We need an alternative to the internet

It seems obvious to me that our greatest weapon in the war against globalism is the ability to form covert interests groups with people from all over the world for a common purpose. If we used this power to our best ability, I believe we would have a decent chance at reversing our current predicament. But any chance we have can easily be dashed if the powers at be deem the internet too dangerous for their slaves to possess. So question is, how can we continue this war of information when our main tool for doing so is mostly coopted by our very enemies?

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Kim Dotcom has been trying to do that which he codenamed "meganet" but he's now caught up fighting his own US extradition case in New Zealand and is also helping Julian Assange's case.




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are you talking about the internet protocol as a whole or the web?

Both really. We don't have control over the infrastructure of the internet nor do we have control over the web itself. We need to create a system that makes every an equal shareholder in this process.

what about an outernet?

Software can be built that operates on top of the existing Internet and provides the necessary functionality. All the basic primitives already exist but no one has (yet) put together the "killer app" that ties it all together.

Individuals (vs 3rd-party authorities) must have the ultimate power, restoring freedom of association. Bitcoin is one example of such a technology, in this case it enables an individual to store and transfer his own money, versus being forced to go through some 3rd-party authority (such as a bank).

But storing/transferring money is only one piece of the puzzle. Individuals must be able to message each other directly, as well as post and browse any information they want, anonymously if necessary. Bitmessage, Freenet, I2P, and Tor are all examples of technology intended to provide this functionality.

Similarly, individuals must have control over their own identity, not having to depend on some authority for functionality such as credentials, profile meta-data, and contacts/connections. Open-Transactions is one example of a library intended to solve this problem.

The "killer app" will combine all of these aspects into a unified whole, greater than the sum of its parts. Publishers should be able, for example, to post information under a pseudonym, and consumers should be able to browse that information anonymously while paying the publishers for posting it. Consumers should know for a fact that the publisher is actually the one being paid, and not some imposter. Publishers should not have to worry about being "de-platformed" by some 3rd-party authority who disapproves of their message. Users should be able to form discussion groups, post videos, etc, with all necessary resource allocation handled by the underlying protocol instead of by some authority like Google.

This software can be built, but engineering is expensive. Perhaps it will come along eventually on its own. Otherwise we might consider steering some funding (somehow) to the right people so they can actually spend their time focused on building it.

No, no one here is gonna do shit.
At this point our best bet is meganet.

What about a network which uses a kind of cryptographic key that any outside party cannot access? It would use standard infrastructure but all transmissions would be digitally encrypted between each individual user. Both users would share their keys with eachother to send traffic or messages, but the transmissions themselves would be completely secured. Or is that basically what the meganet and killer app does?

Preparing for the case that we can't use anything internet-like for sharing information and communication because it is heavily controlled and censored or inaccessible might not be the worst idea.
Things like :
Preparing physical copies of information online.
Networking in RL
Rediscovering old forms of communication and developing new ones.
Establishing codes to protect information from enemies.
Establishing ways to ensure that information comes from where it's supposed to and hasn't been tampered with.

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The end is nigh

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HF-waves-net with bio-quantum cryptography protocol and connected direct to the brain re/transiver.

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The internet will inevitably be conquered, it is really only copper wire\microwave towers\fiber optics and switches, and the Jews will likely eventually buy all these.

The only hope is wireless communication, but putting too much energy in the air is bad for health, especially if it isn't a directional antenna like the parabolic dishes on top of microwave towers, which constrain the energy to a narrow beam.

The solution, which may or may not come into our hands in time to save the our generation from massive genocide in WWIII or Civil War II, is a wireless communication device which somehow works through quantum tunneling through the Earth giving it apparent faster than light or electromagnetic possibilities.

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Sounds like you're describing TOR. As explains, the problem is not any particular piece of technology, but stacking them in a single protocol that we can all agree to use.


In a computerized civilization, encryption is the fundamental building block of liberty.
— Julian Assange

It's called real life.

Anything but actually taking action, right Moishe? As long as the goyim can sit and complain without being able to do anything about it of course.

