So Are We Just Going To Allow The Media To Bury Another Hate Crime?

A White boy was thrown off of a balcony in a popular public shopping space. This isn't national and international news. This isn't being seen as a hate crime. This is accepted as an isolated incident by one lone lunatic, we know that isn't true but we're doing nothing to combat the narrative. Where is the justice for Landon and all White victims of hate crimes that the MSM turns a blind eye toward? What can we do about this, this story cannot die. White people must be made aware this was a 5 year old White male child that is no longer being protected by our sick and wicked Jewish society. We are invaded, we are under attack, our children are under attack, are we just going to let them bury this story? Cmon pol. I want to have faith.

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Kill the people who work at news organizations and forcibly occupy their distribution channels and networks. Then you broadcast whatever you want. Thinking any kind of protest campaign or shouting match is going to change what they broadcast is the height of idiocy.

Yes, we are. Go away, glowstick. You won't do a damn thing.

You know that case where a bunch of blacks abducted a special needs white person and tortured him? It took tooth and nail, including the media to pressure them to label it as a "hate crime". Quietly months later they revoked the "hate crime" status.

Yes. The media keeps saying the boy "fell" because the boy "fell" off the balcony. Some people really like to do some things to make people fall, dont they?

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Even though they have had to print retractions and additions to other stories just recently.
Referring to the Covington story and the Black Hole story after autistic spergs FORCED them to change the narrative by increasing the stories visibility and questioned it.
We can't help do the same with this story?
That's never happened in history, let alone recent history?
This is an important cause.

Is the kid alive?

I'm honestly tired of people like you being here.

Why do you think I'm addressing you kike? You're not White. This isn't your concern. Suck another baby dick you vampiric faggot.

I'm not sure because the media has pretty much dropped the story and we don't have any threads here so?

Nobody trusts the press, yet they still listen to them.

So bump.
I want info.

Then leave dude

Update 2
Posted by Noah Hanneman
3 hours ago
Thank you so much everybody for your continued support through donations and prayers! We are all completely overwhelmed with the love and support that has come our way during this tragic time. The family has asked for continued privacy during this time, but we want to keep everybody updated to how Landen is doing. He had a peaceful sleep and is still continuing to fight his courageous battle, he's a strong survivor! No other significant updates at this time, but please continue to keep him in your prayers. We will continue to keep updating as we can. Thank you all and God bless!

It appears he's alive but he could just as easily not be. This is still a worthy story to push into every one's consciousness. Even the most cucked Whites should be aware that their children are in danger from this invasion.

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Yeah was in chicago. None of the niggers went to prison far as I know.

Is it not a hate crime because he survived? Is this where we draw the line?
Yet some stupid bitch getting her hijab torn off (which didn't happen) is worthy of a story and a social justice campaign, worthy of the ADL's selective criteria regarding hate crimes?

To whatever God's would hear me: Guard that boy. Guard his life and let him sleep in comfort in these dark days.
And if he dies, give those whom would seek it the means to bring down righteous vengeance.

white race officially saved

I believe some of them had some petty sentences but I know the one nigger bitch got probation. That should tell you all you need to know as well as Smoliett's charges getting dropped. Justice cannot exist when Jews and Niggers are in the courts, especially against White victims.

I cannot slay a dragon on my own, only call upon those which watch over us to protect those that deserve it.

Will you fight the dragon with me? If not, keep your teeth together.

I'm tired of seeing these stories just die in the news cycle. When niggers will riot for criminals for weeks. We can't organize and demonstrate for our children?! What the fuck.

You sound like you probably go to church. Why not spread the word of this story to your church friends. Get them involved into spreading this story on facebook. The MSM wants to bury this story. We shouldn't let them.

lol prayers

If by doing something you mean offing niggers then …..well yeah……also I’ll have a coke

Thus is your world my friend.

You cannot compare yourself to niggers, for niggers are not equivalent to you. They do not have the same rules in their minds.
Only when enough of us see the rules as bunk, see the future fading away, could a dragon be slain.
Organize? With whom? There is no shared vision, no camaraderie. Only confusion and despair and vitriolic bitching.

Haven't been to a church since shortly after 9/11. There is not one God, but many, and no temple exists in my lands to anything but the Masks of the Morning Star.

