So I went to a demonstration for freedom and democracy and against Islam...

So I went to a demonstration for freedom and democracy and against Islam. The whole concept is to burn the quran and have dialogue with anyone interested in discussing why Western democracy and Islam can't function together.

This was the result. Thousands of iimigrant "youths" and antifa decided to wreck the city throughout the day and far into the night.

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fuck off

Excuse me?

Checked. That’s a big fire!! You should have tossed some mudshits in

Keep doing it.

I was worried enough already for being called out by arabs for apparently being an undercover cop lmao

The undercover cops decided to draw weapons at one point, unfortunately they didn't open fire

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It's really shocking how incredibly weak people like this are. Lining up alongside folks like you is basically a death sentence. That's why no one ever does it.

Next time brother , next time. The fire has clearly risen.

Hvad fuck, klæder politiet sig ud som antifa?

Uhh I think the premise is completely retarded myself, I just went there to document it.

Ja, jeg har set en video fra optøjer i Paris hvor 6 politimænd i civil - klædt som antifa pludselig trækker knipler of begynder at tæve løs på en flok antifa so er i færd med at smadre butiksruder.

Upwards of half the replies to any topic are designed to make the average polack look like unhinged lunatics, while being such cunts that actual polacks and sympathizers are driven away by constant astro-turfed spergery.

There's also a few genuine unhinged lunatics lurking, as always.

Top kæk kammerat.
Paludan laver clickbait!

no webm; no excuse; faggot.

Heh, der er en video hvor du kan se fremmedberigerne storme ind og rive fat i kameraet. Må sku sige at Rasmus er modig.

Har du en lænke til den video?


Sjovt, men hvor er de 20 nordfront mænd med stålskjolde som burde være der og give tæsk?


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Holy shit those are fast fuckers, we are going to have to remember that they move like a fucking roach when their holy book is in danger. This can be used as a lure in future situations as well…where is Tarrant when you need him, you should have had a couple snipers on the rooftop. Didn't look like there was too many takers in the conversation area course with the ZOMBIE FUCKING APOCALYPSE waiting in the wing for anyone who participates I am not sure you didn't have many takers.

Er de ikke alle sammen svenskere? Jeg kontaktede faktisk den danske gren af Nordisk Modstands Bevægelse, men de har stadig ikke givet svar på min mail.

Udover det ville de have blevet rundsmadret af alle de aber fra Blågårds plads, de er komplet gak.

Sweden is lost cause. There is no hope for this country. 90% of whites there support (((cultural marxism))) and are basically self hating brainwashed retards. That being said, Sweden is now no better than the land it occupies. Swedish society is a complete joke. I see the goverment fearmongering everyone of the 'Russian threat' , well Russian intervention could be the only thing that could potentially atleast partly, save Sweden.

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That first cop look like a young Varg

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This post made me retarded.

Wow, I guess we can use that as a weapon too…who knew that words could be used as a killing tool. It didn't work very well on you because you are H-white…but I bet you it could do wonders with the subhumans.

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Det har du nok ret i. Godt politiet altid møder op og er klar til at give dem og antifa tæsk.

This is Denmark you nigger. Vid related.

That's a nordfront goon, not a cop. Nordfront has their own shields to fight the swedish cuck police. The danish police show up 60 guys to protect two danes who want to play toss with the quran in the ghetto, as the videos show.

Nothing has risen, faggot. Sweden is cucked beyond repair. There is no way to save this country and I dunno whether it ever deserves 'saving'. The people out there are biggest cusk faggots, and self hating 'progressives' I've ever met. Well, were I you I'd [ray for russian intervention your (((government))) cries so loudly about. It is basically the only way Sweden could survive otherwise it's game over for you and your joke fo a country.

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Its Denmark but the point still stands

Ok, my bad but it doesn't really matter. All Nordic countries are similarly cucked and beyond saving… Nordic people, once fearless vikings, have become the biggest leftist cuck on planet earth. I've never met bigger leftist, progressive self hating faggots than Nordic people…

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No worries man! The government is working hard to bring Ebola patients into Denmark in their plague ships from Africa. It will soon be over for all the people living their…that is what happens when you won't defend your nation you get fucked HARD by whatever comes your way. Up until now no one has UNDERFUCKINGSTOOD that having your nation invaded by subhuman scum was a matter of life and death for your entire population.

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That's blackpilled of you. We just need money and competent people, and then we can propagandize for racial realism and repatriation. That shit takes competence, people, money and years and years.

just don't mention the jews!
remember to tell your friendly local secret police girl your name, occupation and which mosque you intend to torch
No, this was the intention of the jews who staged both your "protest" and the counter-protest.