Smoke signals
Radio djs dropping memetiers

That’s an idea


"Real life" is being hollowed out by industrialization and bought out by a shrinking minority of the wealthiest property owners.

If you value liberty don't follow in that guy's footsteps.

Will get 20 years labour followed by a cup of polonium tea

That's the message people like (((you))) are trying to push. Be fearful, goyim.

Yeah. It's called life.

You know, we live in an age of shirkers, of deadbeats, of people who actually think they're being smart by never being responsible for anything. It seems like the first rule a lot of our soldiers in Vietnam learned 25 years ago was "never volunteer for anything." That's what I hear from a lot of Vietnam vets. But this attitude also has permeated our whole society and has affected many Americans who are too young to have been in Vietnam. People who spend a lot of time on the Internet discussing political and social issues with other people tell me that the word there too is "never join anything; if you do the government may cause you trouble or you may be asked to do something; so the smart thing to do – the safe thing to do – is never join anything."

Well, of course, the thing about the Internet is that it is anonymous. People can express their opinions about anything they want without anybody knowing who they are. They all use pseudonyms or nicknames. It's the perfect environment for cowards, for shirkers. They can shoot their mouths off and act like real men without being called to account. And like shirkers everywhere, they would like for everyone else to be a shirker too, so they are not shown up for what they are. They would like for their cowardice and irresponsibility to be regarded as prudence. They want to thought of as smart guys instead of as shirkers.

But really, how smart is it never to accept any personal responsibility? What that amounts to is opting to be a spectator in life instead of a participant. Life is interesting. Life can be fun. There are many fascinating things to observe, to talk about. And I guess these smart guys figure that they will watch it all first. They will talk about it all with their friends first. Then when they know everything they can go back and make smart choices about what to become involved in. They won't make any mistakes.

But you know, it doesn't work that way. You don't get to go back and start over after you've watched it all and got it all figured out. You only get one shot at life, and you've got to make the most of it. You've got to figure it out as you go, even if that means accepting some risk and making some mistakes. There's no going back. If you just watch it all the way to the end, telling everyone how smart you are because you're not making any commitments or taking any chances, you've missed your chance to live. And that chance never will come again. The people who live are the people who participate in life, not the spectators who just watch it go by.

~Dr. William Pierce

I didn't say don't follow him - I said don't do it for freedom.

Plus he really failed to accelerate anything other than (((Trump))).

Much as I like Jordan Peterson, it's important to note who most of his audience probably is, middle class white people from the burbs. Most of us probably come from messed up backgrounds, people like us really can't afford to take risks like these. Someone with the family and resources can afford to screw up, someone will be there to pick him up if/when he falls, us? Not so much. Look at this this way, when a cow is slaughtered, it's not the cow who benefits, it's the guests who could afford to pay the exorbent fee. We're no different…

Those complaints about people's behavior on the internet may all be true, but that's not an excuse not to make a better decentralized alternative to the internet that everyone is connected to.

Stop thinking like a nigger.

Meh. It'd just get colonised by commercial interests again once it got good.

Go build a cabin in the woods - you will get more out of it than building a second internet.

And that is the flaw in your thinking. Any alternative (which is neigh impossible without millions of dollars) would be like gab. Just another place that very few people outside of nationalist circles know about. And eventually (((they)))'d probably shut it down if it became a place where people organized.

Interestingly, Dr. Pierce had a lot to say about the American Middle Class too and it was not very kind.
But I understand what you're saying. We are in an immensely weak position because we lack rich backers. Most revolutionary movements have had powerful and rich backers to help mitigate the drawbacks of resisting the established Order. Communists for instance have always enjoyed the support or bourgeoise idealists and jews.
I worry that without some support from moneyed idealists on our side, we will fail.
This is why I never spent much time countersignaling Richard Spencer.
I disagreed with a lot of what he had to say, but at least he was talking about White issues.
It's a shame that more rich White men don't have the courage he did.

It would be difficult to "colonise" a wireless mesh network system broadcasting a decentralized, non-IP based encrypted network.

