Does anybody here seriously believe Trump is going to fix America...

Does anybody here seriously believe Trump is going to fix America? I unironically want Andrew Yang now because he's going to crash the system faster than Zion Don but he'll also pay us along the way which helps me prepare for the civil war

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No. We just see him as mechanism to buy time & drive the left batshit crazy, racheting up clown world to maximum, that will end up shocking many normies out of their cognitive dissonance.

If you're White, Trump is an unironic mortal enemy. The fact that the kikes had to drag Dump out of mothballs shows how precarious their position actually is.

Trump was a great prank and he hasn't started any wars, but he's just another POTUS though. We all know what happens to uppity puppets.
I hope Trump episode has proven that voting really doesn't matter, it's just a suggestion box.

I'm actually okay with the posts I'm reading so far.
Hail victory, brothers.

no, but fuck yang too

this, trump was a joke and it was funny for a while but now he has israels/jews cocks so far down his throat that the novelty and tweets have lost their appeal.

clown world is real, but it shouldn't be

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Zig Forums is anti-trump you dumb nigger
Trump has been legitimately worse for white nationalists than Hillary would have been


Larpers should go inawood and build a society there.

Remember to register Democrat so you can vote in the primaries.
We should be organizing this more, but still a way to go.

there's been no new wars and unemployment is down (not in the Obama style 'oh they just gave up' kind of way)

The struggle to victory is enough to fill a man's heart


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On the unemployment bit, obviously, as the 'no new wars' shit is laughable given the way he's tempting the Iranians and Syrians with his Gotan Hites move.

oh W O W, look here fellas.
got ourselves the spokesman for Zig Forums.
Nice to meet you Mr. WE

your pic proved me right fuckwit.
Just cut your dick off now. Yang Gang was a failure and so is whatever you're doing now.

Just like when he almost started a nuclear war with the Norks over some tweets right?

Did it? Where? Seems like this might be a shitpost response.

Nah, that was just a show for plebs like you.
Gotan Hites was over resources for his son in law, the hew, and urging the enemies of Israel to attack.

lel, obviously I meant jew.

Also, Yang is gay TRS shit.

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ever since Kennedy was killed killed it has been a total shit show, which places us all today in Clown World 2020
curtsey of the Jews who killed Kennedy



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No. Fuck off you goddamn retarded piece of reddit shit.

Paid to post here.
Same rate as when he took office.


This faggot has another thread up

Checked for which one? I wanna shitpost in it too.

No. What seems to be going on though is they're attempting some hold-over plot from the McCarthy or Kennedy-era to end the Bolshevik/Zionist Jewish Occupation of our government. They're attempting to restore the Republic. That doesn't fix America, that fixes a fundamentally flawed Republic based on Tabula Rasa, which the Human Genome and genetic heritability of behavior disproved. It doesn't fix the culture. It doesn't solve the demographic problem. It doesn't gas the kikes. It may be a step in the right direction, or a step in the wrong direction depending on whether these problems can be addressed by a restored Republic or whether it will require civil insurrection and the free-for-all of war. It would be easier to achieve with fewer losses with friendly control of the government, but highly unlikely to happen that way. More likely is it cools the pot so the frog boils more comfortably.

The best thing that can happen, as I see it, from a restored Republic is that we no longer support the Jewish banks in European wars as a matter of America First non-interventionism, we destroy our own Jewish media as the traitors to the Republic they are, we destroy Jewish social media for abridging Free Speech, in short, we stop binding the hands of Europe, and poisoning their minds with our poisoned culture so they can retake their own countries. Then we get Europeans to start having massive amounts of children while we dig in, trying to shift White American culture away from the genocidal (((melting pot))) the Jew has given us, moving the Overton Window, deporting those we can deport, jailing those we can jail, and hoping American Whites can out-breed our shitskins with Europe reinforcing us.