Greater Israel = The Globe

This is a borderline shitpost due to lack of sources and actionable information, but I've deciphered the kike plan via that chink Sun Tzu. Greater Israel isn't merely the middle east. It is literally the entire fucking rock. Their desire for destruction and decline of other races has been known, but recognizing the concrete plan is startling. Maybe it has been obvious to you all, but the last quarter-step is the only thing I've missed, and it is the scariest part.

This is something that we already understand about the jews. Many among us have pointed out that the chinks are so similar to the jews in many regards that the kikes aren't able to infiltrate chink culture (though, strictly, this wasn't true circa WW1/bolshies). In any case, Sun Tzu's deceit-warfare is relevant. The observant jews and the secular jews (communists/marxists/whatfuckingeverSJWs) claim to be separate from one another. There is no way to target "jews" without literally targeting all of them (as many anons understand), yet there are also some "jews" who aren't actually in on the scheme and there are even a few "jews" who have fought against "tikkun olam" and the rest of the jewish-secular-imperial bullshit historically.

The "self-loathing jew" is a stereotype for a reason–despite their predilection for subversion and deceit, genes for honor and honesty (notice the linguistic similarity?) still exist in trace amounts within them despite everything–the rare jew who possess a proper conscience quickly recognizes the plain fact that his people have abandoned the logos and have fallen to base subversion and trickery, similar to a poisonous reptile, and thus hates them. The big jews sacrifice the smaller jews as if the little ones are ablative armor. Do not misunderstand this as an attempt to establish that there are "good jews" in any meaningful way. These exist but they don't amount to much in a nation of sociopathic, usurping revolutionaries.

Point being: The collective appears to be formless from the outside. Pilpul &c rely on this. Limited hangouts such as are attempts to get ahead of the narrative and create a conceptual distinction between "jews" and "jews". It is deceitful but it works on well meaning and unwitting goyim.

They are formless. This is why most people do not see them. This is clear to us, so I move on.

Why are the kikes so confident in their position? It is clear that confidence abounds within them, no? Is it purely religious? Doubtful, considering the number of "secular" jews who get their jollies from the unimaginable wealth within their possession. Something else is going on. Even the truly religious kikes wouldn't be very well at ease if there weren't a parallel, worldly study of affairs taking place.

Often a jew will place himself in the position of the humble/meek/underdog by claiming that he and his ilk only wish to have the "tiny swath of land" that is modern day israel. Why is this? It makes no sense in the long run–a tiny nation-state surrounded by enemies at a time in which its relevant supporter (the ZOG USA) is almost certainly going to collapse into irrelevance ( is clearly building an unbelievably shaky foundation for a people with two millennia worth of experience.

Why doesn't this bother them? Look at the title. The jews are literally planning to take over the entire fucking physical world.

Think of populations of the various peoples of the earth in the abstract. Next, think of the populations which are self-sustaining (Europeans) and the populations which are so backwards that they would be less than 10% of what they are now if it weren't for the charity and/or trade of Europeans. The chinese rely upon the West for trade. The Africans rely on the West (and (((Bill Gates)))) for their international gibs. The middle east relies upon our dependence upon their shitty oil (somebody remind me why we didn't just genocide them when they were still using swords and horses).

Point being: if the jews are able to force enough third world degeneracy into the European nations, the Europeans will die out due to leftist politics and overall hopelessness. At this point, the international gibs will dry up and all of the niggers/sandniggers/etc will die of their own idiocy. As long as israel has the means to sustain a core of BIG JEWS and enough stock to breed, along with enough weaponry to subdue the lingering third worlders, they will literally rule the world.

This is the end game. They plan on victory without having to fight a single worthy adversary.

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Jews are an esoteric metaphor for the hidden evil lurking within us all.


wow op did you start paying attention today?

Yes, OP is a faggot :)

The kikes have been running bugland for the last 500+ years.

I guess. I've been awake for quite a while, but the end game only just dawned on me as I was reading some Sun Tzu just before posting. The idea that this insane goal is actually not impossible is what struck me so hard–before now I was aware of the tactics and the deceit but not of the grand plan. The mere fact that world domination via over-feeding and then starving the third world is possible actually shocked me. Again: I've been aware of the gestalt and the general direction of things for a while, but the realization that literal world domination via biological (niggers) warfare is possible is also the realization of how tangible their goal is. Tangible goals are much more frightening than abstract ones.

