Latest season of Game of Thrones just returned. They featured a boy/demon being burned alive. The boy was in the center of body parts arranged in the sigil of pic related. He screamed just like the boy in the Podesta video as he died.

Were millions of people simultaneously initiated to an occult ritual?

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Who are the 2 main producers of GOT and are they Jewish?

Both echo.

When Caesar invaded Britain, the Druids surprised him on a riverbank. Hundreds of Celts were assembled there, and the Roman army crossed the ford and just started hacking at them. Around the time they finished killing, the soldiers saw the Druid priests and realized that they had just unwittingly participated in a human sacrifice ritual. Got them so damn freaked out they ran away, throwing up and begging the gods to forgive them.

Occultism likes to recruit outsiders for the same reason fags like to infect their rape victims with AIDS; evil won't stay put.

Now choke yourself to death for a faggot OP worthy of a museum, TV nigger.

Do you even have to ask?

The whole show is rape, incest and literal dickless men. What kind of retard expects it to not be pozzed?

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Jews, and yes.

Wew they really jewed her up good.

The kind of retard who pays for HBO and still has the nerve to start threads here.

Who pays for HBO?

Not me.

GoT is about 65 hours so far. No way I'm gonna waste that much time on TV.
I tried to read a synopsis but couldn't get through it. Apparently, it's a celebration of barbarism.
It's based very loosely on the War of the Roses, by the way. Stark == York, Lannister == Lancaster. Maybe this info reveals the final episode.

One of them is Goldman Sachs royalty.

This is what passes for literature.

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I wouldn't put it past jews to push that on the goy. While the show is highly degenerate, there are still relatively few niggers in it, with the biggest group of niggers being a race of slave soldiers. For the most part though, niggers are just background noise. I think part of the reason GoT is so popular, is this is one of the few modern shows you can watch without having to see an ugly nigger face in each scene.

is this what they meant by that symbol the night king left behind?

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Of course!

Nothing past the first season is worth seeing tbh, and even that is HIGHLY questionable.

Its nothing special. Its total inversion of Tolkein fiction, and now in season 8 they're probably trying to do a reversal and pull an epic ending, which is doomed to failure, or the story is going to go full death and despair (which is what a true subversion would do, and please nobody).

Yes, much more likely.

The night king would just like you to subscribe to Pewdiepie

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The most likely spoiler I've seen thus far goes like this…

The Night King is Bran.
Bran goes back, tries to Warg into the past, winds up Warging into the guy getting sacrificed by the goblin elves to create the Night King, and thus becomes him.

At the end, Snow must kill the Warg'd out Bran to kill the Night King, but before he does, it kills the Blonde savior thot and in death she births her incestuous offspring with Snow.

I read the book, the first few one were kind of interesting and moving around, then everything just stayed kind of the same with nothing going on at all. Then I stopped, I'm pretty sure the writer just doesn't know how to move it forward.
For the show I have seen the first few episode, but meh, dropped since I have other things to do.

And a bottle blonde being raped by a mutt larping as a shitskin. The whole show is jewish masturbation material

It's a celebration of degeneracy and barbarism wrapped around some mildly interesting political intrigue that's a breath of fresh air because the ham fistedly stereotypical good guy doesn't always win.

Really the only reason anyone likes it is because the rest of kikewood is so jewed that they can't make anything that isn't formulaic shit. When everything else is literally just "racist nazi bad, good commie kills evil racist nazi" it looks good in comparison.


He tried to write a subverted Tolkein epic, but the end of such a tale is horrible and depressing and gay as fuck, so he's hoping he'll die first, but HBO has to finish it off, so they're probably going to abandon the subversion - all evidence thus far appears thats the case - and try to track on an epic's ending to it, which will just fall flat.

The author is terribly lazy and hasn't even completed his story. The show overtook the books, and without any primary material to go on, the HBO kikes are completing it for him. If you thought last season sucked, there's your reason why.


I watch it as this is the only thing I use to keep a pules on pop culture. Plus I do like to analyze the product the jew puts out, just to detect any predictive programming or lesser-magic tells. For the latter, they really pushed it with Fight Club.

Thats the beauty. He's in a Catch 22.