This is false, and it will only get cheaper.


For the moment you want to be going open source on everything, avoiding jewish spying, backdoors, and jewish 'secure messaging' honeypots.

Anyone have any experience with this?

I think what you want is either Yggdrasil, Babel, or cjdns. Any of those work on top of the Ethernet layer, so as long as you have link connectivity (as in WiFi, Ethernet, AX25, whatever), you can build your own network or actually join existing ones.

see youtube.com/watch?v=utqSOfuVcMI

Looking at this from an engineering perspective, the solution to that is relatively straightforward. Before you can begin building something, you must first know WHAT you are building. By putting some voices together and qualified people adding their feedback, that can be used as a starting point.

The thing is, with posts like this, there's a LOT of truth in what people are saying, but 999/1000 times it dead-ends, and the valuable information and ideas disappear, forever forgotten after a few days. IMO, before we go about inventing new communication protocols or whatever (which is great), we need to greatly increase the efficiency of our actions, namely through new generations of collaborative tools and organizing information. Like I said earlier, this thread provides an excellent example to this. What if valuable posts (ideas, insights, constraints, etc) get put into an outline format with added explanations to them, and is available to anyone else wanting to learn more about this, hopefully with the objective of making something? This person doesn't have to start at zero…. zero starting points, zero people to communicate with who hold the same interests, etc.

In terms of short term communication, we have it 30% down. In terms of long term strategic use of information and data, there are no free, open source projects or systems to handle this.

Does anyone else see what I mean? This is a systems engineering challenge before anything else.

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Responsibility without power is slavery. We have no power and are the only group that can be legally discriminated against. Why would we put our lives on the line for a system that actively tries to destroy us?

Holy shit lmao that's dark

And actually taking command of the infrastructure or building our own is literally impossible. So the only other remaining is a mesh network of wireless systems. The problem there is distance and hardware, you end up with bottlenecks because of geographic constraints making the system useless outside a local cluster.

That being said, we don't need any of this. We can use the existing infrastructure tcp/ip with heavy encryption.

Sadly this is an area I've put a significant amount of time into solving, but without sufficient capital I don't see it happening.

I don't think you have a single clue what Tor even does.


I couldn't agree more.
"One is none and two is one".
IMO there should be at least 4 viable independent systems GTG at any one time, that all produce more or less same results but do it with entirely diff methods. Same double-check idea as Double Entry Accounting in the old days.

Also, on similar but diff note, why cunt some wiz-kid cum up with a Govt-resistant distrubuted , peer2peer similar to Napster(but not "stealing" and by definition only sharing "private thoughts" etc) Open Sore version of Social Media, that being NON-CORP and NON-Big Brother, would instantly become the NEW HIP Social Media???

I'd like it to ALSO include what I'd call "Universal SM" in that it would scan and amalgamate all current platforms listings of all the big Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, thus becoming "supermarket/dept store" one stop shop, while at same time…..removing any ads.

IMO, as a boomer with only limited purely academic understanding of computers and shit, this seems like it would be easy, and I'm amazed it hasn't happened, and IMO Facebook, etc stocks are about as sound as Theranos.

What gives?

Facebook/Twitter go out of their way to prevent people from pulling data into unauthorized apps. You can't just scrape all of Facebook like that.

Look at the demoralization (((kike))).

Use pidgeons

A (((rothschild))) was once quoted as saying "The Internet should not have reached the [hands of] the masses…" Or something like that, while talking with another (((rat))).

The main problem is that there are only three groups that need high security, normie-proof anonymous internet. The other two groups are child pornographers and drug dealers.

It's the company we keep, fellows. Get offline.

I love eating tacos. Why do you guys want to kill the Mexicans?


Choose one location: Siberia, some castle, north/south poles, a mountain, etc. Advance to telepathy.

Teach me master

Radio waves can be used to communicate over several miles. You could create your own internet by connecting many different points. It'd be slow, and could easily be jammed, and are extremely regulated by law. You'd go to jail for attempting it.

