Moving to US, which State?

I'm moving from Germany to the US, what states/cities are the most conservative?
Looking for a place to settle, find job in LE / IT and a tradwife, and conservative people
I'm more of a seaside city guy, but anything will do to get out of this hell


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Maine and New Hampshire are somewhat conservative and very white, if you are looking to stay close to the ocean

Many midwestern states are conservative as well. Ohio is pretty good.

The big thing though man is I can sit here and list a ton of states but the reality is outside many of the major cities things are typically going to be more conservative as a general rule. As an example I’m from a town in Massachusetts not far from ultra liberal Boston that trump actually won during the last election. Even in ultraliberal states you’ll find it’s more conservative outside the cities.

Upstate New York is another classic example, tons of conservatives there.

I gotta go to work but I’ll try to lurk if you have any more specific questions

move to a blue state.

checkmate dems.

Is this a Jewish cat Zig Forums?

Some comments are telling that the cat is Jewish.

So you're saying liberalism is just in the big cities, but I can find tradcons in the peripheries?
If I may, one more Q, how to get into LE? I have a Computer Science degree, I'm really good with surveillance/bugs and others tools to collect evidence but I'm not sure how to apply for LE duty

Utah or montana. Maybe Wyoming. Good luck brother


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So you bought the American meme? Better off moving somewhere else in Europe. The states are full of immigrants and it keeps increasing every year. The flood is so strong it feels like their population has doubled in the last five years. This is especially true in California. Your children will be 1 in 10 with the other races here. I'm considering to move to parts of Europe because the most white areas of the US are culturally dead (boring as fuck) and you still have high percentage of other races. It's a mess. Conservative Republicans are just a shitty meme to make you feel like you have a voice and a vote. You don't. Race is always above political affiliation.

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move to poland or some eastern european shithole.


Mississipi never gets talked about.

Europe is full of immigrants too, unemployment is just too high and too much leftism
I'm fine with living in some port city doing LE duty and finding a trad woman.
Maybe I should just shoot for the most religious place?

Any good city on the coast?

No. Outside of cities people are somewhat more conservative, but you need to understand the only thing they're conserving is the status quo. They're simply liberals in denial. They largely support causes such as feminism and many are anti-racism.

DO NOT work IT in the US. The job has essentially been transferred into the 21St century equivalent of meat packing. The entire job is infested with non whites and average salary gets lower and lower every year. Not to mention getting shaken down by the comptia mafia every three years. Trust me it's hell I'm actually looking for a developing country to move to.

Northwest. TINA. I insist.

I am sorry but immigrants in Europe is lower than the states, you'll find cities that were white 10 years ago are nothing shitskins now.

Exactly. Best to be around your own people. But Europe has far less immigrants by percentage than us. Italy is 93% Italians for example. Denmark is similar. There are other countries as well. If you can be around white (european) Christians that is the best. The politics come last. There are maps of where these people are in the USA. Looks like the South is the strongest in Christianity but then you have tons of blacks…

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The south has the highest latino population growth outside of the Southwest.

I guess that makes sense why there are more atheist in Maine than California

Oh, you are one of those types of fags.

After closer examination of the OP, I can confirm he is a mutt.
You had me going for a moment.

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Texas hill country.

Be honest.

Be clean.

Be smart.

You will fit in perfectly fine no matter what race, religion, or creed.

Texas is forced to contribute 10% of its gdp to the USSA union, and it is still gaining wealth.

Texas is literally the best country in earth.

Arkansas will be the final stand in good vs evil. NW Arkansas for jobs/scenery, at least 30 minutes outside a major city (Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville).

Great, my mouth tastes of sick.

Oh gawd shut it down

We wash down there, thanks for the concern.

honestly coming from the EU and American state is going to seem like an entirely new world of freedom, i'd suggest washington state, i've lived here for 20 some odd years and the uk for around about as long, i've had my fill of Washington and it's become to liberal for me and am moving, that said for you and our relative reality Washington state would be prefect for you, it's still one of the whitest states in the nation, the forests and mountains here are much like the black forest and german alps, you can go from a sea side city to skiing in the mountains in about an hour and a half and a 2-3 hour drive from the sea side city puts you in deserts like you've never seen before in the EU…it really is a pretty great state in a lot of regards, just as someone who has lived here their entire life it has degraded too much for me to be able to live here anymore…but like i said, for anyone just now moving here, specifically from places in Europe they are going to be fine with it and will actually enjoy themselves.

i'm personally moving to ID or MT, kinda iffy on MT because it'll be like Washington is now in 20 years.

