How to spread (((awareness)))

How do we spread more awareness? I want to expose the Jews lies to everyone. I want people to start rioting and attacking all semites.

How do we do this? Everything is censored. We only have Zig Forums and going out at night and spray painting anti-Semitic shit.

Pic related. Tried going to 4cuck after seeing a thread recommending it, to try to get some redpilled discussion going and got instantly swarmed with trump niggers not interested in any discussion, only interested in ad hominem attacks.

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ignore all anti trump kikes

But trump is pro kike user…..

Literally the 1st post in both threads. Jesus Christ JIDF is out in full force.

Obviously I looked at your pic and disagree with you, ordinary nigger.

He’s pandering to evangelical Christians. Everyone understands this distinction.

His daughter fucks the heeb every evening. Is this also merely pandering?

Everyone knows it doesn’t count unless it had a jewish mother. Try again.

Tell your boss to fire and replace you. JIDF shills like you just look mentally retarded

Kushy is full on jew. Dad jew (criminal) jew grandparents etc

Try again.

So what? Trump doesn’t dictate his daughter's actions and I don’t care what either of them are doing. You do understand how this doesn't implocate anything about trump himself, right?

Imagine being this mentally ill. Mossad is not sending his best

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Try again.

Do you get paid per post or per hour?

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Post the one that says trump had a kabbalah teacher in some ghostwritten bullshit. I know you have it in your collection.


Mary Anne is Drumpf's mother btw

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Jewish medical center. I’d ask "Are you even autistic?" but you can’t even seem to read. I bet lots of nazis had fine teeth due to jew dentists. Does that make them jews?

Last time I checked I don't have jewish dentists pal. But nice try, there.
Any association with as accepting (((aid))) marks you as a kike.
Such as how the first jew were jews in idea not in race (Hebrews, Israelite). But it wasn't until they all became kikes that their bloodline became known as the jewish one.

Peale was minister -→ related to pic

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I got banned for suggesting we organize on twitter. The mods are compromised and likely communist shills. Considering how many shill threads litter that catalog.

not that hard to do these days
They've been bought out by kikes user. This isn't new news.

Honestly I know it's probably not the case but imagine if Trump was courting the Jews to the point of absolute trust so we could subvert and destroy them as they have through our history of trusting them when they didn't deserve it. Though I believe Jews to be too paranoid for that and perhaps it would be pretty hard to try and beat them at their own game. Deception is in their bloodlines.

No i meant that I got banned on halfchan for suggesting we organize on twitter and yet black cock/ pro-communist/ AOC etc threads remain up and active more than ever. I think the writing is on the wall there.

They can't, they are too busy owning the Libz to do that.

Did you think I was talking about present-day?

You literally can't read, can you?

Print out posters, redpill everyone around in ordinary conversations, kill your local jew in power position, write on every forum you can, even if they ban you.

Keep doing powerful infographs (but put sources on it ,some are just useless because there's no sources and so people can just say "it's false" ).
Also you (americans) have to go further in european history because this is where you from and relate it with american history.
also quote more jewish people.,Quoting jewish on what they think about mankind is probably the most powerful thing because that show the double-standard that they have like they support a religion or a country based on this religion wich is a religion who hates the mankind and at the same time they ask the mankind to love them ,to be tolerant to others when they're not.
I would also say (because i have tried to redpill so many of people irl and they just still don't give a single fuck) that i don't know if we will win but it's our duty to do it.
as a french "thinker" who redpilled so much young french "if we are the gentiles (in french it means the "nice") who are the bad ?"
Keep it up dear american brothers and never give up.

Do you have a Common Core Education?

based post

if you think we nyeed riots why dont you start one? Never mind, we know you are just a cuck who will never do anything but whine online from your mommy's basement

One Somali-American woman is at the forefront of this.

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(((we))), not even hiding at this point. related.

this honestly.

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Same person, new ip because phone

If only it was your first mistake indicitative of an inability to read, I could have ignored it.

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You fellow (((whites))) aren't even trying anymore.


Common Core Education confirmed

Good post. I have failed miserably in taking this advice. I unleashed my full power levels on my parents and now they are red pilled but also sad because they are not blissfully ignorant anymore.

I also need to get a girl friend so I can raise a family. Any girls here? Send me a message. I can provide a good home and have a good job to provide for the family.

no girls user
We are all hairy, fat, incels who hate all women. Don't you watch the news?

I don't trust her intentions or motives.

Normies are programmed to reject that line of approach, so use a different angle. Expose the lies, not the Jews. Name the Rothschilds, not the Jews. Put effort into it, focus on one small point at a time, and make it hard for anyone to refute you.

Not a bad approach. First clue people in to the "illuminati". Then to the central bankers. From there it's a small step to realizing that they are all filthy jews.

Checked. A good way to insert jew awareness is to highlight the names associated with the mentioned crimes.

I like history

& Marang Bad - Yellow Vest 1 - Yellow Vest 2 - South Africa - Antifa

You can also use Outrage Culture to amplify your message. Both their Outrage Culture and ours can be utilized for this.