Cooperativism is the future

They would strenghten our links by common interest making a powerfull and cordinate agent

We would gain independence from the financial crumbling system

The money would be distributed more equaly letting cooperstivist have stable and large families

The money would be inverted locally, not deslocalization

Comunist failt because it was everything for the people without the people

Capitalism has failed the same way centrslizing all the money and power

The only way to deal with this system und is make every person responsable of their action while work by a common groupal interest

You will have even more incentives since all the workers share the benefits of their business

Take the basque country as example 12 % of the people work in a cooperative and 26% the pib of basques is due to the productivity of cooperatives

And was born the same way , facing a demografical replacement by spaniards , and as a united minority they helped each other briging life to the biggest coperatives of the world

Why cant we do it? Why cant we help eath other breaking this corrupt system ?

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Imagine if all those larping groups like identity europe unite and start opening european only cooperatives
Even little bussiness like a restaurant or pubs would ve a good start
We neee to championize a new model where we are the leaders and first benifitiaries of it without falling for racist acusations.
Its posible but hard work is necessary

Phase 1 - rent a local with the aportation of european nationalist asociations, pubs are easy to manage , it would serve as a expanding reunion site of people with the same interest, integrating us in the comercial zone of the regions and as a projectors of the new economic model that we want to implement, cooperativist models , workers are the owners of the business .
Freedom equality and nation those should be our principles
use the money to open pubs all over the country until everyone is conscient of your existence and what you want
We must integrate in the daily life and offer them solutions

Not intending to dismiss everything you propose but

What currency do you have in mind and where is that money supposed to come from? If you rely on already established currencies you'll stay part of the (not really crumbling) financial system which is a scam and leaves you at mercy of the (((elites))). If you create a new one you'll have to base it on something.

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Thats would be the final step once the cooperativism ecosystem has fully developed but at the begining we need obviously to use standard currency and crypto mix

Communism failed because the jews realized it wasn't as profitable as capitalism. In communist countries they killed and stole and lived like kings until the population was so destroyed that they couldn't get anything else out of the land or people. In capitalist countries they've leached off the countries an people for 100+ years in many cases without running dry yet.

We need show that there is still hope in this world where their actions and their voice count in a democratic way under a nationalist symbol .
We need to trasform every worker/ owners in the first propagandist of our cause and would be easy to do if they are treated like human beings feeling part of a comunity with the same aspirations, working 6h/ d and having enought money and stability to raise a family
Equality - freedom- nationhood the next emblems of the revolution

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Democracy for our own people under a copperativist meritocratic system
We need an emblem for freedom- equality and nationhod qnd there os no better place to look at that the lauburu of the basque people that championished this model

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Cooperatives can work but require all of the members to be actively involved, as they get bigger and bigger individuals will have less power, and the Co-Op will more and more resemble a private corp. The British food cooperative originally was individual shops, who then merged to form country associations who then formed national association that exists now. Nowdays its one of the most expensive supermarkets about and the average person has zero say.

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*county associations

True , in the basque country some of the cooperatives have ended the same way , we need to make sure that every worker / owner feel part of this new model
It need to be highly ideologized with european nationalism as much as with economic lessons

then it will be a politcal party, not a cooperative, and if the cooperative focuses too much of achieving its politcal goals over it's actual business it will end up pushed out the market.

The same way in the past evey sunday all the people went to church , letting only a day once a week to rethink what we are fighting for would only strenghten us in the economic model too
We need a balance

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It must be WORKERS cooperatives, otherwise they will eventually turn into big corporations.

Some years ago Eroski turned into a workers co-op. Let's make cooperatives, let's push for more of them, and let's push existing co-ops to turn into workers co-op.

That way (((they))) won't be able to buy it and form conglomerates.

This , and the incentive to bring more inmigrants would be zero if we are the workers/ owners too

I love that " celtic" swastika

Zig Forums doesn't care about microeconomics, the board's only meant for bitching about some nigger throwing a kid off a window or shilling for kikes like Donald Trump

Do you think it would be feasible to start a cooperative movement that could could spread all over europe?

Only racially aware ideologies are the future (see: National Socialism)

…so how do you convince your red neck capitalist friends on socialism? they already hate other races and see the shit, but they think of socialism the same as communism and i admit i'm a faggot and don't know enough to be able to make the pivot from white pride to natsoc….and i'm too scared to use google translate for a bunch of the old banned german books and to much of a faggot and idiot to learn german….i'll take help on any of those levels, help me translate these pdf's without googles servers or explain to me how to pivot a white pride capitalist to natsoc? like i said, i'm a faggot but i'm trying here.

National soxialism is dead like comunism and pure capitalism will be soon
We need a new system where we can thrive as minority and secure the existence ofour people and there is not a better way to do it that cooperativisn, texted in the basque country with incredible results

ETA failed us. This is the best next thing.

In co-ops all workers get to choose who to hire or if they're bought out, not just the owner. So while the cannot expressively forbid hiring sand niggers, most people are nationalistic and will just vote them down.

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This is not a good critique. Money is just money. It's not magic and people who use American dollars do not magically become Zionists.
What OP is describing is not how to make your own sovereign state with its own currency and customs. He is describing how to achieve financial independence within modern day America.

Not an argument. Actually, most European tribes in antiquity functioned like what OP describes. With democratic as well as aristocratic and nationalistic elements.

Are you a part of a cooperative, OP?

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You cant kill an ideology you are delusional if you think national socialism is dead.

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lolberg tier arguments, it should expressively forbidden and the people of the nation should take great pride in the fact that it's forbidden and only reserved for their own race, this should be the entire basis of the economy and laws in the society, fuck off back to Zig Forums with your jewish tricks

I won't because I'm not a retard who just got here yesterday and thinks National Socialism has anything to do with (((socialism))). Lurk for 15,000 more years.

How do you suggest we do that?