ID already has a very strong white nationalist current in it, i'm really hoping we can start a movement and just get all of us to move to ID and have at least one state that is our own….the government knows this though and is already actively shipping a bunch of fucking Muslims into Boise…anyways…washington should be good, i'd look at moving to mukilteo, should be a good fit for you, good jobs/industry right there, not far from seattle, bunch of islands and stuff from the ferries downtown muktown, skiing is 1.5hours away….really just a good location.

Good, I'm a aboriginalia rapist.

it'll be northern ID….they have a very long aryan history.

If I was going to live in the USA, I'd live in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

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You can't see but I'm cringing.

Pick a northern rural Minnesota town. Stay AS FAR AWAY from Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Cloud, and Duluth as you possibly can.

We have the largest ethnic German population in the US despite the Scandinavian misnomer (there are WAY more Germans than Swedes/Nords here).

New Ulm is an original German settlement (now a small town), and home to Grain Belt beer brewery. You might try there, or like I first mentioned any northern rural town (niggers, muslims, spics, and jews do not fair well in our down to -40F degree winters).

It's like a cult meeting.

Here's your (you) can you fuck off or at least stop shit posting now?

the governor of Maine's father worked for the KGB in the 50s

jackson hole is filled with a bunch of SJW faggots and tourists. fuck that place….ID shares a border with the tetons, you can be to jackson hole in 20-mins from ID….that's the area i'm actually moving to…you need jackson because they have the amenities and things to do, but you don't want to have to live around the people there.

i fuck around doing this gay ass shit called overlanding, i take off on road trips and live out the back of my 4x4 of a couple months at a time and drive around all over the west out to remote places just to check things out, it's kinda my deal/what i'm into, i like exploring.

since i always kinda ramble and like going to way out of the way places and take the long route to get there i've never been east of the Mississippi, but if you have any questions about most anywhere in the west i can probably tell you a lot about it.

Better than the CIA

I'll take the Germans over the Russian jews

This retard thinks replying will discourage me.
I hope you don't treat your nigger son in-law this way.

Blue eyes blonde roman nose short forehead
And tbh I'm looking for the same type of woman

If I were you I wouldn't look into law enforcement. They deliberately will not hire the smartest applicants as they are looking for career guys who are not going to use them as a stepping stone.

You want a lighter brown shade?

kys larper.

This is good advice. Especially with the great migration of libertarians, even if you don’t share their political opinion you can reap the benefits of lower taxes coming in the next decade or so.

But to be honest man, the best thing to do is probably settle in the area where your job is (I assume you have one lined up) and then explore once you have the funds. Places to look at are Texas, Nevada, Indiana, Pennsylvania etc. States with an identity like Texas are my personal fave, but a gorgeous midwestern state is definitely not many steps down the ladder.

Population is too small. They will begin importing 3rd worlders to completely change the landscape as they’re doing in the Dakotas. Look at Minnesota and Michigan. They are completely taking over districts. This will be much easier in less populated areas. Chobani yogurt plant was opened in Twin Falls, ID in 2012. Approximately 30% of Chobani’s 2,000 employees are legally resettled refugees and immigrants. It’s only a matter of time brother. Head to Arkansas and play a game to see if you can drive 15 minutes without seeing a confederate flag. Gun ownership rate of Arkansas is the highest in contiguous US, though Idaho is 2nd. Those Idaho winters would be brutal in the event of a power outage with small children.

OK fair enough, you have an intimate view of things there. I'm just an outsider looking in.

Alternatively around Bal Harbour Florida there's some really nice condos there and there's barrier islands that are accessed only to residents…they've got security gates on at the bridges. You can get some cheap condos there but for myself I'd go for around $600,000 or so for a really nice one.

I've got a friend with a place down there; at Christmas it's 85F and not a cloud in the sky. Shamble around the white sand beaches being a lazy bum.

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Ask yourself which state has the most freedoms, as in speech and gun laws. Which state has zero state income tax? That is where you want to go. Many states have very high property taxes to fund their leftist causes. Look at real estate prices.