That statement is clearly a generalization as the parenthetical which immediately follows points out that kikes have, in fact, subverted the bugs.

That said, I'm not aware of anything 500 years back. Enlighten me m80.


You write of the rabbi video in my OP?

Yeah. Tikkun Olam, m8.


He is a pretty smug feller, ain't he? He spells it out so well. It is so blatant that the organism that is "jews" is both the left hand and the right hand. The fact that he is confident enough to be recorded in this manner is evidence of hubris.

Whites have also been around for a while. We haven't died out yet. If anything, the internet will provide the information necessary for us to stir our public to go beyond Herr Hitler and his optimistic flirtation with Zionism.

Had to check myself before I wrecked myself. Also have a hickok gif and bump.

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If you had seen the depths of the conspiracy like I have, you would be too incensed to speak. Do not misunderstand that this is problem, reaction, solution and that they are simply trying to institute a global lockdown of complete and total totalitarianism with the jewish leadership on top. They are going to cause this conflict and then 'provide you with the solution' (see pic) which is absolute and total slavery that cannot be comprehended by modern man. All of this is a FUCKING SET UP…if it is the last goddamn thing we do we need to KILL ALL OF THE semites (khazARYANS, ashkeNAZI, European Jews and THE REST NEED DNA TESTING EVEN 1% BLOOD NEEDS TO BE KILLED) on this planet and prevent their plan from taking place. I am too angry to really express myself.

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If that’s how you should feel you should probably Kys

You make a lot of sense except for your confusion of Aryans and Nazis being jewish. Are you Semitic per chance?


I’m just curious if your understand in any real manner the geneological difference in make up between indo Europeans ( Aryan blood) and Semitic or Levantine blood. Your almost right about everything except your dodgey Alex Jones tier misdirection of your final expression and understanding. How do you feel about israel there Alex? Are they the real Nazis? Or are globalists not internationalists? Please enlighten us

I guess this wasn't such a fagpost after all, then. As I wrote, I've been keen on the bullshit for maybe ~5 years. Only after reading Sun Tzu again has the likely endgame "clicked" in my mind. Israel itself is a total distraction and the means to implement literal world-scale domination will be in place within a generation.

It has always been clear that the 3rd worlders are being used as bio-warfare. Only when I belatedly put 2 and Tzu together did I see concretely that this is actually an incredibly plausible path to globe control did my jaw hit the fucking floor. I had "known" without "knowing".

It is upon us.

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I have recovered a little…you simply don't have any clue about the planning and complexity of what you are speaking about.

I'd be willing to bet that his final expression was pointing out the ultimate pilpul/misdirection.

Pointing out that literally everything we can use, symbolically, has been compromised.


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I'm going to say this and the rest of you may think I'm crazy, but Zig Forums you think too small. It's not the Jews that are the only problem. No, the problem is not the Jews alone, and it's not even the everyday ordinary Jew. The problem is far bigger than that. The problem is the banking families who are truly running the show. The houses of Morgan, Rothchild, and Rockefeller. These powerful families are all tied to the dream of one man, Cecil Rhodes.

These families have created the IMF and the world bank, the Fed, the CIA, the Council on Foreign Relations and the (not) so secret bank in Switzerland that is the central bank of the central banks. They own the media, they CIA and likely other intelligence agencies as well. Companies like BP, Standard Oil among many, many others all have ties to these three families. Their roots of evil are long and deep and they desire a one world government simply so that they may have all the wealth and material resources in the world.
Honestly, I think the only thing that can truly put a wrench in their works is the balkanization of the entire world. In a world where there are dozens of small etho-states their plans will be set back decades if not more.


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What should be most frightening is that they had most of the groundwork for their likely success laid before you were even born.

Yugoslavia was better prepared to put a fight against the Jew compared to current Croatia, Serbia, B&H and the others. In what way would balkanization help?

