British Police force who allowed grooming gangs win Diversity award

West Yorkshire contains many towns where the police allowed migrant grooming gangs to systematically enslave and rape tens of thousands of indigenous girls over 30 years.


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They should let whites do it. I'm amazed whites aren't saying why can't they do it.

Reminder that anyone in any country running one of those "thin blue line"/"blue lives matter" [or whatever your national equivalent is] are getting bullets to the head along with the cops themselves.

Makes my blood boil
the grooming shit is bad enough on itself but now the muds are openly mocking the victims and those who tried to do something against the rapists.

The police have always served only to keep those in power, in power. They have never cared for the working class or even the more shielded middle classes. They are terrible, terrible people and are directly responsible for every single one of these girls who have been hurt or murdered

Let them know how you feel:

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Cops are all shabbos freemasons.

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Did you ever get a reply?

The operators were too busy to respond, but I informed them of a crime in progress: the holocaust is a jewish hoax.

Typing now. It is clearly a mudshit typing back oh my good heavens kek
Also checked

This is as shallow as the anti-women spam. Perhaps im just incredibly lucky, but law enforcement i encountered were always nationalistic. These are the people that have the information thats kept from public, the experience with racial differences causing issues in society. These people joined out of a sense of duty, yes, these people still exist and are from my experience the majority.
The ones pushing (((diversity))) are not law enforcement themselves. Its this diversity that is the root of al problems, everywhere. Hating on your white neighbourhood cop is getting you nowhere.
The problem is shitskins and jews. Always.

Old news for cuckistan.
New news:
cUKland has surrendered it's military to the EU
Their PM has signed away their military to the EU. The EU will own their military.
cUKistan has no military. Not that there is any reason anyone would bother to invade such an infested shithole.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3 - yet to be released later today (Monday).

TL;DR the Treason May PM signed away the UK military to the EU behind everyone's back during 2018.

Who has access to the dirt to pin on & arrest their corrupt (((masters))) but does fuck all about seeking justice? Oh yeah, the zogbots. Any zogbots that are too effective at doing their job to uncover filth get removed. If zogbots are not solving the problem, they're part of it.

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There is no excuse to be involved in law enforcement in this day and age. Everyone who is, is either a retard or a traitor.
Imagine being payed a shitty wage for enforcing the laws of a system which is aggressively working against the interests of your own people, against its existence.
As far as I'm concerned, everyone in law enforcement is a zogbot and deserves a rope. Nationalistic police officers? Top kek! If they truly were nationalist, they would quit.


no screen cap? boooo

Cops enforce laws they don't believe in or secretly oppose all the time because otherwise they will lose their job or even be prosecuted themselves. They throw you under the bus just to save themselves albeit knowing it is wrong.
They know exactly what kind of people the majority and most dangerous criminals are and keep their mouth shut to keep their paycheck.
Cops are cowards, goons and traitors. Every single one.

That holds true for 90% of Zig Forums as well. 90% of them are not doing anything to solve the problem. Fuck I can't even get people to stand up for WHITES on Zig Forums, they would rather side with PEDONIGGERTURKS…and just remain silent in acquiesce. This is not a 'police' problem it is a lack of courage, it is a weakness of conviction and a lack of character…all Whites are suffering from this due to generations of brainwashing and hatred poured out on us.

Welcome to clown world.

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You forgot to mention your jew grandmother that survived the holohoax. That would get their gears grinding.

"Diversity Award"

How cucked can a nation get?
When a nation starts handing out shitskin awards, then you know the shit house is going up in flames really fast!

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Don't let your memes become dreams user.

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Will zogbots…
A) arrest their corrupt leaders and politicians for publicly known law breaking they've committed - seek to bring them to justice, even if it means great risk to themselves in order to avert a civil war, thereby restore faith in justice and keep the peace?
B) selectively turn a blind eye to gross corruption and deviant practices of their (((masters))), while baiting, spying on, harassing, threatening, & attacking those who dare to criticize the blatant justice bias - allow the country to descend into civil war since the people have no recourse left to reason - take extra overtime in the ensuing chaos, while appeasing their conscience with lies why their complicity in iniquity was "the right thing to do"?