Or you can stay and fight for your own country.

New Hampshire is the white mans last frontier

If you want to feel cose to your first Nation then move to Ohio. We have a large body of german folks here. At one point thegovernment had to step in to force us to speak english.
Germantown and the surrounding cities have the largest concentration

idaho is like 100% white and you can conceal carry without a permit. no seaside though.

We don't need any Germs here Jamal. Stay with mommy Merkel

Have you considered mexco? It's like America, but has a culture. It's probably cheaper too.

Seeing as the only people replying to you are telling you to fuck off its safe to say the rest of the thread has you filtered which I am about to do right after this post

I considered it but isn't mexico non-white?
I dont want to marry a spic

Germans are white

Fuck off, we're full.
You won't get in, anyway; you're better off becoming a Mexican citizen and illegally immigrating to the US so the Democrats will stick up for you.

Secondly north beach is the highest concentration of jews and have there own jew cops there. Please get out while you still can.
t ex sofl

Population density of Bal Harbour is 2500% higher than Florida average. In the event of a major hurricane cutting off supply chains it will be the walking dead irl

A sane reaction would be to tell OP to fuck off. Americans are like vampires, only it's culture and identity instead of innocence and blood.
Why would anyone want to mix their lot with the world's supermarket?

Then why are you moving to America? Do you know what a spic is?
There is zero cultural delineation. Like degrees of Spanish from Canada downwards.

I'm not kidding about the Mexican suggestion.

You might like Oregon or Washington similiar climate and geographic size as Germany. Anywhere 30 miles outside of Portland/Salem is fairly conservative. And anywhere 50 miles outside of Seattle is very conservative and probably rural. Both are by the Pacific. Anywhere in Alaska is solid, but cold. N. Cali is warm and has conservative areas but the state policies are criminal; it is its own country.
Also next to the Pacific.
My Oma told me when she immigrated after the war she drove from Chicago on a double decker bus across the country to settle in Cali; she wanted to see the oranges ever since she was a young lady after she read what Goethe wrote about the orange blossoms. But she is a liberal feminist so she could give a damn about skin color. Also was when Chicago had a sizeable German population.

Secondly north beach is the highest concentration of jews and have there own jew cops there. Please get out while you still can.

t ex sofl

Oh well, I'm just a Canadian with 10ft of dirty snow piled up in my front yard fantasizing about a tropical paradise that doesn't exist. I never go to the USA. I used to be dazzled by your propaganda but now it's all turned so bad. It's creepy and scary down there. It's 98% white here.

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Burger here.
I grew up in Southern California in the 90's 2000's.
Basically Mexico.
All the cities I lived in had ~10% between~14% "non-hispanic white" in both the 2000 and 2010 census. Not much change in demographic, really. I was already 1/10. Which is half the world representation for genetic Europeans.


yeah, they are already doing that in the cities like boise, but the thing is a lot of white people in ID aren't just patriotic Americans, they are actual white nationalist, some of the biggest sects of the aryan brotherhood used to be in that area, they got fucked up because a couple of them are morons and opened fire on a car driving by with a family in it because it backfired…cost the brotherhood one of their largest facilities in a private lawsuit….that said, those people are still there and the only colored people in the whole state basically just live in the city. you guys are good down there, just not proper aryans


Was going to recommend British Columbia or some central province, but user wanted the Ocean lol so all I am left with is spicland to recommend other then Alaska

Srsly…back in the 50's and the early 60's the USA was the coolest place on earth almost. Maybe the French Riviera was cooler. Now?

My god.

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BC is a shit hole of raw faggotry and crystal meth toothless degeneracy getting swamped by insect hordes of chinks.

so long as you're a deviant swinger

If you actually know anything about security / penetration testing / forensics beyond running a few scripts (Metasploit or otherwise) why would you want to work for a LEO? Be a consulting faggot and make real money. Live wherever you fucking want.
I'm in Florida and stay the hell away from anywhere South of Lake O, or any major city. I'm an hour from the cape and between there, fort hood, and some spots in Alabama ; I've all the work I could ever want contracting for defense and aerospace firms.
The Southern Cross flies in front of every house on my street and minorities are terrified of here. I'm under a mile from the beach, ultra conservative catholic and eastern Orthodox is all around me.
My only warning is it gets hot as hell here. Come for July / August and see if you can handle it.