Ah yes, I must be a shill or a kike because I am bringing the other banking familes into this affair aren't I? Yes, you go ahead and spend all your energy on the jews, while the Rockerfellers and Morgans and othes among this cabal laugh on their piles of ill gotten gain. What do they care if Israel is ever destroyed when they, and they alone, will hold all the material wealth in the world?

Did you know that Nathan Rothchild wanted a homeland for the dispered Jews and wanted it in South Africa? Such a desire brought both he and Rhodes together and with money from Rothchild Rhodes bought up every diamond mine and created the Debeers diamond monopoly.>>13132871

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This brings up an interesting question along the lines of whether certain operations commute with one another.

Is killing the jews and then, afterwards, returning the world to a cluster of nations the same thing as doing these things in reverse? Thinking of it in this way, those among us who claim that we must get rid of the kikes first appear to be correct.


jews are the anti thesis to God. Where God is nature, complexity, order and harmony. Jews as an identity and a force of nature ( cultural, racially and nationally) are artificial, singular, stagnant, disorder they believe themselves above the most basic laws of nature that rule the universe. They represent the ultimate expression of a world that has abandoned God, that has abandoned the laws of eternal life.

I do though. It’s just an international social engineering and social conditioning experiment. The national socialists in Germany knew this well which is why when they effectively opposed it they were destroyed. If you can explain it you don’t understand it

Well, and I can only guess at this based on some things I've learned, but the goal of the elite, and by that I mean the banking elites, is a world ruled by them in the shadows with a people of mutt heritage that are easy to control. The ides of nationalism and patriotism are ideals that are highly damaging to their cause. If mass balkanization occurs across the world and these ideas of nationalism gain new foothold then people will no longer be easily swayed to the siren song of globalism that these bankers sing.

You must not get paid a lot moshie.

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No you fucking retards it's not just the Jews, it's the fucking Anglo-Saxon, the Europeans you worship so much, who are all working TOGETHER to bring this all about.
To focus on the Jews alone, while ignoring the other players is not only foolish but short sighted. You knock out one leg and two will still allow this cabal to stand.

we hate anglokikes

No one said otherwise, yid.
Wrong. Try again. On a new IP, because you've blown this one.


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Actually, change IPs and try again

Returning the world to a cluster of nations while Jews still exist is playing in hard mode. Not impossible, not ideal.

I think it will heavily depend on the resources these new nationalist nations have, both human and material.
No one will fear the Kurds even if they become ultranationalists because they're irrelevant sand niggers.

Don't worry. Traitors get the rope too.

I can never wrap my head around how so many soy boys on here have just simply given up. Follow the eternal order. There is no victory without struggle stop being weak faggots. God rewards those who fight their fear. The jews cannot be both life and death their symbol is an illusion the swastika is the truth

Yeah I switched IPs because bringing this sort of stuff into the open can have consequences.
But you go ahead, call me a shill, a kike, whatever. You know that unless the banking cabal in its entirety is somehow brought down none of this will change. But go on, please, by all means, focus on only one head of the hydra with no fire in your hand. While you chop away at that one, the others will be your doom.

Though I have noticed whenever someone starts bringing up the Rockefeller or Moran families are mentioned those who bring up those names are quickly called shills, kikes, etc. Who is getting shekles from whom eh?

They are the same people OP…this whole thing was a setup that is 3,000 years in the making. Even 'christianity' is a product of the plan to exterminate Europeans.

The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) president Abraham Foxman had a speech on August 25, 1998 in New York where he said:

