Toronto homicide rate increasing due to immigration

Toronto Canada was once a very safe city. But now, with more immigrants mostly pakis and blacks moving into Toronto, last year had the greatest number of homicides and the homicide rate even exceeded American cities such as Austin, Texas, San Diego, California, and even New York City, New York.

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Okay. And? What are you going to do about it?

Import the 3rd world, become the 3rd world. Americans don't give a shit about Canada.

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Still too many white people left?

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Big fat slice of chinks causing their own problems Yang.

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On one hand, as a Canadian it distresses me to see my country being ruined like this.

On the other hand it's Onterrible and worse yet, it's Tarranah home to some of the most arrogant and self righteous assholes on the planet. They're ultimately the ones that brought this shit down on the entire country thanks to their lefty arrogance. What a bunch of obnoxious cunts they are; talentless, ugly, wealthy entitled assholes sucking money out of the rest of the country, and all lefties to a man. They're shit. I hate them. Fuck Tarranah. It's a cancer on Canada and the world. Tarranah is a nest of Freemason filth.

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kikes up front as usual

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Good fuck Ontario rats.

And Americans should know full well that Onterrible is nothing more than the dumping ground for all the British Empire loyalists that you kicked out during your Revolution. They haven't forgotten it and they hate your guts and long for your destruction and enslavement to this very day. Remember that; they hate your guts even though they love going to LA to work and enjoy the sun and the Federal Reserve bucks they earn there.

To me the epitome of all that is hateful in Tarranah, all that illustrates its unworthy sense of absolute entitlement is Neil Young. The spoiled well to do son of a prominent Globe and Mail collumnist he is everything I hate about Toronto; ugly, no talent, a smug sneering lefty aping the clothes and cause of the proletariat while secretly despising them as do all urban hipsters his whiney quavering excuse of a singing voice is the quintessence of everything despicable about Tarranah. He's Canada's version of Bob Geldof.


B-b-but falling crime stats user, what are you s-s-saying here

How is it that I read this week in a European newspaper about something-something-Whites in Canada and the First nations very bad very bad and then I turn the page and read about more immigration needed.

It still is a safe city

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i live in Ontario right now, and i have to confirm Toronto is currently a shithole of dune coons and niggers. It is no surprise there is so much homicide in Toronto; that is what happens when you import large quantities of low-life shit-skins and niggers (most of whom are, unsurprisingly, Muslims) into your country.

They belong in the Toronto Zoo.

Donald is that you? How about sending them back to where they fucking came from…even our zoos are too good for them.

These apes should not try to invade Canada and stay in their countries.

Too many pakis.

I'm a conservative you fucktard. We have a murder rate of about 2 per 100,000 which compared favorably with other major North American cities. Also most of the murders are targeted, not random
It's a fact Toronto is a safe city.

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whats life like in a Chinese colony?


I know, you are too stupid to understand or care about facts

Reminder that South Asians refer to curryniggers.

12.6% is a shitload of dotheads.


They have bad attitudes these sand niggers.


Make Toronto Great Again

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You ever been there? I ask because I hear this a lot from hicks who've never gone anywhere.

He's right though you giant pussy.

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