Cher : LA can't handle more migrants

Cher : LA can't handle more migrants.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA And she's pulling the vet card? Fucking shameless

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Kike free first post

People are waking up to the clown world honk honk 🤡


As predicted…

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This is big. Cher is still an icon to many people around the late 20s to 40s range. And a liberal icon for her whole career too. Pulling a 180 on illegals will cause a lot of cognitive dissonance in normalfags

Shes barely a meme at this point. These normalfags you speak of will be the first to throw her under a bus.


all turd world scum must be transported to Malibu to live with Cher and all you other kikes.

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Man quit huffing blackpill dust shit cqn be vad but at keast we still have guns and can shitpost on forums. At least we can still move to safe states. At least we can get cans of food and learn to farm. Slow your fuckin roll jimbo.

How big is Cher's property and how much money does she have on hand? Surely if her state can't take in illegal aliens, she is doing all she can to help homeless veterans live on her estate? Surely she staffs her tour crew with unemployed vets? There are plenty of infographics to be made of this.

kek I remember that twatter breakdown

A liberal classic.

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cory booker too; Admits Releasing Illegal Migrants into Sanctuary Cities Would “Make Us Less Safe”

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they are called sanctuary states for a reason.
really, the whole of the US should be a sanctuary country, for all the negroids, gooks, pakis and ragheads in the world to go to.
if they were all there, the rest of the world would be a clean wonder land

Nobody under 40 knows who she is.

Checked. Good man

So the left will destroy her now for being an evil NADZEEE? 5..4…3…2…

Under pure communism everything will be owned by everybody. This includes your body. So if an illegal immigrant wants to rape you he can because your body is common property too. To deny him would be racist and that is the worst crime of all.

Only fags still care about her

Just enough migrants so they can pluck her lawn by hand, but not so many that they’re fertilizing it.



You are going to be counting for a long time…I hope you like negative numbers

I dunno, there's no more sacred thing than a rapefugee in America now. Their fee fees are the most important thing. The pope even slobbers his loving kisses all over their filthy feet. So if it's a choice between Cher, a privileged white bitch who is fussing over her bourgois mansion in Malijew then what's going to give? I'm guessing that even Cher will be thrown down the gullet of the hungry Orouboros of Bolshevik/Jacobin revolution.

You know back in the day she never was really popular; the msm created her. Sonny and Cher never performed at the Avalon Ballroom or the Filmore West. I got you babe was a Mafia controlled AM radio hit.

Cher was then, the equivalent of Kardashian now.

Well, you gotta hand it to Trump.
Even if he's a retarded Shabbos goy, this is the perfect move.
He knows migrants are future democrat voters. By shipping them to Sanctuary cities, he concentrates them on states that were already perma-blue. Thus, the electoral college results remain un-affected by how many illegals the dem's ship over.
What's best: he fucks over blue-states by overloading them with migrants. No matter how good your public image us, when your state's streets are covered in shit, needles and homeless, your Senator career is over.

Poor trump. everytime i see a negative trump post, it makes me love him more.

Yes you can Cher!
No retreat no surrender!

They are both media creations but Sonny and Cher were never anywhere near as big as the Kardashians. They were a minor novelty group; they were polyester hippies, cleanly scrubbed and polite, without the LSD or even the demon weed or the communal impulses. They were more in the same league with The Carpenters or The Cowsills. They were one hit wonders basically. The Kardashians are or were Frankenstein monsters of the MSM.

I know people that bought Beatles, Beach Boys, Doors, Led Zep, Iron Butterfly, Cream, Air Force records.

I never ever knew anybody that bought a Sonny and Cher record.
Sonny was the kind of guy that would play golf with Reagan. Jim Morrison went off to Paris to shoot heroin.

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Doesn't is just make the current exodus from blue states even worse?

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Guys, she doesn't give a shit about the late Mr. Bono. You should be finding pics of "Chaz" and frogging the shit out of those.

The DEMS want them…..LET THEM HOUSE,FEED,PROVIDE MEDICAL and that way they will have a never ending supply of PIZZA.


She's an icon in the homo community that's about it

If Western nations steal resources from other nations therefore Western nations should be made to shit basically bullshit? Los Angeles is still the bourgeois mecca of consumerism and resource destruction. There is no real wealth distribution anymore.