Sieg Heil
Hive mind

As for the MSM burying this sotry, why do we not have even independent journalists investigating this matter? Why do we have no men on the ground?
We are beyond disorganized.

Time and effort is limited. Folks cannot afford to spend time and energy doing that which is necessary, and we have no means to provide for them during that period that they might pursue such.
This is not a blackpill, it is acknowledgement of our plight.

How do we change it?
We need new platforms. We need ways to get money to those who deserve it.
Step 1 of organization: Find a way around the restriction of your desire to see funds transferred to those who serve your cause, that they might do so, and thereby oppose the efforts at concealment.

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Maybe a few more "Niggers" will help.

Sadly this.

What am I looking at here? Is his leg mangled to a pulp or is he shitting his plants?

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It might.

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Fuck you niggers and anti-White shills
Go back to halfchan, have fun raiding, the mods LOVE you faggots there

Sadly? What do you mean? This would be (and will be Inshalla) great!!

gee another slide thread. i'll sage here and bump the real thread for visibility. again.

Can you link the real thread while you're at it?

I think we need to embrace only the parts of the alt-lite that we can influence and push farther right.
I hate the alt-lite for the most part but the fact remains they are the most influential people in the movement and I do think some of the shit they do is worthwhile and more palatable to normies who are afraid to say nigger or kike.
Lauren Southern's new documentary looks very promising and her last one, Farmlands, is definitely eye-opening for those unaware of how bad things are for Whites in South Africa. Since it is uncovering the NGO scam, now once that is in normie consciousness, we come in and fill the blanks as far as (((who))) is behind them but in a palatable way.

Racial-consciousness is paramount to our struggle. We don't need to disparage other races to stoke that fire but we do need to draw the conclusions for them that think it's an issue not to be concerned about that are still on the civic-nationalism kosherservative train.
I would try to find influential people that seem more receptive to more radical ideas, go up the pipeline from less influential to most influential, most initially receptive vs not as receptive etc.

It's our duty to spread awareness of incidents that won't reach their radar, such as this story.
We need the Lauren Southerns of the world and other influential people on the right to cover these stories and bring greater visibility to them.

We need to influence the influencers. Unfortunately I'm shit at social media because I hate it and don't use it out of principle but I'm game to use it for a just cause.

Fuck you. no seriously go fuck back off to wherever it is you wandered in from

user, I… No.

You can't influence the influencers, because they are shells of people, nothing but controlled outlets.
Its like thinking you can make headway in US politics by taking over the GOP, an institution completely controlled by the Enemy and orchestrated to ensure nobody who is not controlled can make headway.

You need to focus on getting money to people who deserve it, not getting attention from people who only desire money.

Seriously this - could you imagine the chaos that we could wreak if we had just a tiny tiny operations budget. We wouldn’t need much look what we have done with zero resources already

And yet that post will get almost no attention…

Meh, no worries user. We have had to struggle on for these many years with less than we have now (not money, but pee pee poo poo pisssssssss jack) and I’ll continue to shitpost as always. Working on my fecklessness and rampant faggotry every day so as to be a top bloke and perhaps one day a cobber
I’m all out of ammo. Going to ram. Auf Wedersehen. See you in Valhalla!!

What hate crime. Niggers rape 100 white women a day. Niggers will kill thousands of whites this year. No retaliation no change, so just go back to waking off to porn. Either invoke the spirit of Brother Root and St. Tarrent or shut the fuck off.

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Child martyrs motivate people, if you understood Tarrant's manifesto,you'd understand that dipshit

Might as well pull it straight from the Jew playbook, problem is they successfully bar us from attaining power positions and accruing capital to influence people.

Shut up Nigger, nothing is wrong with the word Nigger
It's very descriptive, useful and disparages people that deserve to be disparaged.
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The irony of White Nationalist retards calling others "Niggers".

I’ve heard of Journalists falling out of helicopters too, sometimes it just happens Honk Honk

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Indeed. They’ve done this for so long they didn’t consider us as the outlier/wildcard
Their hubris will be their downfall

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I take every opportunity in real life to educate my fellow humans about the illiterate Yids' invasion of my ancestral lands and their hatred of Christians, and Germans in particular.