“We control governments. We have created dissension among our enemies
and made them kill each other. We have effectively silenced criticism
of our affairs and we are the richest race of men on this earth… I speak
of the death of the White race. The complete removal of all means of
reproduction of the so-called Aryan race. Men, we now control the
destiny of this race. It is now time to make sure the White race becomes
extinct through miscegenation and having a virtually zero birth rate.
We have all enjoyed the vision repeated all over this world every day of
THE LAST WHITE CHILDREN playing with little dark children and knowing
that they are being set-up for their eventual destruction. We can ruin
the ancient pure blood of an Aryan child by convincing him or her of the
altruism of begetting interracial children. We must expose the race
mixing of the urban centers to the suburbs and rural areas of this
country. More aggressive programs to integrate these areas are now
underway through HUD. It is worth any price to annihilate the next
generation of White children. We want every White father to feel the
sting of having their children marry colored mates and produce biracial
children. We must use our power to discourage White men and women who
still persist in getting together from producing more pure White
children. They will be ostracized by not becoming part of the New
Society of all races. This will dissuade most of them. We will deal with
the less cooperative goyim by murder and imprisonment. Finally, we will
see the end of this White race. Impressionable White children will have
their minds molded into the agents of their own destruction. Already,
our efforts have succeeded in making the “men” of this race grovel at
our feet. Men, you and your ancestors have worked hard to make sure we
would have the power to hold the destiny of this race in our hands. Now
we have it. Perish Aryan Goyim!”?

You have to be able to see the entire plan to understand it.

>Only (((three hundred men))), who all know each other, govern the fate of Europe. They elect their successors from their entourage. These German Jews have the means in their hands of putting an end to the form of Government of any State which proves unreasonable.
- Walter Rathenau, Plain English, late Dictator of Germany, 1921

On the plan, including the forced introduction of Christianity to Europe for the last 3,000 years by way of torture, inquisition and murder

>The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach, and because its fulfillment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you that before ten years have passed, our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave.

- Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich before a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952, published in the Nov/Dec 2000 issue of Americas Bulletin, in The Canadian Intelligence Service, excerpt from September 1952 issue, submitted by James Moorhouse


We have already killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet."
~ Chief Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn

What would the Earth look like if we had 100 million of our people and their offspring BACK?


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This is true. And it will be the gaining of material resources that will really rile up the bankers. After all, look at what happened when Hitler nationalized the Reichsbank, or when other nations try to take control of their oil or other natural resources away from the banking cartel America is there to just fuck that country back into the stone-age.

Mythogically, Heracles chopped up different heads, then loosed a poison arrow at the main head.

He did not and could not possibly cut out all heads as once.

E Michael is that you?

They did not understand the complexity of the issue which is why they climbed right into bed with the semites and were not selective. Now look, I am not a person who thinks that this is all going to be 'hunky dory', in all honesty I am hoping to save perhaps 60 people out of the 800 million Europeans that are alive on the planet…
Some people are more optimistic about it thinking that 100 million will be saved but we will be lucky of 60 HUMAN souls survive what is coming. The rest of us will die but we will also no longer be slaves…and this might be required to starve the parasite in the host body. Nothing left…no parasite left either…it is going to be the most BRUTAL war that ever occured EVER, in all of history.

That's a good point actually, the beast of the elite is one of many heads. I dunno, I would just hate to see a day in which Jewish influence is truly waned from the world, maybe even fully destroyed or set back so far it could never rise up again, and people think the job is done when there are other heads, just as powerful and just as vested in the same goal of a global government with all the material wealth in the hands of the few to go unheeded and unchecked.

Lurk for 100000 more years faggot and never post here again.

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You wanna see the shills flip their fucking lid mention that Assange is a Rockefeller. Hahahahaha…the shills fucking FLIP OUT.

That's not a point, that's mythologically correct.

Chop up whatever heads you can, do not put up an unrealistic goal (chop up all heads) and not do anything.


I never claimed the Rothchilds weren't Jews you nigger faggot. Rockefeller, as far as I know was an American family of European decent. And why would they set up a museum in Israel? Because the two families are joined at the hip in their desire to rule the world.

No. I understand more about math and physics than the great Dr. Jones, but I admire him more than I admire myself. I only write this because he shit all over Newton and, in turn, physics itself due to his mathematical illiteracy in an attempt to tie in a successful *physical* worldview with the abusive worldview of the hegelians/marxists/etc.

Historically I suppose he is right when one considers that a group like the Vienna Circle / Logical Positivists was able to exist as late as the early 20th century… but this isn't Newton's fault. They abused his (literally admittedly limited: "hypotheses non fingo") theory of motion and gravitation to presume that humans are able to be analyzed deterministically.

