Let's trigger some Roastie Whores

Especially so called celebrities who are degenerates and who preach degenerate feminists, pro-migrant and leftist propaganda.
I have an idea to have fun and to trigger them, and yet promote sexual purity and chastity indirectly.
We ALL know that women HATE to be called whores and sluts, because they know it's wrong and immoral. They are ashamed of being whores and roasties and not to marry virgin and having a lot of babies and be a loving mother…They all know that deep down.
And that's also why they participate in feminist groups and Slut Walks, because they are so burden with (sexual) guilt and shame that the only way they can cope with it is by doing "shamelessness", screaming how whorish and slutty they are with other fellow degenerates to feel good about themselves.
Anyway, it's just a copping mechanism that just hides their deep shame and guilt and we have to rightfully shame them and mock them.
So the idea is to take women who are known to be whores, pro-feminist, pro-leftist, pro-migrants and pro- "strong woman" and put roasties in their vaginas and send the pics to them, it will make them furious and ashamed, they absolutely hate it and the way the will cope is by either doubling down or by calling us incels.

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Hate the whores, love the pure chaste virgin and modest woman, marry her and breed her several beautiful children.
Sexual Liberation always lead to cultural and demographic suicide.

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It's ok sweaty we won't judge you for having sex with tens of men


See at that point you come off as a fucking retard neckbeard.
I agree with you though, but the healthy man when he thinks of a woman, he ought have his mother, his wife or grandmother come to mind, not some weird perverse sexual shit.
What I mean is, we need to simply stop calling whores women or girls altogether. They are not women, they are not girls, they are whores or thots. We just want women.

You shouldn't see me this way though.

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Jesus Christ this thread is making me gag

Cheeky, and good point. That's why I'm telling you not to behave like that :^)

Arbys is great tbh

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Bump for a great idea.

undercooked crap, likely to give toxoplasmosis leading to schizophrenia

Don't forget the cat, user!

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bring back makeapp

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Kill yourself kike the day of the rope is coming and nothing can stop it

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Why bring back? Was it deleted?


Who could be behind this post ?

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They aren't 'white' user. The idea that these people are European is ridiculous.

An increasingly blackpilled white man who's sick of Zig Forums of all places becoming the cuckservative infowars types who shy away from any type of action that would actually accomplish something useful in favor of mining EPIC REDDIT SALT XD

Go back to Cuckchan

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This is not T_D.
Women are a victim of a deracination that is brought on the western world by kikes. You want to punish half of my race for falling victim to propaganda. Women are different by nature compared to men, they are easily influenced. I will never blame a white woman thats been ensnared in a jewish trap. The 'hate your women'-angle is not very subtle. Im glad the terrible lefty memes come out of the woodwork so others can see you shilling.
The love for my people is far too great to shit on half of them.

Hello leftypol. You cant blend in if you dont discard that degeneracy. We have a saying in my country; That which fills the mind, overflows from the mouth. Gaysex is on your mind, and you think projecting that makes for a good argument. Pathetic. I will not hate half my race.

If you understand women, youd realise they are victim of an age designed to undermine their natural predisposition. It takes 24/7 propaganda to tear women away from the role they have in nature. Hate (((feminism))) and (((sexual revolutions))), never hate the women. Hating part of your race is ridiculous.
Im not sure if its bad intent, or stupidity, but kikes are pushing this D&C very hard. Stop doing it. Love your women, love will transform the world, because it will transform women.

Or you can fuck off back to kikechan until your balls drop.

Zig Forums isn't the place to organize people
Zig Forums is the place to shit post and collect anime girls
you go into the real world to organize people


i think so. it was massive for a while until it basically got shut down over night it seems like

OP that's hilarious. I can't stop cackling.
Did you copy someone or is this your idea?
Kudos to you if it's yours.

And you wonder why the kikes' white genocide plans are working.

But but but Taylor is /ourgirl/

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Women define themselves by their holes, so it seems prudent to play the game of redefinition ourselves.

Still memeing her as a National Socialist is fun but she is a degenerate who'll probably never have any children and gives money to faggot organizations who specifically operate in White areas of the United States.

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Every fucking day I think "This place can't get any dumber", one of you fuckers manages to surprise me.

You don't need a Master's degree in Marketing to know one of the very most important rules of propaganda ads memes.


Here's a pratical example: the year is 2012 (close to 2013). Reddit found "feels good frog" on the 4chinz and wants it for themselves.
What did the hacker known as 4chan do?
Crank up the "pee pee poo poo" factory. Make the fucking frog as disgusting as possible. End result? Noone was touching that radioactive trash fire, not outside of imageboards anyway. We got our frog back home again.

Who the fuck is gonna spread pictures of "roasties" on normiesphere? Not with a legitimate account, with your name on it.
It's gonna be meme-acounts with names like "Cool Hilter 87" and the like.
Now imagine you're a fucking normalfag I suspect it's not that hard for you..
Some edgy alt-lite soy-addled pissant posts something that is disturbing to look at it.
What's your response? That's right, you quickly scroll past it, avoiding something that distresses you and skip right back to cat-memes and dumb image macros content aggregaters.

You want to meme shit up?
Like, REALLY' meme it the fuck up?
Then, here's what you do:
You take something people generally avoid (like being a fucking Nazi, for instance) and make it sexy. Appealing. Something desirable. Not something folks would admit in public, but you quickly roll in with "hey bub, there's a place where you can discuss that new weird meme you just saw".

Get it? You make'em want us, want to be part of it.



