A note on ethnonationalism (and the oikonomic nexus of family, race and nation)

I fell into a rabbit hole of reading a lot of leftoid websites and the (seemingly) thousands of university journals and publications these people have and write shit in. I found this short one about ethnonationalism.

In general the point is the same we have heard thousands of times before, everything is a spook. The word spook at this point has become a trigger word for right-wingers and I am wondering if there is any effort at all from any right-wing intellectual or organization to disprove the idea. The "HBD" crowd seems to be the only place where this is happening but all the kool kids are now shitting on it.

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She also wrote this gem in a different article in a different website:

She also wrote something about National Socialism itself but it is in pdf form here:


If this thread stays up I will post more choice quotes from it later when I come back


Trump out of nowhere in a write up about National Socialism.


btw guys this is reading like a direct reply to "National Socialists" today not the actual NatSocs of the 30's.


You can't deny that some of this is true

nice post OP. im a marxist now. time to forget about the fact that my race is 10% of the world and dying. also time to forget about the fact that in-group bias exists, which proves the practical existence of race despite this idiot's word salad.

This is the entire section called "Nationalism as racism" including a white genocide shout out.

That's it. That's all she has to say.

I am not endorsing this though

The last section is a really boring and lame part about borders.

What do you mean by in-group bias? As in some provable genetic bias that exists despite material conditions? Because she would argue that in-group bias is a societal subjective artifact born out of the economic necessity for profit, monetary value, capitalism and such. She would even say that even the belief that in-group bias exists is an ideological justification born out of the same material conditions. I D E O L O G Y

Your end draws near, you aren't from around here.
Answer honestly:
1: is it preferable to be part of a minority?
2: do you want to become a minority in your own nations?
The terribly crafted rhetoric of an "educated" nigger-lover isn't going to slow down society's increasing racism, from all parties against all parties. Niggers, spics, whites, and jews are becoming increasingly hostile towards one another; this can't be denied. Soon the Republicans will lose any chance of winning TX and FL; they will either capitulate, shifting way further to the left amidst an entire rebranding, or they will fail to survive, opening up a massive power vacuum in which a legitimate nationalist/fascist party will be created.

The professional pilpul utilized by the tools of the elites is outdated at best; your facade fools nobody. Despite the "radical" ideas that these jew-educated individuals espouse, they fool nobody into thinking that they want anything more than a comfortable life doing what they've always done. They pretend to be have it all figured out; yet they don't war, they don't kill, they don't go through daily life wishing that they had a chance to honorably kill and die for their beliefs. Why is this? Why are they so tame, their ideas so counterintuitive to society's thought? They don't lash out, they don't desire to lash out, but nearly every person in history who had a real belief wanted to kill for it. They are enlightened, their philosophy is against it? Then they will be exterminated, and their thoughts won't matter at all.

But that isn't the case. The truth isn't that their philosophy is against it, the truth is that they are domesticated, and they have been carefully crafted by a system particularly designed, by the jews, to create people exactly like them.

It's mass-produced pilpul.

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Is this copy pasta?

Imagine thinking writing all that horseshit is a worthwhile use of xer's (it's) time lmao.

Why would people need to refute it if it's fundamentally wrong? The majority of non-whites view white majority countries as habitable areas that they feel entitled to be in. That's why they immigrate in droves to white majority nations despite criticizing it heavily.

White nations are valued because of their culture, it's altruistic and forgiving in comparison to non-white ones. When white nations die out, then their values will be gone as well. It's not going to be good for anyone involved.

You'll just have to lie like the rest of your badly drawn swastika artists.

Jesus Christ enough with the vapid nothing posting. I don't even know who wrote this but it has to be a Jew because they manage to say nearly nothing after thousands of words.
Yes. Obviously. Do you need a PHD to figure out the basics of the 14 words? There are only 14 of them you absolute nigger.

Intelligent responses from the brilliant minds of Zig Forums as always

Argue against what people have responded with then. Oh wait
Hi there kike.

No, it links it to biology, you massive sophist faggot. Not everything is about class.

This entire shit is big piece of magical reasoning and unsubstantiated claims, this is public fraud and she should be fired. Which ever people are being taxed for this drivel is being defrauded, she should be fire, fined for the salary she made making this and put into jail