Trump threatens to release illegal migrants in Democrat strongholds [PART 2]

Releasing detained illegal migrants in places like Nancy Pelosi's backyard, that alone will raise Trump plus 4 points in the polls.

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Most democrat strongholds already have significant illegal immigrant populations. This is just more theatrical nonsense from the resident kosher stooge.

I think your low effort thread would be better on cuckchan, friend.


Unfortunately my trust in Trump has been eroded that I don't believe anything he says anymore.
I don't believe anything of value will happen and I don't believe he will make good on his threats.

Wow, Fuck Cher though.
The whole immigration issue is a scam to break up conservative strongholds for electoral reasons.
So this is actually a brilliant media strategy by Trump to reveal that fact but like I said, I don't think he'll do it, unfortunately.
Would love to be proven wrong.

That is because he is a fucking retard who doesn't realize that HE IS FUCKING RELOCATING THEM INTO OUR NATION EVEN IF THEY ARE IN THE CITIES!!


Can we have a new board rule that you can only post about Trump policy preposals once they are enacted? Opposed to every time he makes shit up to try and rope suckers back in. Seeing really is believing.


New York and LA should become at least 95 percent brown. We want to see the results.

What i like about this is that trump unknowing opened the doors so that it's now politically correct to point out that out of 90,000 Somalis in the ENTIRE country, the democrats moved 87,000 to one single republican state.

It's now politically correct to bring up block busting.

send them back and they return, you need to change fiscal policy starting with total elimination of farm subsides to give these people incentive to stay home and work there, if they can make money growing food because our cheap mass farmed crops aren't undercutting their food prices they are more likely to stay home.

skip bussing immigrants, instead hand out free meth and handguns to ex cons and release them in the city

Gather all our trash in one place, like a land fill. Common sense.

stay swarthy, shitskin.

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another positive aspect is that the dems foreign pals have invested a lot of money in property in those shit hole cities we have, if their property values go down essentially American banks will foreclose if the people aren't super wealthy, an associated rise in property tax could really upset many classes of property investors, much of whom are not US citizens

He does realize it. That is the point.

As it stands right now they will stay anyway. Might as well dump them where the (((elites))) live.

this user gets it


We could bust liberal strongholds such as Malibu or Harvard with section 8 housing apartment complexes.

words of wisdom. Can 4niggers stop posting on bait threads that don't mean anything?

you will never get anywhere that way, but you could continually bus those people in, that community will have to bus them back out but if homeland or someone is paying attention you just bus them back,

make sure you give them meth and a gun though, no reason those cops shouldn't have to work for their pay picking them up to ship them away from those expensive gated communities

give them a tent while they're at it, set up a program to build tent cities of ex cons in liberal strongholds

roo funny

A much simpler and cheap option is bullets. We have lots of em too.

Escape From New York and Escape From LA.

Great fucking movies. Ahead of their time.

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We don't have much of a choice here.

Cory Booker Admits Releasing Illegal Migrants into Sanctuary Cities Would “Make Us Less Safe”

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BASED drumpfity flumpfity niggeree doo, importing illegals and ethnically replacing whites is BASED and EPIC when he does it!



that is the plan

Looking at Israel, I doubt that will work for LA.

All they'll do is move out to the country and infect their shitskins virus to parts of this country which are clean

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Its an actual nation unlike the US?

Dude I'm not winning. I'm honking.

Honk Honk.


You didn't get the joke obviously. Who exactly is fighting back? Give me the name so I can join.

Just pointing out how much of rhetorical back peddle there has been, so much for the overton window

I seems you don't like him.

Who did you vote for who would have had your views?

Just stop.

yeah…it's almost like he never believed what he said or something and just wanted votes/memes

oh look it's a magapede on 8/pol/

Honestly I think he just wanted to promote his branded wine and steak, Kushner was the only one with real political aspirations

I don't care. Flood LA with brownies.

The population of San Francisco is 48 percent white, I'm sure they are all just jews though

oh look it's a fake ass faggot


could be, he did have a look on his face after he won like 'oh shit how did this fucking happen to me'

Oh the irony.

Implying the city police won't just remove the bracelet as soon as they get off the buss

What was strong enough to stop you from voting for someone with your views?

Its more of a forethought test. The only reason leftists are blind to the problem is because its not their problem. Make it theirs and you'll soon see panicking privilaged faggots.

I would prefer pressuring the left into giving illegals equal pay. They'd drop it like a hot potatoe. These are SLAVES, they want slaves
that breeds citizens that can vote and owe democrats their livelyhood: its the only reason they care.

