"Man in the skin of an animal… Beast in the skin of a man," Soviet illustration condemning u.s...

"Man in the skin of an animal… Beast in the skin of a man," Soviet illustration condemning u.s. atrocities in Korea (1952)

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So OP, why exactly should we give a fuck about your mediocre piece of whosgivesafuck propaganda from the 50s?

Because the life of every human being is worth 10 american ones.

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Amerimutts and slavic commie subhumans are both shit. News at 11.

Your life is worthless, yid.

Indeed. Every descendant of the (((Allies))) who doesnt repent is a subhuman.

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Wow, a vintage wojak.

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Literally spamming commie propaganda.

Where are the ebil natzees ones?

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“For services in My Lai!", 1969 Soviet anti-imperialism propaganda (in reference to the My Lai Massacre)

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Oh fucking great, now we have to deal with North Korean shills.
The fuck is happening to this site.

How's that glue tasting?

It's like they used the Red Terror in [every communist nation ever] as inspiration. Though they did tone it down a lot for these depictions.

"PHRASES (peace, defense, disarmament) AND… BASES". USSR, 1952

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I bet it all happened and is 100% true.

Make the Racist murderers talk!, USSR 1960's

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"We sow life, they sow death. Two worlds two plans "

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Mods doing nothing.

stop reporting people. clearly this is politically incorrect since it's being reported.

"Damn the executioners! American instigators of war are the enemies of humanity!". 1952

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It is so political correct it is mainstream propaganda.

"Grow, hero! Soviet Army protects you!". USSR, 1948

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"Candidate of the Republican Party / Candidate of the Democratic Party", Soviet Union, 1952

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There are Things More Important Than Peace. United States Secretary of State – Alexander Haig. USSR. Date unknown.

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«They Violate Human Rights» USSR, 1977

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"Help to the starving in American way". USSR, Date unknown.

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