Nothing to see here, again

Just yet another random chemical plant explosion. What a coinkydink.

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Wrong board m8
You need to explain what you mean with "again" and "yet another" or why this could be important to people outside immediate local area or their industry.

Purely pottertastic
It’s not like the chinks have orbital satellites that vibrate molecules at a certain frequency to induce rapid heating at all…….nah that’d be just too out there amiright

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Hard to say, I am not speculating. I have just seen an INSANE amount of chemical plant explosions worldwide in the past month.

too many to be coincidental.

Not just the past month but the past few years user. Tits and tats and sheeeeiiittt nigger. Retaliation inside bugland in 3 2 1……

Well, yea they always happen, that is a result of being a chemical plant.

But what I am saying, is that they have increased 10fold or more in the past month.

I have been monitoring this a lot longer than a year or two.

Industrial Espionage is now
and always has been
where the big bickies are
"real wealth"
not just the window dressing
politics, media, finance

Insane is a marketing abstraction do you mind giving a more precise estimate or evidence that there is an abnormal amount.

Please go ahead. Where are the numbers and ow did you "monitor" them for years.

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Can we take a second to comment on workers' rights and how they're being violated with these bullshit hours and unsafe conditions? How is this sort of thing being allowed in this day and age?

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I'm sure everything would be laughing, dancing and rainbow farting unicorns in your communist utopia.
Or maybe it would be death, torture and lies.
Lies lies
Could we hang these people by their tongues in the town square so the children can use them as a pinada

I would be interesting to know what the ethnicity of the people who suffered flash burns was…also, it is highly likely that this is a result of something like 'smart meter signal' which may have caused the fires in CA as well by igniting the homes they were mounted on. We don't really understand how those patterns of energy are combining or operating in the open environment so we have no idea what we are setting on fire inadvertently.

You do realize that there's Socialism in National Socialism, right?

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no idea what the fuck you are saying sir.

or you

yea, not many details. that paragraph is about all I know so far.

Yes you are totally right

National Socialism was the
"Real Communism"

what do all of these countries have in common?

looks like they make semiconductor wafers. Those are often used in various missile systems. Certainly worth noting

im sure you mean "nothing to see here"

Glad they were burned. Hope it happens again.

first i've heard about any of the chemical plant explosions. anyone got a birds eye view?

Some diversity employ probably fucked something up

Lol some brown retard just fucked up on the job

the fuck are you even saying? as for you not hearing of any other explosions, thats because you are lazy and do not actively look for information most likely. you can change that though luckily if you want.

Yeah chances are some beaners fucked up a safety protocol and suffered the consequences.

oh, are these the chances?