.

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Great video to red pill the new guys on Zig Forums.

They lack the experience and access to great minds that we have benefited from for so long on the more established places like Reddit and Stormfront.

Keep posting these red pills for the young guys.

And I especially like this one, it's called "the mantra", perfect for introducing youngsters to the Democrats' conspiracy against us Repubs and Conservatives.

Get ready for your first proper "red pill" \POL\lers
We know it's hard to believe that there's an actual conspiracy against whites, but there really is. Learn the mantra, and try to understand it. The DEMS and LIBS really do hate us Conservatives!

Go go the Don for 2020, our one true hope!

The Mantra


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Reddit is better then Zig Forums
Go fck yourself.

Posting really obscure and hard to find red pills is a good start, but we need to show the kids that we are down with the dark webz.
Here is a cool banner to give your kids.
Show them you are hip and know the deepest web forums.
I added the text myself, learned how to do it at seniors' community "introduction to the internet" class just last week :)
This program called "Photoshop" lets you do all kinds of cool stuff like this, it's also great for making custom birthday cards for the grandkids.
Let's get the kids on our side. When you are sharing it, pretend you're a kid too, 35 tops.
Let's get this spread all around the important hubs like /r/TheDonald, maybe we can get it to the front page and really get Conservative parties noticed!

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Exactly! But keep it to yourself, or the kids will not listen.

Who wants children to Listen?
Fucking pedo.

Are you a Newbie?

Chodemonkey's time machine works!

We are back at 2007!

There's a final solution for this.

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Sureeeee, just leave them for the libs to fill with propaganda.
What does newbie mean?
You need to get on-message and become conservative, start listening to the proper media like Fox, and leave the Young Turks alone.
If you don't convince the youth that it's cool to be a boomer, it's cool and hip to be Conservative, then they will keep voting liberal.
The best way to do this is using what they call "optics" and "dank memes" (heard the grandkids discussing it).
The best thing about a meme is, no one can tell that it wasn't drawn up by a teenager, so you can slip your message in undetected!
Especially if you reference the more extreme sites like stormfront, where the super-extreme militants hang out.
But OP did good posting that video, for sure no one here has seen it before.
I suggest we start using young person's language too.
I remember some of it from back in the day, so for example don't say something is "Impressive", say it's "cool".
To make them dislike something, call it "square" or "not hip".
How old are you fellas? I'm just in my 70s but I know a lot of the based boomers over on our main forums like T_D are 80-90.
Really good thread though, super-new video.

Another dumb american that knowa nothing

Do pic related.
Read Culture of Critique.
Find out what cultural marxism is.

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On Yoga.

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This is one of my favorite whitepills.
Leftists will either be killed by their controllers or they will be killed by nationalists as traitors, they cannot win.
The fact that they are in his predicament and do not change sides is entirely in line with their inability to use logic and their naive optimism regarding globohomo/ commie hegemony.

Newfags need redpills too

What is the thule society?what is the theosophical society? How did the eastern symbol of the swastica end up in germany? Who started with the whole race bullshit? Aryans referring to germans and not persian/hindu? You have been conned by the same secret society bullshit aparatus that always goes past retarded sheeple noses. What is the bavarain soviet republic? Who was silvio gessel? Who funded hitler and infiltrated him to the german workers party? Who really creared the ADL? Who created the bnai brith secret society? Who uses antisemitism and the reaction to it for their advantage? The pyramid goes deep.

Listen to william cooper and do your own research. Those of you who are not shills but speak shill words are no less dumber than the left. They want you to hate other sheep just as they want the other sheep to hate you.

You think they care about jews or white? All sheep are pawns on a chess board wothout even realizing they are pawns and they turn every social group and scenario to their advantage. The more sheep are divided the better it is for the players and neither you nor the jews are really players in this game. These people don't care about sheep religions, in fact they hide under those religions for their own benefit.

You probably think that a goat fucking Muslim built the Taj Mahal in honour of his 100th wife Mumtaz, just because.
Tip: the street shitters of India built nothing. Vedic culture is White culture.

Bump for knowledge

Back to /qresearch/.

Question is how do we take children away from the left?



Fuck the lefties

Zig Forums btfo yet again