I digress. E. Michael is a great man. His misunderstanding of science is forgivable. Ditto for Vox Day. Vox shits all over Karl Popper because he interprets Popper's work perfectly incorrectly–that is to say 180 degrees away from the truth. Falsification isn't placed upon the seat which Vox imagines. Vox, if you're out there, read Popper more carefully if you have time (you don't). More realistically: embrace Popper for his enemies are your enemies and his work is humbling rather than expansionary w.r.t. science.

The Hydra was powerful because when you chopped off a head more grew in its place. I am proposing that we starve it to death forever by reducing the occupants on the globe to almost nil. An educated nil that will kill the enemy whenever they encounter it and understands that all parasitic behavior needs to be exterminated.

We have been over this before.

Hop IPs and try again faggot.

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And yet if you do not chop any head at all, you will do nothing. This is not what Heracles does.
The hydra can eat the local people. You can't stop it until you kill it.
Quote it?

Learn reading comprehension nigger. Nowhere in that post is a claim that the Rothchilds are not Jewish, but that the Jews ARE NOT the only problem with this issue of globalization. The full issue are the banking dynasties, of which one is Jewish, that are actually pulling the strings from the shadows.

Yes, that is why I said that we need to reduce its 'food source' to nothing…so that it can't 'survive off eating the local people'. This is the main point of ETHNOGLOBE…reducing them to nothing, but it would also reduce the available prey down to numbers that cannot support their parasitism.

Really? So what Heracles should do back then is to kill off everyone around the hydra to starve it to death?

What gives them this power over us? How are they able to hypnotize billions of people?

I think the recognition that both the rich and the poor are parasitic in society and exterminating the two parts of the vice that are squeezing the productive class to death is important as well. The bankers are Babylonian semites user…iranian/jewish/askenazi/khazarian etc.

You act like this problem is some kind of small localized issue that we can FUCKING VOTE our way out of…sorry to disappoint but YES, FUCKING HERCULES NEEDS TO FINALLY TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM ONCE AND FOR ALL, NO MATTER HOW PAINFUL IT MAY SEEM TO YOU.

It's a real mystery

their all jews and jew puppets

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Hercales took care of the problem, by killing the hydra.

He didn't kill everyone around the hydra to "starve" it.

What a fucking joke.

The food of this "hydra" is not just people, but material wealth. Honestly they may see people as little more than cattle to bring them in more material wealth. The only effective way to starve this beast is to starve it of it's true sustenance which is material wealth. Gold, silver, oil etc. But honestly, such an endeavor would require every man, of every nation, rising up as one and taking back what has been stolen from generations past and generations to come.

Except the Rockefeller family comes from German stock.

We are bred to slavery the same way a domesticated cow is bred to slavery. There is nothing left of the beautiful and proud species that used to be a human being. We are nothing more than 'factory farm animals' who live a predictable and utterly domesticated life. All who came before us who had any wildness or freeness in them were SYSTEMATICALLY HUNTED AND MURDERED by the same people we are discussing. We are literally dysgenically BRED TO SLAVERY as effectively as if our DNA had been programmed and loyal to the 'shepherds who slaughter us'.

The very same, no people, no material wealth.

Heracles didn't starve the beast by killing other people, he killed the beast.

Well faggots, we need to do something. How about tarranting some synagogues?

And the House of Morgan traces back to Whales.
All that being said, given how close the three families are in this affair it would not surprise me if there has been marriage across ethnic lines to further cement their relationship.

That is because Hercules was a fucking MYTH user, created by the same people who 'gave you christianity'…of course they aren't going to 'give you the correct solution' to the problem when it involves their own health and welfare.

That's true, he slew the beast direct. Which goes back to my previous point. To focus only on one head and ignore the others is shortsighted don't you think? Yes the heads must be done away with, but attention cannot be on one and one alone when there are many can it?

You get right on that, glowstick. Whites will never fight back.

I am doing something but it is long term and that is studying biochem weapons to attempt to fucking retard out like Hercules and kill the hydra with poison (all of its heads). This is why Zig Forums has been under such scrutiny lately because they don't want to lose their ''MOST FAVORED PARASITE STATUS"…yes, I prefer the retard route if I can take it but also because I know that they can 'hide out in bunkers and re-enter to a virus laden world that is antithetical to their DNA. I am trying to make the entire planet INHOSPITABLE to them and their DNA PERMANENTLY AND FOREVER.