Hint: It's B.

Brits were cucked long before muslim invaders and grooming gangs. Something like this was bound to happen.

The Brits were always overly polite tea drinkers. Any culture where it is ok for men to have faggy little tea parties is bound to be conquered by based chads from overseas.

There's already niggers in the royal family, the writing is on the wall. Britain is finished!

Hopefully some ebola carrying nig infects the whole cucked nation so it can be wiped out.

Top Kek, britlad.

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shutup moishe only jews must be finished

>B) selectively turn a blind eye to gross corruption and deviant practices of their (((masters))), while baiting, spying on, harassing, threatening, & attacking those who dare to criticize the blatant justice bias - allow the country to descend into civil war since the people have no recourse left to reason - take extra overtime in the ensuing chaos, while appeasing their conscience with lies why their complicity in iniquity was "the right thing to do"?
You aren't any better user. There is no one left alive who actually has the conviction of spirit and character and more to be anything other than a domestic fucking cow…the one man who dared to stand up for what he believes and act on his conviction IS IN JAIL IN NZ.

this pretty well sums up how i feel

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DUMB SHIT the royal family isn't British any more than you turkniggers are 'british'. As a matter of fact, the 'royal niggers have a lot more in common with you niggers than they do with the British people.

That must have been really expensive art to do. I thought that art in your photo was in bad taste because there was a tower block fire around the same time.

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If we keep this up, this will be front page news in Britland.
Yes. The media here are that pathetic.
The Guardian, here we come!

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Need to do this with an African sounding name.

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Fucksake, it's true.
Respect European Heritage.
Burn Leftists instead.

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Man, that sucks
I hope nothing is damaged

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Oh God.
This fills me with desolation.
This is one of the greatest symbols of Christendom and the Europe of Old.
Europe is burning.

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Not yet user…this will happen soon though

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Meme magic is a power WE have together.
Alone we are nothing, together we are everything.
Meme responsibly.

If you GCHQ fags would stop trying to disrupt the chans with your forced cringe memes and put your efforts into stopping the shitskins, we wouldn't be kicking your asses so hard.

As an american, I can't really say I care that much about europe. Most europeans on the internet are complete assholes to you simply for being an american. Also, they tend to be really petty and backstabby from my experience. They collude and ultimately betray any trust you put in them. I guess europe as an idea is alright, but the people have been absolute assholes both here and everywhere else online(mainly vidya) I have encountered europeans.

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Livestreams on the fire are of course (((disabled)))

If (((you))) tell children that it is illegal for them to ask questions about or to have anything less than absolute faith in an arbitrary number of 6 million that (((you))) can account for 10% of at most, and delete the entire history of who (((you))) accuse of the crime, while exaggerating it with provable lies for your profit, what do you think happens next?
So much of Nazi history has been (((shoahed))) to prevent wrongthink that Generation Zyklon are sure the holocaust is a work of fiction no matter what you tell them. Good luck!

>doesn't go after jew orchestrators( first

Beauty of a meme user.

Wrong I didn't meme Notre Dame burning but I would like to burn all the nigger and muslim subhuman ghettos in Europe…I keep encouraging you guys to KILL THEM WITH FIRE…LMAO but the only ones listening to me are our fucking enemies.

Most of the people you meet who are 'online White' are not Europeans user. Especially here they are subhumans…that is why they are assholes.

They are European by EU birth certificate…so not at all.

The fire rises.
Meme responsibly? What's that? Vid related from 2018.

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There is going to come a day when Europeans (the few that are actually on Zig Forums anymore) are going to realize that you are a muzzy shitbird who is trying to keep them from doing anything to the invading FUCKERS in our nations. When that day comes, you may see DOTR up close and personal, nigger.

Damn spire down now.

Yeah. They disconnected the call. I have the cap but couldn't find it. I should make it one image tbh.