Oh look it's a votecuck. This thread is filled with shills. lol

That shit went stale all the way back in 2016

Plenty of people who aren't leftists who qualify, like pseudo-conservative Republicans.

True, and the kikes in these cities are just going to bus them throughout their states and outside like they have for years anyways.
It's giving them biological ammo to play with, with no effort.

Detail your, better, plan here then.

I couldn't find it in your 7 posts.

It doesn't matter what his view is, as long as he's not a votecuck.

Trump threatens this.
Trump threatens that.
Let me know if he actually does something, if he doesn't nobody cares.

much intellect. such wow

We already summed it all up with Planet of the Apes. That's where this world is headed.

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More talk which will most likely lead to no action. All the jew Trumpstein can do is tweet and make speeches groveling to the lower races in this country.

If anything, this would make shit worse in liberal shitholes and they will move out to other places to vote and support the same failed ideology. Why are these threads made? JIDF?


I don't have one, voting is pointless because any politician that has a chance at winning is corrupt. But I know you are already aware of that and are just engaging in semantics because that is the only way to defend the god emperor these days

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Where there's a will, there's a way. Have you ever tried to push a candidate you can get behind? Why not try so hard so as to be satisfied with your effort, at least once, before attacking all voting as a sham?

In four years well be dead set in a war with Iran on the verge of global death and destruction.

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Because we didn't get anything. I was willing to have a wait and see attitude with Trump but this is not what anyone wanted three years ago

This is me right now.

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Oh, again?

And I can’t wait to watch it all burn. Fuck this experiment

I’ve been hearing this theme about war with Iran for about 20 or 25 years now. Yet it never happens, nor does it ever seem like there’s any evidence it will happen.

the country cannot be saved, there is no plan to do the impossible


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Trumplestein's regime is literally preparing for war with Iran now. It's happening Goy.

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That's some retarded analysis right there. They said the same about North Korea. It's trump derangement syndrome.

You can find same articles from 20 years ago.

Iran is also a fake enemy. They curse America in public and make deals with it in private.

Wow this is some 4D Chess… TRUST THE PLAN! Trump is going to dump all these people freely into a shithole (where they will have numerous connections and transportation options) sanctuary city. His voter base who is stupid and ignorant (because they've never directly seen these cities) will think this is some how going to cause damage. It won't. It's just a clever jewish trick by Trump to let in more immigrants while making his retard MIGA voter base of boomers think he is doing something.

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If everyone gets 1000 dollars the cost of living goes up by 1000$ across the board MINIMUM
prices won't stay the same

More than your shitposting on a Jew run Nadzee board.

Don't forget user, sanctuary cities in places like Mexifornia are actually giving illegals shit like drivers licenses which means trump is actively facilitating illegals voting en masse if he pulls through with this.



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I'm not the votecuck, it's not my opinion that facilitates the enemy.

Most aren't Jews. Lots of Jews, but they don't live in San Francisco proper. Most that live in the Bay Area, especially SF are not from California. One reason why this area is so fucked, is that all the faggots from flyover states move out here. They get tech jobs so they can afford to rent a $2500/mo closet and play big city kid.

Shit I didn't even think about that part

why the fuck is anyone bumping this thread?

Nonsense. That's a MIGA talking point.

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This board moves so slow it really doesn't make a difference

To piss you off

I live in this sanctuary state so I'm well aware of what will happen as it is already happening. I believe the plan TRUST THE PLAN is to send them to sanctuary cities within states that vote red. Let them pad their voting ballots with more illegals so a white never wins another election again. They'll flood places like Houston and Orlando turning those reliable Republican states into Democrat states. Now I'm under no delusions that Red is better than Blue but (((they))) know that white men overwhelmingly fall under the Republican party and to cripple their electoral power more than they already have is their goal. In short, baste MIGApede boomers like to think this will only fuck up places like California are delusional. Every major city in every state is already or is becoming a Sanctuary city.

seems like this board matters enough for your boss to pay a cock chugging homo like you to shill on it though

This reply was meant for

What a faggy fucking response. Do you want to be sage-bombed or what? This is a fucking slide thread and there's way too many magapedes in here.

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Its not a slide thread magapede, Trump is importing spics into the heart of the USA. This needs to be fought.

White Nationalists, the low brow useful idiots for the Jews, always.

He is not importing them. They were already imported. He is just transporting them.

Congress won't fix "Catch and Release".

Hello Zig Forums.

how many niggers, spics, and Muslims should live in America? in your neighborhood? How many should go to school with your daughter?

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