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Relax your lips and release a blast of breath. You just imitated your vagina at 30 without kids.

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Your black and white myopia will ensure your memes stay shit and out of public discourse.
Enjoy being an irrelevant sack of shit.

aren't women having surgery on their bits because of this sort of stuff?

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Insults, I really hit a spin and harmed the feelings of this female user.

So my daughter gets a free hat? Sounds good to me.

Snowflake got triggered. You sound like the idiot son of a cuck that sent you to some shitty school where you took 'marketing'. We aren't selling soap you dumb cunt and getting the attention of other dumbcunts like you (who just wrote a fucking esay thus providing this approach works) isn't easy. SHOCK like sex works.

Now fucking off to reddit or whatever hole you came from because this isn't the place to tell anyone how to meme.


he's fucking right though. nothing ever fucking happens.


Every "woman" on this thread is a man in drag.

Fuck off white knight. If women are so stupid that they get so easily brainwashed by the media and peer pressure, they deserve to be fucked over and lead a shitty life and the consequences of their actions including stds, abortions and mental problems. This cleanses the gene pool.
There are thousands of hot intelligent and best of all feminine, conservative young women turning 18 every day. My gf is much younger than me and she finds it hilarious when older women hit on me blatantly, delusionally thinking they have a shot, then they see her and get crushed instantly.

They aren't going to trap my ass or any of my friends.

Yes, plastic surgeons can also restore the hymen too. It is called a hymenoplasty. Once the thot steps off the cock carousel, she can have her virginity restored for around $2500.

so who is this fucking pig? it doesn't look like Miley Cyrus…it's some other wannabe pig slut apparently.

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What is the point of this.
y'know sometimes, i generally like this board but then a thread comes adn it becomes very obvious what percentage of the browsers here are
1. tactically unaware
2. bitter incels.

God help us all.

Damn, the two women in this pic look dead, the 1000 thousand cock stare.


It’s for fun man. Not every post has to be ultra serious.

Is there proof that miles of cock are what make labias like that? What if it's just caused by age and genetics.

You have no arguments, so you throw some meaningless anecdote into the fray. Which worst of all doesnt even demonstrate a point.
Thats what women do if youre not a neckbeard. I still dont see a reason to fuck over half my race. Let me ask you a question Jakov (1); do you think women are naturally conservative?

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It is all genetics, and it is frankly hot. I have no idea why guys would like a characterless slit, that's more something from Islam and female circumcision than something white. If you have the stomach for it, look that up. I won't post it here, too fucking disgusting.

It's also a really shitty meme from 4 years ago. Sage for garbage thread.

Another thought: if you want to knock women for a physical indicator of their trashiness, choose tattoos. That really is disgusting, plus it's a choice. Plus, it might make a difference.

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mm. Maybe. But people can change and some women are just arty like that.

You give women far too much credit, OP. The vast majority of them really are just relishing in being able to behave in as disgusting a manner as desired and get a free pass for it.

For the most part, you're definitely right.
If I were the paranoid type, I'd say that there's also a third aspect to this stuff: the D&C element.
You can't fix society unless women are on board. It's vital to have women and we'd go extinct in a generation without them. Think about who benefits when people post stuff that sets white women and white men against each other.
We definitely have a problem with women being more susceptible to harmful anti-white, anti-traditionalist propaganda on account of their sex placing a higher emphasis on being socially accepted, but shit like this only makes the problem worse and drives them further into the hands of our enemies. Emphasising the facts that this shit is harmful to the women themselves and that women are treated better in white societies is a better way forward.
Sage for shitty thread.

no mercy for whores
kill yourself

Uh guys, you know large labia are a phenotype and not a result of sex partner count… right?

Wait… undercooked roast beef has t-gondii on it?!

My northern Euro girl was a virgin when I met her (and I was a wizard). Was, because we fuck every weekend when we get together. Planning the move-in and crossing my fingers my first of several will be on his way within our first two years! Also, we are not christfag cucks and neither will our children be.

Give me a reason to hate half my race. If youre too much of a coward to admit its men that have failed, at least have the decency to not take it out those even weaker. Women are half of your race. Without women you will have no 14 words, because you will have no white children.
This pathetic D&C is being pushed by kikes and the occasional golem. Women are not the enemy, they are your biggest ally. And if you actually provide them with a world thats secure and nurturing, perfect to raise children - which is your fucking duty as a man - you will see their nature is kind when its not corrupted by kikes.

Good fucking job, you went through the effort of torposting on fullcan 2.1 and made this abhorrent post. And whats that, christianity fracture points? Amazing. Tell Yomtov he deserves his manischewitz for making this amazing bot.

This thread is cancer from top to bottom.




OK, He's gone, now…let's get back to it…LOOKIT MEEEEEEEEEE!

she needs a "weinstein has been here" tattoo on her inner thigh

Did you shop her skin? If not, why's it so disgusting looking?

I want to punch that thing so bad.

wow not jewish sounding at all.

I think what you're seeing is the reflection from that ugly, gaudy gold car (Jews, like niggers, are excessively attracted to gold and shiny things, thinking that a person's value is determined by ostentatious displays of wealth)

Jewish American here, ask me anything.

Good idea, bad application

Kill yourself faggot. What you do offline is your business. This is not a group, and anyone dumb enough to make a group in the USSA or another kike state will get immediately destroyed by alphabet. You have no chance with your neighbors against top tech and infinite resources and orgs ready to pounce on you if you're DUMB enough to announce that you're a group. You're a newfag that didn't lurk for not knowing that, and fuck you.