So is the fucking hydra? If you are using myth as metaphor, expect myth as answer.
LOL what, greeks are jews now?

Heracles chopped up what heads he can, he didn't focus on one head, the one head he ironically focus upon is the main head, which he fires a poison arrow at after chopping the side heads.

Right? Right.
My only advice is that, when dealing with normalfags, the above won't work. It is too far out. The path begins with breadcrumbs. E.g. Balfour Declaration? Why? (branch out from here).

The evil is real but it has been beaten back before. TBH we might need them in this period between the difficult age and the post-scarcity age. Without an enemy we might find ourselves too weak to remember to discipline ourselves well in order that we may explore the universe.

Either way, the question has been answered. Their behavior isn't tolerable in a civilized world.

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I wanted to work for NASA or SpaceX, but considering my odds as a half Asian (I'm not the correct kind of nonwhite), I suppose some sacrifices will have to be made. Some day, you will see a Tarrant II streaming his attack. Someday.

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They have occupied the nobility of Europe for the last 2,000 years. There is no pure bred European royalty or nobility left on the planet. Every marriage was sanctioned and approved of by the (((catholic church))) and European nobility who would not play along were exterminated and assassinated.

Attached: masonic king killing ritual copy.jpg (717x419 92.92 KB, 220.96K)

That is not to say we can't bring back pure behavior. Our blood may never be purely European, but that doesn't mean we can't try to bring back or make legendary empires.

Don't LARP. This isn't within our understanding. If it is? It is only within the reach of those with hundreds of millions of dollars of taxgibs behind them.

I would 'laugh along with you user' but you are not cogent of the division between Platonic Philosophy and that of Aristotle. They present two radically different world views, one is the removal of man from God and the other is the unification of man with God. Yes the greeks were corrupted long before christianity arose. Rome itself had just fallen, the republic was decimated by the (((Pharisees))) and overcome by the banking houses in the same way that Sparta was destroyed by the same banking house some 450 years earlier for defying them and moving to the hardened iron standard and off Babylonian Gold.

It is the same old song and dance that has been going on for 6,000 years.

Because of the European nobilities penchant for fucking young girls who were in their service and the wives of their servants, much of the blood of the European peasantry is far more noble than the royalty will ever be…look at the standards of behavior in our people…they managed to fuck themselves and entire royal population because of their deviance.

Greeks aren't jews, and thus you are wrong.

Christianity and jewish ideology is shit, unlike Aristotle and Plato.

Not LARPING user, but it doesn't really matter if you believe me…there are more than of our people who understand the problem and have the same ideas. This is the problem with their dependance on humanity and why they hate us and wanted to replace us with AI…hilarious because AI is going to hunt and slaughter them so much more efficiently than we ever world…anyway…that is neither here nor their. They must be stopped…ETHNOGLOBE is just one small part of it.

Christianity draws upon the Greeks.

"Ἐν ἀρχῇ ἦν ὁ λόγος"

This is John fusing Greek philosophy with semitic monotheism because it had to be done. The jews refused to listen to God (logos [λόγος]) and decided to crucify Him instead of listening to Him.

What's the point of discussing when we don't even have the slightest understanding as to how we can implement any counter strategies. A poison that can only kill jews does not sound within the bounds of possibility.

And the LOGOS is very important. It is has importance even as far back as the presocratics. Heraclitus wrote of it. There is a book by a woman named Eva Brann which is a good intro to the LOGOS.

I don't understand why the Greeks would ever fuse their philosophy with Jewish monotheism. Christianity seems like total Jewish nonsense to me.

baseless jew shill.

Zues is a pedofaggot…displaying every single character trait of the jews that can be imagined including pederasty, lying cheating, etc…I GARUNFUCKINGTEE that Babylon had her tentacles in ALL OF GREECE by the time that Rome fell some 450 years later, I don't think you understand the timelines we are working with her or the intricacy of the plan. We know for a fact that Sparta defied the international bankers and that they used their gold to hire Xerxes to CRUSH THEM COMPLETELY and all of Greece with them since they perceived in the same way they perceive us to be a 'problem people' who are hard to rule over due to our creative spirit.