Waiting for a madlad that works somewhere in DHS or even some charity, and implies using there own socjus logic to make her take in migrants. Lower Cali deserves to be turned into a wasteland. Upper Cali northern front nationalists should stay living off the grid and just watch the smug metropoli turn into black billows of smoke.

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Yes, the local community of Brentwood and Hollywood hills should pay for the upkeep of these migrants, and the state of California.

Southern states letting the migrants in is an economic externality, and this is the only way it can be internalised.

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Exactly. Let them burn.


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That Sarkisian half-breed bitch doesn't like her multiculti hell?

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Just as planned.

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I bet there is going to be a push as a "compromise" to illegals, by allowing the rich assholes in cali to pay servant wages at 2 bucks an hours to legal citizens stripping the minimum wage.


You know tbh I know that this post will catch me flack
Since the whole trump 4-D chess meme has seemed like nothing more then a sad joke for ages but i really do think this is part of a larger plan on Trumps part
If the illegals are herded into liberal sanctuary cities before, 2020. He'll have alot better chance at holding the rust belt, texas and arizona all while alleviating the demographic issues in these areas.
Additionally this will deteriorate the conditions in said santuary states to such a state that the populace will demand more nationalist candidates who allow illegals to be deported
We could se illnois go red along with much greater parts of midwest and even new england
This will also lead to the repbulcian party becoming more of a "white peoples party" and leading towards more of a legitimate nationalist movement in the future

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Sucks when it's in your own back yard, doesn't it? Honk Honk!

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I wonder how many of you have came over cuckchan last months

Maybe but this will also make balkinization of the US easier if we ever actually gain the political capital to form an ethno state
Seeing your daughter raped by some third world migrant can turn some of the most well meaning liberal minded people in the world into hardcore ethno nationalists
just look at the italians and dutch.

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We aren't dividing our country up and making it easier for jews to secure more land.

Have you been away from this place for a while? Between 4cuck getting split into two sites and the exposure we got from the Christchurch community outreach, we are absolutely swarming with cuckchanners and normalfags who didn't even know what an imageboard was up until last month.

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This. I'm thinking of making my own Imageboard. Fckn, 4um and plebbit shills been coming here for months

doooeetttt. this place is shit and halfchan is fucking reddit lite these days.

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Well maybe if you get off your ass and run it will my dude
otherwise you're right
we're fucked

The left and right are a false dichotomy, both controlled by the same lobbyist jews.

Actually let me rephrase that. Both sides are controlled by the same lobbyists, and their jewish masters.

Much better

You can't be this fucking dumb. Trump is a categorical enemy of White America. His only task is the preservation of the postwar order – which is foundationally anti-White. He is the same exact puppet who got wheeled out to launch attacks on Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot in the 90s. Trump is actually indicative of the closing circle that jews have to pull from, as he is as reliable a stooge and as owned as they come.

Better to drop them off in Skid Row where are there is plenty of services for them. Lots of homeless blacks there who will be happy to teach them English.

Admiral George Morrison called for economic and military attacks in due reprisal for the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty. His son Jim must have been aware of the situation. With plenty of semitic threats and intimidation coming through jew-net via music industry kikes, he probably realized Hitler did nothing wrong. At that time, in those particular and personal conditions, a boomer will going to into heroin.

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makes sense, Injuns always been WAY ahead of the curve on hating Mexicans.

While Injuns had issues with Americans after the Mex-American War, no Injun ever said "we want to be under Mexican rule instead".

Injuns are much like Mexican in that they are now parasites on Whitey, and Injuns understand that every Mexican only means their Gibs-Pie gets cut into smaller pieces.

Cher may have a "liberal" but only in the general dumb broad sense of always wanting to be nice and play hostess, but she did do that video where she rode the battleship gun like it was a giant dick, with flags flying, so there is "turn back time"? sounds good, when this video was made Mexicans were only a nuisance in certain areas
Cher: woke; Trump: a joke who'd ever thunk?

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What about Believe or w/e the autotune shit was?

