Pay your taxes goy; those Palestinian kids aren't going to shoot themselves!

Pay your taxes goy; those Palestinian kids aren't going to shoot themselves!

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Already filed my taxes, my fucking CPA said that I owe $688. At least the year before I got back $50 back.

user, you should take the fewest withholdings possible so you owe and then not pay.

I don't actually care if Israel kills palestinian kids. I just know its a good talking point to get normies to think negatively of the jews.

Do they put the kids into our chicken? I'm not sure why my tendies taste so weird.

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They put aborted white fetuses in all fast food, (((they))) make us cannibalize our brothers and sisters.

I haven't held a job since January 2017 and I don't pay taxes. Fuck the system.

how do you survive

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Well, funny story, what I did before that was I was in the military for 12 years and I got medically retired, so I get a monthly check of about 2k. I started going to college and using my GI Bill so I get an extra 1500 on top of that.

You say that, except I'm actually aiding in the instability of the federal government by adding undue stress on their financial architecture, which is what we should ALL be doing. Our goal is to collapse the government and reclaim our nation, you can't exactly do that if you're playing by the book and following all the rules. Fuck the system, kill the system. It doesn't work for us, so why work for it?

I made no "income".
I owe nothing.

Free the People.

I will give a dollar to watch Jews and Islam kill each other.
Barking up the wrong board with this shit.

No, free OUR people. To hell with the rest.

Must suck being a boomer, living under the tireless thumb of the jewish perspective.
America is occupied, we live under an occupation, and the occupiers want to slowly wipe us out. Pay them taxes? There is nothing more unpatriotic and pathetic. Stupid nigger.

Killing muslims isn't the worst use of my tax money.

Who cares about Palestine. Only a stupid Muzzy would care. Let them all die.
This board is being bombarded by Islam pretending to be white nationalist.
Chan hates Muslims too.

Yep, kill um all I say. All 2 billion of them.

It's illegal to not withhold the "correct" amount of money.
The IRS is a fucking scam.

fuck palestine. no matter how much you turkish fuck faces shill. we will never accept islam or palestine.

Daily reminder that Khazars are a Turkic people

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You are the reason why I love pol.
Islam is our enemy and will kill all white infidels and rape our white women.

Oh wow. your trolling has diminished my soul. Only a dumb ass Muzzy will think name calling will stop my hatred of Muzzy goat fuckers.
Islam is and always will be an enemy of the white children.

Go fuck a goat.

No, they're worse in every way than some Middle Eastern locals that wouldnt give a shit about us if it wasnt for zog wars.

I haven't paid taxes in 20 years fuck the IRS and fuck the government

Fucking muzzy.
Get the fuck out of POL:

Us as in westerners you dumb shit.

Do you work under the table

Ultimate goal is to be self employed or work under the table. Doesn't matter if you fill out the kike return form, besides getting a refund (in my case at least). They already take it out automatically

If you didn't have mandatory (((health insurance))) you got the bachelor tax gotta pay for the Women and their half breeds single straight working class white goys
the king nigger tax return scheme 2018 still applies

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I find it funny that you think taxes going to kill palestenian children matter.

What about tax funding white genocide? Or is that too political incorrect compared to random muslims dying?

Refer to my first post, stupid nigger.

Which is what, nigger?

You owe zero income tax if you make the standard deduction + ira contribution + hsa contribution. If you have stock market investments held for a year any gains you pull will apply to long term capital gains instead of as income, the first tax bracket of long term capital gains is zero tax up to 39+k. Then there's pulling the rich tricks of selling at a loss before the end of the year for the loss write off then buying what you sold back a couple of weeks later in the next year, you having picked particular stocks that are cyclical, dipping at the end of the year, rising at the first of the year so you don't actually lose anything, just on paper, losing just the minor transaction fees.

Income tax doesn't pay for government operation, what the government does is paid for by inflation, income tax only covers interest, aka it all goes to jew pockets.

And that money in the jew pocket pays for all the anti-white media campaign.

I got back $400 which is $200 more this year for some reason. I am not sure why.

How many hours you worked is his word against yours if you. If you are hired legally you could autisticly check all the recites in which you clocked and out and give the hr as proof. Don't know how many times that saved my ass.


Yep. Checked the box and the niggers will have to audit me to request proofs that I had "coverage" or was "exempt". Stoopid Trump said he got rid of that and yet here it fucking is.

Who gives a fuck about third world inbred shit-skin kids?

It's good you owe money, otherwise it means the government took too much of your money and used it all year for free.

To see the impact of taxes look at total taxes paid, not what happens at year end.

And of course the moderation won't enforce any of their rules here because shitting up the board is ok, but things like Project Veritas that don't follow a specific thread template get deleted.

You will never be white.


I "got back" 1000 dorras. I'm doing my part.

I've just about McFuckin' had it.

Those pigs need to be arrested and charged with murder. For starters.
Why is (((that kind))) of cancer even allowed to exist?


Why should anyone care about who shoots who in the shithole named near east?
I would donate a great amount for a new crusade though.

You are the type of person who gets gangstalked, if you're not already. Better read up on it beforehand, so you'll know what's coming.
The bright side will be that you'll be hogging a lot of (((deep state))) resources. Gangstalking is expensive.