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Do you actually have feelings about this user? Just curious…if you have genuine feelings about it then I hope it fuels your determination and that you see that this was the 'payback' the TURKNIGGERS SPOKE OF FOR THE DEATH OF THE 50 INVADERS…lots of things are going to burn before the invasion is over user.

What should I meme next, nigger?

Any white man would have feelings about this in many ways.
Yeah, nah.

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I don't have any feeling about this that is the reason I asked…I was genuinely curious…
I hope you don't think that they are going to let a single piece of European culture stand. The we wuz Europeans won't be able to hold unless they destroy everything we ever built.

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Just saying that they are not erasing our people; they are going to be erasing everything we ever were. Don't fight back or anything…be a 'christian' m'kay

They're armed lackeys of the traitor government. They arrest elderly women for "offensive" Facebook posts, ffs. They'd rather enforce such laws than refuse and perhaps have to make a living some other way.

Aww, I'm crying now, over this post. I promise never to post another mean word at American poster ever again.
Such sensitive souls.
eat shit you fucking cunt. I'd like to come prancing into your parlour with my pants round my ankles and take your mum up the back garden untill she's backing like a bitch on heat. You ain't seen nothing yet, you and your yank mates aren't long for this world. You won't be playing that "oi, gov" shit when you are face-to-face with a real man in his full erect glory

At least there's thousands of replies telling them what a bunch of cunts they are.

Joke's on you our 50k pop. town doesn't have police officers.

They are the victims of divide-and-conquer tactics.
Instead of blaming them, blame the ones who lied to them and taught them to fight against their brothers.

Nobody asking for names and adresses?

Should have been a CCTV camera. Eyes of the regime everywhere.

>>13135251 >>13135351 >>13135935
Till they take action too, they are tools of the enemy.

Fuck off moshe.

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wtf I love bug people now.

The fact that these men are still alive is a greater testament to the downfall of our people than the burning of Notre Dame.

Agreed, bump and have a you

If it wasn't for law enforcement, the diversity wouldn't be here in the first place.

Subhuman anglos should be punished harder for 1945.

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The organizers yes…the cops, they are herd animals user…the worst of the herding beasts, can't think for themselves at all. In a better environment they would be fine but they are only capable of being as good or evil as their environment. They are not the brightest bulbs in the shed.

They managed to save what's inside, but the building itself in all likelihood will go down

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>building burnt after valuables (((safeguarded))) earlier
rape & pillaged.jpg

Almost like it was (((planned))).

Reminds me of the museum in Brazil.

I wonder if there's an equivalent to be applied here, since they weren't able to save anything from that fire except for a Torah. How lucky.

Oh they saved everything of value from the Brazil fire…it all ended up in private collections. That was all a set up. All the ND artifacts will probably end up in private collections as well.

What are you? 5? You act like another American wouldn't be an asshole to you online, just because. What do you think defines the original Americans? European blood. You're uncultured swine.

Fuck off with this garbage you retarded chink, your discord was already totally outed here.


Well as an American who has been all over Europe, I can tell you that your experiences in online video games aren't representative of real life.

You ARE European you faggot retard. "American" is a jewish social construct.

>The ones pushing (((diversity))) are not law enforcement themselves. Its this diversity that is the root of al problems, everywhere. Hating on your white neighbourhood cop is getting you nowhere.

What a pile of shit. Police officers in West Yorkshire also covered up for Jimmy Saville and he was known for having them round his penthouse all the time

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The fire rises!

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Do you have any more gunfight/combat videos?

You write like those eurofags, & the question suggests you're a eurofag fed. Have you remembered to bow before your new masters today?

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Observe the fecal obsession of the jew
Also note the related anal fixation and power based humiliation attempt characteristic of the most sadistic kind of sociopath
So how is it that such a supposedly intelligent group give themselves away so easily?
Narcissistic hubris, they really believe they are special, and cannot see their failings and as such they don't notice that they are so devoid of any kind of decency or honor that it shows in their every utterance.
Even a shitty white person can be decent now and then, a jew, never.

There are so many angry people out there. I wonder which event will spark the chaos and bloodshed

seeing it is our respective governments who are leading White genocide, an award like this is predictable.