Light waves are also regulated. Lasers are federally banned, but you can use a "pointer" up to 5 mW. Not very strong at all, slow, and a line of sight can easily be broken. I don't want to know what would happen to someone that tried to communicate using light. Sound is probably also out of the question, right now we can only broadcast high-frequency sound a few dozen feet. Really, you need wires, which are impossible to lay because only the government is allowed to install lines across the vast majority of land.

Oh boy, it's another Zig Forums pretends to be Zig Forums while knowing nothing about computers except how to install steam thread!

These are always good. Kind of saddening, but always hillarious to read posts by technologically illiterate boomers and 37 year olds that think Mac vs PC is a real debate.

Are you a woman?

Shut up junkie

Light doesn't automatically mean lasers. This system here uses LEDs and was tested up to about a mile, for over 10 years. They also made an infrared version.

In Europe its illegal to transmit voice over radio without a license, I wonder why? But in the United States the 433.050MHz to 434.790MHz band is open to everyone but is fairly cluttered though it would be useful to get into knowing about radio because it'll be necessary once SHTF.

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can niggers and spics invent a system of sending smoke signals by burning the homes of white people to the ground? I can get behind that.

We need more aerostates.

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Is there anything that isnt illegal in Europe?


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Yes i do user

We need a wall, not a new internet.

zeronet on tor, it already exists.

It's called Blockchain internet.

Underrated post.

That's a pretty apt summation of the problem, user. Shiny, interchangeable protocols exist. The ability to pursue financial exchange between each other exists. Autonomous local networks (physical infrastructure outside of the backbone) exist. Even distribution strategies are possible. But a crux of the 'public adoption' issue is, and always has been, the problem of scaling.

You should join us in - we've been considering strategies to take in this area since August. A few people of interest who are already committing to practical outputs have also taken note.

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It's called real life


I have a plan that just might work. Stayed tuned, but in the mean time, don't recycle your tins.

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I2P -> geti2p.net/en/
Tor Project -> torproject.org/
Freenet Project -> freenetproject.org/
Beaker Browser → beakerbrowser.com/
IPFS -> ipfs.io/ | orion.siderus.io/
IPFS Desktop -> github.com/ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-desktop
Zeronet -> zeronet.io/
Tribler -> tribler.org/
Soulseek -> soulseekqt.net/news/node/1
Ares -> ares.com/
Ares Galaxy -> sourceforge.net/projects/aresgalaxy/
Fopnu -> fopnu.com/
Retroshare -> retroshare.cc/ (retroshare is full of decentralized image boards)
OpenBazaar -> openbazaar.org/features/ (p2p web with a crypto market place)
Tox -> tox.chat/ (p2p instant messaging & decentralized chat platform)
Super Simple Server -> supersimpleserver.com (decentralized web hosting)
qBittorrent -> sourceforge.net/projects/qbittorrent/
Tixati -> tixati.com/
Quazaa -> sourceforge.net/projects/quazaa/
Anomos -> sourceforge.net/projects/anomos/
GNUnet -> gnunet.org/en/
Usenet -> torrentfreak.com/how-to-use-usenet/ | archive.fo/e1HXH
Image boards over ipfs:// -> ipfs.io/ipns/boards.ydns.eu/#/
dat:// protocol -> datproject.org/
List of goodies → github.com/gdamdam/awesome-decentralized-web

We need to focus on completely decentralized networking, p2p. Utilizing node to node is likely the only thing they can't censor or shutdown, unless they were to shutdown the internet as a whole. Then there is the concept of mesh networking and/or the sneakernet. Sneakernet = offline sharing of files via floppies, CDs, DVDs, flashdrives, external harddrives, etc.

Have whatever p2p software that is currently available backed up, along with an ISO copy of your OS… and start backing up any kind of media you can think of that you need/want and storing it offline on physical copies.


We need something that actually works. Tor is absolute shit and the way it's structured will ensure that it remains that way.

This shit longdicks tor in every way possible: github.com/skycoin/skywire/wiki/Architecture

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Interested. I second the request for more info.
Any user's try this out?

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An alternative already exists.

hams already have several networks going