If he holds true to the tone and sentiment of like 5 books worth of writing, everyone dies due to terminal faggotry and the undead win the day, or something equally shit.
Outcome: Massive audience letdown and anger.
Alternatively, you can tack on the end of the Lord of the Rings and hope nobody notices how this makes no fucking sense.
Outcome: See above.
Its not just that he hasn't finished it, he CAN'T finish it. He set out to be subversive, without realizing that a total subversion of the Tolkein epic is not something people will enjoy, nor will people accept a tacked-on outcome as fulfilling.

Dude wrote himself into a corner by trying to subvert the story of good winning out over evil, only to realize that means evil must win and thats a real downer for a piece of escapist fiction drawn out over a decades.

Don't be retarded. Any idiot can write the ending to this show that the fans will gush over.

All the queens scheme to kill each other while the men fight the undead. The assassins strike at the moment of victory and no royal is left. The surviving secondary characters elect a leadership council and the evil monarchy/patriarchy is forever crushed. The end.

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Bro don't be silly.

This shit aired in 2011 first season. There is no fucking way they're going to have an end to this which isn't shat upon en masse.

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After GRRM handed over GOT to two Hollywood Jews, who gleefully weaved eunuch sex and wincest into the storyline, is it even still GOT anymore? If GOT seasons were instead “episodes” and released as “films,” can reqction would be no different than what Disney did to Star Wars. Best to just ignore this jewed garbage, or to passively watch and endlessly ridicule only when brought up among normie friends.

You just give the shitskin savior queen a heroic death fighting undead and everyone would hork gleefully.

I didn't read most of the books, how was wincest and eunuchs NOT woven in?
Half the characters are doing it or are the product of it.

GRRM is a jew.

Nah, they won't buy it. Too much buildup.
It'll be touted for awhile, in the media, to push for the next version to come out - and there WILL be another series, which will be even worse - but the audience will be let down. No way not to do it at this point, can't please everyone, and your ending falls flatter the more you try, because its an inverted Tolkein epic.

Every time.

I thought it looked more like the blacksun/overlayed swastikas. They said in the show that was a message from the night king aka the white walkers.

We’re dealing with degrees of Judaism then. Original at least had Aryan heroes even if they were beheaded or stabbed in the back in the end. New GOT is pure semitism.

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Extrapolating from the War of the Roses, the conclusion would be that the last of the Lannisters marries the last of the Starks, and peace is achieved through marriage and a royal male heir.
Is this feasible given the trajectory of GoT so far?


Watching it now, first scene is a bunch of the semite eunuchs marching in a winter environ.

The first line of the season is the midget mocking the fatass for not having balls.
God these faggots cannot write for shit.

More like jon snow cucks out and yas queen slays the zombies with her dragons and sjw army.


Only two Lannisters left, the incest twins.
Arguably three Starks left, really only two.

Incest sister is hated by many, but loved by feminists. Hard sell there, but possible.

Incest brother nailing of the Stark kids…. More likely than I'd like to think, but it'd also be extremely Aryan in the most likely scenario, which would draw ire.

The books were already pozzed to begin with but not pzzed enough for the jews who do the show. To the point that the original author now officially hates the tv show.

Grey Worm and Missandei had eunuch sex last season. The eunuch literally munched carpet in front of my kids.

Oh fuck me, no, nevermind.

Dwarf is a Lannister. And he's already married to a Stark no less…

Checked for im so sorry but I can't stop laughing now.

And I mean in the books, was it present?

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Your fault for being a bad parent.

The only other incestual relationship is between Jamie and Cersei, and it’s portrayed as creepy, perverted, and weird, fitting acts for the antagonists. It wasn’t the glorification of incest between two protagonists. I may be overreacting though because Daenerys and John do not know they are related yet.

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Ah, I see what you mean then, yeah.
It is very much 'wincest' in the show, when the audience of clams isn't complaining about the absence of consent (and masturbating to it).


You remind me of those retarded Christians moms who used to hate Doom.
Its just a tv show you fucking autist

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no. hollywood is propaganda. just because you're enough of a cuck to watch this shit doesn't change that fact.

Please senpai teach me your enlightened ways

propaganda shapes society. you do not seem too bright

i see your defense programming hasn't been updated since the 90's. bugman NPC software is getting really outdated nowadays.

I didn't even watch it
I don't care about GoT

When I was younger I watched one of the earlier episodes with my family, it had a scene of incest which sort of disturbed me. It got my sister into it as well, which I went along with a few times. My sister now still doesn't have a boyfriend and does camshows through

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You had awful parents.