Let me tell you about "kikes". The reason we call them "kikes" is because 99% of the "displaced persons" aka AshkeNAZIs that invaded the US pre- and post-WW2 were illiterate inbred mental retards. You see, "yiddish" is essentially Hebrew ebonics. It's the Hebrew the lowest of the lowly low jews speak because they cannot read.

Now, in "yiddish" the word "kikel" means "circle". This is important because for time immemorial the illiterates have made their mark using "X". The yids were instructed at Ellis Island to make their "X" marks. These things hate Jesus Christ so much their illiterate rabbis told them "X" symbolizes the Crucifixion, and their mark should be "O" or "kikels" instead.

The guards rightfully began referring to them as "kikels", and over time it became shortened to just "kike".

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Oh, you're not even pretending now. It was obvious from the very beggining that you are a NIGGER.

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Yeah, this pattern of black on white crime infuriates me. Maybe James O'Keefe or Mark Collett or David Knight or Owen Shroyer or Tucker Carlson could pick it up and run with it.

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Yep, come to Tucson

some people did "something">>13131271

Ok, well if we are to do anything about it, we need to know who the principle players are. The D.A., the info of the heads of whichever LEA has jurisdiction of the case, and the judges within the area of jurisdiction that the assailant will be charged / tried.

just adds more fuel to the fire. racism amongst whites is skyrocketing. it is a powder keg about to explode.

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Sam Hyde? Is that you?

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he died today.

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typical christcuck disinfo trash
boy is still alive. worse case for a 5 year old dropped 20m is brain injury. children are very resilient

Make a fake ad for a toddler suit that would withstand a three story fall.

less body mass = less reactive force at inertia loss armor for kids

In a way, we could meme this just as Israelis meme their “bookbag turns into a bullet-proof vest”

We need to pour gasoline on the fire.

That should be fairly simple to find considering it happened at the Mall of America, no?

At least the gatewaypundit article states very clearly that the victim was White. The Fox one doesn't explicitly state it, manipulation by omission. Although the gofund me has been linked. It should still be stated as explicitly as any other fake hate crime story the MSM loves to run with before all the details get out.
Someone should tweet the stories to all the celebs that supported Smolliett and anyone that tweeted about the threat of White Nationalism in the wake of it.

At the very least it will reveal their hypocrisy.

I'm sure the family wants the help of White Nationalist retards.

God forbid just normal Whites get out there and do something.

White Nation nao.

nice reddit spacing, why don't you go back?

What kind of sick fuck do you have to be to disseminate false information about the kid dying, Jesus fucking jew Christ.

Which Whites are those?
Whites sympathetic to Muslim invaders that will continue to do these acts?
Whites voting for Multicultural suicide?

You can hardly call them Whites, they hold no White values.
Brainwashed fools that can do nothing to prevent these things from happening in the future because they see it as an isolated incident.
"Let's not think of it as a policy issue, it's just everyday crime! It's not like the Mall of America was once safe and something has changed that has made it unsafe, it's always been this unsafe for White children in Minnesota! Don't use this as fuel for political change goys, stay on the (((conservative))) plantation."

who gives a shit? Its all so fucking tiresome

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Oy vey, Nazi retards is the only way.

First post best post, Zig Forums needs more people like you. This plan reminds me a lot of the plot of Rampage 2: Capital Punishment, Uwe Boll might be a leftist but his movies aren't that bad. Here, have some webms I made just for you. Sorry for the shitty quality, had to butcher the video and audio to lower the filesize

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This. Kill journalists. Literally all of them. God will sort out the good ones.

Sage and report. You won't do anything, glowstick.

Seriously, we should do an op marketing 3 story floor fall proof armor for kids.
Bulletproof backpacks sales booming after Florida shooting. Basic model protects against 9mm bullets, others effective against rifle rounds.

Did I say Nazi retards? No.
I talked about making it palatable to dumb Whites earlier in this very thread rabbi.
Spreading racial-consciousness is paramount to White survival, thankfully some Whites are able to be persuaded with statistical facts and news articles but some need to be led to the water.

Heather Heyer just fell off a car, maybe she shouldn't have lept on top of it with her mob.

You didn't prove me wrong. You just proved yourself to be a shill, shill.

thats exactly what will happen. havent you learned?

Sauce on the removal?