CNN held a town hall for Andrew Yang but the only thing they have shown is this short clip about his ties to white...

CNN held a town hall for Andrew Yang but the only thing they have shown is this short clip about his ties to white nationalist trolls.

Looks like CNN is trying to help rig the primaries for Beto as his campaign ads play on the yang video.

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I’m glad it’s over at least.

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The fire rises! 1000 degrees and counting!!!

Its because he said he was going to ban circumcision but he cucked on the position.

Because he is a spineless communist bug person who is OPEN BORDERS and GUN CONTROL.

Precisely. The yang shills were confirmed to be an irl organization shilling for him here in hopes we would accept. Glad Zig Forums is not retarded. Yang popped up then BT said crikeeeeeeeeeeeee and now no more yang bullshit
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White world only

"Yang would go to parties and find a person who was 'left out' and 'excluded' and he would try and bring them in…"



A literal chinese chaos agent


I can confirm to CNN that many YangWang shills have been posting on Zig Forums over recent months. Much of their posting was done at the same time as Saint Brenton. This cannot be a coincidence!

The Yang posting stopped as soon as the budget from certain shill companies ran out, makes you think.

Long before you jew.

As far as a disruption candidate goes, Yang isn't actually very good. The presidency of the ZOG is a symbolic position, and as a symbol, Yang doesn't have anything to offer in terms of accelerating the collapse of that thing called "America." Just another non-white Democratic, whose policies will never be adopted, and will just give the "Right" wing of the ZOG endless anti-socialist talking points to blather on about.
A better one is the faggot that just entered the race, Buttigieg. As a symbol of the total degeneracy of the ZOG, nothing could be better. Buttigieg would represent the open marriage of Zionism to faggotry. Candidate Buttigieg would do everything to play on standard ZOG liberalism, but president Buttigieg would do everything to win over the Zionists, making it even more apparent that Kikes control the "Right" and faggots control the "Left" in that thing called "America."
One can only hope the people who control the Democratic Party are stupid and shortsighted enough to push that faggot as hard as they can.

The basis of why people want to vote for Yang is this:
In other words, it’s all blackpillfags. Or people who unironically believe Yang will destroy the system.

Would his policy not destroy the system? The dollar is collapsing anyway.

I think the fact that he is likely an agent of a foreign power and thus a literal enemy of the US also plays into his appeal. It does for me.

Why not? To me it seems like 1k a month for every "American" plays right into what the kikes want. Instant gratification and profit. They will be over printing money during the periods the checks are sent out. The rich will become infinitely richer as the US speeds further into a collapse.


everyone knows that "white nationalists" are the most powerful group in the world. to me it seems like yang tried to tap into the power of this community and it backfired

the system is too big and well entrenched to be destroyed by something like that. taxes and gibs are already immense. yangbux are just another few more drops in the bucket. the spic nig cycle is too resilient

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Literally everyone has abandoned the Trumpnigger for Yang.

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My rough guess might have been right: Democrats tried to setup bernie for every different population segment, then have the real pick be above them so there would not be a repeat of 2016's election.
But they lost control of their golem and are now in damage control.

Yeah maybe us amerimutts don't deserve guns at all if you can't handle basic responsibilities and safety once held accountable for them.

He has no ties to white nationalists.

so trump 2.0?

Yeah, I really like following Yang but at the end of the day I'm hesitant on one issue: poor whites.

Remember Matthew heimbach and the Traditionalist Workers Party? They were very successful and almost usurped Dickie Spence culturally. They were mainly disenfranchised poor whites who were facing economic turmoil.

We may have a Turner diaries like event. A more violent oppression than economic. But I am very hesitant to support Yang knowing he will appeal to whites just enough to where they won't be able to get radicalized when the time comes.


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The orange kike can go fuck off with every other single politician scum including the bugman

That's because the jews are only using him to fuck with the chans.

The yang gang nonsense was a ploy to destroy him. A democrat supported by nazis? Good strat.

The early reminder that the promotion of 1000 dorrar man is a JIDF shill tactic.
Meaning this is a shill thread.
Please sage and report.

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you sure are sperging hard, Kohm

I don't agree with blind yang shills but watching Trump continuously cuck out destroyed all my hope at a political solution. Yang will give us some NEETbux to prepare for the collapse which is far more than the empty promises from literally everybody else. At least once the gun control is enacted we'll have much more ammo to work with when the pigs show up to the front door

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nobody mentioned trump, chaimberg

Have you people watched the whole town hall? Most of you seem to be latching on to his identity instead of listening to some valid points about morphing the economy and general cultural ecology to something alot more positive than the types of insecure dialectic repression in this THHHHHREAD.
There's a fundamental distrust between alot of the internet poor white culture and the obvious Hegelian "Other", what the message board vernacular states as the jew, kike, nigger, gook, etc. While there are obviously obstacles that have to be navigated in an increasingly globalized (but also potentially beneficial for average quality of life for all) world, you don't need to go around massacring people to deal with it.

I re-watched that video, holy fuck. We need to change the entire financial system because we're next. Driving down wages is what mass immigration is all about.

I ran into this video and his description of corporations really put it in perspective.

Corporations are a way for the fruits of our labor to end up in Jewish pockets right there on the stock exchange.

Wrong vid

What is that video called? Not available in my shithole tier country.

Third times a charm

It a music video fr Mr Bond, it wasn't the vid i wanted to post.

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