Again, it's not "my" protest. I have nothing to do with the organization or the protest. I went there to see the result of the protest, not to support it. The person doing speaks well about jews in general.

Same thing.
Where do you think they obtained the riot shields from?
They even wear the police colours.

I do suspect this is often just an insurance policy on one hand, to preempt nazi-accusations, and an agreement with the ethno-nat principles that Israel employs.

Pic related.

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Ok, I get it. It is your opinion. I respect it but it is what I call 'wishful thinking'. Reality is that it is not quite going to happen. Remember that (((they))) have almost unlimited resources and can and will easily crush you. The only actor that could rival (((them))) is state structure. Be it Iran or Russia. I repeat, were I you I'd pray everyday for Russian intervention in, be it, Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland. I dpn't say Russia is free of (((them))) but atleast Russians wouldn't want whites to go extinct, which is what exactly your (((governments))) are actively doing at the moment.

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You're very obviously a cop.
You don't even understand the language here

Nope, they actually have unlimited resources since they own the printing presses.

That's simply wrong. Russia is very anti ethnonationalist, do you know how many muds currently reside there? Its a lot.

You expect anyone here to believe that this painfully fake group gets to use riot shields against the police and doesn't have them confiscated afterwards? Lol.
Why don't you show us some of the injuries resulting from the battle?

I can assure you that Russians would not actively work towards total actual removal of white people from Nordic countries.

I've never really used Zig Forums, I used to go to Krautchan a lot back in the day, now I mostly use livechans so I'm unfamiliar with the jargon here.

Of course not, the Russian people aren't our enemies, kike politicians and their mud pets are.

Who cares…you think he won't dies of disease and starvation when they cut off the food supplies? He will succumb just like everyone else…there is no reason to split hairs with your own people.

What is a livechan?

Oh cool I guess…why do you like it?

a) All internet men are men
b) All internet women are really men
b) All internet children are policemen

Mostly because I got tired of the countryballing on krautchan and I know a few people personally on the livechans I use.

You have to wonder why Islamists, Leftists and NatSocs all hate democracy so much. I wonder what attributes these all share that would make them behave in such similar ways.
I wonder (((who))) stands to benefit from all of this?

Maybe it is within the entirely valid self interest of democratic states to rid themselves of all elements subversive to liberal democracy.

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Healthy, fair and productive system indeed

When did you realize that you had an adversarial relationship with the truth?

Maybe this would not be so had you stood to preserve it rather than worked to destroy it. Democracy is not Jewish but Communism is German.

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and then everyone clapped

How are you rabbi? How's that "a race of clergy leading mankind" quest going?

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You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Communism is inspired by marxism, you know, Karl Marx the jew? Same with modern democracy, its build on the idea that all people are intelligent actors, not groups but individuals. This is fundamentally wrong and thus dysfunctional.

Dude why are you defending democracy? What stake do you have in protecting the literally most divisive form of do-nothing government in modern history?
What is at stake for YOU if we do away with democracy tomorrow?

You are paid to post here.

I forgot to call you out on this bullshit^
This is what we already have, if you are too stupid to notice.

Correct. Controlled opposition nonsense.
Burn the talmud, or burn nothing.

Why do you feel the need to be dishonest?

That which is most essential.


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How did you call me out? You didn't deny this is what you want.

Why do you feel the need to be a kike?


"Jesus Republicans & other bullshit" very great source there moishe.

how talmudic

I'm sorry, Rabbi, it's not in my nature to deceive as it is in yours.

Why are you guys derailing this thread?

All of his quotes are altered. The real quote is "They accuse the other side of that which they are guilty" He's talking about Jews.
The same thing goes for "Tell a lie enough and they will believe it". He's referencing Jew tactics, not saying he lies, that wouldn't make any sense. The jews have done their usual editing.

Because the thread ran out of any potential for worthwhile content in the first few posts. I tried injecting some steam into it by posting and anons took to calling me a kike because it's easier to do that than have an actual discussion.

Welcome to Zig Forums, by the way.

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The meaning doesn't change in either case.

It does to sheep, because they assume Goebbels would do something like that, when he was actually a good guy with morals.

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where did this happen/

Besides it doesn't matter what Goebbels would do, it matters that you're doing it.

okay retard

This is not a place for niggers, please keep your apoid mind on places more appropriate to your kind - like the zoo and reddit.

Fuck off back to Zig Forums. Your astroturfing attempt is beyond pathetic.