Why Zig Forums Anons Never Mention the White

All this posts that Never Mention the White. The white, rich, capitalist elite as if they do nothing.

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I know why user, it's because Zig Forums is being used for political purposes by morons.

OMG U R SO RIGHT user, WNs are being hijacked by rich white capitalists. It's like they are clueless.

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They're called Shabbos goyim bruh.

>>>Zig Forums

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Wherever I look and see evil, I see jews.
Can't say that about Whites.

Thats how you identify the sickness, and not just the symptoms.

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you're either a shekel grabber or a new fag; either way fuck off
we've called out trump and other affluent whites for selling their people to zionists

saging kike threads gets you a Free One Topping Pizza at Dominoes

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See what I mean, about the evil?

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I don't see much in that. Irritating, yes? As if Whites are not predominant in that. You want to go over the list of whites? You could start with torture and war crimes if you want, both of which wipe what you posted there out.

Notice how YOU ignore White crimes against Whites and others. That shows YOU what YOU are about.

White war crimes eclipse what you've posted here and that's not mentioning domestic White criminality and policies (starving white families on the street, incarcerating all whites who resist, or murdering them). You lost here by being so racist and cluelessly stupid.

"Shabbos goy"…they are nothing without their masters, they represent psychopaths on a leash, enslaved by bribes, blackmail and fanatical devotion. They are not even worth mentioning. Their lives will end by being decapitated over some back alley dumpster. They're are dead men walking, and knowing this eat's them alive.

Show me one rich white capitalist elite and I'll tell you how they're Jewish

Thats because the rich capitalist elite are all Jews, even if they aren't jews its still jewish culture they are peddeling

You mean for example the guards that tortured and humiliated muslims in prison? With these satanic jewish gang tattoos on them

All the wars in the middle east are solely for the benefit of israel USA is fighting a war on their behalf.

That's because you can't name a single historically white country with a population greater than say Israel, that isn't controlled by international jewry.
Go on,
name just one.

We don't mention rich whites because they are not our enemies per se. Our primary enemy is the jew and central bankers. Reforming the capitalist system into National Socialism is something we plan to do AFTER gaining power and unseating ZOG. But you already knew that you filthy Marxist.

We mention them all the time you imbecile. We call them traitors.

Now I'm completely converted. I'll never say another word about God's chosen people. They are obviously the good guys and the problem lies with rich white man.

How did I not think of that?

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They are corrupt thieves and degenerates, so they indeed are the enemy. They have more impact than the jew, by simply being far more numerous. There are millions of them. Their enforcers and the enforcer leaders are amongst them.

"Reforming the system AFTER" gaining power seems unlikely, as there is not a guarantee here. More likely, WNs will be interspersed with elites as they are now getting their propaganda from them, and have more interest in censoring all criticism and approach to the White, that they are more a PAC for the Elite, by their own hand.

But we do. Treasonous whites are mentioned and ridiculed ALL THE TIME. Donald Trump, Macron, Theresa May, Roosevelt, Churchill, pretty much every Pope ever and countless others. The reason why we talk about jews more is because more often than not it is JEWS who do the evil. In many of those instances where we find white people committing crimes, we generally find a jew behind them or in cahoots with them.

We certainly do mention traitorous whites though. We do it all the bloody time. This thread stinks of idiocy.

Notice as SOON AS TRUMP started signalling about WNs, most countries Elites started making motions as if they were WNs, trying to stay in position. Communism is the only answer to this problem, since WNs have been getting all their platform from the White Elites directly, the anti-pedophilia issue is straight from Republican PAC.

That's not true, there are millions and millions of corrupt white thieves who await trial and execution. Jews are simply spread in a few sectors. The entire enforcement arm of the government incarcerating whites, is White. That extends to the White military, who do nothing about the capitalist elite criminals, instead protecting them.

for example?

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(((White elite)))

Trump is not a white nationalist you deluded dumb-fuck commie. His entire cabinet is jews, he has done more for israel than any other president, he continues to fund israel with billions of US tax dollars, immigration to the US is rising all the time, the wall has not been built and he is putting anti-semitism laws in place in the US. The guy is the epitome of a jew-serving traitor.

Go back to leftypol if you cannot talk reasonably.

You think Trump is a white nationalist. I do not think you are very well versed on the jews. You do realise that both world wars were fought because of the jews, right? That the jews financed all sides in the Napoleonic wars and used their positions in the stock market to seize national banks all over Europe? That the opium wars were fought specifically for a single jew in Asia called Mr Sassoon? That the ships used to transport slaves in the transatlantic slave trade were ENTIRELY owned by jews? Seriously, I can go on and on. There is a reason why we tell people to lurk here for 2 years. You know fucking nothing about history and will not until you have read countless threads, thought yourself more intelligent than us 'evil nazis' and then proceeded to do the research yourself; only to realise that we were right. And are right. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Yes, there are traitorous whites aiding kikes and always have been. But the main enemy is always the jew, the majority of crimes are spearheaded by jews, the organisations that push homosexuality, atheism, abortion, pornography and communism are all led by jews. Every. Single. Time.


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But we do all the time newfag

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I know they where a decent portion, but all? I want a source.

I said Trump started signalling WN, that does not mean I said he was one. So you can delete your comment, it's you who has to lurk for 2 years.

Those aren't PACs or political parties. Yes, the jews are involved. This topic does not exclude them.

The topic is almost exclusive to them

"Britain's most powerful elite is 97% white"
"In some sectors – the police, military, supreme court and security services as well as top consultancies and law firms – there were no non-white supremos at all."

All the key areas are 100% white. It is White Scum who have done this, not jews. They are aiding for personal gain, but it's WHITE ELITES who need DOTR immediately.

Communism is the answer to the above problems. The figures will be the same across the other degenerate "english" speaking countries.


"Britain's most powerful elite is 97% white"

"In some sectors – the police, military, supreme court and security services as well as top consultancies and law firms – there were no non-white supremos at all."
"Britain's most powerful elite is 97% white"

"In some sectors – the police, military, supreme court and security services as well as top consultancies and law firms – there were no non-white supremos at all."
"Britain's most powerful elite is 97% white"

"In some sectors – the police, military, supreme court and security services as well as top consultancies and law firms – there were no non-white supremos at all."
"Britain's most powerful elite is 97% white"

"In some sectors – the police, military, supreme court and security services as well as top consultancies and law firms – there were no non-white supremos at all."

Whites are the guilty party. You are being hijacked for their own gain and our direct loss.

The above stats will be true for any other country. That includes, Amerimutts, Canuckmutts and Aussiemutts.

All these are trying to weaken Europe.




not even leftypol, OP would know about dem boards instead of samefagging
it's a reddit, or even a NPC who got heroic after GoT

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Rich Whites sounds like something a certain group would say such as Shoot them in the leg Guns are bad Islam not that bad Christians do it to
We mention Rich whites all the time but all anyone who can't into lurking takes away is Evil racist Frog worship Jew hate so Fuck it
also jews aren't white

because Anonfags don't like politically incorrect posts and had to be done.