Montana Wyoming Idaho

Those are your states. They're not 'conservative' they're 'if you don't own and frequently shoot a gun you're a weirdo'. If you end up in one of these states the first friend or two you make will take you out shooting. You will regularly see people openly talking about the JQ or the average IQ of various races as long as you're not in a university town.

If you move in near me, I'll take you shooting.

Note; you need to learn how to hunt or fish if you live here, or regularly go hiking. You need to know how to clean a rifle. The friends you make in these states can teach you these things.

see you on the flip side

and it doesn't get any "better" until north of Sacramento smh rip CA.
Whites are the minority in the entire southern part of the state.

Too bad; Chinks really? Also almost any area has tweekers so let's keep to set parameters. Ocean/Conservative.
What are the other options maybe Newfoundland, Prince Albert or New Brunswick?

Why the fuck would you do that?

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The US is fucking HUGE compared to Germany figure out what kind of climate you want to live in then go from there. The southern states can be brutally hot and humid in the summer.
North of the mason dixon line winters will be real. East of the missiissippi river is relatively wet lots of rain rivers ponds etc. west is relatively dry going to full on desert except for the PNW which is temperate rain forest along the coast.
Hope this helps.


To my knowledge there are 4 states in the United States of America that are over 90 percent white.
Said states are West Virginia, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.
3 of said states are in new england. An area with a generally liberal though not degenerate culture if that can make any sense to you. Said states have alot of economically liberal systems such as state healthcare and other social programs, though they are also notoriously "racist" part of the country who while they vote democrat on national elections tend to vote liberal on national elections but republican for local elections who are ussually tasked with telling any would be refugee centers to go fuck themselves. Of said states Main and New Hampshire are probably the most conservative and are swing states in national elections. It should also be noted that most of the whites in said states are anglo in decent so if blonde hair and big bavarian tits are what you're after it probably isnt the state for you.
West virginia (being the other 90 percent white state not in new england) is EXTREMELY conservative, with great racial coniousness and plenty of places to live with litterally no non whites around. The problem being that west Virginia is one of the poorest states in the union with a median income of something like 30,000-40,00 thousand dollars. Despite this the crime rate is still pretty damn low (accepting poaching which is fucking huge). Herione is also becoming an issue in the area though the opening of a few new coal mines in the state due to EPA role backs under Trump have helped the local economy some what. Over all there are better and worse places to live in it (being half the size of modern day germany in size) and it depends largely on where you seek to take up shop. The ethnic make up of the state is largely Irish with a about 20-30 percent of the state being of germanic decent, especially towards the west of the state near the midwest.
If you aren't afraid of a white majority only in the 70s or 80s id suggest somewhere in the midwest all of which has huge germanic populations. Each state is slightly more liberal or conservative Though Indiana is probably the most wealthy conservative state in the rust belt (another name for the midwest) This area has also benefitted some because of the Tariffs with some new steal mills and factories going up. If you want your vote to have a real impact on national elections its probably best to move to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, or Minnesot. Wisonsin and minisota probably being the most liberal of the rust belt states though having some of the highest germanic and Scandinavian populations. Also in the last few elections with anti white politics becoming so great on the left they've been trending red, Wisonsin itself breaking for trump.
Additionally the dems "farting cows initiative" to cut down on green house gasses has quite litterally threatened alot of these peoples livelihoods (since dary is one of the primary economic drivers of both states) This in part caused the rally that everyone on half chan was loosing their shit over a few weeks back were 1/3 of the poeple at trumps minisota rally were registered dems.
Though on one last note about these to states.
If your goal is to get away from refugees, while there arent alot, there are some in both states having been dropped by the obama administration in the upper parts of the states to try to swing the 2016 election.
This has also made the states more conservative over all though if you just want to get away from all that shit, west virginia ohio or indana is probably your best bet.

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most people with "american" ancestry on map tend to be anglo irish muts, and some of said counties where they are majorities is only by a razor thin margin


Vermont is a sanctuary state. It'll be in teh shitter shortly.

Maybe, I dont know man the rockefellers and kennedies come from there
when the barbarians are at the gates the keep isnt a bad place to camp out

We don't need more niggers.

Montana/northern idaho

Stay in your own country moshie

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