If you can't spot the difference between the teachings of Pythagoras and the subtle weaving of the values and sometimes even direct quotes snuck into the writings of the greeks (encoded knowledge) that they hoped you would glean from the slave religion (christianity) then you are just not paying attention. And I can't help you. I know when I read Hericlitus or Pythogras I see the slave religion thinly veiled in the writings. Socrates and many others are who Aristotle would have referred to as the 'so called pythagoreans' mock them with backhanded commentary about their diversion into unhealthy Babylonian thinking of domestication and slavery of humanity.

Study it, then. Clear up your misunderstanding. One way or the other. LOGOS is important. It is Greek. It is also Christ. It isn't possible for me to shitpost it out for you, but if you look at this thread and grasp that I'm sincere in what I write, study it. LOGOS. CHRIST.

Zeus represents the typical trait of alphamale in Europe, does shit and never regrets for shit.

You are a jew for implying that Zeus is a jew.

If Christianity draws from greek, why do they worship a kike and not christ.

Is Christ a tranny?

Yes, the 'death of God' and a peoples patriarch is meant to completely demoralize them at a fundamental level. If God can be killed by the international bankers WHAT CHANCE DO YOU LOWLY HUMANS HAVE; TIME TO GIVE UP…but I do understand about the incorporation of the λόγος in John and what it signifies for humanity…rather than the base narrative.

The point was that God came back after 3 days, lol.

Odin is based…Zeus is a pedofaggot…he probably started out based as well but the kikes fashioned him in their image just like they do with everyone else's pagan beliefs. This is the meaning of 'them making man in their image', not only did they make man in their image but they also made your archetypes and gods in their image TOO CORRUPT THEM AND YOU. Europeans are hard to rule because

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No one tries to corrupt Zeus's image but you.

Zeus was based and he will continue to be based, same as Odin and Thor.

The point is that, apparently, John recognized that the essence of being human–the logos (look up the greek term and its meanings)–was embodied in a human which was then sacrificed by other humans who misunderstood. It is a bit of a mess but it isn't that hard to understand. It is the story of honesty vs. deceit (amongst many others), which is central to our time as we kick around on this rock.

The jews killed the logos and have continued to pretend that they haven't done anything wrong. That is: they've killed the living embodiment of god/logos and have been trying to pretend that nothing is wrong for the last 2000 years. This is why they're so paranoid about antisemitism. This is why they're so driven to control everything.

Do you remember having done something wrong during your childhood? Do you remember the accompanying feeling of guilt and impending punishment? This is literally what jews have been feeling for 2000 fucking years. The paranoia is real.

Yes after 3 days (or 3 thousand years 'God' comes back)
2 Peter 3:8
Beloved, do not let this one thing escape your notice: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.

So we are all waiting for 'GOD' to come back and show up as proper shepherds to their people (the 'TRUE sons of God' was what we were waiting for…but most people think that Jesus is going to show back up, they don't realize that it was always about THEM STANDING UP AS MEN TO TAKE THEIR PLACE AS THE REAL SHEPHERDS OF EUROPEANS AND DRIVING OUT OUR ENEMIES…) so they wait and wait and wait and all this time the noose tightens because they will not ARISE AND TAKE THEIR PLACE AS LEADERS OF THE PEOPLE.

A fucking kike, everything comes out of his mouth can be discarded.

I didn't paint that shit or make those legends about him being a pedo and abducting and raping Ganymede. Also European men do not behave this way…just letting you know.
I didn't make him into a pedophile with a cupbearer (even in kiked out fucking islam they are promised cupbearers that they can fuck in the ass in heaven). Read what I wrote again. They corrupted his image so that they could corrupt the image of the archetype of man. You know that they made him degenerate so that they could tear down those nations just like they later destroyed Rome through deviance.

But I'm really damn confused as to why you think a kike book holds any importance in the first place? How exactly does a concept like Logos become a physical person? Is the story saying Jesus was a sinless man who personified Logos? And if so, why would Jesus stand out in making the Jews feel guilty when they've been doing devious shit for thousands of years?