INTERESTING, Sonny was killed while skiing and ran into a tree AFTER SAYING "fuck trees".
Some say weather may have been a factor: it was "cloudy, except for Sonny on one tree". :)

But seriously folk, they found he had something like 12 diff powerful drugs in him, none of which he had a prescription for. WORSE, after his "tragic death" they just HAD TO elect his now widow to his CA Assembly seat. Yeah, his "life partner" who claims she knew NOTHING about him being wacked out on a dozen diff drugs is instantly now qualified to run the State. In reality you can't take one puff on a joint without your wife gonna detect it 6hours later.

same. I have seen a lot of vintage vinyl collections, never any of their shit

kill yourself


Has she become our useful idiot now?

I dunno user. If true thats good but its wishful thinking. What Im wondering is he just got handed a court decision from the fucking 9th circus even, saying he could give them the boot and ship them back to mexico. So why in the fuck isn't he doing that? Why isn't he removing shitskin? It makes my spidey senses tingle. A lot.


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You think these people have enough reasoning skills to feel cogdiss? This is the same mindset that will unironically defend Israel building walls because their neighbours are violent whilst simultaneously saying Trump has no right to build one

Nothing else got onto the radio. Just that one fucking tune nobody cared about. Even when I was 14 or so I had this sense listening to it…I could almost see fat greasy jews in pinstripe sack suits sitting around the conference table just arbitrarily deciding it was going to be a "hit" and what ranking it would get to on Billboard top 30. I wonder how much fat jew record exec sperm Cher had to guzzle to get even that.

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Just imagine 30 years ago telling *anyone*, left or right of the political spectrum, that people will seriously use the phrase "nazi frogs".

It goes deeper than that; the first two Doors albums were brilliant, then three and four were shit. Jim hated the producer who wanted to "hollywoodize" them with string section parts added in. Jim got into deadly quarrels with this producer. He'd get drunk in the studio, obnoxious.

guess what that producer's name was.

Just guess…


Finally, when they got rid of him they came back with one final magnificent album to great acclaim; LA Woman.

And then Morrison, Joplin, Mama Cass, Jimi, they all died of heroin. Coincidence? I think not. Somebody wanted to rule their asses and when they found they couldn't they sent out a warning to all their other little indentured servants to remain obedient.

the doors, wiki

Nice photo of jim and his father thanks.

Yes double dubs, because everyone who was degenerate or on the edge did fucking drugs. That's why the modern opioid epidemic is a fucking lie. The old fucks pretend their generation wasnt full of speedballs, pills, rails and mainlining.

kek…evidently you're not Canadian…

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Thanks to White Nationalist retards always giving Jews ammunition to kill Whites.

Yeah true but a whole batch of them just up and died in 1973. And then I saw what it was all about and dropped rock music and started buying baroque records.

This was my first;

I never looked back.

I see serious publications use terms like "incels" in earnest these days.

Get the fuck off my board, boomer.

I guess you've never heard of the German Happy New Year Frogs. It has to do with the stories of "Der Froschkönig", written down by the Brother's Grimm.

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Cher was a refugee promotor. She will take them, and she will like it.

I'd like to see her nekkid in a plastic wading pool full of baby oil being violated every way possible by a huge lineup of 50 or more illegal immigrants. That'd serve her right.

those are (((subversive plants))) inside white nationalist orgs, dummy

Where are all the anti-Trump shills? They'd normally sperg out at a post like this. Must be busy controlling the Notre Dame narrative.

They are. Mostly they seem to trying to get ahead of things and push the idea that Zig Forums approves of destroying Europe because christians=jews or something retarded like that. Probably some playbook response as they haven't had enough time to come up with anything better.

HAHAHA! good Trump pic.

Trumpniggers are the ones always pushing anti-Europe agitprop. Shut the fuck up, faggot.

I love all the Zion Don fanboys who are going to crawl over here to chirp about this. But think of the bigger picture - he's not shutting down the flow of illegal immigrants, he's now talking about ceding to them the south western half of the country.

Nah thats a repubtard move. Cali will just hike taxes

Oh god this thread is infested with talk about celebrities I don't know and don't want to know since I never watch television. Stop talking about the celebrity electric jew shit and focus on other stuff. I don't want to know anything about celebrities.


The Natives I know in Canada (Ojibway) are literally still at war with the Mohawks and certain other tribes and they actually go from one reserve to the other and kill each other. They are more at each other's throats than any of you could ever imagine. It's kind of like how the Quebecers hate the English in Canada, or the Irish hate the English in the UK, but both are being flooded with shitskins they seem blind to. Native Americans hate each other and kill each other, while to us they seem like they are all the same thing.