You know they're bad when even Satan says it.

I hope you're joking
yeah…the incest is like the first episode or so. Should be enough for people to dump it then. Regretting I watched it in my teen years. On the other hand it developed my hatred later on quicker recapitulating the degeneracy in it…It was good eventually for something then

Been watching since Season 1 before I got properly redpilled.

The books are weird enough, but the show is way worse, especially since the show took over the books.
Before the show took over, there were a lot of strong men leading with a few women strewn in.
Granted a lot is character development
But since Season 6/7 all the men have become weaklings. Women rule and lead in that show now.
Women are the most cunning, women are better at fighting and all that.
Even the dwarf(i forgot his name) who was once incredibly funny and smart with his mouth, is now nothing but a boring character with no charme.
Its no surprise seeing as its made by jews but this show hasnt been enjoyable since that part, even my nostalgia and preredpilled memories dont make up for this jewish feminist bullshit.

Maybe you'd better just get her pregnant then let your autism baby be raised by her cuck, she will probably hate you so much because autismo jr that you will never see her again and she will be able to finally get on with her life, as long as you don't convince her kill AJ in an induced nightmare sleep one night so you two can drink his adrenochrome laden blood over sedated cuck's body as you violate him and impregnate her again, that could become a vicious cycle.

Every man in this show is a faggot, cuck or pussy.
All the women are either Queens, "Badass" and or better then everyeone.
The White Walkers are evil Nazi white males.
Both the directors are Jewish.
The writer of the books is half Jewish.
This is Jewish propaganda at its very core. I can't wait to kill them all.

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You really think any significant amount of children are watching game of thrones?

Dude, like 1/8th of the planet is watching this garbage.

Theres a real hunger in the west for epic fantasy, but no authors are delivering.


When the world is shit, the coward throw themselves into fantasy, but even the fantasy is a nightmare at this point.

this. my parents watch it with my 15yo sister. i don't know what my dad is thinking. they're boomers of course. i wouldn't let her watch that shit. boomers really don't get it though, they're really useless.




You're a retard.


I wonder, I can't be the only one who's rooting for the bad guys in the movies. Nevermind the quality of said bad guys in this shit, but is fantasy stuff only watched by faggots who have to have a happy ending EVERY time like in moralfag fairytales from the childhood?

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Night King looks is played by a nigger though.

Nah, but thats not really the point in this case, as 'the bad guys' are inversions of the Tolkein heroes and thus 'the good guys' in this sick fictional world.
The difficulty now, as the story closes, is ending the story in a way that doesn't fall flat, and that means someone good winning… But everyone ACTUALLY good is dead.

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An alternative should be offered to them, Zig Forums series: the reconquista

Checked for the best show not on television, coming to a neighborhood near you in 2020.

> it is just (((entertainment))) fellow NPCs why are you kvetching har har har
< another street smart cuckold who can't control himself from watching degeneracy

It's a fuck TV show you mong

Poorly timed post.

This seems like another reference to the ancient sky

kekked and checked

INSTEAD OF WATCHING OTHER PEOPLE DO THINGS I ENTERTAINING, I ACTUALLY GO OUT AND DO THING I FIND INTERESTING MYSELF. I did own a tv for over 5 year on purpose and my life was way better for it, finally got one when I knocked her up and im starting to regret it. Pic related its takne when me and the wife were metal detecting old mine tailings and old town way out where theres not even cell service. God almighty though it was a good time to remind me he wasnt going to down the planet to death again even though If i was him I would be damn tempted espically with proven recod of success.

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sorry shit spelling while laughing

Pure Coincidence
every time

Seriously though
Anyone. Got side by side comparison of the two videos ?

what the fuck

Why am not surprised.

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Which battle was that?

tell me more about this battle?

Entertainment has always shaped the human perspective.

Yes. Along with teenagers who get their brains rotten by this filth. Anyone over 25 watching this is a regular degenerate that will settle for "anything in TV"

get out

First few seasons were good. After Tywin died it immediately went downhill to the festering garbagefire you see today.

Daenarys and her wiminz powerz was bad enough to deal with, but once she became a central point of the show that was enough. Honestly don't give a single fuck what happens anymore.

He actually looks more like the jew in anons photo than he looks like a nigger.

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